❯ I just love you, Gwen – Confessions ( Chapter 3 )

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Gwen was backed up against the wall, hands pinned as Kevin kissed her passionately. (A/N: GAG! *claps hand over mouth and runs to the bathroom* sorry bout that…*shudders* too gross for words). His hands wandered as he devoured her mouth. “Kevin…you said we would wait…until the honeymoon…” (OMG! Shoot me now for typing that!!)
“I can’t wait that long! I want you NOW!” Kevin said hotly.
“Kevin!” Gwen said, a little more forcefully. Then she saw someone she wasn’t expecting. “Ben?!” Ben slowly walked toward them, face blank, and put the palm of his hand on the back of Kevin’s head. Kevin’s eyes slid out of focus for a moment, then returned to normal.
“Fine, I’ll wait till the honeymoon. But no later!” Kevin said, then walked away. Ben gave Gwen a small, sad smile as he backed up into the shadows.
“Just want you to be happy…” he whispered as he faded
“Ben! Wait!” Gwen yelled as she chased him into the shadows. Suddenly she was in the Rustbucket, were a ten year old Ben and Gwen were standing.
“See? Those dancing lessons were helpful in the end. You should listen to me more often.” Young Gwen said. “Ben! You’re not listening, again!”
“Gwen…I…need some advice…If your heart was telling you to do something, but your mind was screaming not to…what would you do?”
Young Gwen seemed startled that he was asking something like that. She looked thoughtful. “I suppose you should follow your heart-” She began, but was cut off. Getting kissed tends to do that, which was what young Ben was doing. Young Gwen resisted at first, but soon gave in and wrapped her arms around him. Gwen watched as they grew right before her eyes as the kiss grew deeper. Scenes flashed in the background: the two of them taking on Vilgax with ease, defeating the Forever Knights, wiping out the DNaliens, A wedding at night under the stars, and three children. When the two broke apart the three children joined them, each wearing their own Omnitrix, and they all turned and looked straight at Gwen and smiled, although sadly. “It’s not too late…” Young Gwen said softly, holding Ben close.
Unbidden, tears found their way to Gwen’s eyes as it all shattered like glass. “It’s all wrong…” Gwen muttered. Suddenly four more Gwens appeared two younger, two older.
“What’s all wrong?” Y. Gwen 1 asked. She wore a shirt with the word `heart’ on it.
“Why is it wrong?” Y. Gwen 2 echoed. This Gwen had `mind’ on her shirt.
In unison they queried, “Is it so wrong to love?”
“Yes! It’s wrong to love, if it’s your cousin!” The older `mind’ yelled. Strangely the older `heart’ said nothing. It appeared to be…sobbing. Tears fell from her face as she silently cried.
“Children…They are wiser than many give then credit for.” Out of the shadows stepped Koji. “Children…so pure and innocent, yet prone to so many mistakes. Why are they that way? Observe.” Koji waved at the older `heart’. Suddenly, her cries were no longer silent.
“Why? Why do you deny me? Why won’t you listen? WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME LIKE THIS?! Why…” the last part was barely a whisper, it was so soft, so mournful.
“Children make many mistakes, but they have not yet blocked out their heart. As you grow older, you rely more and more on you mind, on common sense. Slowly, you close out your heart, muting it, taking away it power and influence. You grow hard, and lose the innocence that comes naturally to a child. Ben has yet to do this, and so the heartbreak hurts more than usual. Only when you learn to balance the heart and mind, can you love unconditionally. Remember this…” With that, Koji faded from existence.
“The love of a child” began the young `heart’…
“The love of a woman” continued the young `mind’…
“Why are they different?” they finished in unison.
“The love of a child is unshakeable,” said Y. `heart’.
“The love of a woman is fragile” answered Y. `mind’.
“They should be identical. Unbreakable, unshakeable, and unconditional.” The two stated.
“Would you SHUT UP!” Yelled the older `mind’. She turned to Gwen. “And you! Wake up already! You have a wedding to plan. Or did you forget, chasing after Ben?” She raised her hand, and slapped Gwen. Hard. Gwen awoke with a start in her room, sun streaming through the window.
“Just a dream.” Gwen said. She laid her hand on her chest, over her heart. “Do I…love Ben…like that?” She whispered to herself. “I love…Ben” Gwen said slowly, letting it roll off her tongue. It came unusually easy. “Why…why does this have to be so hard?” Gwen paused to mull over her dream. “I’m reading into this too much. Besides, Ben doesn’t think of me like that.” Gwen decided. She looked at the clock, which read one thirty. Gwen freaked. She got dressed and hurried downstairs. “Mom, why didn’t you wake me up?” She asked.
“You’ve been staying out late to keep an eye on Ben, and last night you were tossing and turning and muttering `Ben’ in your sleep. We decided to let you sleep.” Lily (Gwen’s mom) said.
“I wanted to talk to Kai today, so I was going to get up early to see if I could find her at the mall or something. If I leave now I might find her.” Gwen said as she rushed out the door.
“Is it just me, or does Gwen seem to be more worried about Ben than her own wedding?” Frank (Gwen’s dad, I think?) asked.
“You’re right.” Lily answered, eyebrows furrowed in thought. She was oblivious to a sudden scheming grin that spread across Frank’s face.
Gwen arrived at the mall starved. “I should have eaten something at home.” She said as she made her way to the food court. “I need to eat fast, so I can find Kai.”
“And why would you need to find me?” A voice said from behind Gwen.
“Kai?” Gwen whirled around. “I want to ask you some questions about Ben.”
“Then maybe you’ll answer some of mine.” This was not a request. It was a statement.
“Lets sit down then.” Gwen decided. “Okay, when was the last time you saw Ben?”
“When he turned me down when I asked him out a couple weeks ago. What is wrong with Ben? A few years ago, he would have jumped at the chance to go out with me. Now he won’t give me the time of day.”
Gwen was slightly shocked. Why would he turn Kai down? “I really don’t get it! If it’s not you or Julie, then who is this girl that broke his heart?” Gwen said frustrated.
Suddenly, Gwen noticed Kai looking at her strangely. “When did Kevin propose?” Kai asked, eyes narrowed.
“Why would that matter?” Gwen asked, “Ben has never liked Kevin, so that has no significance. What, you think that’s the problem? That has no effect on Ben’s love life!” Without warning, Kai stood abruptly, shot a glare at Gwen, and stormed off. “What was her problem? I suppose I should eat so I can see if Ben will sing again tonight…”
When Gwen arrived at the bar, Koji was in his usual spot outside. As she was passing, Koji said something that froze her in place: “The Omnitrix can’t save him every time, you know.”
“What do you know about the Omnitrix?” Gwen asked, ready to fight at a moments notice.
“Enough to know he will always be in danger. Once my kind learn of its power, he will a marked man. You can save him, though.”
“What do you want with him?” Gwen demanded.
“Simply for him to be as happy as possible. He’s been cursed with a weapon that can destroy worlds as if it were child’s play, and he knows this. Just like me. However, he needs someone to keep him from snapping under pressure. For years, a single girl has kept him sane, and he feels he’s losing her. And the worst part? He’s right. Be well armed at the wedding, it’s not going to go as planned. Beyond that, I can’t help you. Sayonara.”
Suddenly, something black wrapped around him, and fell apart. Koji was gone.
“Feathers? What’s going on?” Gwen wondered. She went in just as Ben stepped on stage. Instantly the room was quiet.
“For weeks now, I have sung for a single girl. The day after tomorrow, I will have officially have lost her. She’s getting married.”
Gwen froze in shock. But…I’m getting married the day after tomorrow! No…No! NO!! This can’t be right! But why! WHY?! This has to be a coincidence! A mistake!
Oblivious to Gwen’s anguish, Ben began…
In this farewell
There’s no blood
There’s no Alibi
`Cause I’ve Drawn Regret
From the truth
Of a Thousand LiesSo let Mercy Come
And Wash Away

what i`ve Done
I’ve faced myself
To Cross out what I’ve Become
Erase Myself
And let Go of What I’ve done

Put to rest
What you Thought of Me
While I clean this Slate
With the Hands of Uncertainty

So let Mercy Come
And Wash Away

what i`ve Done
I’ve faced myself
To Cross out what I’ve Become
Erase Myself
And let Go of What I’ve done

For What I’ve Done
I start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
I’m Forgiving What I’ve Done

what i`ve Done
I’ve faced myself
To Cross out what I’ve Become
Erase Myself
And let Go of What I’ve done

What I’ve Done
Forgiving What I’ve Done

Ben finished in tears. “As of today, I’m officially letting Gwen go…My special person, the one I love… Is my own cousin.” Ben finished, waiting for the jeers and derogatory remarks.
“So? What’s your point? It’s not like you have a choice in who you love.” Said a random girl with black hair.
“Anyone who has a problem with should have their head examined. Anyone can tell you really love that girl.” A man said.
“You have to, if you were able to admit it.” Said another. Many people nodded in agreement.
“The way I see it, if all guys loved half as honestly as you, the world would be a better place.” stated a random girl.
“If it were me in her place, I would have married you in an instant. Let the world think what it wants. The world is full of idiots anyway.” Chipped in another girl.
“Thanks guys…for not judging me.” Ben said, tears flowing in torrents. A small smile showed through his tears. “A magic trick” he said pulling out a black feather and holding it above his head. Feathers swirled around him, and he vanished.
Gwen wasn’t sure what time she got home, but she did remember breaking down and crying. She was aware of her mom asking what was wrong, and her saying she didn’t want to talk about it yet. She made her way to her room and closed the door. “Why, Ben? Why did you have to say that, of all things?”
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