❯ I just love you, Gwen – AE ( Chapter 6 )

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I must say, I’m slightly disappointed that at the lack of right…no wait, no guesses on who was the good and bad guy in “So, what now, Ben?”… Oh well, I suppose I didn’t do as well as I hoped in this fic, so, no real loss…I guess I should have had a definite end to this one, rather than try to tell what happened in flashbacks in the aforementioned fic…
There are many ways a story can begin, and there are just as many ways it can end…This is one such ending…
“I guess I have some explaining to do…” Ben said nervously as Sandra, Carl, Lily, and now Ken stood waiting.
“What’s there to explain? Ben loves Gwen as more than a cousin, and Gwen loves Ben.” Frank said, a grin enveloping his entire face. “I’m sure Dad could explain the rest, right, plumber extraordinaire? So, when’s the wedding?”
“Frank! You shouldn’t encourage them! This is wrong, immoral behavior!” Lily shouted.
“Actually, it’s not…” Ben said in a small voice. “There is no law against this…”
“Mom, Ben makes me happy! You can’t stop me from loving him, no matter what you do.”
“Gwen, Stay out of this! Sandra, Carl, keep your son away from Gwen. I will not stand by while he corrupts my daughter!” Lily glared at Ben.
“Lily, I think you are the only one upset by this.” Max said, pointing at the other three. Lily turned just in time to see Carl wink at Frank. Ken had the same grin as his father, and Sandra looked slightly annoyed. “Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?!”
“Yeah, I think so. They are both old enough to make their own choices. I, for one, am proud of Ben. He was willing to give up everything for the one he loved, even if it was deemed wrong by many. He has shown that he was willing to do whatever he could to make Gwen happy.” Sandra stated proudly.
“Me, well, I’m just glad the two of them finally got together. The suspense was killing me.” Ken said with a grin.
“Ben has always been very fond of Gwen. I honestly thought they were already together after they came back after that third summer trip. Ben wouldn’t stop talking about how totally, and I quote, `awesome and kick-butt’ Gwen was, then begging me not to tell anyone he said that.” Carl said, smirking when Gwen looked at Ben with a raised eyebrow.
“Fine. I’m apparently the only one concerned by these two’s incestuous affair. I guess I have no say in this.” Lily said with a look that clearly indicated that she was unhappy.
“So…um…how are we going to cover this up?” Ben asked small voice. Max paled. He hadn’t thought of that. “I’m not sure a hologram will fool the army when they see the news…and I don’t think XLR8 will be any help moving all the wreckage, Fourarms isn’t fast enough, Way Big is too noticeable, and Alien X will just argue about trivial matters. Even if we could move all of it, where would we put it?”
“Damn…Koji made one hell of a mess…Last time he was this destructive and careless was when…oh…Damn…I hope it wasn’t something I did…” A girl with shoulder length black hair green eyes was seen climbing over a large piece of metal. “`Trust me, Yuna, I know exactly what I’m doing’ he says, then he leaves a giant mess behind!” She spotted the Tennysons. “Oh joy! Now I have the pleasure of dealing with witnesses! The things I do for him…” Yuna grumbled. “Oi! You over there! I’m Agent Yuna, Sector Four, Secret Service. Whatever you witnessed is a matter of national security, blah blah, yadda yadda…so in order to ensure that there are no information leaks, I will be taking you into custody.” When no one moved, Yuna growled in exasperation. “In simpler words, your coming with me, so I can find out what you know.”
“How stupid do you think we are?” Lily said. “You expect us to believe that you work for the government? For one thing, you don’t look old enough to be an agent of anything. Two, you don’t talk like one, and three-”
“You will hold your tongue, unless you want to spend the rest of your natural life in a solitary confinement at a maximum security prison. I assure you, I am older than I look. Now, do you want to test your theory, or are you going to shut up?” Yuna said in cold voice. Lily just glared. “Does anyone else want to irritate me before the cleanup crew gets here, or are we done?” Ben raised his hand. Yuna’s eye twitched. “Yes? What do you want, little boy?”
“You know Koji? As in Koji Yamamoto Ryuzaki?” Ben asked innocently. Yuna narrowed her eyes.
“What do you know about him?”
“You don’t want to whisk us off before I answer?” Ben said, keeping his innocent act up.
“Fine. You’re all coming with me! Little boy, You will tell me everything. And rest assured that if you lie, you will pay dearly!” Yuna led them away with a sour look on her face.
“Ben, I hope you know what you’re doing…” Gwen whispered in Ben’s ear. Lily noticed this and glared at Ben, muttering under her breath about perverted boys corrupting innocent girls.
“That depends on what’s in that book…” Ben said in a low voice. Gwen smacked him on the head.
“No talking! Little boy, If I hear another word out of you…”
“I suppose I should listen to the girl who looks about seventeen. Although I suppose you’re closer to, say, eighty-nine?” Ben said with a smirk. Yuna froze.
“Okay, screw walking! The cleanup crew knows what to do!” Yuna did an 180 and looked straight at Ben. The world around the Tennysons rippled and they found themselves in an interrogation room. “Okay little boy, spill! How much do you know?”
“First off, there’s no need to call me such an affectionate name, Yuna. Just `Ben’ is fine. I mean, `little boy’ is what you used to call Koji, eh, Sora? Koji told me all about your history. So, how are we doing this? You going to submit a fake record of my account on what happened?”
Yuna looked slightly calmer and sat down. “As soon as I know you are being truthful. So, first off, why did Koji fly off the handle this time?”
“Actually…I did that.”
“Okay… you’re telling the truth…but it was Koji’s power signature…how?”
“Well, it’s a long story…” Ben told Yuna about the Omnitrix, and what it did. When he told her about it giving him Koji’s power, she fell out of her chair.
“This isn’t good…Once it gets out that you have a device that can change you into THE Koji, The legendary angel, the slayer of entire armies, you’ll have a giant bulls eye on your back. If it can copy Koji…”
“Koji has his own title?!”
“Little bo-Ben, Koji is a legend to us angels…He seems to only be able to killed by humans…that’s a lie though. An angel can kill him, he just doesn’t let them. That device, the Omnitrix, it has to be destroyed. If it can copy Koji, then it can copy others, too.”
“But we can’t destroy it! It’s the only way I can protect Gwen and my family!”
“…you…you died…didn’t you?” Yuna stuttered after a moment of staring intently at Ben.
“When Koji brings people back to life, there is a way to tell who has his life force implanted in them. The Omnitrix killed you…your body couldn’t take the stress…did he leave you something?”
“He left us a book…”Gwen said.
“Almost forgot you all were here. Can I see it?” Gwen handed her the book. “Hm…Koji really is too trusting. Welcome to the Ryuzaki Royal family.”
“Okay…hey, wait…” Gwen began to count down mentally. “Koji is royalty?!”
“Was…He’s on the run now.”
“So what does that make me?”
“Absolutely nothing special…cept you’re part angel now…you and your quee-wife.” A smile grew on her face as Ben gaped. “Did Koji not tell you the nature of the bond? Basically, Gwen has an aura that says, `back off, I’m taken’ to any guy that approaches her with romantic intent. And it doesn’t apply to angels only…so basically, unless someone of equal or greater power removes that bond, you two are stuck with each other. Unless they have death wish, I don’t think anyone will try. You can still flirt and date other people, but you will always be close.”
“So, it repels other guys?” Ben asked, glancing over at Gwen.
“No…But they will feel more on edge…and have an abnormal fear of your significant other.” Yuna said with a grin. “Of course, if they have no interest of the romantic kind, then they won’t notice. So…when are you getting married?”
“They are not getting married!” Lily shouted angrily. “I won’t allow it!”
“Hey Ben, you have angelic power…you don’t need the Omnitrix, unless you want to keep it for the memories…let me alter it a little, and I’ll hack the USA system and make your marriage official…and give you my job. It pays well, and you can cover up any `incidents’ that might happen. Oh, and the best part…you can’t get fired, since it doesn’t officially exist to the public eye. All you really have to do is keep us updated on the going-ons here.”
“Make it real wedding, and you have a deal. When I marry Gwen, it has to be perfect, meaning a real wedding, real cake, and a real kiss at the alter.”
“Actually, I already have a plan.” Gwen said, looking excited.
“Dweeb! You even had our wedding planned before it was official!” Ben laughed.
“Doofus! I had a dream with the perfect wedding for us.” Gwen smirked.
Two weeks later…
“Do you, Benjamin Tennyson, take Gwendolyn to be your lawful wedded wife?”
“I do.”
“Do you, Gwendolyn Tennyson, take Benjamin to be your lawful wedded husband?”
“I do”
“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”
“Finally! I’ve been waiting too long for this moment!” Ben grinned.
“Then shut up and kiss me already!” Gwen got out before Ben did just that, crushing his lips to hers. There were flashes of cameras, catching the kissing couple underneath the star-studded night sky. Their was a shrill whistle and fireworks exploded in the background. When the two broke apart, Gwen couldn’t help but comment. “Really? Fireworks? Isn’t that a bit much?” she smirked.
“I had to contribute something, since you planned everything else.” Ben matched her smirk with his own.
“Aren’t you glad I did? It was beautiful.”
“That it was…”
“This is the part where you say, `it’s not as beautiful as you’.”
“Nah…being the dweeb that knows everything, it doesn’t need to be said. But I’ll say it anyway…you may be a dweeb, but you’re my dweeb…”
“Same here, Doofus…”
Sorry if it doesn’t meet your expectations… I stayed up late because the little plot bunny turned into a mule… So, check out “So, now what, Ben?” Please? Oh, and see if you can pick which is the good guy.