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–That Disease Called Love—
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Last time;
He limped back to the elevator, snatching his cane back on the way, and pushed the button again. “Good job… you three deserve a doggie treat…” He smirked again and limped into the elevator as soon as they opened.
Just before the doors closed, he looked at them. “Whatever you want, just put it on Cuddy’s tab…” And the doors closed, cutting him from the three’s views.
The last things they heard were his snickers.
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–I Care… Do You?–
This Time;
Walking though the sliding doors, Kagome’s happy smile was wiped off completely, her teasing and playful mood replaced with a serious one.
Coming to a complete stop, Kagome stared through narrowed eyes at the woman behind the glass, sitting behind a sizable desk doing work.
Many people thought Kagome was some kind of saint, a perfect angel, someone who could do no wrong and couldn’t hurt a fly.
Well… they couldn’t be more wrong.
She wasn’t anything close to that; she had her fair share of mistakes and bad decisions.
Her hands have, and more than once, been stained with blood… And sometimes, it feels as if it’s still there – the feel of the thick warm liquid drenched over her palms, never to be washed off stays with her as a constant reminder.
Her once innocent eyes were no more and haven’t been for some time, having seen things no one ever should, her once innocent… and her body, the scars, were proof of that.
And sure, she tried getting along with people, be polite and helpful, but she knew that not everyone would take to her.
Cuddy was a clear example.
At first, when she first received the job, their meeting was neutral, friendly even seeing as her practice of `Child Diagnostics’ appealed to the Dean of Medicine; children were a soft spot to both of the women.
It wasn’t until later that conflicts started to sprout, coming between the two and sparking dislike. It wasn’t until after Kagome made good friends with some of the doctors, and got seriously close to one…
Namely House.
And this is where Kagome became lost.
Sure she was close with Gregory House, she had to be since she first started out working under him to start off her new job and help her learn how things worked in this department. Somehow, they just clicked, not at first of course, but after time.
Kagome’s first impression was that he was a total jerk and a miserable grouch whose venting output was sarcasm and sexual comments… and the she found out why through the reason for his limping and that he was recently divorced.
Though for some reason she had the feeling he was always like this, despite all the bad times he went through, but just not as much.
And then, she got to actually know him as the still sarcastic miserable grouch that surprisingly held a charming personality and even a soft side to him… she learned that his sarcastic comments sometimes had a friendlier feel to those he could actually tolerate.
She realized that when she was able to branch out on her own, as House used to pay countless visits to her new office and play numerous of games and tricks on her during work, that strangely she didn’t mind – as matter of fact, she even liked their strange routine.
And Kagome couldn’t deny that she felt something for the sarcastic yet charismatic and charming doctor… something in his blue eyes just appealed to her and his sarcastic comedy was a trait she loved… there was no doubt more, but now isn’t the time to go on with a list.
Long story short, she was attracted to him – maybe it meant she liked him more than a colleague should or maybe it was nothing… she couldn’t really describe it and she never got the chance to find out.
And it wasn’t as if she could tell if, back then, he felt something towards her… He never was very open of his feelings about others. Sure, he flirted shamelessly with her and she played along, but she was positive he did that with every woman he met.
When they went out to, it was only as friends – their jobs, which could go on as long as until the dead of night, called for the convenience. Sure, sometimes she would catch House stealing glances of her from the corner of her eyes, but she thought she was just imagining it.
But they didn’t get close enough to a point that it would matter. She never actually acted on those feelings.
It wasn’t until she got a call one morning telling her she was needed back in Japan a-sap, and that she had to get on a plane that afternoon, that her life was changed.
She didn’t think it was that big of a deal at first though – Cuddy would understand that there was an emergency, and she could use the excuse that she had a family emergency that needed taken care of and didn’t know for sure how long it would take to be dealt with. She wouldn’t be on pay of course, but she wanted to see if she could come back to work there.
So she called in to talk to her boss, and the answer she received was the one that pissed her off to no limit.
Not bothering to knock, Kagome barged into Cuddy’s office with a deep scowl set on her face.
Surprised at the intrusion, Cuddy’s head shot up to stare in surprise at the young doctor. Her eyes quickly narrowed at the rude entrance. “What do you think you’re doing Dr. Higurashi?” she asked sharply.
Kagome only sneered. “I think it’s clear what I’m doing… it should be me asking you what the hell do you think youare doing!” she snapped.
Cuddy glared at her. “Watch your tone or-“
Kagome laughed sharply. “What?! You’ll fireme?! I think you already did that… when I asked for some time off to go back to Japan, I either expected a `yes’ or `no’… not a straight up freaking `take as long as you want, your job has been terminated.’” She said in mock cheerfulness. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”
Cuddy looked away. “I’m sorry, but my decision is final. Since your time working here I’ve noticed some problems that have come up recently, and it might be better to just let you go… that way you can take care of your family problems back in Japan.”
Kagome’s eyes flashed. “What kindof problems are you talking about? I highly doubt that you’ve received any complaints from my patients, seeing as they are for the most part thankful… and I have barely made any mishaps around here…” she trailed off suggestively.
Cuddy sighed and turned to look her in the eye. “It’s not that… you’re excellent at your work, very much so. But…” Cuddy trailed off, unsure on how to say it.
Kagome got impatient. “What? What exactly did I do?” she pressed, irritated.
Cuddy blurted out one word. “House.”
Kagome gave her an incredulous look. “House?” she said skeptically. “What did I do to him…” she narrowed her eyes. “Did he say I did something, `cause if so, then you should know not to believe him… he always pulls those kinds of pranks to play around with me.” Despite her anger a small smile crept on her face as she thought of their games.
Cuddy scowled and waved her hand up in exasperation. “See, that’s the thing! You’re affecting him and his ability to work!”
Kagome gaped at her, offended. “Excuse you! I didn’t do anything to him… if anything he’s less cranky than usual.”
Cuddy’s eyes narrowed. “That’s how he works at his best. Somehow, someway, he’s better that way and you’re only distracting him… ever since you’ve been here he’s been making reckless decisions that he can’t back up… putting his patients to risk. He can’t work properly with you around and that’s all I have to say to you, so please, leave this hospital before I need to call security to escort you out.” Her ex-boss’ voice was strict as she spoke.
At that, Kagome glared at Cuddy, her eyes swirling with unleashed fury as she spoke in a cold voice, one that made Cuddy shiver as a tiny bit of fear pooled within her. “Fine, I’ll leave… there’s no need to call security…” and Kagome turned to exit.
Before closing the door, she gave Cuddy a disappointed and disgusted stare. “But remember this… if what you say is true then you’re taking away a chance for him to be happy, restricting him to only be a miserable person by taking away someone close to him… I hope you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing.”
And with that, Kagome marched out, not forgetting to slam the door with all her might, not seeing the shocked and guilty look on Cuddy’s face.
She left the hospital and drove towards the airport without a second thought, her anger clouding her mind so much that she didn’t realize until she was on the plane back to Japan that she never got to say goodbye to a certain blue-eyed, gruff, diagnostic specialist.
End of Flashback—
Clenching her fist, Kagome raised her hand and knocked stiffly on the wooden frame of the door.
Cuddy’s head shot up startled and she stiffened once she recognized Kagome. “Come in.” she called out curtly.
Jaw tight, Kagome gripped the door handle hard before twisting it. She walked in; form tensed, eyes stony, and closed the door behind her with a soft click.
Kagome’s now hard blue eyes narrowed as she made her way to the Dean of Medicine’s desk. “Cuddy.” She greeted shortly.
Cuddy nodded sharply. “Dr. Higurashi.” She waved a hand at the vacant chairs situated in front of her desk. “Please, sit.”
Kagome stared down at her, and shook her head once. “I prefer to stand, thank you very much.” Her tone was void of emotion.
Cuddy sighed tiredly at Kagome’s stiff form. Sometimes, she wished she didn’t fire the doctor in front of her; she was a good addition to the hospital, and the children and even parents loved her.
But, her stubborn mind interrupted, House was her best doctor in the place, and his department could cover Kagome’s without too much hassle. To her, losing House was worse than losing Kagome.
But her guilty conscious couldn’t help but say that Kagome was good for him, and that Kagome was also right when she said House would become more miserable after Kagome left.
When she left, things started to spiral down to hell and quick.
After the Japanese doctor left for good, House went back to his apartment and sulked as soon as he found out, and in the middle of an ongoing examination in the clinic no less, refusing to come out for a week, and this was when Wilson decided to step in.
Things were said, to which Cuddy had no idea of what exactly, and it got House to come back, but not without consequences.
Then House became addicted to his little pills, as he complained about his leg acting up. Cuddy didn’t realize that once she forked over a small bottle of vicodin that he would be hooked on them from that moment on.
And with the pills came the even more worsening attitude. If it wasn’t bad already, then how he acted was horrible with capital letters… he was a two year old adult; whiny, temperamental, a troublemaker and didn’t hesitate to make every person’s time at the hospital even more than a living hell than it already was once he came across them – doctor, nurse, patient, it mattered not
After a few years, she decided that House couldn’t handle cases by himself anymore, he needed someone to restrain him, to stop him from making stupid decisions, dangerous risks, pointless mistakes, playing games, and ignoring the rules… even though he almost always saved the patient she wasn’t sure the hospital’s insurance could handle all the stunts he pulled and the lawsuits he would receive to actually get to saving his patient and solving his case.
The reason why he had a team today was because of that. Truthfully, it didn’t do much, but it helped… he still played his games, took dangerous risks and ignored the rules for the most part, but they stopped him from making mistakes and stupid decisions many times over.
But, as always, the stubborn side of her won out, and she stared at Kagome with an unwavering gaze. “Fine, we already discussed about the little deal you proposed… Do you really want to do this?”
Kagome smirked at the mention of that… the reason she was back here with an actual chance to stay.
Kagome studied Cuddy for a moment, and shook her head in disappointment. It wasn’t sarcastic or mocking, Cuddy could see it was genuine disappointment, and it was the only emotion showing in her eyes.
“Of course I want to do this… unlike some people I actually care about House, when it concerns him I never have a second thought. He’s a great person and a great friend… I’ll always do what’s best for him.”
Cuddy had felt that she had been slapped. Scowling, she couldn’t help but retort. “Even if it meant sacrificing yourself and your feelings?”
Kagome’s lips pursed into a thin line and she calmly replied without hesitation. “Even if it meant leaving again… it’s not as if I haven’t done it before…” she muttered to herself despondently.
Cuddy frowned; she overheard the mutter but didn’t comment on it… she didn’t think she was meant to hear it. Her head shot up as Kagome spoke again.
“What about you…?” Kagome inquired with a raised eyebrow.
Cuddy didn’t say anything and Kagome knew. She turned on her heel and headed out the door.
She stopped mid-step at the doorway as she heard Cuddy speak.
“I care Kagome… I do… that’s why I-“
Kagome spun around and gave her an intense stare. “Fired me?” she provided blandly.
Cuddy looked away, but nodded.
Kagome laughed a little, now understanding her motives, and Cuddy turned to stare at her incredulously, not seeing how she can find anything funny.
Seeing the look Kagome explained. “You care for House, and I can relate to that… but your intentions are misguided. You think that me leaving will help him, that he needs someone that won’t intrude in his work because being a doctor and saving people is his life, and the only thing that makes him happy and a good person.”
Kagome paused, a serene smile on her face. “Being a doctor does do that… but it doesn’t have to be his whole life, to be the only thing that makes him happy and a good person, and if me being his friend and there for him does that, then so be it. What do you think would happen if you took Wilson away from him?”
Cuddy’s eyes widened… she didn’t really think of it like that. “You two were that close?” If she was like a Wilson to House… that would be like ripping House from the only true friend he’d ever have and trust. To reach `Wilson’ status was a great accomplishment, and a hard feat to beat.
Kagome smirked. “I’d like to think so, but maybe he thinks differently… you should ask him. She shrugged, but quickly sobered. “You’ve seen how it was when I left… I wouldn’t know if something changed since I didn’t keep in touch, but now you can see for yourself if me being here is for the better or not. We can start after I finish my case.”
Cuddy studied her and nodded gently. “Fine…” she murmured softly. It couldn’t hurt to go through with this, right?
As she watched Kagome exit and close the door to head into the lobby, she couldn’t help but hope so.
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–House’s office—
Lounging in his chair, House tossed the up his blue and red ball into the air, catching it with ease before doing it again.
He was bored, and it didn’t help that he was in the mood to terror someone. Not having a case could do that…
All thoughts of going out to annoy someone went out the door as a certain Japanese doctor caught his eye walking past his door, struggling with a couple of boxes filled with no doubt of office supplies.
Smirking, he tossed the ball to the ground as soon as he caught it and rose from his chair, limping towards the door of his own office.
`Ahh’, he thought smugly, `the perks of having similar departments…` It meant that Kagome’s office was close to his, on the other side of Wilson’s to be exact, whose office was between his own and Kagome’s.
It also meant that House would always see when Kagome comes in or leaves her office, since she has to pass his to get to and from the elevator.
He totally loved his job right now.
As he limped towards Kagome, he soon caught up with her since she was as slow from carrying the boxes as he was with his leg.
He snatched one of the boxes out of her hands, clutching it to his chest with his free arm as he continued to walk to her office and leaving Kagome to gape at him incredulity at his gall. She was probably thinking `I can’t believe he just did that!’ he predicted amusedly.
He didn’t even look at her when he said. “I did, in fact, just do that. So are you coming or not, Higurashi? If you forgot, your office is this way, not the one to your right.” he mocked teasingly.
Kagome blinked… `Did he just read her mind?’ she thought mindlessly as she looked to her right, rolling her eyes when they were met with a name plate inscribed with `James Wilson’ `Oncologist’.
She continued walking, jogging a bit to catch up with the man. “I knew that wasn’t my office, you know.”
House snorted half-heartedly. “Yeah? So tell me… then why did you still look?” He looked over her with an amused eyebrow.
Kagome’s eyes widened as she was caught and she stuttered. “H-how did you..!? You didn’t even look back! Are you some mind reader or something?” she asked in disbelief.
He gave her his trademark smirk. “Didn’t you know? It’s just another one of my superpowers.” He said sarcastically.
Kagome grinned impishly as they reached her office. “Superpowers huh? Is another one of them your insane ability of being an ass?” she laughed when he glared at her.
Kagome grabbed the door handle after shifting the box to her side and held it open for House to go through.
“Ha-ha, you’re real funny, you should have been a comedian instead of a doctor, probably would have made more money.” He shot at her as he passed her.
Kagome only smirked at his jibe at her professional ability. “Just like you should be a critic, you’re so good after finding the crappy things around you, you could write books about it.”
House chuckled. “Touché.” He couldn’t argue with that…
He walked over to her desk, tossed the box on top of it before plopping down in her seat with a thump. He took no time to spare as he went through the box.
Kagome didn’t notice what he was doing until after she went over to her little couch to the side to put the box down by and fell back into it and relaxed, only to shoot up straight as she saw him take out some medical books after taking out some files, a stapler, and her calendar book- which she couldn’t believe he passed up on.
House looked up to see her staring at the little black book. He smirked and went back to digging through her personal belongings sent her a lazy comment. “I’ll get to that later, don’t worry…”
Kagome’s eye twitched and she mock glared at him. “Who gave you permission to go through that?”
House didn’t miss a beat to reply back smartly. “Me.”
Kagome rolled her eyes and threw up her hands in exasperation. “Ughh!! You’re such a guy!”
House snorted at her, continuing with his treasure hunting. “Well, I do happen to have two balls and a dick, so I would sure hope so…”
A mischievous grin appeared on Kagome’s face. “Just like I have two boobs and a pussy, but any plastic surgeon could have helped out on that.” She quipped cheerily.
House choked, and lifted his head up stared at her with raised eyebrows at her vulgarity. He shook his head in amusement. “You’ve spent too much time with me…” he commented wryly.
Kagome just shrugged, still grinning. “Too late now… you’ve already corrupted me.”
A perverted smirk made its way to his face. “There’s more ways than one I could do that… wanna see?”
Kagome laughed and just shook her head. “I-I’m good… thanks…” she managed in between laughs.
House feigned hurt for a moment but shrugged. “Oh well, you’ll come around eventually… they all do…” He relayed to her with his smirk.
Kagome snorted, and just shook her head at that.
House’s smirk turned upside down into a frown when he grabbed a picture frame with two people in it; one he knew and the other he had no clue of.
It had a Japanese man in it with golden eyes and silver hair and unnaturally pale skin dressed in a high-class business suit. `Seriously? Silver hair and golden eyes? Either this guy has a screwed up sense of style or some genetic defect…’ he thought with a scowl.
Kagome – and House would have actually smiled at this if it wasn’t for what she was doing in this certain picture – was in a fitted baby blue sun dress that flowed out at the end. It brought out her twinkling sapphire eyes wonderfully… she was beautiful in his eyes.
What was wrong with this picture was the fact that Kagome was hanging onto the man who was a good foot and a half taller, and kissing his cheek, while the man wore a face in a cross between embarrassment and exasperation while still looking stoic in a way.
Kagome was grinning cheekily as her lips touched the man’s cheek, and one eye was cracked open and filled to the rim with mirth.
“What’s wrong House?” Kagome’s worried voice floated into his ear.
He held up the picture for her to see. “I see you got snatched yourself a boyfriend during your time in back in good ol’ home.”
Kagome recoiled at the harshness of his remark, and her eyes snapped to the picture before she rolled her eyes. “Boyfriend huh? More like my brother…” she trailed off at House’s skeptical look. “It’s true!” she argued. “Well, kinda… he’s like a brother. “I’ve known him since high school… his wife took that picture if you must know.”
Putting down the picture on her desk, House studied her and could detect no lie from the sincerity rolling off from her words and the look of her eyes. “Your brother?” he repeated amusedly – this woman could make friends with the weirdest of people… he was one of them though so he couldn’t say it was a bad thing.
“Uh huh” Kagome nodded, and she narrowed her eyes playfully at him, grinning again. “Somebody’s jea-lous!” Kagome sang out in a teasing voice, giggling a bit.
House looked away, slightly embarrassed. Trying to save face, he snorted and retorted harshly without thinking. “Yea right… who could ever be jealous of someone like-“ he stopped and his eyes widened as he realized what he was going to say and how it sounded.
Kagome already knew. “Me?” she asked quietly, her eyes glued to the ground when House turned to stare at her in shock.
`Crap crap crap!’ he thought anxiously. He wasn’t used to this! He never got stuck in a spot where he actually didn’t mean to insult someone! But he had to do something!
House knew Kagome was hurt when she got up from the couch and spoke to him without bothering to look up.
Usually she didn’t mind his insults since she knew he never really meant it with her, especially when they were talking so comfortably like right now.
But after they first met he made a comment like the one he almost said, he figured out that those kinds of things were a sore spot for her and right now, he couldn’t believe he forgot!
“I have to go… get some more stuff out of my… car… yea…” Kagome mumbled out awkwardly. “Be back later or something…” and she walked over to the door.
House mentally groaned at his situation, he was so fucked! He wanted to get back to where they were before, talk to her, and then find out why she disappeared into thin air! Not insult her, hurt her feelings, drive her away, and make her not want to talk to him! Hell, he just got her back!
“Kagome, wait.” He managed out.
Kagome only paused to look at him, before shaking her head and continuing on her way out the door.
House sat frozen from the look Kagome sent him… he couldn’t describe it… it was some many things, so many emotions mixed in her eyes.
It kind of reminded him of Stacy, but when he thought of it, Kagome was nothing like his ex… The ruthless hot lawyer was nothing compared to the sweet yet saucy, fiery and sexy Kagome he met not long after his divorce.
And truthfully it was something House liked about her – her eyes showed every emotion she was felt, like a window to her soul and it never lied, just like the owner of such eyes.
And despite what just happened, House sat back and chuckled.
He himself was a mastermind of lies; with him he did it effortlessly but with Kagome it was the complete opposite. She absolutely sucked at lying, her eyes and face always betrayed her, at least with him they did.
But back to the hole he dug himself into… getting up with a grunt he limped over to the back door and left the office.
It was time to pay his good friend Wilson a visit… he needed advice and he hasn’t pestered his best friend in a while…
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Words- 4, 408
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