Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Hyper Tension ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter Two: Hyper Tension:
She delivers a shock to everyone who lays eyes on her. She doesn’t have to speak; her eyes do it for her. Not many have seen such pale blue eyes before in their lives. In her old school, her teachers told her they came from angels.
Many kids couldn’t approach her. In fact, she called herself invisible. She could walk around school without anyone addressing her. The teachers tried to make her sociable. She didn’t seem interested until she became fourteen.
He was her rather charming teacher. The man transferred to that middle school three weeks before. All of the girls had a crush on him. She didn’t understand what she felt at the time. During her early years, they called her an ice queen. It was possible she didn’t even know what emotion was. She couldn’t even handle her heart when she first laid eyes on that new teacher. The girl wasn’t even prepared to deal with encountering him if the chance arose.
That all changed in late April after class. Most of the students had gone home by that time. She was about to do the same when someone called out to her. She turned and saw that gorgeous teacher eyeing her. She has lost all ability to speak or move when their eyes met.
“I need some help with loading something in my truck,” he began. “Everyone else seems to have left already.” She gave him blank face for a long time. She nodded her head slowly. The teacher gave her a little smile.
“Come with me,” he said. The student followed the teacher back to the classroom. It took about fifteen minutes to move a couple posters and decorations from the classroom to his truck.
That’s how it all started. The teacher and student had gotten close. How close? Rumors stated that they were even intimate. However, this was never proven by anyone. A couple of teachers talked to the pair, but nothing ever came of it.
Then one day, the teacher just vanished. The next day went by. And then next day passed. And then the next week passed. The teachers called his house, but got no answer. A couple of students peeked in his house one Saturday afternoon. One look inside revealed such a horror.
Blood on the walls. Claw marks on the wooden floor. The poor teacher had his neck broken at a horrible angle. He even had bled out profusely from the throat. His open, blank terrified eyes didn’t help either. The panicked students called the police. As a result, she and her parents moved away for a second time.
But what caused her beloved teacher’s death? She has the devil that she can’t see around her. A devil that won’t stop until it’s fed. This time, it’s hungry again and using her to hunt.
Yet, she wants to resist and live a normal life. Sadly, that won’t be easy anymore. For the stability at her home is about to crack as the devil rides in on horseback in her new town.
The New Neighbors
Broken Home