Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Hunt ( Chapter 1 )

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The gap between ages
Chapter 1: Hunt
Robin looked at her partner. She noticed that in the moments, previous to a hunt, he could enter some kind of trance, focusing only in what he had to do. She enjoyed watching at him while he was driving to the selected place. She could do it without the danger of him noticing. During the past three years, after the fall of the Factory and the changes that have happened, like the new policy of witch-camps, that have made Robin a lot more comfortable, because witches were sent to camps to learn how to control their powers and to use them a lot more wisely. But, still, this was far from the idea of humans and witches living together peacefully. Will this ever be possible? Robin thought, How can I be called the Hope of witches, if acceptance is impossible? Only if the world was different.
“We are here”- Amon said, taking Robin out of her thoughts.
“Hey guys, you should be very careful about this one” said Michael through the earphones, “Her name is Iwasaki Horube, age: 23, her ability is to open black holes and sending her enemies through them, nobody knows what happen to them afterwards, so try to convince her to join the witch camp by the easy way, otherwise this will get ugly”
“Roger that Michael, Robin and I will do the talking… Miho, Haruto, you guys will be our backup, so we are counting on you” Amon said before jumping out of the car.
The witch was in an abandoned warehouse. She was scared. The last time she was having an argument with her boyfriend (man, the bastard was cheating on her), and seconds later she saw an extrange void open behind him and he fell on it, disappearing forever. She have never seen anything of this, but she knew that somehow she was responsible of this and she had to go away before doing more harm. Suddenly she heard the noise of footsteps, coming towards her.
She turned around, to see a girl and a man standing next to her. The girl was young, maybe 17 or 18 years old, and the man looked a lot much older. She didn’t know why but the sigh of the girl seemed calming and assuring, Horube knew that she didn’t mean any harm, but she was scared to hurt somebody as kind-looking as her.
“What do you want from me?” She asked in a weary voice ”You should get away from me! I might hurt you!”
“Its OK. My name is Robin and I want to help you. You know that your powers have awakened, right?”
“I didnt mean to hurt him, I swear!! We were arguing and suddenly, he vanished!” The memories of the incident freaked her out, and she starting to shake, terrified of what she had done. She didnt noticed that another void was forming behind the blond girl, as soon as she was speaking.
Robin was trying to comfort the girl, when suddenly she felt like she was being pulled back. Horrified, she looked back and saw nothing but blackness. Amon noticed the void too, and tried to reach Robin. He held her hand, but the power from the void was too big for him to fight, and he and Robin fell into the darkness.
Meet the gang… a witch and an avatar showdown!