Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ How I Wonder What You Are ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: Tygra’s Wife Oracle

Chapter One
She let out a groan, shifting form under the messy pile that was blankets, pillows, and stuffed Pokémon Plushies. It kept going off, singing her name over and over.

Katarin.” a multicolored bird with a musical note shaped head blinked from atop its perch on the headboard of her bed. Its green eyes twinkled mischievously. It saw a leg poke out from under the soft blue comforter, her toes dangling over the edge of her bed.

“Chatot! Chato…” It chirped. Chatot seemed to grin to itself for the small mimicking bird jumped off the headboard and quickly scuttled over to the series of toes wiggling a bit.

Food! Why they looked like little worms, wriggling and squirming this way and that…

All it took was one nibble and a scream rung in the air. Tyler, Katarin’s father chuckled a bit from over his cup of coffee, smiling to his wife. “Sounds like Chatterbox found himself a new meal this morning.” He said teasingly. Marie laughed and shot her husband a slight death glare.

“That’s mean, Ty, considering Chatterbox is your Pokémon in the first place.” She laughed lightly at seeing her husband wiggling his eyebrows at her. She couldn’t help smacking her husband’s shoulder in a playful manner. She knew what he meant by that gesture. If it wasn’t for Tyler’s Chatot, they would never have met, let alone fallen in love. Chatterbox had accidentally repeated  a love poem that Tyler rehearsed for her, and well, Tyler’s goofiness won her over instantly.

There was a loud squawk and the said Chatterbox of a Pokémon came flying furiously downstairs with their daughter on its tail. She came running down in a flurry of messy brown hair, angry green eyes lit up by the fires of anger, and her Altaria themed pajamas ruffled from where Chatterbox had obviously picking at them.

“Morning, Kat.” Tyler said to his daughter as Chatterbox flew to the safety of a perch high above Katarin. His blue eyes looked to his daughter. She was glaring at him, which was to be expected. He just raised an eyebrow, feigning innocence. “Something wrong?”

“Keep Jukebox-“
Chatterbox.” Her father and mother corrected.

“Whatever! Keep him away from me, Dad! He about tore my little toe off!” Katarin grumbled, plopping down into a chair next to her dad. Chatterbox cooed and started to preen his feathers in an innocent manner much like her Dad.

Jukebox! Chatterbox!” The Chatot sang happily, its little tune ending in a little whistling sound as Marie placed a plate of pancakes before her daughter.

“You know how immature your father and Chatterbox can be. It’s best to ignore them.” Marie said softly. She gave her daughter a tight squeeze before turning back to the stove where some Pokémon food was simmering. Chatterbox always liked his food to be a bit on the spicy side and very mushy apparently.

“Oh, now that’s not nice.” Tyler said in mock hurt. Chatterbox chirped again, mimicking his trainer’s words.

Not nice! Not nice! Chatot!” Finding it was safe to come down, Chatot flew down from the perch and landed directly on the back of Tyler’s chair. “Not nice!”

Tyler laughed and offered Chatterbox a piece of bacon, which it happily accepted. His smile faded away at seeing his daughter glowering at them. He gently stroked the top of Chatterbox’s head, earning a soft croon from it. “Apologize to Kat now Chatterbox.”

The bird blinked, tilting its head to the side. He chirped again and flew over Kat, now circling over her head. “Apologize, Chatterbox! Apologize!”

She frowned at the annoying bird. Katarin never really liked bird Pokémon or flying Pokémon for that matter. Beedrill and Combee scared her to death. Dragon types were scary. Flying bug types creeps her out. Small birds like Pidgey were fine, though Spearow spook her a bit. But Chatot, they were just plain annoying.

There is only one Flying Pokémon that Katarin absolutely adored and that was Altaria and its starting evolution, Swablu. Swablu were cute, round, and fluffy. Altaria were elegant, graceful and very beautiful. How she wished that her mother’s beloved Pokémon was still alive. Katarin was the name of her mother’s partner and did she love her namesake. Katarin the Altaria had died shortly before her sixth birthday and boy did she cry. Her namesake used to greet her every morning before school. It would even be there during recess to play with her. And after school, she would see it waiting for her with her mother.

Sorry, Katarin! Sorry!” Chatterbox’s squawk broke through the haze of memories and she saw the said Chatot look down at her from atop her head. Two pairs of green eyes greeted each other. She had to admit, Chatterbox meant well. He just had a mischievous streak to him. Allowing herself to smile, Katarin reached up and stroked his head.

“It’s alright, Chatter.” She said softly, allowing the bird to climb onto her arm where it started pecking at her plate.

“Chatterbox! I got your food right here, you little Grumpiggy!” Marie laughed as she picked up the said bird’s food bowl and dumped the contents of the pot into it. She saw Chatterbox give her a wary stare. “It’s not hot. So come and get it.”

Not hot! Come and get it!” the Chatot repeated and it flew to where Marie had placed his bowl next to a sleeping Liepard that was curled up on a pillow. The Liepard merely opened a golden eye and just yawned before curling back up. Chatterbox took one look at the Liepard and flew to the Cat’s head, starting to rouse it out of its slumber. “Leo. Wake up! Leeeeeo!”

“Dear Poke God! Chatterbox, leave Leo alone!” Marie said, running over to save her beloved Liepard. Leo was one of Marie’s close partners from her own Pokémon journey. It was the first Pokémon her old Altaria had helped her catch. He was her first victory and her first capture.

Leo just let out a warning growl, his amber eyes glaring at Chatterbox. He didn’t like being woken up during his midmorning naps.

Katarin shook her head, stuffing some food into her mouth. At least she wasn’t Chatterbox’s only victim in the mornings. She still felt sorry for Leo though.

“So, what’s on your agenda for today? Are you going to help Professor Rowan today? Or what?” Katarin heard her father ask as Chatterbox avoided a Fury Swipe from a grumpy Leo. She shrugged, not knowing what she wanted to do.

Having just recently moved from the Johto region to Sinnoh was really a big change in her life. Her mother wanted to leave behind beautiful Blackthorne City to abandon the memories of her beloved Altaria. They came here to Sandgem Town to begin anew, but was it really needed?

“I think I’ll just wander around town or something.” Tyler heard his daughter mumble. He frowned a bit. He knew what was going on in the girl’s head. She was thinking of her namesake – his wife’s precious Altaria. He missed her as well. The elegant Altaria that would sing at night time to sooth little Katarin’s fears. Oh how they all missed her.

Satisfied that the annoying flying rodent was away, Leo yawned and curled back onto his pillow, purring lightly at his Trainer’s hands running through his yellow spotted purple fur. Marie just sighed. “I think I’m going to have to put Chatterbox’s food somewhere else.” She mumbled, delicately touching her Liepard’s scythe shaped tail.

“You can always just let him eat scraps from us.” Tyler pointed out, but his wife just glowered at him. She didn’t want any of their Pokémon to be fat and overweight from eating human food. “Kidding, dear.”

Kidding, dear! Kidding!” Chatterbox repeated happily. It then blinked and looked over at Leo, “Kidding, Leeeeo! Leo! Kidding!”

Leo just growled softly in response.

Maria’s green eyes lit up and she smiled broadly at her husband. “Tyler, why don’t you show Kat what you found earlier this morning?” she asked innocently. But Kat could sense the hidden message in her mother’s tone. The girl sat straighter now, her eyes staring between her parents.

“Show me what?” she asked.

Tyler frowned a bit, running a hand through his brown locks. “Marie, are you sure? I mean it’s so weak and I highly doubt showing her a dying Pokémon would make things any better on her or it.” Her father was hesitant – no, he was reluctant! – To show her whatever her mother was talking about. But she found herself being a curious Skitty.

Seeing that his daughter was really eager, he sighed and nodded. “Alright, it’s in the greenhouse, but be careful!” Tyler shook his head at seeing Katarin taking off so quickly. He quickly got up and trailed after her with Chatterbox on his shoulder.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star