Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Honeymoons and Dark Noons ( Chapter 14 )

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Mr. Satan wept as he walked Videl down the aisle, after giving her hand to Gohan he took his seat beside Chichi. The mother of the groom turned as Mr. Satan pulled out a handkerchief and began to sob uncontrollably, ‘and I thought I wasn’t taking this well.’
The ceremony continued as the maid of honor, Lita smiled tears in her eyes, the rest of the bridesmaids, Erasa, Mina, Rei, Serena, and Ami followed suit. “I do,” Gohan smiled as he starred at his bride.
Dende the best man looked at his once future mentor, now best friend smiling in pride, he knew this was destiny. Trunks, Uub, Krillin, Darien and Tapion, the groomsmen, smiled in joy. The day was going so fast for Videl now she stood at the altar, “I do.”
“You may now kiss the bride,” Gohan swooped Videl into his arms, the wind blew around Mt. Paozu causing her elegant white gown to float around her as they kissed.

Goku looked down from Supreme Kai’s planet a smile of pride on his face, “that’s my boy.”

After the ceremony a great party was held at Bulma’s house, Serena sat beside Darien “I can’t believe I wasn’t the maid of honor.”
“Serena,” Darien grabbed her hand, stopping her from spinning the straw in her drink, “she only had one, and you’re not as close with her as Mina and Rei let alone Lita or Erasa.”
“Ya well,” Darien looked at her with a tilt to his head, “I wouldn’t have made her mine in my wedding party,” Serena said defeated and pouting.
Videl darted over and grabbed Serena by the hand pulling her onto the dance floor into the crowd of Bridesmaids. Darien laughed as he watched her dance.
Lita eventually sat at a table alone, soon she was joined by Android 17, “We would never have this many people attending if we got married.”
Lita looked over in shock, “What?”
“I’m just saying if things work out between us, our marriage would be much smaller.”
Lita slid over towards him, “Is this your way of asking me out?”
“No this is my way of giving you an opportunity to engage in a romantic relationship with me.”
“I most definitely will,” Lita said as she leant in to kiss the mixture of man and machine.
“I hold no promise to stay with you when you age and I do not,” 17 said bluntly, causing Lita to crash to the floor ruining the mood.
Slowly the celebration ended as the majority made their way home drunk. Ami, Dende, Gohan, and Videl were teleported by Dende to the lookout.

Videl and Gohan stood on the Lookout their bags packed for a several night trip, “So have you figured out where you’re going?” Dende asked.
“Well I found this nice, quiet, hospitable planet that we could stay on for a few days,” Gohan sated as he pulled out a galaxy map, “Besides I thought it would be nice if Videl could go to another world where they didn’t try killing her.” He began to laugh at his own joke rubbing the back of his head as Videl looked down embarrassed.
“Let’s just go,” Videl said grabbing onto Gohan’s arm, “I just want to start my honeymoon.”
“Ready?” Dende asked as he began to summon the portal.
“Wait,” Ami interjected, “I have the answer to your question from the other day Gohan.”
“About me?” Videl asked hoping she would say yes.
“Yes,” Ami inhaled a deep breath.
Gohan cut her off before she could begin a long winded explanation, “We can deal with that when we get back, let’s just enjoy the wedding night.”
“Yes, well take this with you,” Ami said handing Videl a small holoprojector, “In case curiosity sets in.” With that the newlyweds stepped through the portal and disappeared.

Gohan and Videl arrived on the other side of the portal on a small quaint planet, beside a calm blue ocean. Gohan threw a capsule to the ground releasing in a puff of smoke a small house like structure, which they planned on staying in as the planet lacked any advanced life. Videl looked at the holoprojector in her hands contemplating playing it, Gohan wrapped his hand around hers closing it over the device. She looked up at him as he smirked; she let the device fall to the ground.

It was the next morning and Gohan lay on the beach, his arm behind Videl’s head as she lay beside him. She flipped over leaning on his chest as she looked into his eyes, “So Mister Son, what are the plans for the day?” Gohan smiled as he picked her up in his arm.
“How about a swim Misses Son?” Videl’s face turned to shock as Gohan flew into the water, both splashing around in the calm water.
Later Gohan and Videl came back to the shore, they tumbled to the ground rolling in the sand, Gohan rolled on top of Videl, and he slowly traced his finger down her abdomen.

Gohan and Videl sat around the small fire they had made on the beach “I want to watch the video,” Videl said causing Gohan to lower a brow confused, “the one from Ami.”
“Sure,” Gohan stood up and began to look around the area where it had fallen the previous night, Videl shortly joined him.
“Here it is,” Videl stated as she sat down in the long grass, Gohan sat beside her placing his arm over her shoulders. She placed the device upright on the ground pressing the button on the small blue device.
A hologram of Ami appeared before them approximately one fourth her real size, “Hello Videl and Gohan,” the hologram began. “After studying the gathered information, and accounts of those involved me, Dende, and King Kai have come up with the most plausible answer.” Gohan and Videl waited for the answer. “Just over three years ago Videl was dead and in heaven alongside Dabura, the Demon King. Dabura ruled over a realm similar to the Negaverse, a parallel universe to our own that was a negative version, unlike the Negaverse which was formed by a mortal; the Demon Realm has existed since the beginning of time. Before Videl left heaven Dabura kissed her on the forehead, this kiss was a kiss of protection from darkness. As Dabura was a lord of the true world of darkness his kiss is extremely powerful, easily capable of protection from the Negaverse. This kiss rested as a hidden shield inside of Videl. Recently when Gohan destroyed the Negaverse, the same rip in dimensions that allowed his survival also leaked a strong amount of the Negaverse’s energy. As the Demon Realm is a brutal place even spells of protection are offensive, as Videl arrived on scene the magical kiss protected her from the energy and absorbed it increasing her power levels. Enjoy the honeymoon,” the hologram version of Ami waved as she phased out of existence.
“So my power increased because Dabura kissed me three years ago?” Videl said very shocked.
“I guess,” Gohan said as he turned to Videl, “I wonder what my kisses do?” Gohan said jokingly as he kissed her on the forehead.

Serena shot up in bed, grabbing the sheets in front of her chest, Darien’s eyes opened up as he lay beside her. “What is it?” He asked rubbing her back as her breathing slowed.
“Nothing just a bad dream,” Serena said as she turned to him kissing him on the forehead, “we could make some sweet dreams,” she kissed him on the nose, slowly she lowered her lips right above his, he leant up connecting the lips, as he rolled on top of her.
“I’m good with that,” Darien said as he began to kiss his wife again.

Serena sat at a small table in a café, Mina and Ami sat with her. “It was the scariest dream of my life,” Serena said as she rotated her cup on the bottom rim. “There was this massive darkness that engulfed the earth as a woman riding a massive white wolf began to shoot purple blazing arrows at us,” her two friends looked at her like she was crazy. “That’s not even the scariest part eventually the darkness became a man and he well, he killed us all.” Mina and Ami began to comfort their friend as she started to cry, “The worst part is I don’t think it was just a dream.”
Mina grabbed Serena, “It’s a dream okay?” she tried to reassure her friend.
“Yes just a dream,” Ami stated.
Lita and Arale sat down beside them wondering what was going on, “What’s up you guys?”
“Nothing,” Mina stated as Serena regained her composure.
The sky began to darken as if it had instantly became night, Serena turned to her friends. “Guys,” she began to shake as she pointed out the window at the deepening darkness.

The monstrous blue man, formed from the death of the Negaverse, floated above the Earth outstretching his hand encompassing the planet in a blanket of shadows. “Soon I will be fully healed and then the beings of this planet will tremble as I squish them beneath my heel. First I must feast upon the emotions of death, sorrow, fear, and pain.” The bald being traced a finger down his neck, digging the nail into the skin above his collar bone, drawing blood. “They shall do just fine, two of the strongest warriors in the Negaverse when it died,” he flicked his hand as two droplets of blood crashed to the Earth.

Serena and the gang had transformed into their senshi forms when two massive red meteorites crashed into the pavement before them. Serena flew back in fear as black lightning ripped open the sky blasting into the craters. Soon the Earth began to tremble as a clawed hand reached out of the pit. From the first pit arose a combination of dog and man wearing a red gi with white underneath. He had red eyes and purple slashes on his face, he lunged at the girls his long white hair flowing behind him. Serena flew out of the way, hovering over the second hole where a woman with long black hair wearing a red and white temple priestess uniform stood pulling back the string on her bow. She released a flurry of purple burning arrows up at the moon princess. Serena flew down landing in front of Ami, Lita, Arale, and Mina. “Who are you creeps?”
“We are servants of the master,” they said in unison their cold unemotional voices sent shivers down the girl’s spines, black lightning cracked around them as dark blue auras burnt.
“I am the demon Inyuyasha,” the feral looking wolf man said.
“And I am his warrior wife, Kagome,” the woman stated, caulking another arrow.
“Ya well your about to be moon dust,” Serena stated as she and the girls posed ready for attack. Inyuyasha jumped at the girls swinging his arms sending out red razor like energy crescents. The girls jumped over them as Serena shot an orb of white energy. Mina shot to the left avoiding Kagome’s arrows. She darted forward shooting a beam of golden energy at the opponent, to her surprise Kagome raised her hand creating a small purple energy shield, the attack dissipated. Kagome pulled her hand back in pain; Mina noticed that the hand she had used to block was no longer pail and burning in a blue aura. Mina flew back at the last moment dodging Inyuyasha’s oncoming sword. She summoned her chain and wrapped it around the blade; she attempted to pull the blade, from the demon’s hands. The Demon pulled back on the sword shattering the chain.
Ami swung her hands to the left summoning a wall of water stopping Kagome’s arrows, “You’ll have to try harder than that creep!” Ami raised her hands above her head summoning a typhoon around herself and lowered her hands shooting it a Kagome. The Archer jumped avoiding the water and dived at Ami, again she created a wall of water but to her surprise Kagome charged purple energy around her hands bursting through the defense. Ami pulled her head back as Arale slammed into the enemy, smashing her into the ground and flipping her into the air with one arm.
“Jupiter Oak Evolution!” Lita spun shooting a barrage leaf shaped energy blades, she directed them all at Kagome.
Ami began to compute on the holokeyboard that formed from her wrist, “Serena!”
The silver haired woman turned to her friend as she blasted at the dog demon, “What Ami?” Serena asked dodging a sword swing.
“The woman’s energy is extremely similar to yours,” Ami stated. Arale tackled the demon allowing Serena to converse with her friend.
“What does that mean,” Serena asked as he brought up a shield around the two blocking Kagome’s arrows. Mina dashed into Kagome sending her flying, as Lita formed a lightning dragon sending it after the fallen archer.
Arale ripped the demon out of the sky sending him crashing into the earth, “N’cha Cannon!” Arale opened her mouth releasing a massive purple beam of energy.
“It means that her powers purify,” Ami stated, “that’s why it’s painful for her to use her powers.”
“I’m lost,” Serena stared blankly at Ami.
“It means that both her and Inyuyasha are being corrupted and that you could purify tem,” Mina stated as she darted over them releasing a crescent beam at the lunging demon.
Serena took to the air, placing her hands before her, “Moon Healing Escalation!” Serena shot the healing blast at the demon, for a second Inyuyasha lost the purple aura but it soon returned. “That didn’t work!” Serena wailed as she dodged the incoming attack.
“He might be too corrupted,” Ami said jumping out of Inyuyasha’s landing area, “try the girl first.”
Serena turned to Kagome, “Moon Healing Escalation!” the blast shot at Kagome who raised her hands forming her purple barrier, slowly Kagome’s own powers began to heal her hands causing her to drop her barrier as Serena’s light engulfed her. As the smoke cleared Kagome stood there the look of destruction no longer in her eyes.
She smiled at Serena as she dashed towards Inyuyasha; she jumped in front of the demon catching his blade with her purple shield. “STOP!” she screamed at her husband, he swatted her to the side with his hand. She crashed into the side of the café. Inyuyasha charged at Lita who summoned an orb of electricity that sent him back. “Hey you with the silver hair!” Kagome screamed as she stood up.
“Me?” Serena pointed to herself.
“Ya you,” Kagome said, “We need to combine our powers to purify him, you ready?” Serena nodded as she took off back into the sky. Kagome jumped in front of Inyuyasha again forming a bubble of purple energy around the demon. She looked up at Serena, “NOW!”
“Moon Healing Escalation!” Serena screamed shooting her blast of energy.
A voice came from the smoke, “Kagome?” Inyuyasha stepped out of the smoke, no longer with red eyes or the purple markings.
“I’m here,” Kagome ran to her husband wrapping her arms around him.
“How touching,” the group turned to see a bald blue skinned man with small specs of light, similar to stars, all over his body. “What a shame I now have to kill you all.”
“Who are you?” Kagome asked.
“I am the birth and death of darkness, I am the Negaverse made whole, I am NEGA!”

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