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Chapter 17: Honey coated duelling.
The gang had met up at Tails workshop.  « Did anyone get some new stuff? » asked Sonic.
« Just extras. » Knuckles answered.
« Nope. » Amy answered.
Cream just showed up, her expression was sad.  « Hey, you guys…. » she said.
« What happened to you, you look down? » asked Amy.
« I got beat really bad by this one duellist.  She was tough. »
« Really, what was she like? » asked Shadow.
« Well, this yellow cat girl…. »
Espio comes in.  « Sorry about that, but I managed to run into a duellist like that to. » he said.  « I didn’t duel her, though. »
« Anyway, » Cream went on.  « She wore all red, had black hair, brown eyes, wore heels to match her outfit and she even had wings. »

Hearing this description, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy drop their cards.  Rouge was confused.  « Who is this girl? »
« Who wants to explain…?” Tails shot out.
« I will. » Sonic answered.  « Her name is Honey.  Tails, Amy, Knux, Espio and I ran into her back in the day during a fighting tournament.  She was removed from the tournament even though they never said why. »
« So what, let’s talk about her deck. » said Shadow.
« Sorry, I got beat and she only used one monster against me. » said Cream.  « Some guy called Silent Swordsman or whatever. »
« What’s it do? » asked Knuckles.
« The Silent Swordsman is one of the game’s many LV monsters, and quite the LV one to boot. » Tails explains.  « He has three stages; 3, 5, and 7.  It negates spells that target it in its first and second stages.  When he reaches his final stage at LV7, it negates spells altogether.  Mix that with its 2800 ATK points and you’ve got quite the fighter. »

Rouge pats Cream on the back.  « Don’t worry about it. » she said happily.  « I want all of you to show up at my club tonight, because I’m throwing something special. »
« No problem, we’ll be there. » said Amy.


Night came around and crew was at Club Rouge, even Espio.  « Why did you have to pull me out of the lab? » asked Tails, the vixen wasn’t pleased to be here.
« Don’t be rude, Tails. » Amy answered.  « Rouge invited all of us tonight.  And besides, you need time away from the lab.  What are you complaining about anyway, you building a boyfriend? »
« No, I’m making a vibrator that guarantees a girl’s orgasm. » Tails said, sarcastically and nastily toward Amy.
« That’s some nice sarcasm. » shot Blaze.
« I try. »  Tails pulls out a laptop computer.  « This is what I’ve been working on. »
« Tch, looks like a regular computer to me. » said Knuckles.
« That’s because you’re too gullible to recognize genius, Knucklehead. »  Tails cleared her throat.  « This is my DMD, or Duel Monster Database.  After going through constant research, I’ve finally been able to create a database that can look up the various cards of Duel Monsters. »
« Does Pegasus know about this? » asked Shadow.
« Like he’ll give me the money to produce this.  This is pretty much a library of the various Duel Monster cards.  Though I’m still working the kinks out of it, it’s pliable to an extent. »
« Nice job, brainiac. » said Amy.
« Moving on, the DMD sorts the cards by four main categories: Sets, like the cards that come from boxes of the actual game, I.E. Cybernetic Revolution; Deck/Packs, like the stuff that comes from certain character’s themes or from the decks exclusively. »
« Like the Elemental Steam Healer that shows up in Jaden 1? » Knuckles gave example.
« Exactly.  Third are Promos, the cards that are given out in promotional events, magazines and videos games; and finally the Tournament cards, cards that come from tournaments or championships. »
« Well, tell us more about it later, there’s Rouge. » Cream noted.

With that said, the focus turned to everyone’s favourite racked bat.  « Hey, nice turnout tonight, » Rouge began, « but then again, every night has a great turnout because my shit is hot. » a few laughs come out.  « Welcome and welcome back to Club Rouge.  I am Rouge, of course, Club owner and hostess.  Tonight, I’m gonna have something different, so to appeal to the fact that Station Square is into a certain new game.  So from here on out, tonight and every week on this night, I’m going to have this as Duel Night.  Also, duellists get a discount on the cover.  I figure that I would open my club to duelling and hope to find some other duellists out there that I can enjoy duels with and learn strategies from.  It also brings duellists and duelling fans in for a little excitement.

« So with that said, I’ll begin by hosting the very first duel. »  Rouge activated her duel disk.  « Now, which of you wants to go a round with moi? »  The guests looked at each other, still a bit unsure.  « Anyone?  Don’t tell me that I’m too good looking to duel against. »
« Please… you are not that beautiful. »
Everyone’s attention turns to the owner of the voice, and there she was.  Cream began to shiver.  « It’s her, she’s really here. » the young doe said as she clings to Hitomi.
« Wow, check her out. » said Hitomi.
`That’s Honey, all right.  I know those threads from anywhere.’ thought Amy.
« Seriously, you need to do better than those silicone bags on your chest. » Honey said.
« I’m 100% titty, but thanks for noticing my size. » said Rouge with a playful wink.
« Whatever, just get ready to lose. »

And the duel was on.  `Okay Rouge, this is that girl that beat Cream with one monster.‘ thought Rouge.  `But it’s gonna take more than a Silent Swordsman to beat me.
« You want to learn something, I’ll gladly beat it into you. » said Honey.
« Aren’t you confident, I like that. » Rouge said.
« That’ll change real quick. »
« Okay then, Honey.  Guests go first. »
« With pleasure. »  Honey began with her draw.  « First I’ll play Spell Economics, and I’ll combo it with Mausoleum of the Emperor. » the field change to resemble and alter for sacrifices.  « Now I will invoke the Mausoleum and summon something that you won’t like, Gilford the Lightning. » Honey’s monster appeared on the field (2800/1400).  « I’ll finish up with one card face down and the activation of the spell card Chain Energy. »  Energy shackles were placed around Honey’s and Rouge’s wrists and ankles.
« Hold on, you should be down a chunk of life points. » noted Rouge.
“True.  Since Gilford normally requires two sacrifices, the field would make me give up life points to use it.  But that’s the greatness of Spell Economics, it keeps me from paying life points regarding spells.  Now make your move, titties. »
Rouge draws her card.  « I can’t stop Gilford, so I better plan my defences.  I’ll start with a monster in defence mode, and then–Ahhh! »
« What the hell…. » Tails trailed off.

The shackles then went to work, shocking Rouge’s body <7500>.  « Wait a minute, my life points went down… »
« That’s the effect of Chain Energy. » Honey began.  « When a player plays a card from their hand, they must pay 500 life points.  And since you have to play from your hand, you’re punishing yourself with every move you make. »
« That’s definitely a new one on me. »
« Are you done? »
 « No, two cards face down.  Go. » Rouge took another shocking <6500>.

Honey draws.  « I’ll play Pitch-Black Warwolf in attack mode (1600/600).  Attack now! »  Honey’s monster went in and destroyed Rouge’s face down Harpie Lady.  « Your turn, Gilford.  Sword of Thunder! »

Rouge took a hard shot to her life points, which dropped her to a knee <3700>.  « How come Rouge didn’t activate a trap card? » asked Cream.
« Because Pitch-Black Warwolf prevents the opponent from using traps in battle. » Sonic answered.  « I got that in my deck, pretty useful card too. »
« Hey, what gives, you didn’t lose life points. » Someone yelled from the crowd.  This also caused commotion amongst the guests.
Honey laughed.  « Man, you people are slow. » she said.  « I guess you people forgot about my Spell Economics that fast.  With it, I don’t have to pay life points regarding spells, like Chain Energy.  Aren’t I badass, or aren’t I badass? »

« Batgirl’s not doing too well. » said Knuckles.
« Honey’s got a cold strategy though. » said Tails.  « With those three spells, she can make her opponent hurt themselves while being able to summon monsters without tributing, just like in the old days of Duel Monsters.  I like how well this works… »
« That is a killer combo. » agreed Amy.

« You’re not doing so well, titties. » said Honey.  « But I guess my advanced combo is becoming too much for you.  It’s your turn. »
`I gotta turn this around.‘  Rouge draws.  « I’ll play Mystical Space Typhoon. »
« Not this time, activate Spell Shield Type-8. » Honey discards a spell card.  « The good thing for you is that your Space was negated, so you didn’t lose life points. »
« Yeah, lucky me. »
« Defend yourself, titties. »
« One monster in defence to end my turn. » Rouge takes another shock <3200>.
Honey draws.  « What a shame. » she said.
« Didn’t get the card you wanted? » asked Rouge.
« On the contrary, it’s a shame that this duel’s already over…. for you anyways.  Go, Enraged Battle Ox (1700/1000). »
`Damn, not that card.’ Rouge thought.

« Piercing damage for the Beast-Warriors, this game’s over. » said Sonic.
« With my Enraged Ox on the field, he and my Warwolf can damage you, even if your defending with weak monsters.  Warwolf, attack. » Honey said and her monster followed.
`Wow, now I know how Cream felt.’ thought Rouge as her monster was flipped up and destroyed.
« Tch, Harpie’s Baby Dragon…. too bad she only has 600 DEF points. »
« Tell me about it <2600>. »
 « Battle Ox, Enraged Axe Crusher! » Rouge faces another blow <900>.  « And now for the final blow.  Gilford, Sword of Thunder! »

And with that last shot, Rouge was struck down and the game was over.  « Man, that was painful to watch. » said Amy.
« Yeah, » agreed Cream, « mercifully, it’s over. »
« Mercy, my ass. » said Shadow.  « That was a class S ass handing. »
« Honey didn’t even lose life points. » said Knuckles.
« She didn’t lose anything. » Sonic corrected the echidna.

Rouge finally stood up.  « Well, I said I was a duellist, not a good duellist. »
« Titties, you aren’t even a bad duellist. » Honey told Rouge.  « If you think you consider that duelling, then you better give up now.  I thought that you might actually give me a run for my money… I see now that I’m wrong.  Oh well, perhaps I might find someone worthy of my time next week… » and Honey left the club.
« Well, let’s take five minutes to recover from that match, and then the next two can have a go. » said Rouge as she left the stage.
Cream still felt bad, but now she felt bad because of Rouge and not of herself.  `Honey is a really tough duellist.’ The young doe thought.
Rouge rejoined the gang.  « So, did that help you with what kind of deck this Honey runs? » she asked.
« Nope. » Tails answered.  « But at least we know she goes for overkill. »
« Come on, Shadow.  I’ll need your help with something in the back. » said Rouge and she started to walk off.
Shadow shook his head and followed her.  « Man, did you get beat…. »

Honey walked down the streets. `I saw you in there, Sonic.  All of you, including Amy.‘ Honey thought.  `No matter, I’ll get my back pay on you with my cards, instead of my fists….’

The fall of Shadows.
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