Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Hearts Alone ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

BGM START: E-6 [Angel Attack]

Two airplanes rush over the Japanese countryside towards the beach.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Due to limited resources…”

A strange shape is rising out of the water.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “we will only be able to deploy Units 01 and 02.”

The airplanes pass over the beach.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “You two be careful.”

Eva-02 detaches from the airplane and begins to fall.
Asuka (OFF – RADIO) “Ja!”

Eva-02 lands on a small building.
It holds its hand up and a sonic glaive falls into its hand.
It rises.

Asuka is sitting comfortably in the Entry Plug.
Asuka “This’ll be easy! You guys’ll see you barely even need the other pilots.”

Eva-02 charges towards the beach.

Eva-01 follows.
Asuka (OFF) “Be ready to cover me, Ikari!”

Shinji “Cover you? We’re supposed to go in tog-”

Eva-02 launches itself into the air.

The Angel looks up at it. Its Angel mask blinks.

Eva-02’s glaive rips right through the Angel.
Asuka (OFF) “Flawless victory!”

Asuka is triumphant!
Asuka “See, First? It’s pretty obvious you guys aren’t going to be needed.”

Shinji looks very scared.
Shinji “Uh, Asuka?”

The Angel mask is split in two pieces. Each lights up.

Two bodies rise out of the ‘destroyed’ Angel.

Asuka looks scared.

Eva-01 fires desperately.

One of the two new Angels tackles Eva-02.


A slide show picture of the Angel.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “At 0900 hours, the Angel was detected on visual.”

Eva-02’s legs rising out of a cornfield.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “At 0915, the Evangelions…”

Eva-01’s legs rising out of the water.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “had been soundly defeated.”

Fuyutsuki “At 0920, an N2 torpedo was used to halt the Angel’s progression towards Tokyo-3.”
He looks very disappointed.

Asuka and Shinji glare at each other.
Asuka “It was his fault!”
Shinji “It was her fault!”

Misato looks even more uncomfortable than usual around Fuyutsuki.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Captain?”

Fuyutsuki “I trust you have a back-up plan? Perhaps using Unit 00 and Nagisa in Unit 02?”

Misato shakes her head.
Misato “Not quite.”

She rises in front of the various Nerv officials.
Misato “Due to the fact that both Eight-alpha and Eight-beta moved in harmony, we must do the same.”

Asuka looks disbelieving.
Misato (OFF) “For the next six days, I will personally train all five Evangelion pilots.”

Kaworu smiles at Rei, who is unresponsive.
Misato (OFF) “The two who work best together of all nine combinations will be deployed.”

Kensuke grins.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Very well. The Commander is away, so I approve this mission.”

He rises and leaves.

Ritsuko approaches Misato, glaring.
Ritsuko “Do you really think this plan can work?”

Misato sighs.
Misato “Of course I do. Otherwise we wouldn’t be trying it.”

Ritsuko “Hmph. Only one of our pilots has been in more than two battles…”

Misato “If you have a better idea, than say it.”
She begins to walk away.
Misato “But we don’t have time to waste.”

The pilots all stand by each other, in their respective poses.

Misato “Are you ready, then?”

Text: “Episode #10: Hearts Alone”

The pilots all stand near each other, not entirely sure what to think.
Asuka “Why do we have to work in a team again?”

Misato looks like she wants to give up.
Misato (MONO) “If this doesn’t work… but we win somehow…”
She sighs.
Misato (MONO) “I’m so fired.”

Kensuke steps forward.
Kensuke “I volunteer to pilot Unit 00!”

Asuka “Ugh… count me and Unit 02 out then…”

Kaworu “I would be willing to pilot Unit 02 with you, Aida…”

Asuka looks shocked.
Asuka “No way! Unit 02 is mine!”
Kaworu (OFF) “I am a back-up…”

Shinji “If Unit 00 and Unit 02 pilot together, does that mean I won’t have to?”
Rei “I could pilot Unit 01…”

Asuka “I’d rather pilot with the Fifth than with you!”

Kensuke glares.

Misato realizes just how difficult this is going to be.
Misato “Quiet, all of you!”

The group’s attention snaps back to her.
Misato “Now, listen!”

Misato “I’m not deciding who is piloting with whom right now!”

Misato’s apartment.
Misato (OFF) “I have already set some things up…”

A couple of workers laying out some electronic equipment.
Misato (OFF) “And you’ll all be competing to see who is best!”

Asuka “Competing, then?”
She looks around at each of the others.
Asuka “Well, then, I hope you lot have a good time figuring out who’ll work with me!”

Kensuke “Huh?”
Asuka (OFF) “Well, isn’t it obvious?!”

Asuka “I’m going to win one of those two places!”
Misato (OFF) “Prove it.”
Asuka is astounded Misato would doubt her.

Misato’s patience is running out.
Misato “You want to pilot? You want humanity to survive?”

Even Rei seems a bit surprised by Misato’s sudden demanding attitude.
Misato “Then prove it, but don’t waste our time fighting.”

Asuka looks down.

Shinji and Kensuke exchange glances.

Kaworu smiles at Rei.

Asuka “Fine… I’ll prove it!”
Rei (OFF) “I will too.”
Asuka (MONO) “Submissive idiot…”

Rei (MONO) “She’s too loud…”

Misato grins.
Misato “Good. Are the rest of you in too?”

Kaworu nods.
Kaworu “Whatever you ask of me, Captain.”

Kensuke “This’ll be great!!”

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “Then I will too…”

Asuka looks angrily at Shinji.
Asuka “With an attitude like that, you won’t win!”

Rei and Kaworu look at Shinji too. Kaworu isn’t smiling.

Misato “We’ll see, Asuka…”

Shinji tries to look determined.

Kensuke looks disappointed in Shinji.

Everyone stands in front of Misato’s apartment with a suitcase.
Misato “You’ll all be staying here for awhile.”

Shinji sighs.
Shinji (MONO) “How are we all going to fit?”
Asuka (OFF) “Dibs on the bedro-”

Misato “Nope. You’re all sleeping on the floor in the main room.”
Asuka (OFF) “What?!”

Asuka “Boys and girls shouldn’t be sleeping in the same room at our age!”

Misato “Don’t worry, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa…”

Rei “…does the Commander know about this?”
Misato (OFF) “No.”

Misato “But the Vice Commander approved my plan, and he’s in charge until the Commander gets back.”

Rei looks uncertain. Kaworu smiles at her.
Kaworu “I’m sure he wouldn’t object…”

Kensuke “It’ll be nice to get away from my house for a bit…”
Shinji looks at him, puzzled.

Misato chugs a beer.
Misato “Kuuuuuuu! This is the best!”

Kensuke is horrified. Kaworu is bemused. Asuka is angry. Rei and Shinji don’t seem to care.

Misato “So, I’m sure you all want to know what we’ll be doing!”
She rises.
Misato “To work in synch, you’ll have to live in synch.”

The ultra-complicated DDR.
Misato (OFF) “You’ll train on games that will force you to work together.”

Five cups of ramen, cooling.
Misato (OFF) “You’ll eat in synch.”

Shinji “…wouldn’t it be wiser to use the positron cannon against the Angel?”

Asuka and Rei are a bit shocked Shinji spoke up like that.

Misato “The positron cannon has been considered, but we are unsure of the Angel’s powers.”

Israfel’s bodies. The two are merging into one.
Misato (OFF) “It might be healing slowly because it is unthreatened.”

Kaworu “The cannon would just accelerate its healing process…”
Misato (OFF) “Precisely.”

Rei “Then we might not really have six days.”

Misato seems to be considering this possibility for the first time.
Misato “Then we’re going to have to train harder than I thought.”

A piece of paper. The text shows each possible pairing.

Kaworu and Kensuke play the dancing game, but are both clearly out of synch.
SE: “poor playing” sound

Shinji and Asuka play a clapping game together.
Shinji falls out of synch and Asuka accidentally hits him.

Rei glares at Kaworu.
Rei “No.”

Misato looks depressed.
Misato “So, uh-”
SE: knocking

Hikari stands outside the apartment.
The door opens.
Hikari “Hello, Misato-san.”

She enters and looks around.
Hikari (disgusted) “You’re all living together?”

All children (sadly and in synch) “Yes.”

Misato seems reassured they can do something together.
Misato “Very good!”

Everyone sighs, even Rei (she is attempting to be in synch).

Hikari looks incredibly confused.
Hikari “Uh… right…”

She holds out papers to Misato.
Hikari “I brought all the school papers you requested.”
Misato takes the papers.
Misato “Thanks!”

Misato “Wanna stay awhile? You can watch them train.”

Hikari does seem interested.
Hikari “Thank you… I think I can stay for a little while.”

Asuka seems very happy.
Asuka (MONO) “Now I can show her how good I am!”
Asuka “Misato, who will we be training next?!”

Misato considers for a minute.
Misato “How about you and Kensuke?”

Asuka looks disgusted for a moment.
Asuka “H- him?!”

Misato “Yes.”
Asuka (OFF) “He was worse than Shinji!”
Misato “All the more reason for him to practice, then.”

Kensuke looks a bit hurt.

Asuka grumbles as she walks to the dance mat.

Asuka “Don’t mess this up, Fifth.”
Kensuke glares. It begins.

Misato and Hikari watch in horror.
SE: failed movement (3x)

Asuka screams in frustration.
Asuka “I give up! It’s pointless to try to synch with him!”

She kicks Kensuke in frustration.
Asuka “This whole experiment is doomed!”

Misato sighs.
Asuka (OFF) “I bet you couldn’t find one pair that’ll work!”

Asuka “One!”

Misato glares.
Misato “Okay! Shinji, Rei.”

Shinji looks shocked.
Shinji “Er… okay…”

Rei “Yes ma’am.”

Both stand on the dance mats.
Shinji looks at Rei uncertainly.

They begin to move.
SE: correct. correct. correct.

Shinji and Rei are perfect.

Asuka watches in horror.

She runs out of the apartment.
Asuka “I can’t stand this anymore!”

Hikari glares at Shinji, violently angry.
Hikari “Go after her! You made her cry!”

The convenience store.

BGM START: D-8 [Piano]

Shinji walks in through the automatic doors.
SE: door chime

His eyes scan the room.

Asuka is crouched in front of the soda aisle, looking at drinks.
Shinji stands near her.
She looks up.

Shinji “Asuka-san…”

She looks away.
Asuka “I know, I know…”

She pulls a drink out.
Asuka “It’s just…”

Asuka (OFF) “It’s frustrating, you know?”
Shinji nods.

Asuka takes the bags from the cashier in silence.


The two of them walk down the streets of Tokyo-3.
Shinji “What was it like in Germany?”

Asuka considers.
Asuka “It was nice, I guess.”

Asuka “They treated me kindly, but…”

(flashback) Asuka sitting by herself, writing.
Asuka (OFF) “It was pretty lonely.”

Shinji looks at Asuka, interestedly.
Shinji “Lonely? But they would have been training you since you were little, right?”

Asuka nods.

Asuka “That doesn’t mean it’s any less lonely, though.”
Shinji “What about your parents? Wouldn’t they have been around?”

Asuka’s face darkens.
Asuka “My mom…”

(flashback) A much younger Asuka looks up, face frozen in shock.
Asuka (OFF) “D- died.”

Shinji “Oh. I… Yeah…”

Asuka “And my Vater and I never really got along.”

She turns to him.
Asuka “Just like with you.”

The two of them sit at a park bench.
Asuka unwraps what she bought.

Asuka “So… at the rate we’re going, you and Ayanami will be the two who get sent out against the Angel.”
She holds out a sandwich to Shinji.

He takes it, trying to smile.
Shinji “Asuka, we have a week…”

She glares.
Shinji “Don’t be so defeatist.”

Asuka “Defeatist? You can’t even play a simple clapping game with me!”
She rises.
Asuka “Aida is a joke of a pilot, and Nagisa’s a creep! Who am I supposed to pilot with?”

Asuka “It’s hopeless for me, First. Hopeless, and all because none of you are the least bit competent!”

Shinji looks down.
Shinji “Why does it matter so much who pilots anyways?”

Asuka looks surprised.

Shinji “Isn’t this just about defeating the Angels?”

Asuka “Of course not! Are you an idiot?!”

Shinji looks briefly offended.
Asuka (OFF) “It’s more than that!”

Asuka “It’s my job to show the world that I’m the best!”

Asuka’s drink. Isn’t she a little young for that sort of thing?
She picks up the can.

Shinji looks up at her.
Shinji “Uh…”

Asuka “Besides, neither you nor Misato nor that girl believe in me!”

Shinji “…”
Asuka (OFF) “But don’t worry! I’ll prove I’m the best!”

She looks at Shinji critically, while drinking from the can.
Asuka “And you can help! You and me, we’ll be the two who fight the Angel!”

Shinji seems uncertain.

Asuka “Don’t wimp out!”
Shinji looks down.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 10: A Fractured Team”

The two teens re-enter the apartment.

Misato looks up.
Misato (cold) “You’ve decided to come back then.”

Asuka says nothing as she stands on the dance platform.

Both teens put on headphones.


Text: “First and Second Children. Probability of Success: Low”
The first circle on the dance pad lights up.

Shinji and Asuka (clearly out of sync) touch the pad.
SE: error sound

Rei “What…? Why are you bothering?”
SE: error sound

Asuka “Some of us aren’t dolls.”
SE: error sound

Two pairs of feet hit a circle in almost perfect synch.
SE: error sound

Misato sighs.
SE: error sound
Misato “You’re completely out of-”
SE: success!

Kensuke watches, his jaw dropped slightly.
SE: success!

Kaworu nods in approval.
SE: success success!

Rei is the only one who doesn’t seem happy.
SE: success success success!

Asuka and Shinji move in perfect unison one last time.
SE: success!
They both look up, panting for breath slightly.


Misato claps.
Misato “Very nice!”

Asuka “So we’ll be partners for the training, right?”

Misato’s eyes narrow.
Misato “Not necessarily…”

Asuka “What? But we were clearly the best!”

Misato “While you were gone, Rei and Kensuke beat Shinji and Rei’s record.”

Asuka looks crestfallen.
Misato (OFF) “Besides, you two didn’t do that well in the beginning…”

Misato “So I’m going to keep training all of you for now.”

The children all sigh.

BGM START: B-12 [“Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!”]

Text: “Day 2”

Kaworu and Shinji play a clapping game.
Asuka and Rei brush their teeth together.

Text: “Day 3”

Kensuke and Kaworu are better at the dancing game.
Asuka and Rei play a clapping game.

Text: “Day 4”

Shinji and Kensuke listen to music together.
Asuka and Rei perform the clapping game.
Kaworu and Shinji watch TV together.

Text: “Day 5”

Rei and Shinji cook together.
The boys jump in place together
Asuka and Rei run down the street together.

Text: “Day 6”

Asuka and Shinji eat ramen in perfect harmony.
Asuka and Rei get a perfect score on the dancing game.
Misato claps in approval.


Fuyutsuki knocks on a door.

Ritsuko opens it.
Ritsuko “Oh… Vice Commander.”
She moves aside.

Fuyutsuki enters.
Fuyutsuki “Rits- Dr. Akagi…”

She nods.
Ritsuko “Do you need something?”

Fuyutsuki “I was wondering about an-”
Ritusko (OFF) “No.”
Fuyutsuki looks shocked.

Ritsuko looks at the computer screens that cover her office.
Ritsuko “I said no then, and I’ll say it now.”

Fuyutuski “But-”

Ritsuko “Interfering like that won’t lead to good things, Vice Commander.”

Ritsuko sits down in front of one of the many computers and begins typing away.
The screen changes.
Text: “Recovered Antarctic Objects”

Ritsuko “Besides…”

Fuyutsuki “Yes?”
Ritsuko (OFF) “She told me not to help you with that little project…”

Fuyutsuki sighs.
Fuyutsuki “I don’t understand her…”

Ritsuko “Apparently. But can you really blame her?”

Ritsuko (OFF) “After all of that, I don’t think I’d want much to do with people either.”
Fuyutsuki looks grave.

Ritsuko spins her chair to look at Fuyutsuki.
Ritsuko “Is there anything else, Vice Commander?”

Fuyutsuki considers for a moment.

Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Why does the Commander encourage the friendship between the First and Pilot Zero?”
Ritsuko looks shocked.

Fuyutsuki “And why wasn’t I told of it?”

Ritsuko looks away.
Ritsuko “It’s part of our experiments with synch testing. That’s all.”

Fuyutsuki “Uh huh…”
Ritsuko “Honest, Vice Commander. We’re seeing if having outside connections will help improve their ratios.”

Another computer screen.
Text: “Synch ratios”

Fuyutsuki “She’s at 33%… and he’s at 35?!”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Yes.”

Ritsuko “For reference, the Second is holding stable at 40%.”
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Amazing.”

A conference room.
Ikari and five men sit at the table.

Kiel “The loss of Evangelion Unit 05 has hit us hard…”

Ikari seems unaffected.
Ikari “Then force the Chinese and the Americans to finish 03 and 04.”

Seele A “Impossible.”
Ikari (OFF) “Why?”

Seele B “The Chinese are still applying the finishing touches to Unit 03.”
Seele C “And Unit 04 has become a Next Generational Unit.”

Ikari raises an eyebrow.

Seele D “We sent what was left of the core of the Third Angel to America.”
Seele A “Soon Unit 04 will be made capable of fighting Angels on even terms.”

Ikari “We already can fight the Angels on even terms.”

Kiel “No. We are forced to rely on weapons. And children, but I fear there is little we can do about-”

Ikari “Incorrect, there is something we can do about it.”

B and C are shocked.

As are D and A.

Kiel seems unimpressed.

Ikari rises.
Ikari “For the past three months, Dr. Akagi and I have been working on a new project.”

A cylinder, man-sized.
Ikari (OFF) “It will be completed this December.”

Ikari “When it is completed, we will no longer need mere children to fight the Angels.”

Kiel “Excellent.”

The Committee members nod their approval.
Seele C “And what do you call thi-”
Static interferes.
The Committee members disappear.

In their place are five monoliths.
Seele 04 “I apologize.”

Ikari is the only person really in the room.

Seele 04 “What do you call this program?”

Ikari grins.
Ikari “The Dummy Plug System.”
No one says anything.

The pilots stand in a line, waiting eagerly.

Misato smiles.
Misato “I’ve made my decision.”

Asuka smirks triumphantly.
Misato (OFF) “The two pilots…”

Misato “Will be Asuka and Rei.”

Rei seems shocked.
Asuka (OFF) “Whaaaaa?”

Asuka “Her?”
Misato “Yes.”

Misato “You two clearly work best together.”

Asuka smiles triumphantly.
Asuka (MONO) “She’s a doll, but like all dolls, she’s good at what she does.”

Rei slowly regains composure.
Rei “Which Evangelion will I pilot?”

Misato “Unit 01.”

Shinji looks down.

Asuka looks over at him.
Asuka (echo) “…we’ll be the two who fight the Angel!”
Asuka looks pitying for a moment.

Misato “I’m going o-”
Asuka (OFF) “Misato.”
Misato turns to Asuka.

Asuka “I’m not piloting with that girl.”

Misato “Asuka, this isn’t the time to be throwin-”

Asuka “You can’t make me pilot with her.”
Misato (OFF) “I can too!”
Asuka “No. I won’t make Unit 02 move.”

Misato glares.
Misto “Fine! Then who will you pilot with? Or should I make Rei do it?”

Asuka “Pick the second best. It’ll be good enough.”

Misato looks down at her list.
Misato “That’s you and Shinji.”

Asuka’s expression doesn’t change.
Asuka “Better than the doll.”

Misato doesn’t quite seem sure what to make of this.
Misato (MONO) “I thought she wanted to be friends…”

Shinji seems relieved.
Shinji (MONO) “Why was I so disappointed? I thought I hated this…”

Misato shrugs.
Misato “Whatever. I have to work tonight, so I’m leaving you kids here.”
She starts walking away.
Asuka (OFF) “What?!”

Asuka “You can’t seriously expect me to stay here with these boys?!”

Misato sighs.
Misato “They won’t do anything…”

Asuka looks at Shinji, Kensuke, and Kaworu.
She turns back to Misato, seeing her point.
Asuka “That’s not the point!”

Misato just leaves.

Asuka glares.

Shinji “Uh…. So what now?”

The children look around Misato’s apartment.
None of them have the least idea.

Kensuke sits down at the sofa.
Kensuke “Shame it’s the last night here.”

Asuka “What? Your crush on Misato is that huge?”
She sighs and turns to Rei.
Asuka “It’s late. Let’s set up some bedding in the other room.”

She grabs Rei’s arm.

She begins pulling her away.

Shinji “What are you doing?”
Asuka “Girls and boys shouldn’t sleep in the same room!”

Shinji sweatdrops.

At night, he lies on the floor next to Kaworu.
SE: snoring

A close-up of the sleeping Kensuke.

Shinji “Kaworu, do you mind if I listen to some music?”

Kaworu turns to Shinji.
Kaworu “Of course not, Shinji…”

The SDAT clicks on.

Kaworu “Music is the greatest achievement of the Lilin culture.”

Shinji smiles idly.
Asuka (OFF) “Shut up!”

The sliding door opens.
Asuka (OFF) [muttering, as if sleeptalking]

Shinji turns.

Asuka has lain down next to him, as if she were merely sleepwalking.

Kaworu rises.

He walks across the room.

He shuts the sliding door.

Shinji looks at him quizzically for a moment, then turns back to Asuka.

She stretches out.

Her lips move as she mutters something.

Shinji leans in towards her.

She is closer, and closer…
Asuka “Mama…”

Shinji stops.

He’s moved to the other side of Kensuke.
Shinji “How could anyone believe in you?”

BGM START: E-7 [Marking Time, Waiting for Death]

Camera focuses on planes being pushed backwards.

The Angel’s foot comes down.

It marches forward.
Planes cross in front of it.

HQ’s camera view of the Angel.
Hyuga (OFF) “Target’s passed our final defense line at Goura.”
Misato “Here it comes.”

She and Ritsuko watch anxiously.
Misato “We’re ready this time.”

Evas 01 and 02.
Misato (OFF) “When the music starts, expand the AT Field.”

Shinji, determined.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Then proceed as planned.”

Asuka, determined.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Okay, you two?”

Both pilots on camera.
Both “Roger.”

The Angel approaches.
Aoba (OFF) “Target’s entered the mountain region.”

Asuka “Listen, we’ll begin at full speed, okay?”

Shinji “I know. We’ll be done in just sixty-two seconds.”

Aoba “Target’s arriving at point zero.”
Misato “Purge the external power supply.”

The Evas are unplugged.

The timer counts down from 1:10:00

Misato “Launch.”


A timer appears, starting at 62:00
The Evas are released.

The Evas are rocketed upward.
The timer begins counting down.

Eva-01 going up.

Eva-02 going up.

BGM START B-12 [Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!]

The lift tops open.
Eva-01 is sent out.

Both Evas are sent skyward.

They slowly fall over the Angel.
They throw a pair of weapons.

The Angel is quickly bisected.

Eva-01 comes down.

A gun is proffered to the Eva.

Eva-01 fires.

The muzzle of the gun.

Shinji is a bit stressed.

Eva-02 fires carefully.

Asuka grits her teeth.

The Angel in the explosions.

Its mask fires a laser!

Eva-01 and Eva-02 backflip away in synch.

Eva-01 comes down on a pressure pad.

A defensive wall is placed between the Evas and the Angel.
The final laser is blocked.

The two Evas fire.

The two parts of the Angel jump forward, unaffected.

The Evas run away!
The Angel(s)? bursts through the defensive barrier.

At 28:00 remaining, Misato shouts out an order.

Missiles are fired from the hills.
And towers.
And everywhere else.

Thousands of explosions.

The screen is split, one half featuring the right half of Eva-02, the other the left half of Eva-01.
Camera pans out and Shinji and Asuka are visible, in synch and shouting.

Both Evas punch!

And kick the Angel away!

It recombines into the original form.
The cores slowly begin reintegrating.

Shinji is happy!
So is Asuka!

Both Evas jump upward.
They reach insane levels of height.

Each Nerv employee (one by one) is very relieved.

The Evas spin in the air.
Shinji and Asuka.

Together, the feet of the Evas come down.

It connects and the Angel is knocked away.

The Evas and Angel slide UP a hill.

The cores begin to crack.
They explode.

At 00:00, a massive explosion rocks the outskirts of Tokyo-3.


Everyone in Nerv is relieved.

In the impact crater, the Evas have been nearly knocked out.

Misato facepalms.
Misato “Figures…”

Shinji crawls out of Eva-01.
SE: phone ring

He crawls to a spot on the Eva and pressed.
A phone pops out.

He answers.
Asuka (OFF – PHONE) “You okay?”
Shinji “Yeah… you?”

Asuka smirks.
Asuka “Of course I’m okay. I got to the phone first.”
She sits down on the Eva.

Asuka (OFF – PHONE) “So, what now?”

The crater again.
A helicopter flies over them.

Shinji “I guess we wait… and talk…”

Asuka smiles to herself.

Text: “Next Time”

Misato stands in front of Kensuke, Asuka, and Shinji.
Misato (OFF) “Misato is frustrated by the war against the Angels”

A young Misato stands in an Entry Plug in a red sea.
Misato (OFF) “and her past is revealed.”

The 9th Angel appears in the sky.
Misato (OFF) “However, an Angel attacking from the stratosphere”

Shinji and Misato stand outside the apartment.
Misato (OFF) “makes everyone abandon hope.”

Everyone sits together at a party.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘An Eighteen Second Miracle’”

An Eighteen Second Miracle