❯ Healing the Heart – Chapter 5

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“…” – speech
`…’ – thought
words – flashback

A week passed at St. Paul Academy. However, their new student was causing quite a stir. All the boys worshipped the ground she walked on because they felt she was the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen, even though she was only eleven. The girls thought she was getting to much attention.

Alicia, however, didn’t care about any of this. She went about life as she normally would. At lunch, she did start eating on the school roof to get away from the boys, though.

This afternoon she sat on the ledge facing Big Ben. “Chris is late.” She was starting to have cramps, but she decided it would be best to eat before taking any medicine for it. Then, she heard a door close behind her.

Three girls walked onto the roof. A week ago, these three had been the most popular girls in school. But when this newcomer arrived, their boyfriends dumped her. With their boyfriends gone, their popularity fell.

“Can I help you?” Alicia asked with her back still turned to the girls.

“We want you to leave St. Paul.” the first one replied.

“We want our status back.” the second one sneered.

Alicia stood up and started to walk towards the girls. She stopped about a foot away. “Then get your boyfriends back. Don’t take it out on me. I’m not leaving.


Chris was walking toward the roof of the middle school building. He knew that Alicia would be there. `Probably wondering why he was late.’

Suddenly, he felt a presence. `This feeling…its mara!’

A scream sounded from the roof.

“Alicia!” Chris screamed.


While the first two girls had been talking, the third girl had snuck up behind Alicia, grabbed her hair, and yanked her head back. Alicia screamed until the girl put her hand over her mouth.

“Uh uh…there’s no screaming in school.” she said slyly. She ran her hand through Alicia’s hair. “Your hair is so lovely. I’m sure all the boys love it. Wouldn’t it be a shame if it all disappeared?” She then pulled out a pair of scissors.

Alicia tried to pull the girl off her, but the other two grabbed her arms. So she improvised.

She kneed one girl in the stomach. With the wind knocked out of her, the girl let go of Alicia’s right arm. She pulled the girl off her left arm by her hair. Now the only one left was the one who was trying to cut Alicia’s hair. Alicia crouched down and kicked the girl’s legs from under her.

“Would you two liked to try anything else, or will you walk away?” Alicia glared at the girls who disturbed her. The girls stayed where they were.

“Fine.” she smirked. She kicked the girl back to her friends and sat down on the roof facing them, just in case.

“Dara (fierce wind)!” the first girl yelled.

Strong winds blew around Alicia. She was forced backwards and started to fall backwards. “Chris!” she screamed. “Help me!”

She fell faster and faster towards the ground. `Chris can’t save me. Am I really going to die?’ Alicia shook her head. `I can’t die. I won’t die!’

Wings sprouted from her back and she floated safely to the ground. She just sat there on the ground. “Oh my God. How did I do that?’


Chris stood with Alicia inside the Lotusan Sacred Legion. He had arrived on the roof in time to see Alicia fall off the roof. When the wings of vimuku appeared, he knew she was destined to be a Lotis master like him.

Alicia sat on the ground stunned. Chris ran to her and shook her shoulders franticly. “Alicia, Alicia! Come on! Snap out of it.!”

She turned to Chris dazed. “What happened to me. How did I fly?”

“You use vimuku, one of the words of the Lotis. You are one of the chosen people who can use the Lotis, just like me.

“Me? A Lotis Master?” She looked at him disbelievingly. “That can’t be true. I don’t have any `special powers’.”

“You do.” he said. “Come on. I’ll explain it to you later.” Chris told the school nurse that Alicia wasn’t feeling well and that he would take her home. Then, he called Stewart and had him take to the Sanctuary.

“Phillip!” Chris called. “Where are you?!”

A blonde man walked out of a door in the side of the sanctuary. “I’m coming. Not very patient, are you?” Then he noticed Alicia. “My, my. Has Chris gotten a girlfriend?”

Chris blushed. “Phillip…” he said sternly.

Phillip chuckled. He knelt and kissed her palm. “Nice to meet you, my lady. My name is Phillip. I was the one who brought Chris to the Lotis.”

She smiled. “I am Alicia.”

“Earlier, Alicia fell off the school roof because of some girls. She was able to save herself using vimuku.” Chris said.

“I see. So this lovely lady has the ability to use the Lotis. Alicia, please hold out your arm.”

Alicia did as she was told. Phillip placed his hands on her right wrist. They glowed for a second, the light faded away. When he took his hands away, a bracelet hung from her wrist.

“The beads on this bracelet represent the words you have mastered.” he explained. “So far there is only one bead on the bracelet for vimuku. You should try to learn them all.

“The Lotis is a representation of all things good in the world. Lotis masters must exorcize mara from the world-”

“What’s mara?” Alicia asked.

“Mara is the opposite of the Lotis. The are the negative feelings that people feel in the world. There are Maram masters, people who use the maram words to hurt and use people.” Chris answered.

“As I was saying…” Phillip said. “You must exorcize mara to keep the world from becoming too corrupt with evil. I wish you luck.” And with that, he left.

“Come with me, Alicia.” Chris said. “I know of a good café we can go to.”

“Yeah…let’s go.” They walked to a café that sold cakes and cookies and other delicious pastries along with coffee and tea. At the counter stood a plump lady with red hair.

“Hello Chris.” she said. “Who is your friend?”

“Hello Margaret. This is Alicia.”

“Nice to meet you Alicia. What will you two be having today?”

“I would like a slice of cherry pie and a cup of tea please.” Chris said.

“I would like a piece of chocolate cake and coffee.” Alicia said.

“That will be 5 pounds.” Chris handed Margaret the money and they sat down at a table by the window.

“I take it you come here often, Chris.”

“Yes. It’s nice to be able to be in such a warm environment. So whenever I need to cheer up, I come here.”

Margaret walked to their table. “Here is your order. Enjoy!”

“YUM!” Chris sighed when he tasted his pie.

Alicia giggled. “So you like sweets.” `I guess he’s still a child inside.’

Soon they finished off their treats. As they walked home Alicia asked, “Will we need to exorcize the mara from that girl?”

“Yes.” Chris replied. “We’ll do it tomorrow.”

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