❯ Healing the Heart – Chapter 4

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chris and Alicia sat in Chris’ limo. Alicia fiddled with the hem of her navy blue skirt. She had gone to see the headmaster the night before. They determined that even though she was only eleven, she was smart and mature enough to be put in the seventh grade.

When they arrived at St. Paul Academy, Chris escorted Alicia to the main office. Another student escorted her to class.

As Chris left, he gave the nervous girl a reassuring hug. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” Before he left he said, “Have fun!”

If any other boy had tried that, she probably would have slapped him hard. But for some reason, she didn’t mind it when Chris hugged her.

Suddenly, the door opened. In walked the secretary and a boy. “Alicia Price, this is Andrew Williamson. He is in most of you classes. Please try to stay close to him.”

“Alicia, please follow me.” Andrew led her trough the door, down a hallway, and into the library. “Do you have your schedule?”

“Of course.” was the reply he got.

“Then let’s go get your books.”

They walked into a small room in the back of the library. “Mrs. Frazer! A student needs some books!” he called out.

Out of the back room came a short, irritable old lady. She took Alicia’s schedule and went into the back room. When she came back, she had an armful of books. “Let’s see. We have Algebra, English, World Geography, Physical Science, Music Theory, and Japanese.” She then handed the pile to Alicia. The English, Algebra, and Geography books were put into her shoulder bag. The other three she carried in her arms.

Andrew chuckled softly. “Maybe we should go to your locker next.” Alicia glared softly but didn’t say anything.

She was led to a room that held many lockers. “This is the middle school locker room. Your locker is…” he glanced at her schedule. “…right here. He pointed to a locker at the end of the second row.

After all of Alicia’s stuff was situated in her locker, Andrew took Alicia to Algebra. She had missed her first class, World Geography. She sat by the window, praying that the class would end soon.

After Algebra, she went to English. The were doing projects on Romeo and Juliet. She joined a group with Andrew and two other boys. However, the boys had more on their minds than the tragedy. They only back off when she told them she was only eleven.

Finally, she got to the one class she knew she would love. Chamber Orchestra. She was assigned second chair in the first violin section. They were preparing for a concert in two weeks.


Alicia sat on a bench in the shade of a willow tree. It was lunchtime but she did not have anything to eat.

She heard someone shouting her name. She turned her head and saw Chris running over to her. When he got there, he gave her one of two lunch boxes.

“So, how has your day been so far.?” he asked.

“It was okay. The only class I really enjoyed was orchestra.” Se opened her lunch box and pulled out a peach, her favorite fruit. Chris looked at her schedule while she was nibbling at her food. “Looks like you have gym last. That’s good. I’ll have gym with you.”

“But I thought they didn’t mix schools. You are part of the high school branch, are you not?”

“Yes, but there are too many students to have separate gym classes.”

The rest of lunch was eaten in science. Soon a bell rang the five minute warning. Alicia stood up. “I’m off to music theory. Bye bye.” With that, she ran into the building.


In Music Theory, the class discussed the Baroque style and how it differed from the Romantic style. As Alicia transferred in late in the school year, she didn’t have to compose a song.

In Japanese, they discussed different foods. There was a rumor going around that if they passed their next test, they would get to o to a restaurant.

In Physical Science, they learned about atoms. Alicia, however, could not figure out why anyone would give a bunch of immature students acid to play with. Especially since on boy burned a hole through the table.

Lastly came gym. The students changed into their gym uniforms and lined up on the track.

Today, they were running the mile. The boys had to go first. Alicia looked for Chris but didn’t see him.

“Over here Alicia!” Chris waved from a seat on the bench.

“And why aren’t you running?” Alicia asked sternly.

“Alicia was about to name all the reasons why that didn’t matter when the coach called her over. It was time for the girls to start running. Eight minutes and thirty-four seconds later, Alicia came to a stop in front of her coach. “I probably could have been faster.” was the only thing she said after hearing her time.

Alicia went and sat down next to Chris. “I guess my first day was okay.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” he replied.

The rest of the day passed in relative calmness. Chris and Alicia went home, did her homework, and sat up for a few hours talking about random things.

However, fate would soon their lives upside down.

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