❯ Healing the Heart – Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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It was a cool Saturday night in April. The streets were empty except for a small boy. He seemed to be about 11 years old. By looking at his clothes one could tell he is rich. However, he walked with a slight limp as if permanently damaged.

Chris sat on a bench. He had been walking for so long that his leg had begun to ache. The accident had completely shredded the muscle.

“Why does father keep seeing that women?” Chris sighed. “Any fool could tell that she only is after his fortune. He’s so blind.”

From an alley nearby, a sound echoed. Chris stood up slowly. He was unsure of whether to ignore it or go home. `I should go home. Stewart will be looking for me.’

He turned and started to walk to his mansion but he heard the sound again, more clearly this time. It sounded like a person crying. `I will regret this one day.’ Chris shook his head and entered the alleyway.

Crouched by the alley wall, was a girl. Long, brown hair hid her face. Tattered, dirty clothes hung from her body. Dripping from between her fingers was…

“Blood?! Oh my God!” Chris held his hand to the girl’s side. “Jiva!”

The blood vanished. She looked at him in shock before standing up, leaning heavily on the wall. “Thank you.” She mumbled.

“Don’t worry about it.” Chris smiled. “Do you want me to take you home.”

“No!” she screamed. She backed away, hitting a box and falling to the ground. “No.”she repeated, quieter this time.

Chris sighed. There was obviously something wrong with her but this was a bad place to probe into it. “Fine. At least let me take you home and let you rest.”

She thought about it for a moment. She could go with him and not know what to expect or stay where she was, hungry and cold. “Okay.” Chris helped her to the bench.

Chris pulled out his cell phone and punched in some numbers. “Hello Stewart…Yes, I’m fine. Come oick me up at the corner of Main St. and Westchester Ave. Also, have the maids prepare a guest room…I’ll explain everything later.”

He looked at the girl. She looked so peaceful; Chris couldn’t bring herself to wake her up.

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