❯ .Hack//Sign >>Repeat – The Event ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Kite walked among the crowded streets of Mac Anu. This was the day of an important event and nobody was about to miss it. Black Rose walked closely behind him clutching his left sleeve in hopes of not getting separated. Behind her walked Mistral and then Ouka.
“Watch it! Out of my way, punk!” Ouka would shout, constantly pushing other players out of her way. Mistral drooled at the thought of the event’s rare item prize.
“Oh! I wonder what it is! I want it so bad, Ouka!!! I WANT IT!” Mistral screamed, waving her staff in every direction. Fearing their safety, players ducked and dodged out of the wave master’s way.
Ouka placed Mistral in front of her and used her spasm as a battling shield to ward off the colliding players.
“Come on, you guys! We just have to walk a little further to meet Hotaru…save the fighting for the event.” Black Rose scolded. Kite nodded in front of her.
“FIGHTING!!! Mistral, I almost forgot! With an event like this, there’s bound to be rare monsters to come along with it!” Ouka yelled.
“Hurry, Kite!!! HURRY!!! Rare items!!!” Mistral cried. From behind, she pushed Black Rose to make her go faster.
“Rare monsters!!! BEASTS FROM BEYOND!!!” Ouka howled, her eyes lighting up with excitement.
The quartet was sent flying into Mac Anu’s fountain. The splash descended onto the surrounding players. Complaints rained down along with the remaining water as everyone took in the situation.
Kite lifted his head to discover they had also found Hotaru. She was kneeling on the ground fussing over her now wet Grunty.
“Sorry, Hotaru!” Kite said, pulling himself up. He turned and helped Black Rose to her feet as well. She swiftly turned to face Ouka and Mistral.
“Couldn’t contain yourselves, now could ya?!!” She shrieked.
“Attention the World Players!” Called the announcer. Everyone’s heads snapped in the direction of the large hovering message board that was now broadcasting an image of a CC Corp Administrator.
“Today’s long anticipated event will begin shortly after I go over the rules and regulations of the event.” The Admin droned on.
Groans of protest sounded throughout the town.
“I know, I know. The faster this goes the better. Alright! First, we have highlighted the areas on your maps where you’ll be most likely to find the event’s item. Any area outside of these limits is least likely to have the prize. Okay, rule two…”
Black Rose turned and faced Kite.
“Why do you think they set limits?” She asked in a dark tone.
Kite didn’t take his eyes off of the message board.
“They’re hiding something….something dangerous…my guess is that there’s another glitch in The World.” Kite replied.

Hotaru looked at the two with concerned eyes. Her grunty sneezed. She silently raised her hand and tapped on Kite’s shoulder.
“But…Kite…what glitch are you talking about?” asked Hotaru.
Kite gave Black Rose a dismissive glance and smiled at Hotaru.
“Oh, it’s nothing. Just something that happened a long time ago, but it’s all better now. Anyway, let’s get moving on that event!” Kite declared.
“Now you’re talking! Let’s go already!!!” said Mistral and Ouka in unison.
Kite pulled out his map and looked it over. Just like the admin had said, certain areas had been marked green.
“Alright…what’s the riddle?” Black Rose asked.
“The message board reads…’Locked away in a tower way up high; nothing to look at but the sky. Awaiting for my hero true, sword in hand and clad in blue. But don’t get too close because then you’ll see, how dangerous and well guarded I can be.’….wow…sounds pretty dangerous…The key word are Delta: Raging Solitary White Devil. ” Mistral remarked. She clutched her staff nervously.
“Well, I’m up to it. Any challenge is still a challenge.” Ouka said, cracking her
knuckles and grinning. Mistral turned towards the rest of the group.
“We better get moving…or we’ll miss out on the fun!” She said, running towards
the chaos gate in a hurry. Group looked at each other before following. The tension everyone was feeling was noticeable, but nothing was said about it.
“Here we go everyone! Delta: Raging Solitary White Devil!” Kite said as they disappeared within the chaos gate.