❯ .hack//MERGE – Together ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Dot hackers? No way!” Shugo stared at Kite. “Wow. A real live her-“
He was interrupted by Helba.
“You will each get these, to communicate.” She gave nine communicators to some people. “They are faster than flash mail. These are the groups;”
She took out a list.
“Team one: Tsukasa, Kite, Mai.”
“I will try to help.”
“It is my duty as a .hacker.”
“Now I will work inside the world.”
“Team two: Mimiru, Elk, Rena,”
“Well, I guess I’ll help.”
“I wish Mia were here…”
“Hey, how come she has a costume like mine?”
“Team three: Bear, BlackRose, Sieg.”
“Looks like this old man can do something, for once.”
“How’s it on your end, Kite?”
“This time I’ll show her how great I am…”
“Team four: Crim, Orca, Balmung
“Might as well help.”
“Orca of the azure sea…
“and Balmung of the azure sky have returned.”
“Team five: Subaru, Tokuoka, Sanjuro.”
“I must try my hardest.”
“No worries.”
“I will do so with honor.”
“Team six: Silver Knight, Shugo, Mirelle.”
“Lady Subaru! I will try my hardest!”
“I’ll be a hero, Rena, you’ll see!”
“Maybe I can get some rare items!”
“Team seven: Mistral, Hotaru, BT”
“I’ll clean up the world for my daughter’s sake!”
“It’s nice to meet you all.”
“Team Eight: Ohka, Yuki, Kyo”
“Another chance to prove my power!”
“Yay, another adventure!”
“Yuki, be serious.”
“And Sora, you will be working alone. Team leaders are the first mentions. Good luck to you all. And now, down to business.”

.hack//MERGE – Initiation