❯ .hack//MERGE – Initiation ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Author’s Note- I do not own any of the .hack//sign characters, nor do I own .hack//sign itself. This goes for all of the .hack sign series. Also, Tsukasa in the real world will be referred to as a she, whereas in the game world she will be referred to as he. The chapters are all going to be short, by the way.

Email From: Helba

To: Everyone

Message: Paradise. As soon as possible.

Tsukasa frowned as she read the email. He had only recently fallen out of his coma, and he hadn’t been on the world for a long time. For several reasons, including unwanted memories. But, nevertheless, she double clicked on the flashing icon

`The World’.

Elsewhere, Kite read the email message as well.

« Lios…? » he muttered to himself. « It’s over, though… » He logged in anyway.

« I’m going online, alright? » Shugo called to his father, putting his VR goggles on. He read his mail.

« All right! » he grinned. « An event! »

And lastly, Mai Minose logged onto The World, her expression blank as she read the email. She frowned, remembering something, but shook her head and logged in.

And so, the lost souls gather in paradise. Those of SIGN, Tsukasa, Mimiru, BT, Bear, Crim, Crimson Knight, Subaru, Sora. Those of the four chapters, Kite, BlackRose, Balmung, Elk, Minstrel, Orca. Those of TWILIGHT, Shugo, Rena, Hotaru, Ohka, Sanjuro, Mirelle. And lastly, those of Liminality, Sieg, Mai, Yukichin, Kyo, and Tokuoka.

« Welcome, my dear hackers, to Net Slum. » A voice is heard, and then Helba, Queen of the Dark appears. « I must leave you for a moment. I apologise. »

She fades away. Excited murmers are heard, and then a childish yell.

« Hey! You loser, you copied my costume! » Shugo raced over to Kite, frowning deeply and looking at his character. Kite stepped away.

« Balmung, » he whispered to the white Knight. But was interrupted. Balmung sighed, and stepped in between the two identicals.

« Shugo. » He said gravely. « You’re costume has been changed, it appears. »

Shugo looked down at his now-green costume. « What?! » he stuttered. « Who’s he?! »

« It appears… » he glanced at Kite. « The dot hackers have returned. »

.hack//MERGE – Together