❯ .hack//LIMINALITY – Tornado of Doom Strikes! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

« Tornado of Doom! »

It was February 27, 2004, at Killian High School. Two girls were eating lunch. Andrea and Jael aka Rin sat at the lunch table. Andrea was watching Jael play Golden Sun II on her Gameboy Advanced Sp. « Is that game any good? » Andrea asked Jael leaning over her shoulder to watch her play. Jael looked up confused. « What? » Andrea pointed at the game. « Golden Sun II? » Andrea nodded. « Yea, I never played it before. » She laughed watching one of the Gameboy character’s jump over a wall. « I like it. » Suddenly something caught Andrea’s eye. She stopped staring at the Gameboy and looked up at the sky. Some weird tunnel thing looked like it was coming down. « Jael… » Andrea called tugging on her shirt. She stopped playing and looked at Andrea. « Huh? » Andrea pointed up at the sky. « Look… »

Jael followed her finger the thing in the sky which was forming above them. « Dude what is that? » Jael asked. Andrea shook her head. « Sort of looks like a funnel… » Andrea trailed off lost in thought.

————————–Wind Blows——————————

« TORNADO!! » Before they could get up, the tornado had sucked them into darkness.

: Some where in a forest:

Andrea awoke to see herself in this huge forest. « Jael? » Andrea called out. « Dude… » A small voice came. « Jael? » Andrea called out again. « GET OFF ME!! » Jael yelled from underneath her. Andrea jumped off her. « Oi!! » « Gomen! » Andrea’s eyes widened. « Eh, I was sure I said gomen. » Andrea said to herself. Jael stood up whipping the dust off her. « Where are we? » Jael asked. Andrea scratched her face. « I’m not sure but I’m unable to say gomen for some reason, and I keep saying it in Japanese. » Jael ignored Andrea completely and began to examine everything. Andrea started walking around but came to a halt when heard someone coming. She rushed over to Jael and pulled her down in a bush. « Woman what are you-. » Jael was cut off by Andrea’s hand over her mouth. « Shh someone’s coming. » She released her mouth than the shadow came out. « Sesshoumaru!! » : Anime face fall down: « Woman we are not in the show Inyuasha! » Andrea yelled to her in a mirthless sort of way. « Plus he couldn’t be in the real world. » Andrea turned to face Jael. : Gone: « Woman?? »

.hack//LIMINALITY – Meeting Sesshoumaru!