❯ .hack//LIMINALITY – Meeting Sesshoumaru! ( Chapter 2 )

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« Meeting Sesshoumaru and the bee’s of doom. »

Andrea looked up to see Jael hugging Sesshoumaru.

: Sweat drop: « I guess…were not in Miami anymore. » Andrea said laughing. « Who the heck are you? » Sesshoumaru asked narrow eyes fixed on Jael. She pulled herself off him. « I’m-. » Jael paused and looked up at the sky. « What’s that noise? » Jael asked. Andrea stopped laughing to listen. « Sounds like bees… » Jael trailed off still listening. « There are bees all over in this forest. » Andrea stated the obvious. A large group of poisonous bees appeared before them. Andrea looked at them trying to remember why they looked so familiar. She ransacked her mind for the answer. « Aren’t those Naraku’s bees? » Andrea asked. Jael nodded she turned and looked at Sesshoumaru. « Why are they coming this way? » Jael asked. Andrea’s eye caught something on Jael’s t-shirt. She gasped causing Jael to look back at her friend. « What? » Jael asked staring at Andrea who was freaking out. « T-there’s a Jewel Shard on you shirt! » Andrea yelled pointing at her shirt. Jael’s eyes widened taking in the information. « That means…kuso… »

« RUN!! » Andrea yelled as she spinnd around heading the opposite way. She stopped to note Jael wasn’t following. « Sesshoumaru, I love you! » Jael yelled at him. Sesshoumaru looked at her confusingly. « Who are you? »

Before Jael could answer Andrea grabbed Jael’s arm and started running. « No time for this woman! » Andrea yelled. « Nooo Sesshoumaru!! » Jael shouted, tears in her eyes. The two now running from the bees. : Thousands of bees pass Sesshoumaru:: Sweat drop: `Note to self stay away from those human girls.’ Thought the full blooded demon, Sesshoumaru.

: In a cave somewhere:

« That bush must have had a jewel shard fragment in it. » Andrea said as she paced back and forth. « That jewel shard ruined my day now Sesshoumaru is no longer in my grasp. » Whimpered Jael as she stared at the wall. « I’m sure we can locate him if-. » Andrea was cut off by a loud, « SIT!! » ringing throughout the forest. « Kagome. » They both said in union knowing what to do next. They both left the cave and ran toward the screams. They couldn’t see anything so the climbed up a nearby tree to get a better view. There were two people. The half-breed Inyuasha and the human girl Kagome.

« Witch stop shouting that accursed word! » Inyuasha yelled pulling him self out of the ground. (A/N – whenever Kagome yells, « SIT! » Inyuasha falls through the floor because of this curse necklace she put on him. Back to the story…) « SIT – my name is Ka – go – me! » Kagome shouted. Andrea fell out of the tree due to the thud Inyuasha received. « OW! » Andrea yelled getting the two’s attention. « Who are you!? » Inyuasha asked as he pointed his Tensiga at her. (His sword has a name…) Andrea flinched. « Don’t hurt me I’m good person not a demon here to kill Kagome I swear! » Andrea cried out. « Cant we just have some sort of compromise? » « NO. » Inyuasha stated scaring Andrea some more. « SIT BOY!! » : Thud: Kagome walked over to Andrea and put out an arm. « I’m Kagome nice to meet you. » « Andrea. » Andrea replied grabbing Kagome’s hand, helping her off the ground. Jael jumped down from the tree. « I’m with her… » She pointed at Andrea. « My name is Rin. » Jael told Kagome. « Nice to meet you too, what time line are you from? » We laughed nervously. « Um… let’s see… year 2004. » Kagome nearly fainted. « How nice your way in the future aren’t you. » We nodded. She let out a soft sigh. Let me introduce you to the others. « Guy’s come here! » She yelled. A woman with a large boomerang tied to her back appeared. A small yellow fox demon to her side. A man who looked like a monk appeared through the bushes. A small fox demon following him. Kagome went over to the woman. « This is Sango, she is a demon exterminator. » Than she pointed at the small fox demon. « This is Kira, her pet fox demon. » Than she moved over to the monk guy. « This is Miroku as you noticed he’s a monk. » She quickly picked up the small fox demon who could talk. « This is Shippo, he’s a very cute fox demon. » She pointed at herself. « I’m Kagome. » They nodded acting like we were taking in the information. They already knew who they were. Andrea and Jael watched the show every Saturday night at 12:30. Inyuasha pulled himself out of the ground again. « I’m Inyuasha. » He muttered. Inyuasha yes, the main character of the show. A half-demon wishing to become full blooded one. So they had to look for jewel shards in order to fulfill his wish. Miroku was the first to come close to the girls. They knew what he wanted. He was a perverted monk, he was going to ask the to bear his children like everyone else. Jael twitched. « GET AWAY FROM US! » She yelled pointing at him. « We are NOT going to be the bearer of your children! » She paused. « And if you even touch me you’ll die from a HORRIBLE BLOODY DEATH! » Jael shouted. Miroku looked at her shocked and began to cry. Sango patted his back consolingly. Jael stomped away from the group heading for the forest. Andrea followed curious to where her friend was going.

Andrea looked around but couldn’t find her friend. She stopped when she heard a small girl humming. That wasn’t any small girl that was Rin. (Sesshoumaru’s Servant in the show) Rin was picking some flowers. Andrea saw Jael and tried to get her attention. « Woman! » Andrea called to her. Jael ignored her staring else where. « Jael Sesshoumaru! » : Wham: Jael tackles Andrea to the ground. « Where?!?!?? » Jael asks. « Ow… » Andrea mumbles in pain. « Sorry… » Jael said helping up her friend. Andrea’s widened. « Wait how come you can say gomen! » « EHHH? » Andrea asked. « Curse you all. » Andrea said under her breath. They both calmed down and looked over the bush. « So that’s Rin. » Andrea said looked at the small girl. « That’s me! » Jael smiled in awe. Something clicked in Andrea’s mind. « I have an idea. » Jael looked at her friend. « What’s the battle plan? » Jael asked. « Let’s kidnap her. » Jael death glared Andrea. « That’s just plain sick and wrong. » « Let’s do it for Sesshoumaru. » Andrea nodded and put her plan into action she jumped out of the bush. « Hey Rin?? » Andrea called out. The small Rin turned to Andrea. « Are you looking for me, my name is Rin? » Jael came out of the bushes next. « I’m right here. » The small Rin looked up at Jael confused. « Wait your name is Rin too? » « Yep. » Jael nodded smiling at the girl. « Rin get away from those human girls now! » Sesshoumaru yelled appearing out of the woods. Both « Rins, » moved away. « Rin come here. » He demanded. Both « Rins, » came to him. He looked at Jael. « What do you think your doing? » « I clearly said, « Rin, » didn’t I? » The small Rin pulled on his robe. « Lord Sesshoumaru her name is Rin. » She stated smiling innocently. He groaned. « Fine if you must follow, come. » A green toad came out. « Lord Sesshoumaru, please No! » He said in a high pitched voice. « I will not stand for three human girls and two Rins. » Jaken said huffing. Jael, Rin, and Andrea death stared him. He gulped nervously and put his hands up. « De…demo I can make an acceptations. » Something loud was heard coming toward them. Inyuasha bursted through the forest. « Hey Sesshoumaru, let them go NOW! » He let out a growl. Inyuasha meant business because he had pulled out his Tensiga. Sesshoumaru glared at him. « Little brother these women won’t leave me alone. » He turned his look on the two girls. « You can gladly have them. » Inuyasha crooked an eyebrow at his older brother. He put away his sword and approached very slowly. Than he grabbed Andrea and pulled her to him. He reached out to grab Jael. She stepped back and shook her head. « NO! » she shouted. Shocking everyone. « I want to stay with Sesshoumaru. » Inyuasha looked at the girl in shock. « WHAT?!? » Sesshoumaru smirked. « Well you heard her little brother. » He grabbed Jael, Rin, Jaken, and disappeared. « Rin?!? » Andrea asked in confusment. Inyuasha sighed. « She’s gone. »

« NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! » Andrea shouted. « Will you shut up! » Inyuasha shouted at the girl. Andrea stood up and looked at Inyuasha. « NO I will not shut up, my friend is with her lover and I’m missing all the action! » Inyuasha looked taken back. « EH, aren’t you worried about your friend. » Andrea stomped her foot. « NO! » She shuddered. « The only one we need to be worried about it Sesshoumaru. » « She could be torturing him this very minute… » Andrea trailed off gazing a the sky.

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