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–Chapter 1–


BT walked through a desolate area by herself and not noticing the shadow following her. Kurayami was that shadow, her clothing and weapons resembled Sora’s but for her outfit instead of purple it was red. Kura smirked and made a noise to attract BT’s attention. BT looked to where Kura once stood but no one was there. As BT looked at that area Kura came up from behind and killed her.


« That was a cheap trick that I can’t believe worked. » She said and smirked. Kura vanished or as they would say ninja vanished.




In another area, Kunoichi walked around turning her head every way she could.


« I know this is The World, but I have no clue with server I’m on or anything. It’s so much easier to keep track of these things on TV. » Kuno complained.


As she walked on she began to hear voices, « Yeah I was player killed about ten minutes ago. It’s a good thing I had saved before that. » Kuno became curious and silently made her way over.


« So there’s another player killer going around besides Sora? » someone asked.


« I guess so. » BT answered.


One of them, Tsukasa, noticed Kuno looking at them from behind a rock. « Huh…. »


This caused Mimiru to look over where Tsukasa was looking « Oh hey there! » she smiled


Kuno looked like Tsukasa but she had light pink hair mixed with silver, dark purple eyes, same outfit but black, and her staff was black with a purple sphere.


The group, that included Sora, Mimiru, BT, and Bear, all looked at her. « Did you have a run-in with the player killer too? » Bear asked. Kuno walked over to them and smiled a bit.


« Not exactly. She wouldn’t PK me unless she was completely bored. » Everyone looked confused. « Uh, I guess I’ll apologize for her actions then. »


« What?! You mean you’re friends with a payer killer?! » BT… said.


« He’s a player killer… you’re friends with him. So why can’t I be a friend to Kurayami? That isn’t very far you know. » Kuno said.


« Yeah what Kunoichi said. » Kura said as she stepped out from behind her. Everyone stared at the two.


« How did you do that? » Mimiru asked.


The two girls looked at each other then back at the group with smirks, « Ninja skills. » They said in unison.


« Too bad you can’t be a ninja in The World. » BT said.


« Too bad you can in The Reikai. » Kura said and confused everyone more.


« The Reikai? What’s that? » Tsukasa asked.


« uh, nothing, just an inside joke. » Kura covered it up then pulled Kuno to the side.


« I didn’t know if I should have told them or not.: she said to Kuno.


« Well, we can’t decide much because May isn’t here and we barely have any idea how we got here considering this is just a show… » Kuno pointed out.


« The odd thing is… I think I’m still in front of a computer, just not mine. » Kura said then received an email from May.


« Yeah me too… » Kuno said then she got the same email from May. The two opened the emails:


Hey Kurayami, Kunoichi,


I kinda really need help. I ended up in the newbie area but there’s about twenty high level monsters here. My level seems to have dropped and now I’m a heavyblade. Please tell me I’m not the only one.




« My level is the same and I haven’t changed. » Kura said.


« I can’t believe I just noticed my level dropped, even though I realized that I changed to a Wavemaster earlier. I wonder why you didn’t change… » Kuno said looking at Kura noting only her clothes changed.


« Stop wondering about and think about what we should do about May. » Kura said to Kuno.


« I won’t be much help considering my low level, so you’ll have to do it on your own. » Kunoichi said then caught Kurayami looking at the others. « I doubt they’ll help after you player killed BT. »


« Well, they’ll help without volunteering then. They won’t just turn away during a battle. » Kura said and smirked as a plan formed in her. She used her head and nodded in a direction then took off running and Kuno followed.


« Hey! Where are you going!? » Mimiru yelled/asked.


« Hehe, I’ll follow them. I’ll tell you where they go, as long as I can get their member addresses. » Sora said and followed the two.




The two found May being cornered, she did look different she had Mimiru’s outfit but a dark purple color replaced the maroon. She had her sword drawn as she tried to back up but failed when she realized there was no where left to go. The others arrived shortly after and looked at what was going on.


« Kura… I don’t know what to do. I-I don’t know how to be a Wavemaster. » Kuno said as she looked at the staff held in her hands.


Kura sighed, « Just leave it to me then. » Then she started on one of the monsters.


« Aren’t you going to help? » Tsukasa asked as he came up to Kunoichi.


« I can’t. I’m such a low level and I don’t know how to be a Wavemaster. » She said and her bangs covered her eyes as she lowered her head a bit.


Mimiru and Bear joined Kura in helping May but the monster began to multiply faster than they could take them out. BT and Sora joined in when they started to multiply.


« Oh. » Tsukasa said and rose his staff to help in the battle.


Kunoichi looked up and saw Kura hit the ground. Her blade, identical to Sora’s, slid across the ground making a diagonal line. She got up and went back to fighting without noticing the line began to glow. Kuno looked confused for a second then it hit her, she ran through all the monsters and over to May.


« Kunoichi, you changed too. » She said.


« Yeah but look over there at that diagonal line. » Kuno said and pointed to the line.


May smiled then took off running towards the line with Kuno following behind. May dragged the edge of her blade in a diagonal opposite of Kura’s and then Kuno slammed her staff into the middle of the X causing each girl to be covered in a mist.


Kura was covered in a black mist but underneath that digital numbers covered her body instead of clothing. Part by part the numbers disappeared revealing a nice change of clothing. When the numbers were all gone the mist disappeared Kura had a different outfit. Her weapons were the same but now they were black with silver kanji on it that read darkness. Her outfit had black head band, skin tight clothing, black long sleeve top with armor across the chest only, black pants the are connected to the shoes a red zigzag design goes down the side of the shirt as well as the pants, as well as a red scarf around her neck.


May was covered by a blue mist with the same thing happening under as it did with Kura. As soon as the numbers were gone the mist disappeared the same as with Kura. May now had dark green rigid marks on the sides of her chin and matching marks on both of her shoulders. She wore a black, spaghetti strap dress that ends just a little bit above her knees, and over that dress she wore a maroon dress that goes across her shoulders and ends at a slant a little bit above where her black dress ends. The short sleeves on her maroon dress had green, diamond-shaped marks across the hemline and a single green line going across the bottom of the dress. May had a black choker along with a thin silver necklace that hangs a clear, diamond cut crystal. She wore black knee-high stockings with a pair of ankle-high boots that have the same maroon color as her dress. Her weapon was changed to a long arm weapon that has a similar, but slightly larger, crystal as the one on her necklace at the handle. The rod is completely made of metal down to the crescent shaped blade at the end.


Lastly, a crimson mist covered Kunoichi with identical events occurring to her. When her mist dispersed she too had changed. She wore skin tight black pants, then the dress was a one piece, it had a piece of cloth in the front and back going down from her waist, sleeveless for the top part of it, a hood, and a black bask over her mouth, nose, and neck, she had black fingerless gloves, and black knee high boots. Kunoichi was now a ninja since that was available in The Reikai.


After the change the old weapons disappeared and May and Kuno’s levels went back to normal. Kunoichi smirked and pulled a giant china star off her back then began to run at one of the monsters but before coming up to it she threw the china star and watched as it cut straight through, destroying the it. The star came back to Kuno’s hands. The everyone besides Kuno, May, and Kura watched the scene.


May was repeatedly driving her weapon into the monsters destroying them one by one. Kura sliced every monster that came anywhere near her. In a matter on minutes all the monsters were gone. The three girls landed by each other and the mists covered them reverting them back to The World clothing.


The others stared as the three turned to them.


« Maybe we should explain… » May said.


–Chapter 1–


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