❯ .Hack//GU – Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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“The World” was an MMORPG with the best graphics, apparently. It didn’t really have a storyline, but it had it’s own history written out for it. That’s what I adored. I loved reading the mythology, learning the culture of an online world, memorizing the races of creatures and their tribes. Cities, towns, area words, famous players… It was it’s own world. So when my friend bought me the whole package for my birthday one year, I immediately had it installed and began my Worldly adventures.
The character creation screen was like a drug to me. It was so much fun, first playing with the race of the character, then the body type, then colors and clothing, honestly, if I could’ve played on the character design forever, I would have. But I was eager to start playing the real game. The hack and slash your way to level 50, make new friends, stay up all night, get carpal tunnel from playing too long, that satisfying feeling that you did something today, even though you just helped a noob and gained three levels while gossiping with your friends.
Anyway, since I really wanted to start playing the game, I decided to stop screwing around with the character creation screen and just make a character already. I clicked the :Reset: button, and all of the character I screwed around with, the tubby, but tall, beast person with acid green fur, was erased.
I chose a half breed, a human player with ears and a tail, since I disliked both of the ideals of the humans and beast in the histories. The humans were stupid for turning their backs on magic and the beasts were stupid for not at least looking into the technologies of the humans. The skin tone was the lightest it would go, nearly white, and soft-looking, I thought. It was a girl, like me, because I wasn’t that great of an RPer, and role playing a different gender was just too much work for a beginner. Unless you were already pretty much like that gender, but not. Then it was better to just go with the gender you felt you corresponded to most. I was a girl, through and through. So that is what she was.
For the body type, I just mimicked my own: a little on the tall side, but still shorter than most guys, and lean. That doesn’t mean emaciated, that means it’s not fat, but not the skinniest you could go. Of course, it’s all a matter of opinion, and I know a few girls around the school who do say that anything bigger than the skinniest you could go was fat. They were stupid and malnourished. I laugh at people like them every time I have a big chocolate milkshake, and they were having fun with their lettuce. I liked lettuce, too, but don’t go to a fast food restaurant just to get lettuce. Go to get that food that you know will course through your system, add one pound everyday you go without flushing it out of your system with some extreme laxative or drug, and you enjoy every blissful minute of it upon consumption. Not healthy, but happy.
Then, I made the hair, all white, silky, and long. It went all the way down to her waist. The face was soft, the eyes umm… What color should I make the eyes?
Uh… Purple! Let’s go with purple. Purple with cat-like slits for pupils. The ears and tail, white, nut with black tips. Now, what class did I want to be? I really wanted to be a Macabre Dancer, but then it was supposed to be really hard to level up in the beginning, when you had no spells at all. My second choice would be an Adept Rogue, because of the balance in attack and magic power and the ADHD in changing costumes every thirty levels. That actually didn’t sound half bad, at the moment. Then I could be a mage, pretty much, with some attack power, so I didn’t die at the start every time.
Nah… I’ll be a Macabre Dancer. It’s what I want; screw what the easier choice is.
Of course, I start out with some god-awful brown fans that looked like they were made from ducks. Actually, they didn’t look bad at all, but they didn’t match my costume at all.
Oh, crap! I forgot to put the costume on. A purple gothic Lolita dress seemed perfect, to match her eyes, which fell a little above the knee, and black knee-high heels. She also had matching black gloves.
I looked upon my creation in wonder. It just clicked. She was perfect. She was…me. I clicked the :OK: button.
Avatar name:
It taunted me. That unfilled space underneath the damn name thing. I hated that space because I had to fill it the fuck in. It couldn’t be my name, of course, unless I wanted a billion and one stalkers following me around Tokyo. And how the hell was I supposed to name something so perfect with some lame-ass name like :XhottieX: or something stupid like that? I couldn’t. What could the name be…
And then I sat around for a looong time, waiting to be nailed on the head with inspiration, the damned unfilled space blinking angrily at me, urging me, “Please, name me! I can’t exist without a name.”
So, I started searching on the internet for names I recalled from somewhere or another. I checked baby names and pet names and Hebrew names and Celtic names and suddenly, I found an ancient Roman site for emperor’s names. I was about to click :back: when a name caught my eye. Roman letters, still sort of pronounceable in Japanese, but difficult to say. It would be very unlikely that the name was taken in the Japanese server, so I cautiously typed it in the blank, it not being blank anymore and staring happily, as I clicked the :OK: button.
I was in. The World opened up to me then. Well, not really to me, but through the eyes of the half-beast character Cicero.