❯ Invisible – One Summer’s Day… ( Chapter 1 )

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I was sitting on my bed, crosslegged. There was really nothing to do nowadays. I didn’t really have
much friends. Well, most of the time it felt like it. So all summer I was stuck sitting at home on my
bed. Reading boring books. Watching T.V. Nothing special really.

I look over my shoulder at my cat, Spots, who was sitting there licking herself clean. I looked in front
of me, where my dresser and T.V. sat there. The remote was sitting next to me, but I didn’t want to
have to go another day of sitting watching dumb shows I had seen a billion times the whole summer.
Good thing only two more weeks of vacation were left. At least school would give me something to
do. It would be much more interesting than sitting at home and helping my mom sort through her
books in her library, putting them in alphabetical order again. I’d say that was HORRIBLE.

I got up and walked over to the kitchen, where Spots followed me. She rubbed up against my leg,
obviously wanting some food. I pulled out a can of tuna and put it in her bowl. She looked up at
me, meowed, and then went to eating. I turned away from her and torward the cupboard.

There was usually nothing in there. My mom wasn’t a very good cook, so she ordered out a lot.
I opened the cupboards anyways. I was right. There was only a packet of pudding, a small bag of
cheetos and a box of cocoa puff cereal. I grabbed the cereal and walked over to the table. I
got out a spoon and a bowl. Then I found a pint of milk and walked back to my seat.

When I was done with my cereal, I really had nothing much to do the rest of the day. Nothing
besides Wait. Wait for school to start. But that would concider me a loser. Oh yea, I already am
one. I guess waiting is okay then. Concidering only people like me would do something so stupid.

I waited and waited and waited, but nothing happened. I looked over at the clock. Only about seven
minutes had gone by. Waiting would take too long. Maybe I should go do something. Maybe I could
go to the city pool. That was a good idea.

I ran back to my room, and i got dressed into my bathing suit. I grabbed my bag and put on my flip
flops. I took a step oustide and almost turned back around. It was so bright outside. I hadn’t been
outside in forever. I must have forgoten what the sun was like. Only losers would forget stuff like that.

My bike wasn’t the best looking bike ever, but it was in decent shape. I rode my bike down to the pool.
There were a ton of kids there. I couldn’t do it. What was wrong with me? Am I too afraid to even let
people I actually knew see me? I looked….okay. I don’t know what came over me, but I got back on
my bike and rode all the way home.

I stopped my bike in the front lawn and threw it onto the grass. I ran back inside and changed myself
back into my normal clothes. I threw myself back onto my bed and grabbed the remote. Maybe I
should have just stayed home and watched the T.V. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to the pool.

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