❯ .hack//CHECK – Ghost ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Flustered, Stan threw his spear at the man in red as he advanced. The man bolted to the side so quickly that he left an after image. The spear went through the apparition and hit the Wave Master. Dead center in the chest.

She dropped her wand as her entire body began to twitch and flicker. Suddenly, she became a white wireframe that shattered like glass.

« WHAT THE #$%&!?!? », yelled Stan, « Deac, there’s no ghost! Did you see that?! »

But, Deacon had his own problems. For he and the man had locked swords, and Naomi and the Twin Blade had gotten into it. « Tell me later. », shouted Naomi as she parried a thrust. « Little help, please? », said Naomi. Stan pulled another spear from his inventory and rushed to Naomi’s aid.

« Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi… », sang Deacon as he executed a horizontal slash that the man blocked. The man countered with a vertical slice, which Deacon dodged. « Lo-de-lo-de-lo-de-lo… », Deacon continued.

« He’s started singing again. », mused Stan. Deacon was known as « Singing Deac » for his habit of singing along to whatever was playing on his stereo during battle. As a matter of fact, he had become quite famous for it. Others saw this as a sign of an overly serene mind. Deacon, on the other hand was just having fun.

« Ee-de-ee-de-ee-de-ee… », he sang. A slash. Blocked. A thrust. Dodged. « Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho… » Deacon slid backwards. « Calloway was great, huh? », said Deac. He then charged the man, and hit him with an uppercut slash. The big, red numbers 1023 appeared above the man’s head. « Hmph. Very good. », said the man as he executed a slash that Deacon blocked.

Naomi ducked an overhead slash from the Twin Blade. The Twin Blade announced, « Staccato. », in a monotone voice. « I practically invented Staccato, » joked Naomi as she began to block every single hit. « Stan, you know what to do! », shouted Naomi. « Right! », smiled Stan. « Split Dash! », shouted Naomi as she instantly appeared behind the Twin Blade. « Phoenix Slice! », yelled Stan as he forward somersaulted in front of the Twin Blade. They both yelled, »Double Entente Blitz! »

The Twin Blade began to twitch and convulse as she too became a white wireframe, and shattered like glass. There was no ghost. « There’s… There’s no ghost… », said Naomi.

« I see you’ve defeated my puppets! », said the man. He released another destructive wave from his blade. Deacon blocked it and was forced backwards. « Now… », started the man as his blade split into two somewhat smaller blades, « I can fight with my full strength… »

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