InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Gravesides ( Chapter 13 )

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Chapter Thirteen
For the next week, Kagome seemed to settle into a rhythm. Go to work, cry, come home, cry, see Shippo, Kouga, and Inuka, cry, repeat. She was starting to get a little tired with it. She had finally gotten to the point to where she no longer cried every time she thought of her friends, but it still left an aching hurt inside her heart. Working at Sesshoumaru’s museum had taken her mind off of her grief for a short time, but when she was home alone at night, her sorrow ate away at her little by little.
Shippo, Inuka, and Kouga helped her begin to heal. Along with Sesshoumaru, they were her only links to those she left in the past. Inuka was especially interesting. So much like Inuyasha, and yet…he was his own person. Two different paths marked in one man. When she had the chance to speak to him privately, he had told her that while he may have been the reincarnation of Inuyasha, he did not want to be compared to him. Unfazed by his blunt tone, she told him in a steady voice about how she felt the same way about Kikyo, and how their situations were the same now. They had grown close quickly as he realized she understood him…and past memories reminded him that she always had understood him.
And being around Shippo again was…overwhelming. He was so adult now, so grown-up, and her mind had to catch up with it when all she wanted to do was hold him in her lap like she used to do. When she mentioned that to him, he had smiled softly at her as if he understood. Kouga ended up volunteering for the job when Shippo didn’t, which earned him a conk on the head from her adoptive son.
But Sesshoumaru…Sesshoumaru was the enigma. The unfinished piece of the puzzle. His actions in the past week had confused her, distracting her further and further away from her grief, which part of her was thankful for. Sometimes, when she was around him, she could feel his eyes on her, gazing at her with an intensity that made her breath run faster. But, at the museum, if she managed to catch his eye, he turned away from her, averting his gaze and walking away abruptly. To say she was a little bewildered was an understatement. And in those moments, when he turned away from her, she felt a pang of hurt as well.
And then the day she had been dreading arrived. One week had passed since the closing of the well, and Kagome was currently spending it sitting at home, feeling sorry for herself. She had shed enough tears to fill up an ocean, and while she was dry-eyed, inside she was screaming at the injustice of it all. She knew she would make it through this time of mourning…she had always been a strong individual and the fact that the event would have happened someday was never far from her mind, but right now, she just wanted to be sad for the loss of her friends. What hurt most was that she never had the chance to say good-bye to them.
Around noon, she heard a knock on her door. Surprised, she saw Sesshoumaru standing at her threshold.
He had given her the day off, knowing how hard it would be for her to concentrate on work, but he found himself becoming antsy at the museum when she was not around. At lunch, he announced that he would be taking the rest of the day off and drove out to the Higurashi shrine. Sure enough, the first thing he smelled was her sadness when she opened the door. She looked confused seeing him there, but he didn’t give her a chance to speak.
“Get dressed,” he said, eyeing the pajamas she was still wearing. “Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.”
She frowned at his abrupt tone, and he could smell the first traces of temper, along with a small amount of curiosity at his command. He lifted an eyebrow at her and she gave a little huff, turning to go to her room. He let his tense shoulders relax slightly…he was where she was, and now he felt better. He would not let her go through her grief alone.
He ushered her into his car as soon as she was ready and began to drive, not answering her questions about where they were going. Soon, she had lapsed into a silence that was slowly driving her nuts.
How was she supposed to talk to someone who was a brick wall? The drive grew longer and longer as they left the bustling atmosphere of Tokyo and headed towards the mountains, meeting more and more green with every passing minute. And still he did not say a word to her. He had barely even spared her a glance. Brooding quietly, she wondered what the hell his problem was.
The TaiYoukai in question was currently questioning himself on his own intelligence. What in the seven hells made him think that he could sit in a car with her, breathing in her very essence in such close quarters, without being able to touch her or lose his mind? His hands tightened on the steering wheel convulsively from time to time, calling on his great discipline to keep him from stopping the car, reach over to her, and ravish her as he had wished to do for so long.
Every time she shifted in her seat, every time she sighed quietly to herself, practically every beat of her heart was known to him, and he had never been so thankful to reach a destination in his entire lifetime.
Kagome frowned as they pulled up to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Questioningly, she looked at Sesshoumaru as he stepped out of the car, bidding her to do the same.
“We’ll have to walk the rest of the way,” he said, his voice slightly rough. Without another word, he began walking into the woods, leaving her to follow behind him. Quickly, she ran to catch up to him, hoping that he would explain where they were going, but still he maintained that maddening silence.
Minutes into the walk, she was thankful he had told her to dress comfortably. The ground was uneven and rocky from time to time, and she had to focus on where she stepped. She glanced at him from time to time, watching him walk effortlessly on the rough path, still pristine in his fancy business suit and hair perfectly in place. For a split second, she wondered if she should hate him.
Unfotunately, she was focused so much on other factors that she didn’t notice him stop, and almost ran into him. She glanced around and noticed that they reached the base of a small mountain.
Sesshoumaru turned to her and said in a calm voice, “It will be easier if I carry you. We’ll reach our destination quicker.”
Her eyes almost bugged out of her head. “You….YOU carry ME?” she practically squeaked. He looked at her, eyebrows drawn in slight confusion.
She noticed it, and waved her hands. “Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that…it’s…it’s just that I never imagined you to offer something like that. Inuyasha was the one who always carried me in the past…”
A surge of memories of every time she had climbed onto Inuyasha’s back clouded her mind, engulfing her with a bittersweet and sad feeling, missing the tense locking of Sesshoumaru’s jaw. Stiffly, he turned around and leaned down, moving his hair out of the way.
Tentatively, she climbed on, gripping him lightly with her knees and arms while his hands came around to hold her under her thighs, keeping her in place. She did not notice the tenseness of his frame, because she was too busy noticing the differences in being carried by the two Inu brothers.
If she had ever thought that being carried by Sesshoumaru would be the same as being carried by Inuyasha, she was overwhelmingly mistaken. After he had stood to his full height with her holding onto him, she realized that she was farther away from the ground due to the imposing figure of the TaiYoukai, and his shoulders were more broad, attached to a firm torso and narrow hips. His hair brushed over her arm, involuntarily bringing her shivers, yet it didn’t seem to be in the way for all of its mass.
And, great Kami, once he took off, his power overwhelmed her. Jumping from rock to rock without effort, his speed quicker than anything she had traveled had made her grip him tighter in alarm and close her eyes, but she soon opened them to revel in the feeling.
He was so damn fast! And his gait was smooth and steady, never jolting her like Inuyasha sometimes had and his grip on her was sure and strong, making her know beyond a doubt that he wouldn’t let her fall. It was a completely different experience.
However, she was not allowed to enjoy the experience for long. They reached the mountain top quickly, and as soon as his feet touched ground again, he immediately let her go, almost causing her to lose her balance. Indignantly, she stared at his retreating form as he walked away from her, but before she could yell at him, she noticed where they were.
Although the surroundings were slightly different and time had done its part on the area, she could recognize her destination in her sleep.
Sango’s village.
Her eyes flew to meet the steady gaze of Sesshoumaru. “Shippo acquired some money on his journey through time and he bought this land as soon as he could,” he explained to her softly as she walked slowly towards the gates of the exterminators’ domain. “He had this place turned into a shrine to honor the Taijiya and the Monk, the ones who took care of him after the well closed.”
She walked into the village as if in a trance, noting the huts that had been rebuilt along with new monuments for each of the graves of Sango’s family and friends. Towards the center of the village, there were two huge stones, resting side by side on the ground, and the tears Kagome thought had been all used up welled in her eyes. She knew who the stones belonged to.
Fresh flowers were laid on each grave of her friends, and she looked at Sesshoumaru again. “Shippo comes by weekly still,” Sesshoumaru said. “He brings those every time.”
“Thank you,” she said, her voice breaking a little. “Thank you for bringing me here.”
She turned back and walked slowly towards the graves of Sango and Miroku while Sesshoumaru hung back, knowing she needed this moment to herself. He watched her kneel next to the flowers and gently touch the stones that represented the resting places of her friends.
“Sango…Miroku,” her voice cracked, and she had to wait a few moments to gain her composure before she went on, speaking quietly. “Fate is cruel sometimes, isn’t it? It gave us a friendship that was beyond anything any of us ever expected, and took it away in the span of a few minutes. I lost you both last week, and was lost to you for the rest of your lives. I can’t imagine how that felt, but if it’s half of what I’m feeling, I can only apologize again. I wanted to stay with you guys forever, even though I knew it wasn’t possible.”
She gave a low, bitter laugh.
“I guess I just kept pretending that everything would continue on as it was. I would keep traveling to the Feudal Era for the rest of my life, fighting along side you both and being happy. My ignorance just ended up making everything harder. I never told you both how much you meant to me…and…and I n-never got to t-tell you good-bye…” She had to stop then, because the tears were coming too strongly. She just kept stroking the stones as the tears fell, knowing that a part of this was cleansing her of the grief.
Soon, she felt strong enough to continue on. “Miroku…I never told you how brave I thought you were. You were the first person I met who knew how he was going to die, and you lived with that knowledge each day, and you never let it get the best of you. Your will to live was too strong for it to defeat you, and even though I know it must have been hard, you almost always had a smile on your face and something to say to lighten the mood. Yet, I knew your curse always weighed down on you. You realized that we’ve all seen you look at your hand when Naraku was still alive…and we knew what you were thinking. It was written on your face. You knew you were going to die, just like your father and grandfather did before him, and we saw your fear. Never your fear of dying…but the fear of what you would leave behind. I always wanted to hug you when I saw that look on your face, but then you would always look up. And then I saw your determination, and knew everything was going to be okay. I’m going to miss your words of wisdom. I’ll miss the way you were always calm and steady in the middle of chaos and the way you could make Sango blush. I’ll even miss your perverted ways.”
She wiped some stray tears away as she gave a weak laugh. “I knew you always liked those slaps Sango gave you, you masochist.” Her eyes grew serious. “I’ll always miss you.”
She took a deep breath. “And Sango…you were the sister of my heart, and I found myself wanting to be like you the more I got to know you. Your courage, your spirit, your heart…they made you into a strong woman and an awesome fighter. You have seen more heartache than I will ever know, and you still remained true to yourself. I…I know Kohaku never returned to you. Shippo told me about it when I asked him. I’m sure you were hurt by that, but I know you never stopped loving him. You knew why he couldn’t stand to face you. And I’m proud of you. You returned to your village and rebuilt it, just like you said you would. I bet it looked awesome, and I’m sure it was stronger than before if you were the head of it. I’ll miss our baths together and our long talks. I’ll miss your company and your friendship more than you ever know.”
She shifted until she was kneeling directly in front of the graves. “I’m so happy you had each other after the well closed. You bring out the best in each other and save each other from the terrors that were in your past. Your love was extraordinary, and I will be blessed if I find love as half as strong as yours. I love you both so very much.” She put her hands together and closed her eyes. “I’ll always remember you…” she whispered and said a few words of prayer for their spirits.
Moments later she opened her eyes and wiped the tears away from her face as she stood. She smiled softly at her friends. She would always miss them, yes, but she felt a measure of closure today, an acceptance of what had happened. She would begin to heal.
Turning around, she sought out Sesshoumaru. He had left her alone to say her good-byes while he had wandered towards the main shrine, and she saw him conversing with a man and a woman. Joining them, she couldn’t stop from gaping.
“Kagome, I would like you to meet the descendents I was telling you about. This is Kazuo,” Sesshoumaru said, gesturing at the man who had Sango’s eyes and hair pulled back into a little queue on his neck, before motioning at the girl, who had long black hair and deep violet eyes, the spitting image of Miroku. “And this is his sister, Hisa.”
“And this must be the miko of legend, Kagome,” Kazuo said, his voice warm and his mouth smiling. “It’s so nice to finally be able to meet the woman who was such a good friend to our ancestors.”
“The pleasure is all mine,” Kagome said, scarcely believing that she was meeting the ones who belonged to Sango and Miroku’s family. She met Kazuo’s smile just a brightly, hoping that all the traces of her tears had disappeared off of her face.
“Polite as well as beautiful,” Kazuo said, giving her another charming smile, and Kagome had to fight to keep in her laughter at how much he had reminded her of Miroku at that moment.
“Behave, brother,” Hisa said, giving him a light knock on the head before looking at her warmly. “Welcome to our home.”
Before Kagome could answer her, she heard a sound coming from the woman’s arms and did a double-take. “K…Kirara?” she asked disbelievingly. The fire-cat mewed again in pleasure and jumped from Hisa’s arms and into Kagome’s, purring and rubbing against her contentedly. Kagome buried her face in the fir of Sango’s cherished companion and fought off her tears once more. “It’s so good to see you again,” she whispered, and received and answering mew in the affirmative.
“Kagome, if you would like, I could show you around the village and you could see the changes that have been made since the last time you were here.” She laughed. “I must confess, it’s hard to keep the awe out of my face by the fact that you were actually in this village five hundred years ago.”
“I would love to see the village,” Kagome said softly with a smile, and walked off with the woman, leaving Sesshoumaru and Kazuo alone.
The younger man met the demon’s eyes slyly. “The legends and descriptions of her do her no justice. Miroku was a lucky man indeed to have known her.”
“Hn,” Sesshoumaru said, gazing at Kagome before turning to the man and pinning him with a stare that had him gulping. “But if you ever lay a hand on her, I will rip it off and shove it down your throat, understood?”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
She had become fast friends with Hisa, who seemed so much like Sango at time it was scary. The same shy outside demeanor, but inside hid a strong woman with an unbreakable spirit. Kagome felt the circle of comfort embrace her just a little tighter, and another piece of her heart fall back into place. Today was a day of healing, and she would have to thank Sesshoumaru fully once they were away from here. He had known what she needed, and had given it to her…it truly was an amazing thing.
She was brought out of her thoughts by Hisa’s gentle voice. The young woman smiled at her before looking out at the village. “You really don’t know how much it means for us to have you here. We’ve heard about you for all of our lives, and we’ve heard stories of your actions against Naraku and how you helped our family.”
“But, Hisa, I really didn’t do all-”
“Please, let me finish.”
Kagome shut her mouth.
“Naraku was something of a nightmare to us when we were children. We know of the wind tunnel that cursed our family hundreds of years ago, and how he manipulated people who loved this village to destroy it. But you helped to defeat him. You gave back hope to Miroku and Sango, and we can’t thank you enough for it.” She turned to glance at her Kazuo, who was across the village talking to Sesshoumaru and her eyes softened. “I love my brother very much, Kagome…and I know it’s crossed his mind once or twice that he could be cursed with the Kazanna as well. But he wasn’t…and a part of that is because of you. In a way, you have saved his life.” She turned to Kagome and gave her a low bow. “Thank you for that.”
“Please, Hisa, don’t thank me for that. Miroku was one of my best friends, and just the fact that he and his family could live in peace is all of the thanks I need.” She grabbed Hisa’s hand and squeezed softly.
“Kagome,” she heard Sesshoumaru’s voice call to her. “We must leave now.”
She turned to wave at him and said to Hisa, “Do you mind if I come to visit time to time? I’ve enjoyed your company so much, and it’s nice to be able to talk to Miroku and Sango again.”
“Please, come anytime. You’re always welcome here.” She gave the young miko a quick embrace and watched her run to join Sesshoumaru at the mountain’s edge. Her brother came to stand next to her to see Kagome climb onto Sesshoumaru’s back and watch him leap off of the mountainside. They stood there for several moments in companionable silence, each lost in their own thoughts.
“Don’t you feel blessed, Kazuo?” Hisa said softly.
Kazuo, eyes serious, looked down at his right hand, where the wind tunnel would be if not for the people who fought in the past. “I feel blessed for many things, Hisa. Name one that you are thinking of.”
“Blessed that Kagome came back during our lifetime so we could thank her properly, of course.”
“Of course,” he said, his eyes losing their somber look to start twinkling. “I would like to thank her a lot more, but I don’t think that Sesshoumaru would let me near her.” His lips turned into a mock pout. “It’s very unfair, don’t you think?”
She smirked at him. “Smart of him if you ask me. He has been waiting for her a long time, and he would be a fool if he let someone like you try and take her away. And if YOU were smart, you’d leave her well enough alone. I don’t need a dead brother on my hands.”
“Well, you have a brother that does not want to die, so I think we’re all good in that department. Sesshoumaru can be very threatening.”
At this, she let a full out laugh spill out of her mouth, causing him to look at her with confusion.
“You should know by now, brother dearest, that Sesshoumaru NEVER threatens…he promises.”
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
Sesshoumaru grit his teeth once more as Kagome’s legs tightened around his waist to keep her balance on the trip down the mountain. The muscles in his shoulders tightened to almost a breaking point to keep his hands on her thighs under control, and all he could think about was getting down the mountain as fast as he could so he could get the distraction that Kagome represented away from him. He was not some mindless beast…he could wait until the timing was right. Even though he had waited oh, so long already…
Kagome felt the tenseness in his shoulders and felt his increase in speed. Her head was spinning when he landed on the ground, letting her go instantly. She almost had her feet under her, but not quite, and she stumbled against him. He grabbed onto her tightly, and then almost just as quickly let her go, muttering for her to be more careful.
Temper flaring almost explosively, she snapped.
“Forgive me, Sesshoumaru-SAMA,” she said sarcastically as he began walking away. “But if it wasn’t for your reluctance to touch me, I never would have tripped.” He turned around slowly to face her, but she didn’t look at him. All day, no, all WEEK he had been acting as if she were a leper, and it was time for him to know she didn’t appreciate it.
Not one bit.
She paced as she began talking. “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you today. You barely speak two words to me, and when you have to have physical contact with me, you act like I have the damn plague!”
She stopped and pointed a finger at him, while he still stared at her, shock showing in his eyes but not on his face. “I DON’T have the plague, for your information, and I’m sorry if I disgust you so much that you can barely touch me, but it makes me wonder what I did so wrong to make you go from how you acted with me last week at Rin’s village to how you act now, and I have a few theories.” She blushed as she brought up the night when they had embraced under the moonlight, but that wouldn’t stop her from getting all of this off of her chest.
“I’ve seen the way you’ve acted this past week at work…it’s like I don’t even exist to you. You can barely stand to look at me. Is your duty done to me now, Sesshoumaru?” She drew a ragged breath, her very heart hurting at the thought that she was just an obligation to him.
“You let me say good-bye to Miroku and Sango, and you’ve pretty much fixed every loose thread, so now you have no more reason to have contact with me. Are you just going to forget all about me now and leave me to whatever my fate decides? You wasted five-hundred years waiting for me so you could tie up loose ends when you could’ve spent it looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with. I’m sorry if I was so much trouble for you,” she said angrily, beginning to walk away from him, too angry and hurt to stay in the same place as he was. “But now you won’t have to bother with this DISGUSTING human anymore.”
Sesshoumaru was, in a word, flabbergasted. No, wait, he was beyond that, if that was possible. She thought he wasn’t touching her because he was DISGUSTED by her? That he was only performing a duty to her, and that he was going to leave her?
Was the damn woman RETARDED?
He had waited the last five-hundred fucking years for her to come back to him. He’d had to physically restrain himself from going too near her throughout the last week because he was afraid that he would give in to his desires to slam her up the nearest wall and kiss her senseless. He was waiting for her to get through her grief before stating his feelings for her, but now she thought he didn’t WANT her? He wanted her more than he wanted his next breath, every time her scent had spiked with her fiery temper as she yelled at him, his body fairly burned with it, but now she was walking away from him. And he was damned if he would let her. Sesshoumaru could curse rather colorfully in his mind and right now, it was saying, “FUCK that.”
The next thing Kagome knew, she was pinned against the nearest tree without warning, gazing up at a very, very pissed Sesshoumaru. She hadn’t even heard him move! She saw how heated his eyes were as they burned into hers and how his arms were against the tree behind her, caging her in, and her mouth went dry. Electricity charged through her blood as he leaned down, slowly and deliberately, so that his nose was an inch from hers.
“I don’t know what thoughts have been running through that overactive and frustrating brain of yours,” he said lowly, his voice fairly rumbling in the quietness of the surrounding forest, sending a shiver down her spine. “But it seems like you are confused on a few aspects of this relationship. It seems I need to enlighten you.”
He saw her gulp convulsively and couldn’t help but let a small smirk hitch up on the corner of his mouth. He could hear her heart racing and her scent begin to change, and it was hard to stand still where he was and not bury his face in her neck and nip and lick to his hearts content, but she needed to learn how wrong she was. And she needed to know EXACTLY what she did to him.
He shifted a little closer to her, letting her get a taste of his heat, and her scent went up another notch. His voice lowered an octave. “I can’t look at you, because every time I see you, I want you. I can’t touch you because once I do, and remember this, Kagome, once I touch you, that will be it. You will be mine, only mine, to touch any and every way I please from then on. Every time I’m around you, your scent fills my senses so I can’t concentrate on anything but running my hands over you and making you burn the way I do.”
Her breath hitched in her throat as the heat in her body intensified. His eyes fairly glowed as he roved her body lazily with his eyes. “Every time you are near me I wonder what it would be like to touch you…to feel your skin slide against mine until I can’t remember my own name, let alone all of the years I was forced to live without you.”
He moved his head closer to hers and she could feel his breath shudder over her lips as he whispered, “Do you know what it was like for me to remember that last night we were together in the forest…remember the feel of you in my arm…remember that we never finished what we started that night.”
Kagome let out an exhale at the memory of his tongue and teeth on her skin and nervously licked her lips. His eyes riveted to that spot and shot back up to hers, wanting and primal.
And then his lips were on hers, robbing her every thought, every feeling of anger she’d had for him moments ago, only focusing on the feel of his smooth lips caressing hers in a fevered duel that she didn’t know if she wanted to win…or surrender to. He shifted a step closer to her and, oh, she could FEEL his body against her, the planes of his chest, the lines of his abdomen, the very heat of him rushing through her, filling her with the same fire. Dazedly, she wondered if that was supposed to happen…
Sesshoumaru tightened his claws in the bark of the tree to keep from grabbing her to him, like he wanted to. Admittedly, long before he had met Kagome, he’d had lovers, but he had never kissed any of them. He had thought the act beneath him, and thought too much of himself to have his lips tainted by those of the useless whores who only wanted his power…and they did not deserve the intimacy from him. So his lips had roved everywhere else on their bodies, except for their lips, denying them that contact until he met one who deserved it.
But here, in the woods, with Kagome, he realized it might not have been such a good idea. Having never known the influence or power the mere touch of someone’s lips against his could have on him, it quite simply blew him away. He had imagined for the past five-hundred years what it would be like to taste her, to have her soft lips touch and move over his, but it was more than he expected. The heat fairly consumed him, tearing away at his self control, and as he felt her initial shock and shyness fade away to become more active in the kiss, he thought he was going to die.
Kagome had never known so much heat could exist in one person…but as Sesshoumaru seemed to move THAT much closer to her, she realized she was wrong. And she was being consumed. His lips hungrily plucked at hers, making a ball of fire sit low in her abdomen, and mindlessly, she tried to move closer. But he was still keeping his damn hands to the sides of her head, and she whimpered with frustration. Without thinking, she ran her hands up his chest urgently and grab onto the sides of his head, her fingers brushing the marks on his cheeks gently, and she felt more than heard the low rumble start from deep in his body. At first it startled her, and she began to take her hands away, but he grabbed onto hers almost desperately and kept them where they were.
And then his tongue flicked across her lips and she forgot everything else except for that feeling, and how she prayed to Kami that he would do it again.
Her wish was granted, and as she opened her mouth fully to his, felt his nipping fangs and heady taste, she felt in her soul at just how beautiful it all was. As if sensing her mood, the kiss turned from arousingly rough to arousingly slow. His tongue stroked hers sensuously, around her mouth, leaving no space unfounded as he reveled in her sweet taste. He knew he was going to become addicted to it…and found he didn’t care. Finally, he took his hands off of hers on his face to cradle her face, thumbs gently stroking her cheeks as he angled her head for a better fit.
Nothing could ever feel as good as she did in his arms right at that moment, and the years seemed to melt away from him with every passing moment her mouth was on his. And he knew….knew that every single moment that he was forced to spend without her, remembering the smell of her, the feel of her, every aspect of her until he thought he would go mad was worth it.
She took that all away from him, all the years of isolation and regret…of sorrow and anguish…all with just a kiss. And he could not remember when he had felt more alive.
Before he did anything else, he stepped reluctantly away, breaking off the contact they had. He chuckled weakly as she tried to follow him instinctively, and put his hands on her shoulders. He saw her blink blankly at him, and he waited until her eyes had cleared before he said huskily, “I’ve waited for you for all this time, and will wait even longer for you because…well, with everything that has happened, the timing quite honestly sucks.”
She blinked again at his choice of words, and then gave him a brilliant smile. She took her slightly trembling hands off of his cheeks, missing the warmth already, wanting to tell him how much she had enjoyed that, how much she wanted to do it again, how much he made her want him, how she had never felt like that before, and thank you, thank you, thank you for making things clearer now, but all that came out was, “Okay.”
His smile was heart stopping.
Stepping back to allow her to come away from the tree, he began walking again, in the direction of the car. And as she followed along, barely restraining herself from letting her knees buckle on her, she realized that she felt happier than she had in a long time.
This whole healing process was going better than she had thought it would.
&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&
(And now to end this, kiddos, I bring you another snippet of “Red vs. Blue” to join the one in the beginning’s A/N:
[Donut is showing off his uniquely colored armor to his teammates]
Grif: Uh, hey Donut?
Donut: What?
Simmons: Um, about your armor…
Donut: What about it?
Simmons: How do I put this? Your armor is… um… it’s a little… um… Grif, uh, you want to help me out here?
Grif: It’s pink! Your armor is frickin’ pink!
Simmons: Yeah, that’s it.
Simmons: Pink.

[Donut has just explained that his armor is not pink, but merely « lightish red’]
Grif: Guess what? They already have a color for lightish-red. You know what it’s called? Pink
LOL, one of my favorite lines…I do not own Red. Vs. Blue either, before y’all say anything. That was just for entertainment purposes.
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