Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Gohan is Finally Victorious ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Gotenks absorbed Buu held Gohan by the throat; Gohan struggled with what little energy he could muster, but his tries were in vain. His arm fell limp to his side “Good night Gohan” Buu said as he started to laugh. His hand started to glow a golden color as he charged ki ready to deliver the final blow to his opponent. “Ahh” he let out as his power fully collected “Without your father holding your hand you really are nothing.”
“Ruff, Ruff, Ruff” Buu turned his head to see his good counterpart’s dog. He narrowed his eyes at the mutt, as the barks turned to a low menacing growl. Buu raised his charged hand to the dog ready to remove all connection to his good self.
“Hiyah!” screamed Mr. Satan as he jumped at Buu, he grabbed the rubbery creatures head tail, and began to deliver three of the hardest kicks he could muster. As expected his kicks were not even acknowledged by the powerful being. Mr. Satan fell to the ground with a thud landing in front of Buu’s raised hand. In fear Mr. Satan let out a small screech as he back crawled to his dog picking it up and holding it in his arms while in the futile position. Buu took all the energy charged in his hand, and put it at the end of his now pointed index finger. Distracted Buu had not noticed Gohan stir back to consciousness. Gohan delivered a powerful knee to the monster’s chest; launching him backwards. Buu easily recovered and flipped himself upright landing on a higher cliff. He had no time to prepare for the oncoming Semi-Saiyan. Gohan kicked Buu in the face with all his might stretching the creatures neck as its head flew back, soon the rest of his body was swept up in the motion as it too was sent flying.

“Yah, that’s my boy!” Goku screamed on the planet of the Supreme Kai, feeling the upmost pride in his boy.

Gohan turned to the curled up man and dog “Get out of her and take Dende with you!”  Gohan raised his battered hands to block the oncoming kick from his adversary. In actions to quick to be caught by the lone spectator Gohan and Buu delivered several hits to each other sending them both backwards. Gohan landed on his hands and flipped himself upright. It was too late Buu punched him in the face, but before he could go flying Buu wrapped his tail around Gohan’s torso.
“See boy” Buu’s smirked as he delivered his lines “No father, no victory.”
Gohan’s eyes narrowed “Aaaaah” white energy surrounded the teen forcing Buu to release his grip. Buu raised his hands to shield himself but was thrown back as blue lightning began to crack as Gohan powered up. “My father is not my crutch he’s my INSPIRATION!” Gohan yelled as he charged at Buu delivering a devastating combination of punches and blue blast to the monsters head. Buu’s head began to puddle as it was ripped apart by the aura of his opponent and pounded in to mush by his fists and blast. Gohan let out a huff as he stopped smashing his fist into the ground and goo where his adversary was last. Gohan fell down on to his knees as Dende ran over to his lifelong friend.
“Don’t move Gohan,” Dende said as he raised his hands letting out waves of energy healing his friend.
POP, POP, POP Gohan and Dende turned their heads to see Piccolo, Gotenks, and the original Buu pop out of seemingly nowhere. They fell to the ground and bounced, as Gotenks tumbled on the ground he once again separated into his original two forms Goten, and Trunks. “Dende forget about me,” Gohan said as he pointed as his recently returned friends, “they need your help first.” Their joyous reunion was cut short as the ooze that was once Buu began to turn into mist and rise up to the sky forming a pink cloud. “Get out of here now Dende! Take them with you!” Gohan screamed as he got into fighting stance ready to take on whatever came from the pink cloud; now that he was fully healed by his friend.
“Hee hee hee he” the childlike laugh came from the cloud as a small pink creature, which resembled a child form of Buu lowered himself, absorbing what little remained of the mist. “Peek-a-Buu” said Kid Buu as he charged at Gohan, he managed to block the incoming attack but was unprepared for Kid Buu to flip overhead and shoot him with a ki blast sending him flying high into to sky. As he disappeared into the horizon, Kid Buu turned his attention to the few survivors left huddled in a mass as Dende tried his hardest to heal Piccolo. Buu raised his hand up to blow a hole in Dende and released the blast.
Dende fell to the ground as a heavy weight fell on him, Dende opened his eyes to see a dying Piccolo lying on top of him. Piccolo had jumped in front of the shot to save Dende. “Piccolo!” Dende screamed at his dying mentor.
Piccolo looked up at him “Do me a favor guardian.”
“What?” Dende asked.
“Survive” Piccolo trailed as the life began to leave his body. In a burning flash Piccolo had given what was left of himself to Dende forcing him to absorb the essence of the dead warrior. As the flash faded Dende stood there looking as if he was in his late teens; he now wore a suit similar to Piccolo’s but white with long sleeves, his belt was purple along with the material around his neck. Although there was no hat or cape there were two chunks of material over his shoulders.  In the center of his chest was Dende’s red symbol. Buu fired a second shot a Dende.
“Arrgh” Dende let out as he formed a barrier around himself. The Barrier absorbed most of the shot but if eventually cracked and what was left of the shot pierced threw. Dende closed his eyes ready for the end as the blast connected with his chest sending him flying but still alive.
Kid Buu flew over to hover on top of the Namek as he charged a powerful ki blast, “Say bye Buu.” Dende closed his eyes and knew that he could not do what Piccolo had asked of him. At that moment there was a sonic boom as Gohan charged into the small pink creature plowing him into the nearest cliff and straight though the other side, releasing Buu Gohan raised his flat hand up placing it on Buu’s chest sending him flying with a powerful ki blast to the chest. Buu crashed into the next cliff and hung there for a second a giant gaping hole in his chest. Gohan panted and wiped his forehead as Buu pealed himself of the cliff side; his head rotated 180 degrees as his body reformed facing Gohan. Gohan and Buu charged at each other delivering devastating blows at a speed so fast that they were the only two present that could keep up to them. Gohan slammed into the cliff side and pounced forward dodging Buu’s incoming attack, shooting an explosive ki blast in the direction he came from, with a swipe of his hand Buu sent the blast off to the side and sped after Gohan. Again the two engaged in a fury of hits this time ending with Gohan punching Buu in the head so hard that it detached itself from the body and went flying to the ground. Gohan wasted no time and began to charge a Kamehameha and released it obliterating the remainder of Buu’s body. Buu’s head began to spurt another body as Gohan flew over to it; Gohan wasted no time rushing over and kicked the head sending it high up into the air. Gohan speed after it up high into the air. As he caught up to the pink being it was fully reformed and they began to exchange blocked punches, Buu wrapped his tail around Gohan’s leg flipping him and sending him crashing into the ground. Gohan collided with the ground hard and saw Buu following him. He flipped out of his second bounce and instantly took to the sky firing a shower of ki blast as he flew. Buu was caught in the shower, his body became perforated as the ki blast singed through his body.
Gohan smirked at his opponent, “Felling empty inside,” Gohan teased as his adversary began to regenerate. Buu screamed in anger at his rival, and charged forward. Gohan dodged to the side delivering a powerful elbow to Buu’s back, sending him crashing back to the ground. Buu pulled his face out of the ground but could no longer see Gohan. As he stood up he heard a voice from behind “Peek-A-Buu wasn’t it?” Gohan asked as he kicked Buu in the side of the head. Buu had yet to stop moving from the kick before Gohan uppercut punched him into the sky; Gohan met him in the sky with a two handed pound from above that sent him crashing into the ground. “Kameha,” Gohan began to charge as Buu lifted himself off the ground “MEHA!” Gohan screamed as the Semi-Saiyan let out an overly powerful blast from his now forward hands. Buu raised his hands to block the attack, at first there was a stalemate, the ground began to crack, chunks of rocks floated into the air. Slowly Gohan’s fatigue caught up to him and Buu began to overpower him pushing the blast back at him. As the blast began to come at him Gohan thought of the one thing he needed to avenge most, Videl. Her image flashed across his mind and instantly his fatigue seemed to be gone, “YOU MONSTER I’LL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!”

In heaven Videl sat with Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Dabura, and all of a sudden she felt different, like as if Gohan was there with his arms around her. Never had she felt this close to someone who wasn’t present. Bulma noticed the difference in Videl and asked “What is it?”
“I swear I can feel Gohan. I knew he was alive. I’m telling you right now he’s destroying Buu I can feel it he’s about to win.” Videl said with stars in her eyes.
“Well he better I didn’t raise any losers,” Chi-Chi said as she looked lovingly at Videl.

On the planet of Supreme Kai, all three powerful Kais, Queen Serenity and Goku stared into the crystal ball knowing that the battle was going to be won or lost in the next few seconds, the silence was broken by Goku “You can do it son, BEAT HIM!” Goku screamed sending the Supreme Kai and Old Kai backwards onto their backs in surprise.

Back on Earth Gohan used all of the energy he had left to push against his Kamehameha sending it crashing into the ground, as Kid Buu’s body was encompassed by the powerful blast it began to disintegrate into nothingness. As the smoke cleared there was nothing left of the enemy just a giant grater where Buu last stood. Gohan fell from the sky completely exhausted, Dende used his new found powers to catch Gohan in mid air and lower him to the ground telekinetically. As Gohan hit the ground Dende instantly began to heal his friend. Gohan pushed himself up onto his hands and knees coughing up blood, within a minute Gohan was fully restored.
Dende proceeded to heal Goten and Trunks, after they were fully restored Dende turned to Good Buu. “What about him?” Dende asked.
“What do you mean?” Hercule Satan asked as he ran over to Buu holding his friend. “He’s a good guy; I swear he would never do anything evil like that.”
“Can we afford to take that risk?” Gohan asked.
“I swear he will never turn evil. I will take complete responsibility for him, besides if anything happens you’ll be here to stop it right?” Satan asked.
“Ya Gohan what have you got to worry about?” Trunks asked.
“Ya, Gohan your the most powerful fighter in the universe, you can beat anyone even another Buu. What has anyone got to worry about?” Goten said jumping and hanging off Gohan’s upper arm as Gohan grabbed his chin contemplating his decision.
“Let him live, it’s not our decision to make if he lives or dies, it’s his. If he truly is good, then he will be an asset to the world if not I’m sure we can beat him again.”
“Oh thank you all, thank you all so much,” cried Hercule as he hugged Buu who was now being healed by Dende.
“Now what are we going to do about all of the people Buu killed Gohan?” Dende asked, “We can’t use the Earth Dragon Balls for another six months.”
“What about the Namekian ones?”
“Great idea but how do we get there?”
“Buu help. Buu help lots,” smiled Buu as he sat up.
“Great Buu can you teleport us to Namek?” Gohan asked his new friend with a large smile and closed eyes. As he opened his eyes he saw blue grass, and green water. Gohan turned to see Dende hugging Elder Moori. After telling the Namekians about what had happened they allowed them to use the Dragon Balls and summon Porunga. “Wait can’t Porunga only bring one person back from the dead per wish?” Gohan asked finding the flaw in his own plan.
“Oh ya” Dende had become gloomy.
“That was the case but we fixed that after the whole Frieza incident,” Elder Moori answered. With that they summoned Porunga, after discussing what their three wish would be.
“What are your three wishes?” Porunga asked in his authoritarian voice.
“First we wish that all the damage done to Earth in the last 24 hours be undone?” Dende asked in the language of Namek.
“Your wish is granted, what is your second wish?”
“We wish that all the good people that have died since the morning of the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament be brought back.”

In heaven Videl, Chichi, and Bulma began to feel different, “We leaving Dabura Goodbye,” Videl said.
Dabura rushed up hugging all three of them “You have all taught me so much, thank you all.”
“It was no problem,” Chichi said as she and Bulma pulled themselves out of the demon’s hug.
Dabura had both hands on Videl’s shoulders as he leant in and kissed her on the forehead, “and you have taught me the greatest lesson of all. You and Gohan have showed me that true love is real.” Videl began to vanish as the lip marks, that looked as if they were burning iron on her forehead, began to fade; Dabura began to weep into the flowers.

After a pause for a brief second Porunga replied “I have completed your wish to the best of my abilities but the one known as Vegetta has refused to return. He wishes to stay in Other World with Goku where the two can train and fight till the end of time, as Supreme Kai has gifted him his body. Now what is your final wish little one?”
“I want the world to forget about Buu so that he can live a normal life.”
“Your wishes are granted,” and with a blinding flash Porunga was gone.
“Uh, Gohan how are we going to get back to Earth?” Dende questioned his friend.
Gohan put his hands behind his head and laughed, “Ya I guess I hadn’t thought about that.”

Back on Earth Goten and Trunks had just landed on the lookout to a warm loving reunion, when Mr. Satan stepped out, Videl ran to her father, “Daddy.” Mr. Buu stepped out from behind his friend.
“Ahh” the whole group screamed and backed away in terror.
“Don’t worry; he’s good, I swear.” The group gave a cautious look but accepted it as the truth when Buu began to chase a nearby butter fly like a small child.

Back on Namek Gohan and Dende were still trying to find a way home when Supreme Kai appeared out of thin air. “Maybe I can be of assistance. Since you two helped me defeat Buu I think it only fair to help you two get home.”
With that Gohan and Dende grabbed onto the Kai, “To the lookout!” Gohan shouted in excitement as the three disappeared in a flash.

Gohan and Dende shook the Kai’s hand and wished him farewell before he disappeared. As the two came around the corner Chi-Chi stopped pressing her face against Goten’s and let out a soft “Gohan?”
Before Videl could even register what Chi-Chi had said she was spun around and found herself picked up in Gohan’s embrace his lips firmly planted against hers. Mr. Satan’s face turned red with rage and he was about to say something when he remembered the power that Gohan possessed. At first Videl was shocked but once her mind registered who was before her, she closed her eyes and grabbed the back of his head. After what felt like a lifetime Gohan put her down. They both blushed as everyone stared at them. “You fool how dare you,” Videl started as she began pounding on Gohan’s chest, tears streaming down her face “I thought you were dead.”
Gohan put his hand behind his head “Please stop crying Videl, I don’t like it when you cry.”
“I wish you would stop crying to he’s my son I should be the one crying,” Chi-Chi said as she squeezed Goten tighter.
“It’s time you realized Chi-Chi, Gohan’s growing up he isn’t yours anymore.” Bulma said but then began to look around, “Where’s Vegetta?”
“Uhm Bulma,” Gohan said as he approached her, “He choose to stay in Other World because he was granted his body and wants to compete against my father for all of time.” Gohan said quickly as he braced himself for the hit that was bound to come, but it didn’t.
“I should have seen this coming,” Bulma said with a sigh, “Of course if Goku does it Vegetta has to as well.” The whole group began to laugh.
“So with Goku gone, are you going to take his place as protector of Earth, Gohan?” Krillin asked.
“I guess so.”
“Not another one, why can’t someone else’s family protect the world,” Chi-Chi screamed as she dropped to her knees.
Gohan placed one arm around Videl, one behind his head and began to laugh.

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