Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ Getting ready for a day of fun ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
This in the third story of Hyoga and Shun with their daughter Takura. Hope you like it!!!

Hyoga blinked his eyes open, looking straight into Shun’s sleeping face. He smiled, brushing a few pieces of hair out of her eyes.
Shun slept with him every night. The one time that she had slept in her own room, the next morning Hyoga had woken up to her sleeping next to him. Takura had slept between them only once in the last week, the day after Shun and him had agreed on going on a date.
Today was Tuesday, today was the day that they went out for the first time as a family. He got out of bed, getting dressed in a shirt and swim trunks. They were going to the beach, so there really was no point in showering now.
He put a pair of boxer and shorts into the bag that was sat out for today. He then checked the beach bag to see if it had there towels and sunscreen. They were there along with some of the beach toys that they were taking for Takura.
He moved back over to the bed, sitting down next to Shun. “Angel.” he called, placing a hand on Shun’s shoulder. “Angel, you need to wake up.”
Shun shifted, opening greed eyes to look up at him. “Hyoga?” she asked.
“Hey, you need to get up now if we’re going to go to the beach.” He told her, and she smiled.
“Alright.” she told her, sitting up.
“I’m going to go get Gem up.” he told Shun, kissing her cheek. She smiled, nodding her head as she got up.
Hyoga left her to dress, reminding her to either bring her suit or to bring a change of underclothes. He entered his five year old daughters room.
Hyoga, with Ikki and Shiryu, had just gotten big kid beds for the older kids shortly before Hyoga had gone and gotten Shun. The twins had a pale oak bunk bed that wasn’t together right now, since the almost five year olds weren’t old enough to have Bishamon on the top bunk. Mareo was sleeping in the bottom bunk of the dark pine bunk bed that was for him and his brother Rinji, when the two year old was old enough to sleep in his own bed instead of his crib. As for Takura, she had a single bed made of cherry wood.
He walked over to her bed, sitting down on the edge of it. He slipped the blanket off of her, running his hand down her side. They had found out early on that it was best to wake the little girl up by tickling her, because she didn’t like mornings. If she wasn’t woken in a good mood, she ended up being crappy the rest of the day.
Takura giggled, trying to move away from the hand by rolling over onto her back. Hyoga brought his other hand up to tickle both sides. “No! Daddy!” she said between giggles, wide awake now. “Ssssttttoooop!!!! Daddy!!!!”
“Morning Gem.” He told her with a smile. She returned it, sitting up, her upper back length hair out of the braid that it had been in the night before. He sighed, knowing that she had had a restless night most likely. Her hair would most likely be tanged and she would need a nap later on today. “Lets get ready to go out.”
“Where we go?” she asked as Hyoga got up off the bed.
Hyoga went to her dresser, pulling out her swim suit. “We’re going to the beach today.” He told her, smiling at the little girl.
“YAY!!!!” She threw her hands up into the air, laughing. Hyoga smiled at her, sitting back down on the bed.
“Let’s get you changed.” he told her, pulling her long sleeve tiger pajama top off, then her pants, pulling off the underwear with them. He pulled her up so she was standing, helping her into her pastel pink and green bathing suit. He put her nightgown and underwear in the hamper, ignoring her whine as her favorite pj’s were taken away. “What dress do you want to wear?” he asked her, taking two spring dresses out of the closet. She pointed to the white one with red flowers on it. Hyoga put the blue one away, walking over to her. Shun wouldn’t be to happy about it, since she had labeled that one a church dress when she went threw Takura’s things, but that didn’t mater.
“It pretty.” Takura told him as he put it on him. “Mommy like dis one.” she said proudly.
“Yes, mommy likes that one a lot.” he agreed, helping his daughter off the bed. He then went to the dresser, pulling out a pair of socks for her. He sat them on top, pulling out another pair and some underwear, siting them up there too. Opening the next one, he pulled out a pair of blue overall shorts, putting them with the extra underclothes. Hyoga then went to the closet, pulling out a red shirt to go with the overalls. With the extra outfit picked out encase she got her dress dirty or wet, he picked up the other pair of socks going to the little girl.
Takura was sitting on the floor, playing with one of Bishamon’s trucks that had somehow found its way into her room. He put her socks on, then took a hold under her arms, picking her up onto her feet. She smiled at him, running to the door, opening it, and disappeared down the hall. Hyoga sighed, he still needed to fix her hair. He got the extra outfit off the dresser and fallowed his happy daughter.
He entered the dining room, and found Shun and Takura sitting at the table. Shun turned and gave him an unhappy look. “She picked it out herself.” he told her, referring to the girls dress. He bent down next to the two bags that Shun had brought down, seeing the change of underclothes that she had put in there for herself. “I got Takura an extra outfit encase we need it.”
“Fine.” She told him sighing.
“Mommy, why are you mad at daddy?” Takura asked her.
“Thats a nice dress Gem, it should be worn for nice times.” Shun told her.
“But mommy like dis one…Me want to wear for mommy.” she told her.
Shun smiled at her daughter. “Alright, if you want to that much.”
Kioko laughed “I thought only Shiryu and I argued about what to put the kids in to play.” she said, sitting a plate of pancakes on the table. The three of them were the only ones that were there right now, since breakfast wasn’t for another thirty minutes. “He gets so mad when I put clothes made of nice material on them.”
Shun smiled “I just thought that I would pick a few of her dresses out to set aside for special times or for church, but it doesn’t mater I guess. She has a lot of nice things so…”
“She does have some nice clothes, so don’t worry.” Kioko told her, smiling. Shun worried about the silliest things some times, but over the last week or so she had gotten to know the younger girl. Shun was kind, almost to kind really, liked to smile, loved the rain and the zoo (she found out that why no one was to shock that Takura liked it so much, both her parents loved it). She was an amazing mom, and a great aunt (to all the kids, not just her brothers). Kioko could also say that she was a wonderful friend.
“I still don’t see why you wanted to cook for us, I could have done it. I used to cook for everyone anyway.” Shun told her, sighing. She made Takura a plate, letting the little girl eat her breakfast.
“I like to cook, and it was no problem.” Kioko told her, then headed back into the kitchen.
“Hyoga, is there a reason our daughter’s hair looks like a rats nest?” Shun asked him.
Hyoga sighed. “She ran off before I got the chance to brush it.” He told her, moving behind his daughter’s chair. He picked her up, standing her on the floor.
“Daaaaaaaaaaaadddyyyyyyyy!” she whined.
Hyoga smiled at her, turned her chair sideways and put her back in it facing the table, leaving her without anything behind her. He took the hair brush that he had brought out of his back pocket. He knelled down and started to work on the hair. It took him almost ten minutes to get all the tangles out of the gold locks and to pull it up into a pony tail. Once he was done, he turned her in the chair then the whole chair around to its proper place.
“Thanks.” Shun told him as he sat down next to her.
“You do it next time.” He told her. He loved his daughter, but her hair just annoyed him. His hair was kept kinda long, but it never tangled, so he knew that came from Shun.
“No I wont, I have to do my own and thats enough work thank you.” She told him. Shun had cut her hair the day after she moved back in, it down just brushing past her shoulders. None of them had said anything, and they knew that she was thankful for that.
“Fine.” He told her, starting to eat his breakfast.

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