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Chapter 38
« personal Data part 5 (Along the problems road) »

And thats the recording that will reveal or explain the things Skatie said before
Its an recording made by Lydhia one of the oppositionists on the Dark Planet

« I was born in 1562 of Dark and White era I do not know my parents real identity
I was raised by the chairman of S.Z.W party (many of the Illegal opposition parties
that are common in our planets) I know its history by hearth

The party was created in 1399 of the Dark and White era and already it has been
deemed as an ‘terroristic’ organisation ,because its future members in 1394 found recordings
about falsificating election results in the year 0 Dark and white Era. This knowlede
was not appreaiated by Dark Master so the Dark Army regullarly attacked the S.Z.W Hedquters

in the 1394 The Dark army begun regular assult on the future Headquters of S.Z.W in 1400
we secretly fleed to the ruins of Kriechwadenstaght Castle Dark Master attacked every location
where he thought the party members where hiding. The Towns are bombed but their location
on officiall maps still remains and the towns are allowed to rebuild itself. In 1420

The party members try to perform a Coup D’etat but the siege of his castle was an complete failure
Dark Master responded with the bobmardment of 52 Towns so there was no second try.
in the year 1423 the party S.Z.W liberated the first town from the rulling of Dark Master
The town was called Schlesburg the Dark army’s siege of Schlesburg failed. A free society
begun to thrive in Schlesburg and free scholarship was created people found out the truth.
many people ended their coperation with the planets Dark Master authorities and many of people
woring in the authorities came to our side.Schlesburg is currently known as an independendt City
of Schlesburg and is the capital of the Wienna Autonomy. This was called by Dark Master as the
first act of terrorism. In 1450 we managed to take the town of Zeichmar we where able to
form a two city state which we called Wienna according to our own myths. Dark Master called
it the second act of terrism ,we thought that victory was ours but we were tricked it was revealed
that we took the towns we were ‘allowed to take’ in 1472 our state was fortified and a wall
was putted outside its sphere he claimed doing it for the people he said that « Those who don’t want
any authority should live without it » His towns where forbidden to have any trade relationship with
our two city state. So our dreamed liberty state became our prisson or Ghetto everybody is
allowed to enter but not everybody is allowed to leave. the Dark Masted ceased the Bombing
campaign on our state but we still remained in opposition to him. In 1499 we captured the
state fortified border of our state this was called as the Third act of Terrorism and annually
every two month an army force attacked the fortification of our state they attacked us and retreated
sometimes they entered our towns but they always retreated. So we assumed more defensive strategy
I personnally fleed to the Dark Army in 1570 during one of these raids which allowed me to
spy the Dark Master army for the S.Z.W Headquters however after a while I was detected and
was to be sended to the grey’s colony on Jupiter where I was abandoned you can propably
figure out the rest » Said Lydhia

The recording wasn’t decyphed only four more recordings remain Im not sure what more will be

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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>
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