Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction ❯ Galaxia The Stories of Illusion season 4 chapter 37 ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 37
 » A lifely Journey »

During the events on the planet Cementia the Headhunters joined our team
Meanwhile we landed on a mountain planet called ‘Selatori’It has to be the weirdest
name I ever heard after putting on some warmer cloths it was time to begin
our first intellstelar galactic hiking trip.

« Wow the entire planet is just mountians ? » I said it
« Yea » Said Lilly
« Are we gonna be famous » Said Vaclaw
« Vaclaw only time will tell us » Said Dr Olchiward
« Im very happy that Headhunters decided to join us » Said Eleila
« yea it was kinda annoying having them as our constant antagonist » Said Chriss quietly to Leon
« You can say that again » Said Leon
« Demonica how High are we ? » Said Boris
« Just a couple of meters » Said Demonica
« Whats wrong you’re not affraid ? » Said Skatie
« No… » Said Boris
« Why’re you so green than ? » Said Ikernel
« Why don’t you two leave him alone » Said Lydhia

We were climbing the mountain for over an hour as we got higher colder it got. Suddently
without any logical explanation a snow storm begun
« Hey Kids hold on » Said Dr Olchiward
« Kids ?!?!? Where one tousand years old adlest ? » Said Leon
« Of course now grab my hand I don’t want to loose you again » Said Demonica
« Parents Rules » I said it
 » and what do you mean by that ? » Said Lilly which I holded by hands
« We need to stop here its time to unpack our sleeping tent » Said Dr olchiward

We unpacked the tent from the Back pag I had on myself and we putted the wooden polls in to the ice
and unfolded the entire tent.
« Its tight here » Said Lilly
« It was suppose to be only for two people » I said it
« cheepscake this is what happends when you buy all the cheap stuff » Said Boris
« Don’t tell me you didn’t plan on taking us into your voyage !?! » Said Lydhia
« seriously » Said Chriss
« Yes ! » Said Lydhia
« No » Said Chriss
« Some one should check the condition outside » Said Dr Olchiward
« Stasek let him do it » Said Lilly
« Why me ? » I said it
« You’re the closest to the exit » Said Lilly

I left and the snow got me when I returned I was all white
« hm I can assume that the weather conditions are still unfavoubable » Said Dr Olchiward
« Someone knows MONOPOLY » Said Chriss

Of course unexpectedly we found out that Monopoly is quite popular in this part of Galaxy
So we played. Lilly thnx to her economical knowledge buyed the largest Bank but while doing it
she indebted herserlf to Ikernel, So I who owned an Vindification firm allowed her 5 days
to pay the debt to Ikernel (actually five minutes) Chriss was accused of cheating on the Indexes
by Dr Olchiward. Boris Vaclav and Eleila created together an Company and demanded payment
from Demonica for their losses. Ikernel thnx to me regained his debt this caused Dr Olchiward
to turn to me with the Chriss case. Lydhia observed the market very closelly and bought up
Lilly I launched anattack on Eleila’s company and stole all of its property. Demonica joined in
and just than Leon and Skatie Join in effectivelly taking over the market which meant
they won the game.

« AND DUDDDDES » Said Skatie
« Nice game » Said Demonica
« ekhm….. » I wanted to say something but decided to stay quiet.

Meanwhile the weather calmed down and we decided to continue our hiking trip
we packed our tent into the Back pag and went off.
« Were walking like that two hours already… » Said Lilly
« actually its more like 60 secunds » Said Lydhia

Finally we started climbing we needed to watch out for every step the mountain was hight
it was deep and cold the weather almost unfriendly, well actually it was sunny but I wanted
to give some description for the guys which review this on Morewriting.co uk
« Dad how far are we to go ? » Said Eleila
« Just 2 and half of an kilometer my dear  » Said Dr Olchiward
« are you alive Chriss ? » I said it
« yes barelly » Said Chriss
« I must admit teleporting could have been eassier » Said Leon
« Yes but we need one extra chapter » Said Demonica

We continued our climb but it was getting colder and colder just like on antarctic
« What kinda mess did we got ourself into this time ? » Said Chriss
« Everything is a mess ! » Said Vaclaw
« Oh come on LIFE IS BEAUTIFULLL ….isnt it ? » I said it
« Where do you get that kinda crap ? » Said Lilly
« well yea….. » Said Lydhia

Finally we climbed on the mountain and we entered it and where right the on the top
« Oh Dudes that other one is much higher than the one we are now » Said Skatie
« oh crap » Said Lilly
« our names are simmiliar Lilly’s and mine lol » Said Lydhia
« Huh where you asleep ? » I said it confused
« thats not an easy mountain » Said Eleila
« Yes we need a plan » Said Dr Olchiward
« Do you have an Idea » Said Lilly
« of course  » Said Dr Olchiward

Dr Olchiward came up with a rope exoskeleton or something to pull us up we needed to join
all the ropes and build an exoskeleton then we putted our tent over it creating something of
a huge parasol then we tied in all the wodden polls and we had an paraglider. we all got in and we
launched thnx due the strong cold winds.
« WOOOW IM FLYING » Said Boris
« You’re not green anymore ! » Said Ikernel
« I always wanted to fly !! » Said Boris

We were flying up according to the winds direction the view below was like from the Tatrs
or Alps it was amazing. We landed on the highest mountain only to find out that it was the
very same mountain from which we started our journey.
« What ? Why Galaxia is here ? » I said it
« I have no Idea ? » Said Lydhia
« It seems we just encicrled the entire planet » Said Dr Olchiward
« You’re right » Said Lilly
« That means thats a very small planet » Said Demonica
« Wow this planet is actually 5 km long ? » I said it
« You’re right » Said Eleila
« I liked it » Said Lilly
« Dudees there was absolutely nothing going on » Said Skatie
« yes its calm cause a big storm is coming along » Said Leon
« Its to early for the storm but its coming all right » Said Demonica
« Than lets get out here than » I said it

So we came aboard the shuttle when we launched it was my watch with Lydhia
after all were first.
« So how did you like the idea ? » I said it
« well it was good » Said Lydhia
Althought this peacufull day was behind us we know that the real storm is coming along
but we needed to get some Jewels before that ……………….
Meanwhile in another Dimension
« what are they talking abou my lady the sky was very clear when they left  » Said Dark Master
« Oh my poor Dark Master Leon meant it metaphoricly » Said The Secret Entity
« anyway how did Galaxia shuttle get there I thought they would never find it or be able
to go back to that place  » Said Dark Master
« Of course the planet is not 5 km long but if Wouldn’t give them a hand they would die
you see all the mountains are similliar there it would be so troublesome for them to find
their shuttle on their own exxpecially since they simply wondered to far away So I had it
moved to a place along their trail so they could think they encircled the planet I didn’t
want them to die from the cold not yet anyway  » Said The Secret Entity
« I find it weird we want to kill them why not let them die from cold » Said Dark Master
« Well maybe I want them dead maybe not IM not sure about it ….Anyways If they Die here
all of the Plot of this story will be usseless » Said the Secret Entity
« Yes But I must admit we managed to get only few reviews mostly ortographic » Said Dark Master
« Yes I know this sucks but were actually online for few moths we should be more optimistic,
by the way that was the most unique playing of MONOPOLY I EVER SAW « 
Said the secret Entity
« Yes my lady I wonder where did they learn to do economics in that kinda way » Said Dark Master

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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>.
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