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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 36
« personal Data part 4 Colone Annie Lupine »

I think the most interesting thing was the recording of Skatie
it was coded and I was only able to break it with her help after the whole adventure ended
« Before I tell you this I request that you code this message for me Galaxia….
Now Listen here’s my confession Im not Skatie thats just a nickname and the story
which I told Stasek is just an lie. My real name is Annie Lupine and Im 23 Derions years old
(thats 1/4 of one Eon) I am or more exactly was an colonel of elite special service
forces surving under command of White Master I was born in 1552 (original years of White
Masters and Dark Masters rulling over our planet) in the town called Novosadnice in white
Planet my parents name are Nevada my mother and my father Linux My mum was born in 1539
and was a shop keeper in Nowosadnice while my father born 1515 was an member of White Masters
palace guards. I was one year old in 1553 (which is signifant in the Dark and White empire)
in 1556 I started my school in Kindergarderium in Novosadnice (we begin our school as 4 year

In Kindergarderium you learn basic reading and writing skills and the whole program
remained unchanged for over 15 tousands years (Its the only one left unchanged)
according to ancients legends before the joint rulling of White and Dark Master
there were only three types of schools on our planets:

But there’s no way of proving that archeology is forbidden after four years spend
in Kindergardenium I begun my studies at The institute of Psychologolical Ideology (1560)
in Novosadnice we mostly learned the history of Dark and White Masters rulling era. I was
always interested in why we were only learning the History from 1-1560 Of White and Dark era
and nothing about what was before, I asked my teacher about this and he said that its
White Master who writes about the problems we are to be learned and that he’s the one making
the decisions. Strangelly enought White Master was visiting my town the very same day.
Normally he resaided at Alahama (The capital of our planet) So I decided to get my courage
and ask him about this directly,of course I hardly maided threw the crowds of people from
all over the planet …..everybody had a question a favour to ask (White Master could even
ressurect dead people) (and knew alot of diffrent things and everybody was incouraged
to ask him and to get some answers) When I asked him the question he said that he needs
to give a private audition in order to answer this hard question and that I should come
to visit him at his Alahama castle in five days, he gived me a document an official
invitation that allowed me to enter castle grounds without being stopped by the palace
guards which was signed by him and had my Name on it and my surname my parents allowed me
to visit him and I made my trip in the next following days I got on the train and got
to Alahama were in his castle White Master was already awaiting me I sitted down ans he got up
and ordered me to sit still for a while.
« Do you know why archeology is forbidden? » he asked with his ussual harsh tone
I said that I didn’t
« If people were to be allowed to digg they would destroy priceless artefacts which are
entitled to be saved by specialised institutions so they can be shared with the whole
planet and our people its ENOUGHT that in secound year of my reign FOOLISH people burned
priceless artefacts carfeully stored there by generations this unabled us to know our PAST
….Do you know what to do if you accidently while playing happen to find an artefact? » Said
White Master continuing his speech

I said that I should inform the castle than I asked what happens to it afterwards
« Then I Can send my trusted soldiers to help determen it historical price and then if its
worth while the artefact is shipped here and scientists are allowed to research it in order
so we can find the answers Im not sure should I tell you this keep it as asecret No body
should Know about it or they will destroy it ! » Said White master

I said that I will keep our conversation in secret than in an rare act of kidness something
that I din’t expect he took my hand he took me to a place which was hidden it was an hidden
Castle’s room where nobody was allowed in and nobody knew about it there were many scientific
devices and things I haven’t seen before. I was to keep an existence of this room as secret
as well he later took me and sat me on one of his huge Telescope’s and said that I should
have a look see I saw stars huge as I never saw before. White Master told me stories about
what I saw and about distent ancients civilisations he tolld them in a way that I feeled
he witnessed it with his own eyes. When the day ended his time for me came to an end as well
he sended me back home….Later on I was directed to an Institute of Work afflication
and there after five years of studing my fate was decided at 15 years due to my
extreme knowledge and milittary awarness I was comissioned to the White Masters army
it happened in 1567 there after three years of uneventfull service I was suddenly
promoted by official White Masters declaration to be a Colonel of his private army group
and was directed to the White Castle staff where White Master personally gived me a group
of eight soldiers one of them was Metrick who hated me for ‘stealing’ all of his hard work
but later unintentionally falled in love with me anyways its resulted in him actually
listening to me orderds LOL . He was one of these great individuals and propably remained
the same still anyways he broke his legg one of his missions and I was forced to hide this
fact and nurse him back (if White Master would find out he would be disciplinarry threwn
out from the army!!) which made him fall in love as I said already and he started to do
my orders but not without giving me some comments some of that kinda nature that even made
me fall mad at him. As life moved forward so we moved forward with our feelings and officially
becoming a pair, in 1572 we founded hidden documents it was an article from before White
and dark Era. And was about a murderring of Akhira II and that White Master and his group
are accused of doing the murder I was 20 years old unfortunetly for us there was a traitor
beetween us who was revealed to be Merian and not Metrick unfortunetly I accused Metrick
cause of his jelousy towards me and ended a very good and promising relations this move being
the one thing I regrett the most as I couldn’t even sorry when it was revealed that Merian
was the traitor. I had to flee and the rest of group was captured and was suppose to be sentenced
for deadth but do to the latter happenings the sentence was cancelled. The Planet explode
with all of us dying and being later ressurected althought in a diffrent reality
we continued all to surve Dark and White Master but our personal feelings and love
we shared (me and Metrick) had died being more official our group and our friendship died
together with our planets while were coursed into an existence we weren’t even sure of
……………………………………………………………… ………..
……………………………………………………………… ……….
……………………………………………………………… ………
Currently Stasek and Chriss had appeared and I think thats All I can say » Said Skatie

We havre six more recordings including the one belonging to Lydhia I really hope this
sheed some light on this situation !
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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>
…>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>

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