Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction ❯ Galaxia Stories Of Illusion Season 4 chapter 33 ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 33
« A really unknown Incident The truth about Time Travel ? »

We were on the Jungle planet called Reizob acompanied with our new friend
Keira our stay at this planet was actually two days (or so I thought)
« See I told you Eleila » Said Keira
« Yes you have a wonderfull atmosphere here » Said Eleila

we were aproaching her house it reminded a tree house similiar to the ones children in US
build but naturally it was bigger than the original tree house
« No ASMENA this MARK 121 is defective » Said Keira’s Father
And suddenly we saw the explosion ….after a while we woke up only to find out
that Keira’s parents died in a nuclear explosion, The Headhunters camed Leon woke up
« What happened » Said Leon
« ooo… » Said Lilly very quiet
« Dad,Mom!!! » Screamed Keira I grabbed her
« No Keira !!! » I screamed
« NO !!!!!! » Screamed Keira
and pushed me back I felled
« damn it » Said Chriss
« Our Plan backfired » Said Boris
« What !? » I said almost angry
« Well it was mine idea we stoled an nuclear warhead from the military warehouse they thougt
were the represantatives of the COIK company » Said Boris
« You did WHAT ?!?! » I said it very angry
« We didn’t knew the consequences » Said Lilly
« You stoled defective nuclear warheads from the MILITARY !! » I said it very angry
« How couldI know ?? » Said crying Lilly
« YOU IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!! » I screamed
« Stasek calm down » Said Dr Olchiward
« She’s.. » I said it
« Stasek this is not the reality Galaxia cancel the simulation » Said Dr Olchiward
« I understand canceling 2sr sequence program termination » Said Galaxia
all of the sudden everything became increadibly bright and We found ourselfs in Dr Olchiward’s
« It was a simulation » I said it
Thats when I realised that I agreedto help Dr Olchiward with one of his experiments
it was called ‘THE TIME MACHINE’ and was a simulation of possible adventures we could have
basically the projects purposse was to simulate real life adventures we encountered to assest
our strenghts and weaknesses we show during battles
« Well it seems it was all a bit to extreme and the time of the experiment was too long it
made you belive it was real » Said Dr Olchiward
he gived me a glass of water I was a bit schocked
« You need to rest » Said Dr Olchiward
« and the rest of the experiment? » I said it
« Im cancelling the whole project it was the light psychological level So I wont even
consider going threw the Medium and HARD it can be to hard Galaxia Im cancelling
experiment X0-9CD-72-62 im cancellingthe project » Said Dr Olchiward
« Im cancelling the project » Said Galaxia
« Go rest » Said Dr Olchiward

I went to my Cabine and turned my PC console the original PC is still located at my house
every cabine had its own PC console I launched an old arcade game called the ‘RAINBOW MAN’
its an old arcade game from the 1970 a short description LEVELS: 199
the plot Rescue the princess from the bad guy six hours has passed and I couldn’t even get
threw the first level !!!
then out of the blue Lydhia camed
« Hey there Demonica wanted me to tell you that were landing on a planet » Said Lydhia
« Good I can use some fresh air » I said it
« troubles with that experiment huh » Said Lydhia
« You know » I said it
« Yes Dr Olchiward was not to happy about it he sais it was to realistic but he said that
he didn’t even assume it would turn out to be so realistic » Said Lydhia
« He should now that ! » I said it
« Somebody’s in his ussual mood » Said Lydhia
« yea…..So when we are landing » I said it
« Well it should be … » said Lydhia but was interrupted by our alarm bell
« Now » I said it
and she noodled to me
We went to the Pilots cabine where Ikernel and Leon were having a Dice duell
« See I won again » Said Ikernel while he thought to himself that Leon is an Idiot for not
knowing that he used my special Dices
« You’re so lucky » Said Leon While he thought it would be boring for him to tell Ikernel
that he knew that Ikernel was cheating and using my special Dices
« They’re both Idiots » Said Demonica
« Were landing than » I said it
« Of course hold on tight » Said Demonica

We landed on a planet that was similiar to the Amazonian jungle
« It seems we were here before » I said it
« It reminds me the planet from that experiment » Said Dr Olchiward
« So DUDE this is how the place looked it seems damn Interesting » Skatie
« Hm a wild preserved beauty its hard to find a planet in sucha shape even here » Said Lydhia
« and still Mom you said there are people here » Said Leon
« yes I estimate the population at 48 milion » Said Demonica
« Its the Population for Poland » I said it
« You like to study don’t you » Said Chriss
« Yea »I said a bit annoyed

We decided to take a walk in the jungle we saw it colors and beauty we saw life in all
it forms not possible to see back in earth this is why were traveling in space I never
knew that a jungle can be a sucha huge place I never tasted such delicious fruits it was the
first time I came to see the true beuty of an extraterrestional life I know now that
all of the guys from the GIMNASIUM would be very jelous of me now meanwhile we camed across
a huge tree house an eight year old girl was playing next to us she was dreesed in asimiliar
to jeans dress and weared a white Shirt it was a typical american farmer costume that she weared
she also had beautiful Dark Hair and I found her similiar to someone I once knew
but didn’t quite remember when or how or who I meet that was so alike to this girl
as if it didn’t happen in my life time which I found a bit strange
« I certanly been here » I said it
« Is this Keira ? » Said Dr Olchiward
« I can only think of an one possible way to see that » Said Eleila
she walked up to the girl and talked to her
« are you Keira is your name Keira ? » Said Eleila with a happy voice
« Do you know me ? » Said Keira
« Yes » I said it
« Should I go call my parents » Said Keira
« Yes honey go  » Said Demonica
Keira went to call her parents
« Thats Keira does that mean that everything from that program » Said Dr Olchiward
« Can become a reality » I said it
« Hey Dudes WUZZUP » Said Skatie
« Well to start the story from the beginning Stasek and I were conducting a simulation
based experiment Galaxia created a Virtual reality world in this world we landed on this
planet and we meet Keira and her parents ‘The Head Hunters’ also landed on this planet
and acting as represantives from the COIK company they stoled defective nuclear warheads
and sold them to Keira’s parents during the tests the defective warhead exploded…saying
it shortly it seems we can stop the tragedy from really happening » Said Dr Olchiward
« And how we will know its really gonna happen like that » Said Leon
« If everything will go acording the simulation timeline ‘The Headhunters’ will land
tommorow at 15:00 we will see their spaceship going threw the atmospher at Keira’s house » Said
Dr Olchiward
« lets go » Said Chriss
We wented to Keira’s house we were greeted by her parents
« Good morning my name is Ariel and this is my beatifull wife Asmena »Said Keira’s father
« Good morning my name is Dr Olchiward Im a profesor at the Celestionate » Said Dr Olchiward
« Im not familiar with that » Said Keira’s father
« I come from the Solar system known as the Sunnian Solar System » Said the Doc
« You come from earth » Said Mr Ariel
« No just these two we come from the ‘Grey’ colony » Said the Doc
« I don’t remember hearing any news » Said Mr Ariel
« Well that colone had fallen five years ago » Said Dr Olchiward
« Would you like to stay the night » Said Mr Ariel
« Im very gratefull » Said Dr Olchiward
« Keeeeira take the guest to their rooms ok  » Said Asmena
« Ok » Said Keira

The rooms were similiar to the ones in RPA hotels we were invinted to a dinner with the
« Im interested in the theory of Freedom » I said it
« Its a hard subject for such minds but the theory is if H=2CK10*10 and we assume that
H means Universal equality C means Universal equality left and K means Universal equality right
so in order to achive universal and time equality we need to change the entire thing
to H*2DK20:21C*91%+60mi*60 sek than we should accept that D means Mathematical ineqauility »
said Mr Ariel
« yes I seem to understand » I said it
We talked the entire evening like that while Chriss,Eleila and Keira where playing outside

And so the first day had passed meanwhile we divisied a simple strategy for dealing
with the threat:
1) We need to wait untill the Headhunters appear
2) Stop them while they try to realise Boris stupid plan

at 15:00 we saw their spaceship going threw the atmospher
« So it will happen » I said it
« not on our watch » Said Chriss
« DUUUDE » Said Skatie
« what should we do now ? »Said Eleila
« My nap just gone to hell » Said Leon
« Ok we need to wait » Said Dr Olchiward
« We cannot allow this tragedy to happen » Said Lydhia
« I agree » Said Demonica
« Me to if anybody cares » Said Ikernel

We waited till 16:45 when they appeared and Boris got that stupid Idea we decided
to follow them (to the familly we said we needed to go out)
We were following them threw the Jungle untill they reached the Military warehouse Boris
helped Lilly to get ther she helped Boris and they all grabbed Vaclaw
« were going in » I said threw the Walkie Talkie
« Roger !!!!! » Screamed the rest
And we entered the facility where the defective warheads were being stored
« what !! » Said Annoyed Lilly
« Leave the Warheads alone and come with us You’re finished Lilly » I said it
« You really belived that.. » Said Lilly
« ‘The Experience Head Hunters are we » Said Lilly
« Vaclaw » Said Vaclaw
« Boris » Said Boris
 » And I Lilly so bye bye with your life !!!' »said Lilly
« This is not the time and place to fight !! » Said Eleila
« when will you learn that every time and place is good for our fight » Said Vaclaw

And we started our battle Lilly attacked me with her Lasersword I retaliated in the same way
« Why are you always the ones to annoy us » I said it
« its the only way we can survive » Said Lilly
We were dueling using Laserswords and there were many shoots fired from Both sides
and the Warheads could explode creating a real life dissaster
Finnally a security guard found us
« Who the hell are you…..security intruders in the a-1 section the deffective
warheads storage facillity » Said the Security guard
« they’re deffective » Said Lilly
« yea Heands youre under arrest by the Dark and White Empire army » Said The Security guard
Soon we were arrested by the military in putted on the military court
« We accuse them on trying to coupe De Etat the rulling forceson the planet Reizob
under special orders from the Illusionic goverment we bann the coprits from the planet
our forces will personally see that the intruders will leave the planet immediatly » Said the
We were lead to our space ship and told to fly off the plabet or we will be facing execution
if we fail to do so
« Its a shame I really started to like Keira » Said Eleila
« We couldve had paid the ultimate price but adleast we stopped the tragedy from happening »
Said Dr Olchiward
« Yes I feel relieved » I said it

Meanwhile we got a video message from the Headhunters team
« I recieved a videomessage from THE HEADHUNTERS » Said Galaxia
« Stasek it won’t end just like that not just because of this » Said Lilly
« I have a second Video message » Said Galaxia
« thank you Im happy that you camed to my rescue » Said Keira
« How did she know » I said it
« I don’t know was she the one that manipulated with the ‘Time machine’ simulation
program ? » Said Dr Olchiward
« But how and why ?? » Said Eleila
« It will forever remain her sweet secret I guess » Said Leon

Interesting enought I found out later that someone tempered with Galaxia system files
all the logs from the landing and data from the planet Reizob was gone we were there but
Galaxia didn’t gather any data or more exactly someone manually from the cockpit removed the
data from her
we were traveling to our next destination

Meanwhile at the another dimension Keira was sitting and appearing to be very happy
suddenly she shapeshifted and morphed into her real self she was the Secret Entity
« ow that was so fun I got to play a real role in Stasek adventures You know what Dark Master
We should invite him to see us sometime  » Said The Secret Entity
« You already meeted him and was saved by him » Said Dark Master
« Yes but I was saved as Keira now I want to be saved as me ! » Said The Secret Entity
« Well if thats your wish but it can be troubling if Stasek’s finds out who you are, anyways
we could have the military court to execute them infiltrating one of our most secret military
bases is a crime that would be enought as an explanation so why did you want the military
court to spare their lifes ? » Said Dark Master
« beacuse they wouldn’t die that easilly anyways the actors you hired for the job of being
my parents did their job just fine very generous when paying them » Said The Secret Entity
« Yes I will Im very happy you’re hapy my dear » Said Dark Master
« On to the next instalment of this very fun game ! » Said the Secret Entity
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>>>>>>>>>>>>To Be Continued in the Next Chapter of Galaxia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>
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