Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction ❯ Galaxia Stories Of Illusion Season 4 chapter 32 ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
« personal Data part 2 a tale about an certain computer Virus »

In this chapter I should present to you the recording made by my younger brother
But unfortunetly because of our technical problems that won’t be possible
I would never expect that something like tha would happen but the entire Galaxia
shuttle system went crazy and blank (this is how and why I managed to obrain these
« Galaxia !! Galaxia !!! » I screamed out byt there wasn’t any reaction from the system
« Damn it I need to talk with the Doc about this » I thought to my self
and this exactly what I decided to do I went to the Dr Olchiwards Cabine
« Stasek !?! What are on earth are you doing leaving your watch » Said Dr olchiward in
Joking manner
« Dr Olchiward we seem to have a problem » I said it
« problem what are you talking about…anyways you yourself know the rules Stasek
if were experiencing some trouble issues you should use the alarm bell you understand
that what you did was irresponsible esppecially since Lydhia is sick ….thought
with Galaxia You don’t need to worry about it and that talk was so I won’t
loos my face you understand ? » Said Dr Olchiward

« Thats exactly our problem » I said it
« Oh my…..You should not be so quick to offense please try to understand Im
a qualified scientist in my work you need to obey certain rules very strictly
I cannot afford my self to be carefree….Well I understand being alone is tiring
not to mention that your bad luck is extreme but you can talk with Galaxia…Why not
going back to the pilots cabine if you really need to alk to someone go talk with Eleila
she’s always doing something in the kitchen and will be more than happy to talk with you
You’ll kill two birds with that as the kitchen is directly behind the Pilots Kabine’s door »
Said Dr Olchiward
« But Doc I need your help » I said it
« Ok Stasek but time for now is limited somebody needs to work on all of these inventions »
Said Dr Olchiward
« Its about the system I saw the recordings… » I said it
« Stasek what have you done !?!…I didn’t give you any authorization !!! You yourself know
that this recordings contain our private secrets ……Stasek I expected from you a respect
for our privacy !! Im deeply dissatisfied with youI could expect something like that from
Chriss but you !!! » Said really angry DR OLCHIWARD
« Wait ?! …I didn’t do that on purposse..Galaxia reported problems with data transmission
and reported the ‘Private folders’ as the source of the problems so I opened these folders
in order to investigate this matter. I also scanned it with the antivirus program when I entered
into the data made by my younger brother Chriss the sistem went off engines and all is not
working what should we do ? » I said it
« What do you mean system is not working engine and all ? » Said Dr Olchiwar
« They’re not functioning for a quite a while I tried to call out to Galaxia but !! » I said it
« hmm wait ill check the data from my consol » Said Dr Olchiward
and wented to the Pc Consol in his Cabine entered the Data base of the system and wrote some
comments on dark screen he wrote some formulas etc
« Stasek good Job its a good thing you launched that antivirus software..Good thing
that you checked the system you localised a very dangerious Virus CJ0001 DEVASTATOR well…
…well we have even its describtion The virus was produced on a planet called USA » Said
Dr Olchiward
« Thats an earth country USA is a country » I said it
« The Galaxia system was saved due to these actions, when Galaxia got the data about this virus
and calculated the risk she decided to shut herself thats good it would be trouble
if the Virus could continue its malicious work » Said DR OLCHIWARD
« So now what ? » I said it
 » The rest is simple Ill change the code of the virus You’ll go to the pilots cabine
You have authorization to look on all of our private data check them threw and give me a raport
of any hidden trojans of the virus Ill tell the rest that I issued my authorization for you »
Said DR Olchiward

And thats what I done this is why I could analise these recordings from my crew mates
we have 7 Recordings I wish to present you with good thing they’re in better shape than Chrisses

Meanwhile in another dimmension
« Can you explain me Dark Master why they put their personal secrets on a computer system
administrated by Stasek ? » Said The Secret Entity
« Because they’re idiots my lady »Said Dark Master

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TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF GALAXIA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>.
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