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Chapter 31
« The Fearless Vampire Hunters »

Althought its not a new information for you guys from the entire 9
force Jewels currently we managed obtain 3
-Ice King (Jewel belonging to Eleila)
-Fire Master (Jewel belonging to Chriss)
– the calmless of peace Jewel (jewel belonging to Lydhia)
However the fourth one was already waiting for its master………………………………………………
……………………………………………………………… …………………
……………………………………………………………… …………………
……………………………………………………………… ……………..
« Wait cause I didn’t quite get that….were suppose to kill a vampire….Count me out
of it ..theres no way im gonna do that !! » Said Ikernel

After a while our group (WITH ALL ITS MEMBERS) were heading to Dracula’s Castle
we landed on planet that was called ‘Transylvania’ (Than again quite good naming night
24/h freaky houses,citizens TAX collectors) you’re probaly wondering whats a Vampire
well they are demons that feed on human blood they constitute the lowest rank of demons that
I meet according to my knowledge they appeared on earth somewhere before 1000 years ago
but there are sources that say they existed longer, Now the one we were pursuing is called
Dracula …now Dracula was once a Transylvanian prince called the Vlad tempeller he loved
blody baths or more exactly torturing people and bathing in they’re blood,once he died althought
there are varying sources of how he died he became a vampire one of the most powerful of the night
walkers now I think you should also know that there are diffrent kinds of vampires
The most known image of Vampire is in fact Dracula he is Night walker a vampire that
cannot walk in day however not all vampires are like that there is a race called
Shinso Vampire (shinso from Japanese means Daywalker) That can walk in day and act as a human
Conserning Dracula the only information I was able to obtain was that Dracula was killed by Dr
Abraham Van Helsing (yes Bram Stoker’s Dracula) So I was wondering was our vampire the real thing

Anyways the buildings on the planet were similiar to the ones made in the eighten Century
we left the town and was walking in the forest once we got the hill I suddenly got a creepy
feeling that we were being watched.

Meanwhile in the dark castle we were heading to:

Lilly.Boris and Vaclaw were suppose to wake up Dracula
« How about we vote on this guys » Said scared Lilly
« Fine with me  » Said Vaclaw
they Voted and the result was that Boris was to opeb the coffin
« Ok Boris go » Said Lilly
« And what about you ? » Said Boris
« we will back you up » Said Vaclaw
 » thanks for nothing » Said Boris

He opened the coffin the man which was appearing to be a dead body (ready for burial)
suddenly moved he looked like 25 year old his face was white he got up
« Wilkomen ..who are you ? » Said Dracula (thats the name we will call him,we never found out
his true identity anyway )
« wwwwwhhhhheeerrree tthththhtthe Head hunters » said Lilly
« Oh So Die Dark MEISTER sended me some help …I will need to thank him on the next
upcoming bal » Said Dracula
« You know what to do ? » Said scared Boris
« oh JA unfortunetly in OUR BEUTIFUL universe there are some worthless left overs that
do not understand the mercifull nature of our belowed Dark Master but this will not last »Said

Meanwhile we were approaching the Dracula’s Castle
« Stasek from what I know that Vampire is one of most troublesome servants of Dark Master » Said Leon
« well beat the crap out of him » Said Chriss
« We need to belive in our selfs DUDE » Said Skatie
« well we dealed with worser guys » I said it
« All we need is a right strategy from what Im sure he will be guarded by lesser demons » Said Dr Olchiward
« He’s right » Said Lydhia
« I agree » Said Eleila

In a short while we worked out a simple yet effective battle plan:
1) Despite any circumstances we cannot divide
2) We inform each other about demonical threats
3) those who use force Jewels protect the ones that don’t have that power
4) The captain is in charge of the battle
5) Absolutly no one from the team can die !

On my order we rushed to the castle
« Stasek Demonical presence » Said Demonica
shortly after she said it the Ghost Guardians appeared
« Eleila !! use your ICE KING!!! » I yelled to Eleila
Eleila used the Ice king
« Stasek behind you!!! » Yelled Leon
I quickly turned back and used my Lasersword to cut the ghosts I got two
« Now Skatie !! » yelled emonica
Skatie showed what a girl with a skateboard can do
« Doc nine o’clock!!! » Yelled Chriss

Doctor Olchiward showed to them the meaning of his defence technology, The guardian ghosts
were attacking us all at once they used the Kamikaze technic (they simply blowed themself up)
I managed to cover Lydhia from one of these attacks which was very powerful, we hardly managed
to get out from the hallway but it was worth it we managed to get rid off these pesky
obstacles meanwhile Dracula and ‘The head hunters’ were awaiting us

« ‘The Experience Head Hunters are we » Said Lilly
« Vaclaw » Said Vaclaw
« Boris » Said Boris
 » And I Lilly so bye bye with your life !!!' »said Lilly

« so you are these worthless pests » Said Dracula
« Be carfeull with your words young man » Said Dr Olchiward
« haha Im 52 tousands years old » Said Dracula
« Well its time to die » I said it and attacked him
« I admire your courage but I will be the victor » Said Dracula
« fight !! in means you find effective !! » I said to comrads while I attacked Dracula
he escaped from my wraith and I was cought in a duel with Lilly
« So now !! » Said Lilly
« Not much » I said it

Lydhia attacked Lilly and freed me from her she used the Calmless of peace Jewel
« You’re smart but this situation is to much for you to handle » Said Lydhia under the
Jewels power
« Stop the crap !! » Said lilly moments before she got hit and felled to the ground
I meanwhile attacked Dracula, Dracula changed into his human appearence and gived me a big
Hit. Boris and Vaclaw wanted to attack Lydhia but were caught in that attempt by Leon
« how about a little game ? » Said Leon
« what kinda game » Said Both Vaclaw and Boris
« The game of two morrons » Said Leon
and gived them a critical blow from a huge energy ball

Meanwhile I got up
« There’s no point in deceving yourself how can you win ? » Said Dracula
« heh well.. » I said it
I attacked and Chriss Joined me half way
 » Damn you » Said Dracula
and defended him self from Chriss
I attacked Dracula he defended himself,Chriss attacked Dracula he defendewd himself
I attacked Dracula he defended himself Chriss attacked Dracula………………..
Dracula was cut in half he was killed The Jewel Darkness of night appeared
it Hit Ikernel suddenly a huge aura of Darkness appeared Ikernel was fighting with it
and suddenly he possesed Lilly (Well the Jewel Darkness of night helps you to control the dark
part of our soul since everybody sins well with exeption of Jesus Christ and God , then
ussually everybody has also a dark spot on his soul the mark of the sin anyways its a temporary
and Ikernel Said to her
« You thou shall leave this place »

« Stasek this will not end not beacuse of this » Said possesed Lilly
and the Head hunters left

The dark aura had dissapeared Ikernel was wearing a recognisible medalion
we left the castle and we saw how the light from the dark sky appeared and suddenly
the dark clouds revealed a beautifull blue sky
« Well it most the first so bright day since 2030 years on this planet » Said Lydhia
« Well they will have a bright future now » I said it

We took a walk and explored the planet, of course we used the oppurtinity to gather supplies
for our voyage……….
Anyways we already have four Jewels:

-Ice King (Jewel belonging to Eleila)
-Fire Master (Jewel belonging to Chriss)
– the calmless of peace Jewel (jewel belonging to Lydhia)
– the Jewel Darkness of night (Belonging to Ikernel)

Only 5 more to go our mission continues meanwhile
In another dimension

« huuuh I told you that you should use the real thing Dark Master » Said the Secret Entity
« Please forgive unfortunetly that damn Hellsing organisation beated me to him if
only I have found out about him sooner 200 years sooner he would become your servant
please forgive me ! » Said Dark Master
« oh well what a pity » Said the Secret entity

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