Fake Fan Fiction ❯ Fruitful ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: All characters are Sanami Matoh’s. The jacket shows up in Brit’s A New Day.

« Dudes, gotta hide! Ryo’s on the warpath! »

« What the–? » JJ stared at Drake, who had a similarly bewildered expression on his face: a blur resembling Dee Laytner had just vaulted over the conference-room table they were sitting at, bolting through its southern door.

A minute later, Ryo strolled through the northern door. JJ and Drake greeted him warily, looking even more nervous when he acknowledged them with his usual calm courtesy.

A few seconds later, a howl of anguish could be heard from down the hall: « RYO MACLEAN, I JUST HAD THIS FRIGGIN’ JACKET DRYCLEANED! »

JJ and Drake silently turned to Ryo for an explanation. With a serene smile, he said, « It’s not my fault Dee tried to head to the roof. There’s a ‘Closed for Repairs’ sign right on the stairwell door. »

« Of course there is, » Jim Campbell agreed, sauntering in. « Of course Dee would be the first to ignore it. » Turning directly to Ryo, he added, « I want lessons from you, man. That was a lot of fruit salad in that beautiful booby trap. »