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Chapter two: Drowning in Pain
“Hotaru, would you mind to go and see Yami for a bit? He is worried about you,” Michiru said to Hotaru as she walked down the stairs in her PJ’s. She looked at Michiru while walking into the kitchen and smiled sadly.
“Then he wouldn’t have played that card,” Hotaru whispered as Michiru looked at her softly. She understood why Hotaru couldn’t stand being around him, but she really wanted to try and save there relationship.
Haruka had said it was hopeless that it would never be normal again. Ami said that Yami deserved to be alone and that Hotaru should find someone new then of course she apologized. Makoto agreed about Hotaru getting a new boyfriend and so did Minako. Setsuna wouldn’t say anything about, but Michiru believed that she could save the relationship.
Actually after the Dartz scene Yugi’s group and the senshis just lost contact or just didn’t care anymore. Yugi didn’t like the way that the senshis had treated Yami when Hotaru’s soul was with Dartz. Anzu deafened Yami while Minako and Makoto wouldn’t even look at him. Jou couldn’t stand Haruka while she couldn’t stand him. Ami had told Yami that he deserved that pain he was feeling while Seiya (female) snapped saying that Ami deserved to have no boyfriend. This caused Haruka to beat the crap out of Seiya which then caused Yaten to lose her temper and so on.
The only ones that actually kept in contact were Yaten (female) and Seto for some reason. Strangely enough the two cold people were getting pretty close while Seiya was having a blast making fun of her sister saying that she had a boyfriend. The starlights were still talking to them which was good though not to Haruka. They kept them updated on what happened and stuff.
“Okay, but will you at least call him? You never know when you’ll lose him,” she pointed out which earned her a glare from Hotaru. She was used to Hotaru’s glares because they were nothing compared to Haruka’s or Seto’s though Seto had actually been a bit nervous to glare at her because of Haruka.
“Like I would care,” she whispered under her breath as she grabbed some milk which was in the fridge. Everyone knew it and no one would deny if they would be able to say it. Hotaru had changed and not in a good way. She was quieter and she also snapped easily. She also had created a barrier between her and the world though the barrier was a lot thicker when it came to Yami. She just was slowly becoming mute or something of the sort.
Yami of course had felt awful about it and he knew he had messed up the relationship no, more like screwed it up, ripped it, into many many pieces. He had destroyed it with playing one card and he had to understand what his punishment would be. He knew he had to pay, but Hotaru also had to pay which got everyone ticked off.
000 somewhere else
“Wait up you stubborn woman,” Seto growled as he caught up with the white haired starlight. She only rolled her green eyes as she held an umbrella in her right hand while her left arm held some books that she was carrying. Her white hair was in a pony tail as usual. She wore a simple white turtle neck that was long sleeved with some jeans.
The two were in the park and were heading to the library, but Seto had been a bit late so Yaten decided to go on without him. Five minutes later Seto had gotten there, but Yaten was a head of him so he had to run to catch up with her which did get on his nerves.
Actually the relationship of the two seemed to consist of arguing and getting on one another’s nerves. Strange as it may have seemed it worked like a charm. They stuck with each other since they met even if it was based on fighting all the time.
“Why should I wait up for you? Not my fault you can’t keep up,” she stated as Kaiba glared at her. She sure was annoying sometimes, but it was the only way that Seto could get close to her even though he would never admit it because this was THE Seto Kaiba.
“Why are you so annoying?” Seto questioned which earned him a glare from the star senshi. He then lightly put his hand on her shoulder to stop her for a bit which she did. She then looked at him which caused Seto to get a bit nervous, but he didn’t flinch as the two sat down. Actually he smiled a bit as he softly rested his hand on top of hers. Yaten just stared off into space while Seto looked at her.
“How’s Yami and the others doing?” Yaten questioned, turning her head to the CEO who only nodded in response. He then lightly tightened his grip on her hand while he looked into her green eyes. Strangely he was calm whenever he looked into her green eyes that reminded him of the green trees that had just bloomed in the summer.
“Yami, he’s feeling guiltier by the day. He’s trying to find a way to make it up to Hotaru though I can’t say he’s gotten it down right yet. Jou is acting like an baka. Anzu is trying to cheer up Yami while Yugi tries to talk to him. Personally, I think he deserves it. I wouldn’t have let the girl I love hurt herself for my sake,” Seto nearly bit his lip off when he said the last sentence. Did he really need to add that last part?
“Who is the girl that you love?” Yaten asked as Seto twitched a little he then looked away nervously. Then a loud crashing sound was heard and soon the two followed the sound and ran with all their might.
“Help…” Seto walked over to the small dark skinned girl who looked around fourteen. She was wearing a long sun dress that touched her ankles and her silver hair was in a ponytail. She was curled up in a small ball. Seto the picked her up bridal style while Yaten took the boy with blonde hair and the other girl with black hair.
“Outers place?” Seto questioned as Yaten nodded in return as the two walked out of the park.
0000 someplace else
“Yami, Yami…” Her hand was so pale and her face looked even paler then usual. She looked almost like a ghost. He reached out to her, but then she cried.
“Hotaru, I’m so sorry. Please, I beg of you, forgive me,” he reached out to touch her face as tears fell from her eyes. He then smiled lightly as she cried. Then she turned to dust as an evil laughter filled his ears.
“NO! Wait! Hotaru, where are you?” Yami yelled as the laughter grew louder and louder.
“You are truly pathetic pharaoh. Look all the ones you love will die. Look!” the laughter was hurting Yami as he gasped for breath.
“Don’t you dare take her away from me! Hotaru!”
“All I reach for you, I’m terrfied of these four walls. All I need is you. Come please I’m calling. Hurry I’m falling, Falling,” Yami woke up with the sound of his radio. Nickelback’s new song was playing which calmed Yami down, realizing it was just a terrible nightmare.
“How was your nap?” Yugi asked, walking in Yami’s room. He smiled at his darker half while the other him smiled back.
“Just a nightmare, that’s all.”
/Hotaru couldn’t be killed. Never. That was just a strange horrible dream/ Yami thought as he got up and looked out the window. He then opened it as he tried to reach out for something, but instead he caught a white feather.
“I will…I will get Hotaru back. I will prove to her that I love her,” Yami whispered as he looked at the sky.
“So this is where you hide, Anael. This is where you hide? With a bunch of humans? Your just as pathetic as Alexiel,” Rociel stated as he gently flew down from the sky onto the soft grass.
“Kisara, you sure your alright?” Mana asked her friend while the silver haired girl smiled and nodded. The two were walking in the mall with Anzu and Mai for a small shopping trip.
Kisara wore a black turtle neck with a white skirt that went to her knees. She looked very nice and sweet with her silver bracelet
Mana on the other hand was wearing a dark blue sweater with some jeans to match. She had her finger nails painted a light pink which looked pretty cute on her actually.
“Are you two coming or what?” Mai snapped as the two giggled and followed the two other girls.
Blood, the world will be blessed with blood as the future comes near. The world will fall under the power of the shadow realm. Angels will shut in victory while demons scramble back to their world.
Sanity slips away as insane angels take over the once beautiful Earth.

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