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Chapter three: More then she seems
A short teen with red hair and eyes let his eyes scan the city as he flew in the air with his pure feathered wings. He looked down with his goggles tangled in his hair. He wore black shirt and pants with his sword hanging on his hips. He was an elemental angel, Michael or what Raphael called him, Mika. He was the elemental angel of fire and war. He was violent and cared little for people or anything at all. He didn’t care who he was fighting or killing. Angel, demon, man, woman. The only time he cared was if it was against his god damn brother. The angel of hell.
“Little dragon, where are you?” he whispered as he looked around he then landed on a building high from the humans sight.
He HAD to find her before his brother. If he found her with no memories then he could have her all to himself. She was the beautiful white dragon that could summon lighting. Beautiful white hair and blue eyes. No one deserved her. He did though, he had suffered so much that it would kill a normal person. She was the only one who could calm down all his fears and kill all the demons that hid in his soul. She was perfect, holding the holy light that matched that of Adam Kadamon. Long silver hair that would dance in the wing. He longed to touch it.
Mika wasn’t one that went for women, but that holy light that her body held was so beautiful. She was just different. That’s all he could say about her.
“Where are you, my dragon,” he whispered again as he tried to keep his cool.
“Yami, lets go see Hotaru!” Mana stated happily as she looked at her best friend. He looked so pale that it had scared Mana and she would be damned if she lost him again. She wouldn’t let anyone hurt him not anymore. She will try to hold onto him and what’s left of his spirit. It was going to be hard, but Mana knew that he needed her even if he didn’t show it.
The two were in the game shop. Looking at the new card that his grandfather had gotten not to long ago. Yami was looking through the glass along with Mana who had a smile on her face. His elbows leaning on the glass as his blonde bangs hide his lightless eyes. Mana wore a pink shirt and short jean pants with flip flips with her painted nails tapping on the glass, making a rhyme that sounded familiar to Yami, but he wasn’t sure where he had heard it before. Like a long forgotten dream.
“Do you think she’ll WANT to see me?” he questioned as his bubbly friend nodded happily. She was so happy and forgiving even though he was the most evil in her world. He believed this and he didn’t want to taint anyone else in the sin that he felt. He felt like he had committed every sin in the book, but he knew that he hadn’t in real life. He just crushed all her hopes. Her dreams were long gone and he didn’t’ know if he would want to know more.
“Lets see,” she said as she grabbed his hand and lead him out of the game shop. He flinched at the sudden sun light like a dragon to a holy angel. He smirked for a minute thinking how he wished to be an angel. A sinless being that was perfect in beauty and had white wings that would protect her. Protect her from anything anyone threw at them and none of them could stop him. He wanted to cleaned of the color of sin and be drenched in holy light.
If only things were possible.
How far away is such a prince?
The prince who had swallowed her third wing?
The son of Alexiel…
“Setsuna, she’s waking up,” Kurai heard whispers around her, but she could make out a lot of them because they seemed to be so far away. The lights were so bright that they almost hurt because of the brightness. Her head was so dizzy and her mouth was preached. Her muscles were screaming at her and had the feeling that they were on fire. She didn’t like this one bit. The only relief that she had was the nice cool leather sofa that she was laying on.
“Michiru, she might want some water,” Setsuna said as Michiru nodded. She got up and went into the kitchen. To Kurai she looked like she was gliding over the red carpet instead of walking like a normal person. Setsuna let her garnet eyes make contact with Kurai’s dark blue ones as she tried to search for some answers.
“Will they be okay?” Seto asked as he gently placed a white wash cloth on Kurai’s forehead. His ice cold eyes looking at her while Yaten glares at him. Setsuna doesn’t know what to do with these people. She didn’t have a clue to be honest.
“Yes, but it’s strange. They aren’t from around here,” Seto was about to make a comment, but a glare from Yaten told him to shut up or else. Setsuna looked at the two girls who looked sad even though they weren’t awake yet. It’s like they were lost or they were murdering. She didn’t get it to be honest.
“Hotaru, Yami and-” Michiru was then interrupted by Hotaru’s glare which was actually pretty scary. Hotaru wore a simple black shirt and black jeans to match which made her face stand out a lot more. Her violet eyes seem to be colder then usual and even made Seto turn away from her glare. Michiru only glared back as she opened the door to let the two in.
“Hotaru, you better go out there or I will personal make you call him and go out with him,” Michiru threatened as Hotaru nodded, walking up to Yami and Mana. Yami had a strange look on his face, but Seto knew it quite well and he almost felt sorry for him. It was longing. A longing that he felt for Hotaru. It was strange, but he only wanted to show her how much he loved her and the longing to hold her once again.
Yami was taken back by her sudden agreement to talk to him. He could feel all the words that he had wanted to say curling up into one big ball in his throat. Ready to say it so fast that she would have to listen to him even if she hated him. He could feel his head getting dizzy because she was so close that he could smell the scent of lavender and cherry blossoms. So close he could see her pale cheeks and pale lips that he wished to touch. He instantly placed his hand over his mouth, thinking how much he wanted to kiss her.
“Lets talk outside without Mana,” Hotaru’s voice was cold and Yami knew that, but he shivered at the sound of her voice. He didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t heard it so long or the fact that it was sharper then a blade. He nodded as she walked out into the front. She looked at him as the sudden silence devoured Yami’s words.
“Where…am…I?” Kurai whispered, wondering why the man and woman were fighting or why she seemed so angry to see him there. She was confused at the dark powers she was sensing and then this strange energy of time that she only knew to belong to Adam Kadamon. Then she could sense a strange energy that controlled the water and then the other controlled the wind. She was so dizzy because of this odd mixture of power that she thought she would collapse again, but she didn’t when a strange, handsome man made her sip some ice cool water. She felt relief from her sore throat for a bit.
“You are at my house,” a woman with green hair said as Kurai took the cold cup in her hand and drank the liquid. She smiled lightly as her lips moistened again and her body seemed to redeem some energy again. She looked up at the ceiling, wondering what had happened and how she ended up here. She knew that she was in a different dimension because her dimension was destroyed and nothing could live in such a horrid place other the insane angels that had killed her people and the savior that she loved more then anyone else.
“Who are you?” Haruka demanded as Setsuna and Michiru glared at her. Haruka didn’t trust the fact that she was a demon (Setsuna told them this, remember). Or the fact that she was a leader of the demons. No, that did not appeal the Haruka’s idea of a friend. She also didn’t like the fact that the other demon was a vampire. Yeah, you could only think of the thought that Haruka thought when she found out about Kato…
“Kurai,” she whispered as Haruka let her guard down for a bit. She reminded her a bit like Hotaru. She seemed so innocent, but Haruka wasn’t going to keep it down for long when she reminded herself that she was a demon and nothing would change the fact. Even if she felt sorry for the little demon princess.
00000 outside
“Hotaru,” he knew he had her full attention and he wasn’t going to waste it, “why are you angry with me?” She was about to snap at him, but he placed his index finger on her pale lips. She looked at him, wondering where he got the nerve to place his slender fingers on her lips. Her fist were clenched as she tried to calm herself down before she would snap at him, but the anger and hatred was becoming so overwhelming that it burned in the pits of her stomach.
“Let me finish. I don’t understand why, to be honest. I know when I used the card that I hurt you, but you could have let me be captured by the seal. You didn’t have to push me out of the way,” she was listening and he knew it so he decided to say how he really felt and that she would listen. That’s all he wanted right now and he knew that he had to try.
“I want to make the hurt go away, but I can’t if I don’t know what’s bothering you. I thought about the scene over a million, billion, times in my head, but I can’t see what I can do. I hate this. I hate the fact that I can’t hold you because you despise me and I…” he drifted off, making sure that he wouldn’t screw up with this sentence. He had to get this right or she’ll never talk to him.
“I want you to know that I will love you. If I could turn back time I would have stopped what happened and…” she then unclenched her fist, revealing a time key which caused Yami to gasp in shock. She stared at him coldly as she placed her hand on her hip while she held the key out to him. He covered his mouth, wondering why she was doing this.
“Then prove it to me,” she stated as he looked at her. His red violet eyes were wide and in shock as she held out the key to him. Yami didn’t get it, he could do that, but something doesn’t feel right. Nothing felt right about this whole thing. She was angry and he knew that when she was angry that she wasn’t afraid to push the law of nature. This didn’t seem right, nothing felt right and it was causing his head to spin.
“Hotaru, I c-can’t. What if Set-” she placed her index finger on his lips. The urge to kiss her fingers were overwhelming, but he forced the urge down as he looked at her. He seemed to calm down as she tried convince him to fix his mistakes. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted her so badly and he wanted to be with her so much that he considered it, but knew. He knew that it was wrong. Going back in time to fix his mistake, what would happen? Would the world still be standing? Would…
“Setsuna-mama doesn’t know. She already has a key for emergencies,” she was looking at the ground as Yami felt the urge to hug her more then ever. He had to be with her, but was it worth it? What if all of sudden time just stopped or something worse could happen. He knew that it was a bad idea, but he clenched the key, letting his finger tips touch the soft white skin.
“Hotaru, I can’t,” Yami quickly stuffed the key in his pocket before Hotaru would snatch it from him. She tried to get it, but he caught her wrist as if it would help her cling to him for once. He knew that Hotaru must have been hurt in the darkness, but he never thought that it would hurt so much that she didn’t want to fight the pain. She didn’t want to fight him or anything.
“You said you wanted to heal the scars! Prove it! PROVE IT!” Hotaru yelled, but before she could finish Yami pulled her lips to his as she looked up at him, tears in her eyes.
The kiss was long and lingering. Yami asked for entrance and to his surprise, she complied. He explored her mouth as she shivered with pleasure. He let go of her wrist and caught the back of her head while his other hand snaked around her waist. She let her fingers get tangled in his hair while he pulled her close to him. She shyly explored his mouth as a soft moan escaped him. His eyes were closed with pleasure as well as for Hotaru. The two pulled away after a minute.
Yami had finally felt satisfied as he tried to catch his breath. He pulled her closer as he kissed the top of her head. She rested her head on his chest when reality finally kicked her gut hard. She slapped him across the face as he looked at her in a daze. He was shocked, but he knew.
“Damn it, don’t touch me again or I’ll…I’ll hurt you like you hurt me!” she ran from him and he understood why. He only caught her off guard with this kiss. Though Yami knew that she still loved him if anything. He may have hurt her, but he knew that she loved him even if she wouldn’t admit it. She loved him and he loved her. It was simple as that.
00000 somewhere else
“Don’t forget to check on Mana for us!” Mai yelled to Kisara as Anzu and Mai drove off in the car while she nodded happily. She waved at them while they disappeared into the darkness that seemed to melt everything and devouring everything, but Kisara didn’t seem to mind the darkness so much.
Mana had accidentally spelt coffee over herself so she had to go home and get dressed into a new outfit. Leaving Kisara to face Mai and Anzu’s dressing design ideas which could kill a smaller person.
Kisara quickly walked into her house so no one would notice her. She locked the door behind her as she entered the quiet house that she shared with Mana and Mahaado. She was ready to walk into her room when she heard a sudden chuckle. She quietly walked into the kitchen to see the shock of her life.
“So this is where you were hiding, My little dragon.”

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