❯ Forever gone Forever you – chapter six ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter six: Kiss this world goodbye

“Goodbye, my beloved.”
“Hold your hands high”
“Hold your tears back.”
“Hold your fears back.”
“And kiss this blue planet…”

He heard her locket break. The gold chain snapped in two and the small handles snapped open. Revealing a picture of her lover. The gold heart shaped locket made a small cing noise as it hit the ground, slowly being surrounded it by blood.
The world became silent. He couldn’t hear the insane laughter of an angel who enjoyed this sight. He couldn’t hear Noise screaming in fright. He couldn’t hear the thunder singing a song. He couldn’t hear the snapping of the locket. Nor his own puzzle splitting in two.
His eyes widen in pure horror as she looked up at him, her eyes half close. Her ivory hand touched his cheek and rubbed away the tears as he fell to his knees. Blood spilt on his black cloths as his strong arm held her waist while using his other hand to touch hers.
So much blood…this couldn’t be happening. No, this couldn’t be happening. She was the strongest senshi, the senshi of darkness. Nothing could take her away, nothing. Nothing! She wasn’t dying, she wasn’t going to leave him alone. No, not again. No…No…it’s impossible.
“Can we ever be happy…? Can…we ever….be,” she took in a shaky breath and held it in, “together…,Atemu?” It hurt so much to breath, to cling to life. It hurt so much…It hurt so…She then let her final breath go… letting the pain go.
She looked so peaceful even though her eyes were still open, looking up at him. He cradled her head as he softly rocked back and forth. He kissed her fingers as if to awaken her from her slumber. His embrace was tight on her frail body while he prayed that the nightmare wasn’t true. His fingers were tangled in hers as he nuzzled into her neck gently.
Breathe, let her lungs fill with air once more. Let her heart beat again in the soft thumping sound. Let her smile at him again, dear lord! Let her smile! That’s all he wanted! THAT’S ALL!
Noise heard him whispering something into his lover’s ear as the insane angel landed on the ground and laughed at him. He had the nerve to laugh at this! It was the same angel that destroyed her precious home! He laughed at this as if it were a joke! Didn’t the fool realized what he had just done? Noise’s anger grew as she picked up a stick, not much of a weapon, but it would have to do.
No…No…No, she’s not dead. She’s not dead. She’s breathing and smiling. They had just…fixed they’re problem. They were meant to be together forever. He was going to place a ring on her finger and they could get married! Yes, she wasn’t dead! She was alive she was ALIVE.
What a cruel fate. This could only be created by god himself and the Egyptian gods. A fate of falling in love then shattering one another’s heard, placing them back together then ripping them apart. This was too cruel…
His golden bangs fell over his eyes as his head fell back, looking upward to the sky. His lips were dry even if water slipped on them. He seemed to be thinking, but neither Noise or the angel could tell
“AHHHHHHHH!!” his voice was no longer silent. His voice would no longer be caught with tears. He was going to scream until she came back, yes. Maybe if he screamed she would open her eyes. Yes, yes! That must be the way to bring her back! That must be it! His screams of agony grew louder and more painful to hear as the insane laughter mixed in with it.
The chain of the puzzle snapped and then it crashed into the million of pieces that it was once in. Ever so slowly, darkness melted onto the ground and soon raised into the sky as Yami’s cries of agony only grew louder.
Why did this happen? They just fixed everything and the pieces were falling back into place. Things were going into it’s rightful place and soon…soon the sun would rise and bring them the future that they both rightful deserved. So why was this creature? One of God’s creations, were doing this to him. He didn’t do anything wrong. He was a servant of light so…so why?

/Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you/
/that is how I know you go on…/

00000 With Bakura and Kurai

Bakura finally calmed down as Kurai cleaned up his wings. He was lying on the sofa while the brown skinned girl cleaned his new feathers. This couldn’t be real, crap, he had wings now. And now this girl was blubbering about him having a destiny? Of course he already had a destiny! That was to kill the pharaoh and take what was rightfully his! It was not this twisted thing that this girl was talking about! He was not an angel! Hell, he was opposite of one!
Sure, he had those dreams, but those dreams didn’t mean a damn! They were just there. Sure, they happened and sure he had them, but dreams happen all the time. Bakura, the name meant fallen angels? Sure, so? It’s just a name and it has no meaning, everyone knows that. Well except this stupid girl that doesn’t know a thing about him. She spent just one night and now she thinks he the son of some fancy angel? A fallen one a that.
He millennium ring started to act up as a strange darkness swallowed up everything in it’s path. He opened one of his brown eyes and saw it and instantly knew that it had something to do with the puzzle. He knew all too well of what were to happen if that puzzle were to be shattered because of a strong emotion. The puzzle was made up of dark magic and dark souls, darker then himself. He could only imagine how much energy the puzzle absorbed when the pharaoh played that evil card. It probably nearly burst! The only strong emotion that could cause it to snap like that was if…
“No way…” Bakura whispered as Kurai raised an eye brow. She soon saw the darkness and realized that she was too late to stop it. Bakura tried to get up, but failed. She then helped him up as he started to limp to the door. Okay, so the fact that people would see his wings was not such a good thing, but he would worry about that later. There were much more important matters to be attended to.
Like to see if Hotaru had really died. This time for real and nothing would be able to bring her back. And if that were to happen then Atem would destroy everything and he would…He wouldn’t! He may have been an idiot, but even idiots have control over their emotions. He knew that Atem was very connected to Hotaru and he could remember a time when he had threatened to kill her. He nearly went insane and it was kind of creepy how he nearly lost, but if someone really had killed her then his insanity would snap and he would try to escape the pain…
By destroying the world!

/far across the distance the spaces between us/
/You have come to show you go on…./

0000 With Mika and Raphael

“Did you sense that?” Raphael then clenched his chest as Mika nodded to his question. Raphael didn’t like this feeling, but he knew what it was. It felt like something was being torn apart so he clung to his shirt with his right hand as Mika looked horrified. Raphael felt like he was choking on something, something big and painful, but he could still breath so why did it hurt so much? The angel of wind could already tell that this was the dimension that Mika’s precious girl.
The same precious girl that he had fought so hard to have, her. The one with silver hair and blue eyes. The one that held a curs of a first kiss being stolen. The one that carried the soul of the dragon in her own frail body. The one that could not protect herself if her world was to be destroy. Thinking of this Mika had a twisted look on his face as he quickly got up and ran out of the office.
“Mika! Wait!” Raphael tried to follow him, but he could hardly keep up with the fire angel because of this new pain. He knew that Mika would do something stupid to protect that girl. He couldn’t help, but find it ironic how Mika hated most to all women except for this girl who was opposite of him. She was calm and he was hell on water. She disapproved of violence while he would enjoy it the second someone said the word “war”. She was soft while he was harder then rock, but still…he wanted to be with this girl more than anyone else in this dimension or that dimension.
He sighed, thinking of what to do. The holy hermit wouldn’t come to this dimension and save it so he had to think of an idea. Heaven wouldn’t be able to bare another dimension crumbling into sand. That’s all they needed, they had enough on their hands. Like Jibril waking up, only to be sent to trial for the sin of incest. Uriel was still missing in action and the rebel group keeps growing larger and larger. The jail for angels who had their wings cut off fall into the deepest depths of the ocean and Hell crushed the Earth and demons were trying to get in. Evils were all gone and dead causing a balance of power to go insane.
If only someone could stop the pharaoh from losing his mind, but how can one do such a thing? The shadows would protect him from attacks so he couldn’t kill him, he would have to commit suicide if he wanted to join her so Raphael could always count on that. He couldn’t stop time so that wouldn’t help. He could just seal Yami in his pleasant dream like Setsuna did when Sara died.
Clinging to the door while holding his chest, Raphael thought about it. He had to think of something soon or Mika would do something stupid to make it worse. The shadows will devour the world and take so many lives along with him. Atemu…the former pharaoh is going to destroy it all with his own hands. He has to destroy everything if he wants to be with his beloved.

/Near, far wherever you are I’ll believe that…/
/the heart goes on/

00000 somewhere in between heaven and hell

His aching body twitched slightly as his eyes fluttered open a bit. The blonde haired boy slowly got up and looked out his cage that he was in. He wore some jeans and one shoe. He had a bandage over his left eye and had only one wing. He looked up into the sky to see it darkening as he wondered if he was dreaming or seeing something about another dimension.
He wasn’t too sure. The images in his head were flashing so fast like shooting fireflies. First he saw a couple kissing in the rain as the man clung to the girl while she tangled her fingers in his hair. He then saw the same couple holding hands and laughing. He saw a man with tri colored hair with a circle that had a star in the middle on his forehead as he saw a pale girl curl up against some invisible wall, frightened by something. Then the man was crying as he held her against him while a man with blue hair was laughing insanely. Then the girl is glaring at him as she slaps him and walks away as he tries to touch her. The scene changes again and he sees a man with white hair and brown eyes glaring at…Kurai! Then the girl was splattered with her own blood as she fell on the ground.
Kurai, Kato, and Noise, they were all alive! They were alive! But he had a bad feeling that something wasn’t right. He could feel someone’s heart breaking into a thousand pieces and anger rising like a phoenix, burning all that was in it’s path while taking his own life.
He had to be with her. He couldn’t stand the fact that she wasn’t with him. Setsuna could sense it, the tri colored haired boy was losing his mind over it. He didn’t want to be without her again. He wanted to be with her even…
If the world would end.

/Once more you open the door and you’ll be in my heart/
/and my heart will go on and on/

0000 with the inner senshi

“What’s going on?” Minako yelled as her yellow skirt flew with the strong winds. The senshis were all outside of the arcade and all of sudden a darkness was over flowing the city and seemed to be devouring everything. The darkness, it was so cold, but it burned like the anger of a forest fire. It was eating everything and none of the scouts liked it at all.
“I don’t know, but we better find out what’s causing it,” Makoto stated as she pulled out her senshi wand. They’re state of mind was sure on killing the person who was doing this. They were sure that it was nothing, but pure evil. Evil, that wouldn’t describe that man. He was anything, but that. He was a kind, lonely man who only wanted to be with one person. And that person was dead.
“Lets get going!” Ami yelled as the scouts started to run toward the starting point of the energy. Their legs were pumping with blood that was burning for a fight, yes they have been wondering if a fight was going to happen. They sometimes felt an odd strange craving for it though they wouldn’t dare admit it. But then again they were the “pretty soldiers.”
Oh, if only they knew of the misdeeds, the sadness, and the death that had happened not too long ago. If only they knew of what was really happening like the angels that had descended to their world, the demons that were trying to protect them, the broken heart of a man.

/love can touch just one time and last for a life time/
/once more you open the door and you hear in my heart my heart/
/will go on and on/

0000 with Bakura

/Love was when I loved you one true time/
/I hope to in my life will always go on/

After several minutes of limping Bakura saw the park was the real pin point of where the pharaoh was. Kurai looked horrified to see the blood splattered around the pharaoh who was holding the dead woman in his arms so tightly that it made Bakura wonder if he was begging the gods for a miracle. Kurai looked at Bakura as he looked back at her, both feeling a familiar sense of destruction.
“Pharaoh! Don’t do this! Don’t destroy everything and take away my revenge! Damn you! Don’t you dare!” He saw the violet eyed boy stand up and look at him, tears streaming from his face and falling onto the ground, blending into the Earth.
“A world without my firefly is not a world worth living,” Yami seemed to disappear into the darkness as Bakura quickly grabbed Kurai and with his new wings, he flew up into the dark sky. She was about to yelled at him when all of sudden the ground split in two. Kurai unfolded her own wings and looked around. Bakura looked a bit shocked, but shook it off as he decided to ask her about it later.
“Princess!” Noise yelled as Kurai looked down and instantly went down to get her. She almost missed her, but she caught her wrist and flew high and caught up with Bakura. The two looked at each other, trying to think of where the pharaoh had disappeared to.
“Well, I should have known you would come Bakura!” Rosiel laughed, holding the broken chain of the necklace that the girl once wore. Bakura glared at him, angrily as he heard foot steps coming from behind him. From the corner of his eye he could see the inner scouts and he could also see they’re looks as they saw Hotaru’s body…in the air?
He looked to see Yami in ball that was made of light and he could see Hotaru’s body that he was holding onto for dear life. His eyes were tightly closed and his lips were pressed together. Bakura wondered what he was doing, he soon realized that he was escaping…escaping into a dream.
“Hotaru! Hotaru!” he then saw Haruka and Michiru, the two parents looked scared with a mixture of sadness and anger. The two were both in there senshi forms along with the others, but they seemed frozen and stuck to the ground. Watching the angel laugh at it all. Laughing at the terror.

/Near far wherever you are I believe that the heart goes on/

000 with Seto

“What the hell is going on!” Seto snapped as Yaten walked up behind and looked outside to see the darkness and hearing the screaming of people. Seto had a feeling that it wasn’t as dangerous in his own home because the starlights were in his home. He wasn’t happy that the two were here, but he was too busy thinking about what was going on outside.
Seto was looking out the living room window with Yaten had an arm wrapped around his own arm. The two were looking out with a serious look on their faces while the rain fell harder and harder. Both of them could sense it, but they didn’t know what to do which bothered Seto.
Seto was wearing a black turtle with black pants. The necklace that had Mokuba’s picture in it hung around his neck while he looked out the window with Yaten by his side. He was barefooted at the moment.
Yaten was wearing a white short sleeve sweat shirt with jeans that clung to her
“I’m going to see what’s going on, stay here,” Yaten walked out of the room with Seto following her close to see the other two starlights following their sister. Seto was about to yell at her and snap at her, but before he could she swiftly turned around and gently pecked his lips.
“I’ll be back, promise,” and with that she left a stunned Seto behind.

/Once more you open the door and you hear in my heart/
/and My heart will go on and on/

0000 With Bakura and the others

“Damn it Pharaoh! Wake up! Don’t leave to die or I’ll drag you to hell with me!” Bakura snapped as Rosiel smiled evilly at him. It was strange seeing the enemy of the pharaoh was trying to wake him up, but then again. Life was just so interesting especially when it came to weak pathetic humans.
“Yeah! Wake up or I’ll kick your ass so hard that you’re going to be wishing you were dead!” Kato yelled (sorry for his words, but he is like that if you know his character), he had just came to the scene when he felt a familiar energy that belonged to Rosiel and revenge was on Kato’s mind, but he really should try to snap the pharaoh back into reality. He was with Yugi, Mohaado, Jou, and Anzu because Haruka made him go and grab a new deck for Noise because she wanted to duel her when she got back.
“Well, I have to go,” Rosiel said as he disappeared, but everyone was too busy trying awaken Yami who was tearing the world apart. He was angry and everyone was, but how can you control such anger? Is it even possible?
“Wake up pharaoh! Now!” Bakura didn’t know what to do, everything was ripping apart and he had wings. Some crazy angel just killed Hotaru, Kurai was a demon girl while he just grown wings! Hell he’s surprise he knows left to right.
“Yami! Wake up! Wake up! Are you going to destroy the world, Yami?!” Yugi yelled as he angrily punched the ground. Range was filling as well were another mixture of emotions.
All Yami was doing was escaping the pain in a dream.

00000 Atemu’s mind

Who is calling me?
What do you want?
Stop it.
I tried living without Hotaru before.
Nothing is worth it.
“Is that you…?”

“Who are you yapping about?” Yami’s eyes became less burly and soon saw Honda sitting in front of him with a text book open. Soon Yami realized he was in school and nearly jumped when he saw the slightly annoyed look on Honda’s face. They were both wearing a blue school uniform.
“Honda?! Where are we and what happened?” Honda had this “what’s with you” look on his face as Yami fell out of his chair and landed hard on the floor. He looked up at him with a shocked look on his face. He was obviously confused with his surroundings. Okay, confused would be an understatement to this, but heck he wasn’t saying much for a confused person.
“You know, Yugi and Ami are going to kill you for sleeping while they were trying to help us for the test,” he pointed out to the boy as his eyes widen. It was all just a dream? A bad dream? How can that be? He saw…and Yugi was his friend, but then he used that card and lost her and then she hated him then she forgave him and she…it was all just a dream? A bad scary dream?
“It was all a dream?” he asked as Honda shook his head as two people entered the room. Yami turned to them and saw some very angry faces staring at him. Ami was standing above him with a ticked off look while Yugi just shook his head.
“How can you fall asleep? Seriously, don’t you sleep enough?” Yugi asked as he let his hand be available to him get up and off the floor. He took the offer and rubbed the back of his head in disbelief. Ami sighed as she glared at him then he heard a new set of foot steps.
“Just on time, Yami here was talking about you in his sleep,” Honda said as Yami turned to see dark violet eyes that were annoyed made contact with his red violet eyes. He mouth dropped a bit as he looked at her ivory skin and small figure.
“You fell asleep again! I can’t believe you sometimes!” Her voice was soft, but yet demanding. It couldn’t be…
“Hotaru?” he whispered as she glared at him with anger. His breath was caught in his throat.
“Of course I’m Hotaru, who did you think I was?” Hotaru snapped at him as he blinked a few times. She was really here, standing before him with fury in her eyes. She was here, all of her. She was beautiful and she was alive, breathing.
“Hotaru! You’re alive!” Instantly he hugged her tightly and pulled her close to him as she struggled. He soon started to kiss her forehead, cheek, and lips which wasn’t helping her anger calm down at all because she was wondering why the heck he was acting so weird.
“Stop! What’s with you today?” she asked as she pushed him away by pushed his head away. She glared at him as Honda laughed at the scene while Yugi and Ami stood there in utter confusion. He sure was acting strange.
Yami then noticed something on the desk. It was a pen, yes the senshis did carry around their transforming pens wherever they went. It was there weapon against anything that threatened them or the Earth or Princess Serenity. But it was different it didn’t have the sign of any planets.
“Hotaru, what’s this?” He picked up the pen and let it slip from his fingers into his palm as she sighed. He didn’t get it, everything seemed so real in the dream. He didn’t really know how that dream wasn’t real, but he was thankful for it.
“Baka, all my friends have pen like it. Of course it resembles our favorite colors. See it’s violet, I hope you at least know what my favorite color is,” he then looked back at her in confusion, it wasn’t a transformation pen? But…
“It’s not to transform,” he instantly had a text book land against his head thanks to violet eyed girl. She looked more annoyed then before while Honda was laughing at this and Yugi was chuckling while Ami just sighed.
“Transform into what?” She glared at him as he sighed, things were normal. They were all normal teens with healthy bodies and all that stuff. He was normal. She was normal. He wasn’t some former pharaoh and she wasn’t a princess of Saturn. It felt really nice at the moment.
“How about we study tomorrow so you can unscramble your brain a bit,” Honda said as the other two nodded. Yami nodded too and followed Hotaru out the door as she held her book bag close to her. All of sudden Minako came up to them and smiled.
“Hotaru, I envy you, always with your boyfriend,” Minako said as Hotaru smiled, obviously hiding some facts about her boyfriend like he was being a bit of a scatter brain at the moment. He was also having strange dreams or something like that.
“See you later Minako,” Hotaru said with a smile as she waved to them as they walked away. Yami was still a little fuzzy, but it didn’t matter. Hotaru was alive and they were normal. That’s all that matter. He was happy and that’s all he cared about and she was too.
Yami then saw Yaten and Seto walking hand in hand. That’s strange…Seto didn’t like showing his emotions out loud in front of everyone. That wasn’t like Yaten either. If anything the two would be fighting like there was no tomorrow. Hotaru then noticed the confused look on his face as he looked at the couple walking away from school. She sighed as she looked at him
“What’s wrong now?” She asked as Yami looked back at her in confusion.
“Yaten and Seto, they aren’t really dating, are they? Seto doesn’t even like to admit he likes her nor can Yaten,” Hotaru shook her head at his comment.
“Yami, they have been dating for a year now. Those two have liked each other since middle school, but they were too stubborn to say anything until now, remember?” Hotaru asked as Yami nodded his head slowly as if he did remember.
Everything was just a nightmare. Her being a senshi. Him being a pharaoh. Her hating him and him betraying her. It was all just a dream and they were normal people. Normal teenagers in love. No Senshi, no pharaoh, nothing like that. He was a normal teenager with a girlfriend. Girlfriend…
Yami quickly took her waist from behind as soon as they left he school grounds. He then nuzzled into her neck as he heard a small gasp. He didn’t care at the moment how annoyed she was going to be, but he just needed to hold her like this because the dream was so…so real and it scared him very badly. He just needed to do this right now.
“Yami, what’s wrong?” Hotaru asked as she pecked his cheek. After a moment he realized they were at the same garden like in his dream. He felt a shiver go up his spin as he remembered his dream. It was all a bad dream and that’s it.
“I had a very long and sad dream,” she looked up at him as he sat down on the edge of the fountain with Hotaru sitting in his lap. She looked up at him as he looked down at her.
“In my dream we weren’t normal teenagers. We protected the world from evil. I was a former pharaoh trapped in a puzzle while you were a senshi named Sailor Saturn. We met during the battle city dueling tournament that Seto threw. You weren’t dueling, but you came for fun and so I showed you around. It wasn’t until later that I found out about you and you found out about me, but we still fell in love. But then…”
“I messed up and you lost your soul to a mad man. I saved you, but you were so angry with me. And then…”
Yami turned his head, but he couldn’t see anyone calling him so his attention went back to Hotaru.
“And then?” she asked him as he smiled sadly.
“You finally forgave me and I promised to be the man you wanted me to be. We were going to be happy, but then someone took you away from me and it was very very sad,” he whispered as Hotaru’s hands gently touched his face. She smiled at him as he smiled back at her.
“It’s over now, Yami. The nightmare is over,” Yami then had a sinking feeling as he touched his chest to see that the puzzle wasn’t there. His eyes were wide and in shock.
“The puzzle that Yugi and I shared, where is it?” Yami asked, not really asking anyone, but just asking.
“What are you talking about? You never had a puzzle,” Hotaru said as she blinked in confusion. Yami then noticed the locket on that was around her neck. It was beautiful and it fit her perfectly against her pale white skin. Yes, it was the locket.
“That locket…” he whispered as he looked at it while she smiled up at him. She couldn’t help it, but chuckle at how clueless he was being.
“It’s the locket you gave me, remember?” she smiled up at him as he smiled sadly. It was all coming back, painfully and fully. That wasn’t the locket he gave her, he wasn’t normal. She wasn’t normal nor alive. This was just a…
“No, that’s not the locket I gave you. The one I gave you shattered into pieces,” pieces that can never be fixed. She wasn’t alive, this wasn’t…
“Don’t say that if you don’t you can stay here forever,” oh, how much he wanted to stay here with her, but he has to go and fight. Get revenge and save the ones that were still alive. Then save her soul and bring it back to him so they could have a …
“Your not the real Hotaru,” his Hotaru was dead, “this world isn’t real. All this is a dream and nothing more,” but oh how he wanted to stay, “This is all a dream…” she looked at him and then cried as her body became broken glass as the world around him melted like ink in water. Slowly slipping away from him.

Even if it was all a dream.
I wanted to stay here so badly.
But I have to keep my promise to you, Hotaru.
And I will…

/We’ll stay forever this way you are safe in my heart/
/and my heart will go on and on/

0000 in the real world

“We are all going to really die?” Bakura finally asked as he looked at the light that Yami was in. He couldn’t believe, the pharaoh was being a coward now of all the times to be a coward. He was going to take the easy way out and leave them all to die. This couldn’t be happening, they had fought so hard and it was being destroyed by him! By the damn pharaoh!
“No your not, you called me from my dream and now I’m here,” everyone turned to see Yami standing on the ground, holding Hotaru close to him. Tears were streaming down his face as he looked at everyone who sighed with relief as the world stopped trembling for a bit.
“So Pharaoh, are you willing to go to Kurai’s dimension and defeat Rosiel?” Pluto asked as she appeared out of no where. She was in her senshi outfit and held her weapon close to her as she stared at Yami while he put Hotaru’s body down. He nodded as Kurai nodded while Kato and Noise agreed mentally to help them.
“Fine then I shall take you there. Usagi, stay here and help Darien heal the Earth. The inners and the outers will go along with you. As well as Mohaado, Honda, Jou, and Anzu, Bakura, and Malik, got it?” Bakura glared at Pluto as she only nodded and smiled.
“The trip will be long so Kurai, you explain what’s going on, alright?” Kurai nodded to this though she was not looking forward to a trip with Bakura who not looking forward to it either.
“Now go,” the group disappeared when she waved her weapon in front of her. She smiled as she looked at the Senshi of the Moon who looked at her worriedly. She nodded to her as the two walked away, hoping for their safe return.

0000 with Mana and Kisara

Mana woke up with her back aching and her head bleeding from something that fell from a building. Mana woke up to see Mai, Kisara, and herself still in the mall that was barely standing. She crawled to Kisara as she tapped her on her shoulder. Mana’s white sweat shirt was a bit on the torn up side as well as her jeans. Kisara’s pink short sleeve dress was also torn a bit, but Mai was okay.
Kisara looked up at the girl as they awoke Mai and looked around. The three walked like mindless zombies for a bit as Mana noticed a sharp scent of water. Sea water to be exact, but there was no sea near them, but it was near.
“AHHH!” the three yelled as the ground around them collapsed into a large hole into the ground, falling for what seemed for eternity.

End of book of Hatred

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