❯ Forever gone Forever you – Chapter one ( Chapter 1 )

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Sailor Ra: I will be putting up two stories (sweat drop) I could decide on either this one or What you want which was surrounded by the starlights. So I couldn’t decide. This takes place in Angel Sanctuary volume fourteen.
Summary: When Hotaru’s soul is returned to her body after Yami defeats Dartz she is no longer the same. In Setsuna’s World, hell has just collapsed, but Kurai, Noise, Kato have escaped the collapsed, but it was all because of Pluto. Pluto seems to have secretes as well as Uriel who hides the fact that his sister’s soul is locked in a Senshi. Rosiel has come to Hotaru’s dimension in hopes of killing Hotaru. Will anyone live through mad angels and sane demons?
The first chapter switches from Kurai’s POV To Hotaru’s POV, Kurai’s is first. I do not own Angel sanctuary, sailor moon, or yugioh. I do own the small poem thing.

Forever gone, Forever you
Chapter one: End of my Kingdom
Don’t hold on tight as I pray you will see the feelings that shine so bright while I hold onto you. Thou must pry that you have not committed sin. The Earth is swallowed as I hope that the last light of miracles will not die. Don’t cry dear angel, I will show you the beautiful light even though the beautiful world is about to be destroyed.
Light, don’t betray me now. I must live or the insane angels will win. They will win and there will be no such things as love or light. Don’t forget me.
You messiah clockwork angel
Wake up, shine bright on the endless night
Release all my Glacier times
Do not let me go back into my body lord. I do not want to see him or anyone. I do not want him to hold me again and betray me at the same time. I can’t stand to be around him. I feel like my world is ending and what am I suppose to do? The world is ending, I feel it.
A world is ending so quickly and I can sense it so clearly. It’s so unnatural, but yet it was bound to happen. So a world will end while another begins. Tell me this angels, did you cause the insanity or sanity?
Angels of sanity and insanity
Which am I, messiah?
A light. I can feel the warmth spread across my body as I try to see if I can find Setsuna. Setsuna, are you still alive? Setsuna can you hear me? I’m trying to find you, but this light is so strong that I can’t even see Noise or Kato. So what is happening to me? Setsuna…the world is ending and there is nothing we can do about it.
Your world.
My world.
All because of insane angels and sane demons.
Angels are the insane and demons are the sane
The earth is ending Messiah, what are we to do?
The light is vanishing…
I see his violet red eyes as I open my eyes once again to face them. I have to face them all on my own. I didn’t know what to do other then to reach out only to be caught by Yami. I don’t look at him and I know I can’t without screaming at him. Oh, what now beautiful angels?
Are they real and the visions I saw? I saw so much blood and angels wings being stained of blood. So much blood and crying. Are those things real?
Beautiful angels tell me why you hate me so?
Tell me Messiah! Tell me what I have done to deserve this
Alexiel, I know what I must do now. Find the prince of sin and help save Setsuna and Sara, but how can I do this while my world is gone? Have I betrayed the country I cared for so deeply? Have I? Answer me! Don’t leave me now! Don’t!
The light is so bright and warm. You wouldn’t think that a world is ending right now. Heaven is crashing into hell. I will be surprise if I survive this at all. Help me, Setsuna.
Tell me I have done right
Tell me the truth angels of hell
What have I done?
A world is ending and there is nothing either of us can do about it, Yami. A world is ending even though it was in chaos for so long. Everything is crumbling and I am afraid of it. I know no one else can see it, not even Setsuna-mama. She can’t see it either.
I am the only one and I think I am losing my mind.
The world is ending angels
The world is ending demons
The world is ending…
I must find the prince of sin. A boy with blood stained hands and a dark past. The one who can show the light of miracles. I will find him and save all things! I will save everything that I have left no matter what happens!
Wake up, Messiah
Shine bright through this endless night
I must fight whatever is about to happen and protect Usagi and the others. I will do so. I must save this world with the power of destroying worlds and find who the angels and demons are in my visions before I become insane.

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