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Book of Insanity: centers around Kurai, Kato, and Noise and Bakura in Kurai’s dimension. Six through ten
Book of Love: centers around Yami, Raziel, Mana, Pluto in Kurai’s dimension. Chapters ten through fourteen
Book of Rebirth: centers around Sara, Hotaru, Raphael, Uriel in heaven kurai’s dimension, fourteen through sixteen
Book of Sanity: centers around Kisara, Kira, and Michael in hell, Kurai’s dimension sixteen through twenty
Book of War: centers around Setsuna, Bakura, Kurai, Hotaru, Yami, Sara, Rociel, Katan, Kurai’s dimension twenty through twenty one
Book of Heart: everyone, twenty two in Hotaru’s dimension
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Chapter four: Prince of Sin
Kisara parted her lips and was about to scream, but before she could he caught her face in his hands and pressed his burning lips on hers. She wanted to scream, but she soon saw the white feathered wings as they surrounded her like a shield.
Mika finally felt his frustration disappear as he kissed the confused girl. He knew he would have her now. His brother did not steal her first kiss this time and she was sure to be his. She was his for sure and no one could take her. Not even that perverted doctor, Raphael! He could not even seduce this girl because she was his.
He finally let her go, but wrapped his arms around her as they disappeared. They then reappeared in the star night sky. Kisara gasped even though she didn’t know this reality or fantasy. She looked up at the strange short red headed boy as he smirked. She saw the blue dragon the was imprinted on his face and neck He held onto her as they flew in the air.
“I want to get down,” Kisara said calmly as Mika nodded. They landed on a roof a building as Kisara sat down and looked up at the stars. She let her head rest on her shoulder as Mika sat next to her, comfortably. Kisara noted that he was more of a child like sense of mind now. Before he was more serious, but he was acting like a curious child with a short temper. Kisara didn’t know what to think of him just yet.
“I usually don’t act like this,” he stated, stubbornly as if it would prove his self wroth. Kisara smiled at him as if she knew what was going even if she didn’t know. She just knew she felt oddly comfortable with him. Mika only smirked at her as she smiled back at him.
“Okay, so are you an angel?” He nodded as he leaned in a bit. He kissed her gently and this time Kisara closed her eyes. She felt the wind in her hair for a second and then opened her eyes.
She was back in the house, standing up while the window was open. She blinked as she rested her forehead on her palm.
“What just happened?” she asked as Mana walked into the house. Kisara then turned to her and smiled, hoping that she wasn’t losing her mind. The younger smiled at her as she walked into the kitchen.
“Is everything okay?” Mana asked her friend well Kisara blinked for a minute and then nodded slowly. Mana then pulled out a glass from the dishwasher and filled it with water.
“I think so, but maybe I should stop studying so late.”
0000 somewhere not too far away
Mika had his goggles over his eyes as his smirk widened. Nothing could stop him now. He was on top of the world! Well actually he was on top of a TV station tower, but that did not matter. All that matter was that he had her like a rose that Uriel had grown himself. Yes, she was his white rose. And he was on top of the world and the happiest person in the world.
“She is mine brother! She is my rose this time brother! Your precious rose his mine now! Lucifer! Kisara, the holder of the blue eyes white dragon is mine!” Mika smiled for what seemed to be thousands of years old. He had never smiled, but he could finally beat his brother if he had her and he did. He knew it and now so did the whole world.
That stupid savior, Setsuna was wrong. He had beaten his brother in the great war and everyone knew it. He had beaten the crap out of his older twin and he knew it. He knew it. He now could have what was rightfully his. Lucifer’s first bride, Kisara, the angel of lighting.
Kisara, the angel of lighting. Beautiful silver hair and blue eyes that caught the soul. Falling in love was forbidden in heaven, but that did not stop Michael (mika) and Lucifer.
“So that’s what happened to her soul,” Mika turned around to see Raphael, arch angel of wind. He smirked as he pointed to a small house and he turned back to him as if the prove a point to the angel of wind. He knew that he proved him wrong.
Raphael was wearing a doctor’s coat with black pants and a black shirt. He was standing behind
“She’s mine now,” Mika smiled again as fell backwards and let his wings catch the wind in a sudden movement.
00000 few days later
Hands stained with blood.
Eyes tainted with insanity.
Lips filled with lust.
Body smeared with blood
An untainted soul
With white wings
He is the child of an angel.
He is the child of a fallen angel.
He is the child of Alexiel.
He is the prince of Sin.
Kurai was sitting outside on the swing of the deck in the backyard while Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna went out for shopping. Her eyes scanned the clouds as she breathed in the scent of the rain and mud. She couldn’t help it so she looked even more space out as she heard foot steps.
The demon princess had been having many many nightmares about Setsuna and seeing his head on a plate and Rociel laughing insanely. Kurai was having so many nightmares that she would often times avoid sleep the best she could. She didn’t know why, but she would close her eyes and see Setsuna’s face. Then blood, so much blood. Seeing her kingdom falling apart and Setsuna’s head being ripped off his body. That’s what her dreams were filled of at the moment.
Kurai wore some short jeans and a white baggy short sleeve shirt that was tucked into her jeans. She was bare footed and her earrings were hanging on her ears as usual. Her hair was in it’s usual pony tail.
“Kurai,” she turned to see the pale skin girl that she had met a several days ago. Kurai liked her because she was the only one that wouldn’t bother her with questions about why she was here or anything. Kurai had actually became some what mute around everyone else, but her and Noise. Kato seemed to be just as mute, but he seemed to talk to Hotaru as well.
“Hotaru, what are you doing out here?” Kurai asked as Hotaru looked at her. Hotaru sat next to her as Kurai pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them. She looked like she may cry, but she had a simple smiled on her lips as Hotaru looked at her and smiled back.
“I was worried about you,” Hotaru was being honest. The two had made a strange connection through the past few days, but neither of them could figure it out. Kurai often worried about Hotaru whenever she saw that man or the name “Yami” was mentioned because Hotaru would suddenly be in this dark mood. Hotaru knew how she felt for a man named “Setsuna” because when the two started talking that’s all she would talk about.
Kurai would never admit it, but she loved Setsuna deeply even if he would never return her feelings and that probably what hurt the most. The fact he would never love her in return, but as long as she could protect him then she would be happy, but since she didn’t even know if he was alive or not so she had became sick or something. She was ill and everyone knew it.
“Can I ask you something Hotaru?” Kurai looked at her. She was afraid to ask her the question, but Hotaru nodded so Kurai was not so afraid. She knew that this would probably a dangerous question, but she might as well asked since it had been bothering her for a few days.
“Why do you hate Yami so much?” Hotaru’s face darkened a bit as Kurai held her breath. Kurai prayed that Hotaru would get too angry, but there had to be a reason why she was so angry all the time, but what was she to do? She just had to figure it out.
“Want the truth? He betrayed me and he doesn’t get it why I saved him. Why I saved him? I love him and that’s what your suppose to do when you love someone. You have to protect them…” thunder sounded.
Kato had no idea where he was going, but he honestly didn’t care. He didn’t to get a joint or get high on something. He didn’t understand it at all. He still had nightmares about Kira’s death. He could still see his body being ripped apart and seeing that monster standing their with a smirk on his face. He could still feel the blood against his cheek and the anger rising up in him.
Kato wore a bandana that was white that matched his white shirt with a cross on it. He wore some jeans that Haruka had let him barrow which was strange, but he didn’t ask any questions. His white tennis shoes were the ones that he had for as long as he could remember.
“Aren’t you Kato?” he turned around to see a beautiful woman. She was as tall as him and had chestnut brown hair. Soft green eyes and petal pink skin. She wore a pink skirt that went to her knees with a black turtleneck and black stockings. She had a pair of black shoes to match along with the whole outfit.
“Who wants to know?” Kato knew all to well of this line he had used over the years. He used it when he met Kira and he used it when he met the person who started him on drugs. He was so used to this line that he didn’t care.
“Makoto, I’m Setsuna’s friend,” she held an umbrella over his head as he followed her, not really caring what was going to happen. He was just tired and numb and showed this as she smiled at him. She then started talking about something, but he was pretty out of it.
“Do you like cookies?” Makoto asked as she took off her shoes and put on her slippers. Kato took off his shoes and put on the slippers as he walked in. He smelled the delicious sweets. He looked around as she smiled at him.
“Sure, why are you being so nice to me?” he asked as he walked into the kitchen. She looked at him and smiled. It was strange, but it was a kind smile. Kato wasn’t used to this kind of attention.
“I don’t know, but you’re interesting. Actually you’re also kind of cute,” Kato bit into the cookie as he looked at her as she blushed lightly. Kato was not one that was good with conversations as of this. He knew though, he knew all too well that he could not love her for a reason.
“Careful, I’m not one you want to mess with,” he knew this was an honest statement. Makoto looked at him curiously as she sat next to him on the wooden chairs of the table. The roses sat in the middle as if to say that she was happy with her life. She wasn’t too sure at the moment.
“Why?” Kato wasn’t too sure if he should answer and so he moved uncomfortably in his seat. He bit the cookie and then drank the milk slowly as he looked at the girl. She was innocent, but he could sense that she had gone through similar crap as he had to go through.
“If I did fall in love with a girl, I would be possessive. If she cheated on me even once then I would beat her so badly. I would destroy everything so quickly that when I finally realized what I had done it would be all gone,” Kato finished it off by biting into the cookie as she stared at him intensely.
“But hey, that’s life,” Kato said as he shrugged coolly, Makoto fell over anime style as she looked at him like he was nuts.
Makoto’s first impression of Kato: He was a complete idiot who played life as a game.
00000 few hours later
/Wake up, I’m pounding on the door I’m not the man I was before/
/where the hell are you? When I need you/
Bakura opened the door out of the apartment building as he pulled out a cigarette. He knew Malik would kill him if he smelt like smoke or the fact that he had been smoking, but he didn’t care at the moment. He needed to get his mind off some thing and he wasn’t going to go out and think about it in the god damn rain, but at least no one was out at the moment.
He pulled out a lighter from his black jean jacket. He quickly rested again the building with his right foot up and pressed against the wall as his brown eyes searched for something that may entertain his mind for a bit. He was surprised when his mind caught sight of a strange girl in a tree that was in front of his apartment building.
“Hey you, cat girl, what are you doing in that tree?” He was surprised to see silver hair that matched the color of his, but it was a bit shiner then his and longer and the fact that it was in a ponytail, still it was the same shade. She had dark skin which surprised him because she would have to be from some place different or she could have gotten a really good tan, but he doubted that last guess.
Kurai had left the house after Hotaru went to take a nap because she felt like it. She has actually hoped to find any sign of the “prince of sin”, but was having no luck because most humans were actually very boring. She was standing on a tree branch, hoping to see something.
“None of your business,” she stated as she glared at the white haired boy. She saw him as he shrugged, not caring. He had to go and see Malik anyway and the Egyptian would not be happy if he was late to see him. He probably brought his god damn girlfriend, Rei or something like that. He was not looking forward to see that damn senshi, but he had too since Malik was his friend.
But the girl in the tree seemed way more interesting then Rei so he decided.
“I’m coming up,” he said as he grabbed the first branch and pulled himself off as he dropped his smoke which ticked him off a bit, but ignored it as he climbed the next branch.
“Who’s coming up?” Kurai had obviously zoned out when she had told Bakura to back off. She didn’t know who she was dealing with and was surprised to see the pale boy next to her. Her eyes were wide with shock as he pulled out another cigarette and then the lighter. He rested the small paper wrapped drug on his lip as he looked at the girl the take note on her blue eyes that were pretty clear for someone who was hanging around his apartment area.
“Want one?” he asked as the girl shook her head. She looked at him to see his mud brown eyes and messy white hair. She was amazed that he had no trouble getting up in the tree, why should she care? Maybe he was an empty minded guy who was healthy.
“What are you doing up here?” he asked as she sat down next to him. She touched her earrings as if she was thinking about something very hard, but he didn’t know what it was. He sighed as he threw the cigarette and glared at her with a bored look on his face. He was now wondering if she was as interesting as he thought.
“Trying to find a friend,” she said honestly as she glared at him. She was finding no interest in this human. He was boring and he smelled funny. He also smoked the same things as Kira did, but at least he would look cool while smoking it, but this human was not interesting at all. He was a lot more boring then a lot of the other humans.
“Wouldn’t you find better luck inside?” he asked as he scanned her. He saw her flat chest while he smirked. Well, this girl maybe fun to make fun of if he pointed to the right spots. Oh yes, maybe he could have some fun with this girl.
“What are you doing out here?” Kurai responded as Bakura smirked a bit. He let his eyes travel to her thin legs that had a Band-Aid on them as if she was a tom boy. Actually he wasn’t too sure if she was a she, but might as well poke fun since she was getting pretty ticked off.
“Nothing. You know you have a pretty flat chest for a fourteen or thirteen year old, you know that?” Bakura pointed out as her face flamed up in a blush that was priceless. He was so going to enjoy teasing her.
“I’m fourteen, dumb ass!” she snapped as she stood up in anger. Bakura was really ticking her off and he was having a blast. She was pretty funny when she was angry. Bakura chuckled a bit as she flumed with anger.
“Not my fault that you’re a flat chest,” he said as she jumped off the tree, but instead she slipped on the wet wood. She would have met face ground to the concrete if Bakura hadn’t caught her ankle, but she had hit her head on tree or something.
“Oh damn,” he said as he pulled her back up and placed her over his shoulders and got off the tree. He then looked back up and the clouds and then walked into his apartment. He knew how this looked as the people on his floor saw him caring a kid two years younger then him. He personally didn’t give a rat’s ass so he ignored the stares.
He opened the door with his key and then placed her on his bed and sighed with annoyance. This girl sure was causing him a lot of trouble, but if he hadn’t made a comment about her chest then this would have happened. He sighed again, why did his mouth get him into so much god damn trouble?
His apartment was made for one person. You would first walk into the living room and on the left side was the kitchen and on the right was a door to his bed room. In the living room was one sofa with a decent size TV with a fire place under it. In there it had white carpet and a white bed with one lamb on a table next to the bed.
She was on his white bed that had a big white fluffy comforter. She curled up into a small ball as Bakura went into the kitchen to grab her some bandages. She let her fingers sprawl around the comforter as he came back and put a wash cloth on her forehead.
To Bakura’s surprise he gently untied her hair and let it go freely on his bed. He was surprised at how he was stroking her hair gently. He didn’t understand it, but he had an urge to touch her hair and he did so as she snoozed soundly.
“Bakura…what the…” Malik walked into his room as Bakura touched her. He looked up at the Egyptian as he looked back at him.
“She fell out of a tree and no I don’t know who she is,” Bakura said quickly as Malik raised an eye brow.
“How did you know she was a she? It a bit hard to tell from here,” Malik looked at his friend with a not so surprised look. Bakura glared at his friend as he laced his fingers into her hair.
“I may have been a murder, a thief, but I am not a pervert,” Bakura defended himself against himself as Malik smirked.
“Your not? Well at the moment it doesn’t look so clean. Her on your bed and you touching her hair…”
“I ain’t no pervert!” Bakura snapped as Malik smirked happily, bothering Bakura was fun and that’s for sure.
“Fine, but I know the girl. She was the girl that Kaiba found in the park. She’s living with Haruka and the others for a bit as well as for the boy and the other girl,” Malik said as Bakura mumbled something under his breath.
“I’m calling Haruka,” Bakura whispered as he went to get a phone.
Few minutes later
“I am not a pervert!” Bakura yelled into the phone as Malik rolled his eyes. He really was a touchy guy now that he thought about it. He couldn’t stand him sometimes, but he was his friend so what the heck. Haruka must have guessed the same thing as him…oh how funny!
“Where am I? And what happened to my hair?” Kurai asked sheepishly as Malik glared at the white haired man realizing that her hair wasn’t like the way it was before.
“Bakura, you perv! You were about to seduce her, weren’t you? But I got in the way!”

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