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Chapter five: Blood Tear shed
“Alexiel, what are we doing here?” a young Kurai asked as she walked into the cold desert night of Egypt. She wore black short sleeve shirt with black pants that were three time the size of her thin legs. The small evil had large shoes and her wings were wide opened as she followed her beloved fallen angel.
“We came here to save a small boy,” Kurai gasped when she saw a town being set on fire. She heard screams of pain and the deadly silence of death. Kurai knew this all too well because her own home had been destroyed by angels not too long ago, but luckily she was saved by Alexiel.
Alexiel then flew off into the next sky as Kurai stayed behind, knowing that she shouldn’t go for Alexiel’s sake. She looked up as Alexiel brought a boy in her arms. Kurai took note of his white hair and violet eyes. He seemed to be hurt, but she didn’t know what was wrong with him.
“What’s your name, boy?” Alexiel asked as the boy’s eyes tried to flutter open, but they refused to as he muttered something.
“I-I don’t know,” he whispered, he was obviously in a lot of pain. Kurai shuddered at the memories that were washing over her. He probably lost some memory for a bit or something. Kurai had did a little research on how human’s react to things like this.
“Then your name shall be Bakura. Bakura, eat this,” Alexiel then placed a small berry into the boy’s mouth as he chewed it with little strength that he had left. The small demon girl was curious of why her “mother” was doing this.
“Bakura remember this. When I am gone, protect princess Kurai. Be her savior and save Rociel from insanity. You are now officially my child by swallowing my third wing,” Alexiel whispered into the boy’s ear as he smiled.
000 in present time
“What the-” Bakura then fell off the couch and landed onto the cold ground, head hitting it first. He rubbed the back of his head, remembering that he was in the living room thanks to that damned girl. He mumbled a few more curses as he got up and folded the blanket back up. Bakura was wearing a white short sleeved shirt and black jeans. He saw the clock and realized it was almost ten in the morning.
`That damned dream again. Hell, like I’m suppose to know where to find a princess and she’s probably already dead. And who the hell is Rociel? Damn dreams,’ he thought as he walking to his bedroom, seeing the small girl curled up into small ball. She actually looked kind of cute like that, but Bakura wouldn’t admit it if it counted on his life.
“Time to get up and get you to Haruka’s. I don’t need them thinking I’m some pervert,” Bakura said as he yawned. When she didn’t respond he then pushed her off the bed and then he heard a small yelp in pain.
“What was that for?” she snapped as Bakura smirked. He then left the room as he scratched the back of his head.
“I’m not doing any more charity for the girls who don’t serve,” Bakura said as Kurai fumed again.
“What the hell does that mean!” Kurai snapped as Bakura smirked even wider then before.
“It means that you better get pettier if you want to be my girlfriend,” he stated Kurai walked up to him and kicked him in the back. He then yelped in pain as she smirked.
“Who wants to be your girlfriend you pervert,” Kurai said as Bakura glared at her. She sure did have a sharp tongue.
“Shut up!” he snapped as she smirked. She sure was happy at how things were turning out for her. She then heard the door bell as she walked up to the door to see Haruka glaring at Bakura.
“See you later Bakura,” Kurai said as she stuck out her tongue at him. She then left with her usual ponytail swaying behind her. Bakura sure was happy.
“Brat,” Bakura mumbled as he got something to eat from the fridge
00000 few days later
“Anael, I know where you are! Don’t you hide from me! You CAN’T!” Rosiel said as he laughed evilly. He was standing on top of a building with his long white coat blew in the wind. He silver hair was flowing freely in the wind as the evil smirk formed on his lips.
“The only reason that you keep in the shell of flesh is for that man. How about I kill him then? Would you then leave that body of yours?” Rosiel asked the wind as black heavy clouds rolled in. He smirked evilly as he nodded to himself.
Rociel would be consider an insane angel. He was after his sister and he wanted to destroy Sevy. He would be consider an insane angel, but the only man that would not say such a thing or even think was no other then Katan. He was loyal to his master and everyone knew it too. Katan would not betray his master no matter what anyone said even if he died for nothing.
“Dear Anael, you will be mine and that power of yours…” Rosiel whispered as he crushed dried up rose petals and then let them fly in the wind.
0000 somewhere else
“Hotaru, where are you going?” Haruka asked as she tried beating Noise in video games, but failed miserably. Noise had gotten strangely close to the senshi of wind, but it was a strange relationship since the two usually got into completions about everything. Haruka had insisted on a race with Noise, but she didn’t know how to drive a car so Michiru said no to it.
“Yeah, where are you going?” Noise asked as Hotaru looked the two. Hotaru seemed to be oddly dressed up compared to the other two. She wore a white skirt that touched her knees with some black boots that touched her shins. She wore a black jacket that went to her waist and she wore a small necklace that had a small locket in it. The most surprising part was the fact that the locket was one that Yami had given it to her.
“I’m going to the park to look at the roses for a bit,” she said with a smile. Haruka smiled, realizing that Hotaru may have slowly been returning to her old self. Noise of course didn’t know what her old self was like because she was never there, but she was curious. She was actually curious about the whole situation between the former pharaoh and the saturain princess.
“Can I come?” Noise asked as Hotaru smiled and then nodded. Noise was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt with some jean shorts. She also had a dark jacket over her short sleeve shirt. She wore white shocks with an ankle bracelet and a ring on her right hand.
“Sure, lets get going now before the rain really starts to pour,” Hotaru said as Noise nodded happily and quickly put some tennis shoes on. The two were soon out the door and in the rain with Hotaru holding an umbrella for both of them to cover them.
Noise took note at how Hotaru kept looking up at the sky as if searching for something. It was as if she was lost or something. She herself knew the feeling as well. She had lost her twin, her other half, not too long ago. She knew that she had been searching for answers in the sky. She knew that she had done the same, but you can never get any answers from the sky. In a matter of minutes the two were looking at the roses that had just bloomed.
“Hotaru, I know you hate him, but what did he do?” Noise asked as Hotaru stopped and looked back at her. Noise took note that Hotaru’s hands had started to tremble with anger. She was a bit nervous now, but she wasn’t afraid. She knew that Hotaru wouldn’t hurt her, maybe yell, but not hurt her.
“It’s because…”
“I screwed up,” the two turned to see a man with tri colored hair. He wore a black turtle neck with the sleeves cut off and he wore black pants with black shoes with a puzzle hanging around his neck. His red violet eyes were clouded by something though Noise didn’t know what it was, she did not like it one bit. His eyes were oddly cold and dark. He had a soft sad smile on his face. Hotaru backed away, her body trembling with anger…or was it sadness? Hurt? Noise couldn’t tell, but she did not like it one bit. He was hurting her and she could see it.
“Keep away from her, you bastard!” Noise snapped, stepping in front of Hotaru like she would if it was Kurai. She had a stern look on her face as Yami tried to reach out to Hotaru. He was stunned by the sudden anger in the young girl, but he still took steps closer to her.
“Hotaru listen…”
`Please look at me! Look at me and smile like you used to,’ Yami begged mentally as Hotaru turned away from him. Noise was ready to beat the living crap out of Yami, but Hotaru softly put a hand on Noise’s shoulder. She smiled at her and nodded as the other girl nodded back.
0000 With Kurai
Kurai was lazily sitting on the porch swing as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand. She seemed to be thinking about something as she stuffed her hands in her jean shorts. Surprisingly enough her earrings were dangling on a silver chain that Michiru had given her. At the moment the necklace was under her white short sleeve shirt and black jean jacket. (okay so I’m not creative when it comes to outfits).
“He couldn’t be…” you might actually be surprised to the fact that the princess of the demons was thinking about Bakura, king of thieves. She of course didn’t know about the king of thieves part, but that was a different story. All that she was focusing on was the fact that she reminded him of that boy that she met that night.
White hair, a bad attitude, but was he really the one? Sure the name may have been a give away, but many people could have that name. Okay, so maybe not. Bakura to angels means “fallen angel” (I decided to make this up, give me a break here!). So, it could be him, but seriously. He doesn’t look like one that Alexiel would have chosen to be her child. But then again, Alexiel hadn’t want Rosiel to find him so maybe, but he couldn’t… If only she knew…
Wait! The only way to know for sure is to waken his wings!
Kurai wasted no time with this as she got up and ran off before Michiru or anyone else would see her.
000 with Bakura
Bakura was sipping on a water bottle as he looked out his balcony of his apartment. He seemed to be deep in thought about something as the ring clung hit his chest lightly as the wind blew in angry storm clouds. He didn’t get it. He didn’t think that there would be so many storms, but then again he didn’t think that his Millennium ring would be acting up so badly.
His ring started acting up when he saw the girl. It was like the ring was pulling him to that girl and he did not like it one ounce. He did consider the girl was the cause of it because her name was the same as that strange woman was talking about, but she didn’t need protection. She could pretty much scare the crap out of anyone who came near her, but it was strange…
She looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. She was so…so…innocent, but when he looked into her eyes he saw them stained with the terror of blood shed. They seemed to try to block out everyone so they couldn’t see it. She looked peaceful and almost like a woman. Almost.
Bakura always had a saying stuck in his head. It seemed to seep into his brain every time he thought about Kurai or that dream. It would just flow out like nothing out of the ordinary. It was strange, but he had always wished to protect a woman. Yes, it was utterly strange. He thought about Kurai and he could actually imagine protecting her.
“So, Bakura, you think your ready to take your “mother’s” place?” a cold breath hissed in Bakura’s ear as he quickly turned around to see a man who seemed to beautiful to be part of this world.
Long silver hair, sparkling like glass. Amber eyes that seemed to belong to that of a god. Beautiful rosy lips seemed to belong that to a painting. Wings that seemed to be painted in silver and diamonds. Can such a person be real? Yes, he was Rosiel.
“W-Who are you?” Bakura snapped as he drew a dagger from his jean pocket. Bakura instantly was ready to attack if the angel moved an inch closer to him and any sane person would have taken his warnings to heart. This was different though. The thief noticed how different it was and Bakura actually felt frightened by it.
He could sense a strange aura coming from the angel. He couldn’t sense any sanity in this man and he didn’t like how his power would rage out of control at any moment. It caused him to worry about bit about how sane this person really was. He was scary.
“Hmm, I should have known that you wouldn’t know who I was. I am the one who has been sending you those dreams because I actually need you. I know who you hate and I need someone’s head. In return, I’ll give you the pharaoh’s head,” Bakura looked at him. He did consider this and how he did hate the pharaoh with his whole spirit, but it seemed off about this man. He didn’t seem to be one to keep promises.
“I’m listening,” Bakura said as he walked into his apartment and sat on his sofa. The angel followed him as he smirked, pleased with the fact that Bakura was willing to listen to him. Though he could see his fingers playing recklessly with the small dagger that he held, but nothing could kill Rosiel so he was not frightened by it.
“I am Rosiel. As you heard my twin talking about to you in your dreams,” Bakura raised an eye brow to this, “I will serve you the pharaoh’s head if you kill…”
0000 With Kurai
Her muscles were already aching from the extremely fast running she was forcing her legs to do. Her lungs felt as if they were being drenched in alcohol while the taste of mucus filled her mouth. Her arms were begging for her to stop, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t because she could sense it.
The feeling that something bad is going to happen was beginning. The same feeling that had filled her on the day the Setsuna had awakened, but the holy hermit had freeze time before the world was destroy. Kurai didn’t like the feeling then or now and she was going to make sure she could prevent it. She would not lose Hotaru, Setsuna-mama, Haruka, Michiru, Noise, Kato, and…and…
She shook her head violently when a certain name entered her mind. She didn’t give a damn about him. All she needed to know was if he was the prince, Alexiel’s child. He was too busy seeing who could screw around with, that’s all. That smirk was nothing, but a dirty seductive trick and Kurai was not one to fall for such a trick.
But that strange smile. It was a smile that meant happiness and enjoyment and he looked almost human. Almost. Seeing him smile reminded her of…Setsuna. Setsuna had the same smiled as he did and it was beautiful. He didn’t care what other’s thought of him and he was blunt about his feelings, didn’t care who it hurt. He was so truthful when it came to certain things and he didn’t care what happened. He just…was himself.
She loved Setsuna though and she would not deny these feelings.
0000 somewhere in AS dimension in heaven
The moment that she dies…
Another dimension shall fall apart.
Destroying the world as it is.
Painting the world with black ink,
Is such a thing possible lord?
“Sevy! Sevy!” the young Metatroun cried as he ran up to the white haired angel. The small four year old boy clung to his leg as he cried. The masked man tried to calm the small boy down as he picked him up and then saw a “sister” walking toward him. She instantly shuttered at the mere sight of the king of angels, Sevothtrate.
His cold blue eyes seem to pierce the young girl’s soul as she begged for forgiveness. He was in no mood to kill so he decided to let the girl go as she carried a screaming angel back to his bed. This only caused Sevothtrate to be in a increasingly bad mood which would not be good for the high council.
He was not one to speak though since the council was angry with him. Rosiel had spilt everything about his lying to the council and he was in trouble, but once he had Jibril’s powers then he would be able to beat that damned angel. He will win and nothing would be able to stop him. He was going to win…
00000 somewhere else in heave
Brother, don’t do this.
Don’t take her away from me.
She doesn’t love you, so what?
She’s the only female that isn’t in love with you, so what?
She loves me brother!
She has always loved me!
And she will forever!
Why must you have her, brother?
She loves me and I can prove it!
Don’t do it brother!
Mika woke up in the chair that Raphael had in his office. He was in a bad mood because of the stupid dream, that terrible, awful dream. That girl, his brother, his victory over him. So many memories were brought back because of that god damn dream. He did not want these memories.
Too bad that his twin was dead. The savior, Setsuna told him so. He was dead and the savior was in a metal cage, he was going to kill him later, but he needed to talk to the angel of wind. Raphael would have a kick about the fact that he actually kissed a girl, but she was different. That’s all he could say or think about.
“Mika-chan, what are you doing here?” Raphael asked, removing some lip stick from his doctor’s jacket. He looked back at the fire angel who looked very annoyed or he was just thinking about something. Which confused him since Mika wasn’t one to think much.
“I wanted to talk to you, about her,” Mika said as he stuffed his hands in his long black jacket. He then put his big black boots on the doctor’s desk when he got in. Raphael glared at him, but the other angel ignored it which only caused more frustration.
“You mean Kisa?”
“A curse on an angel.”
“A beautiful girl.”
“Two brothers.”
“The servant of light”
“The servant of darkness.”
“A stolen kiss.”
“A broken heart.”
“A brother turns violent.”
“A brother destroys all.”
“A friendship.”
“A love.”
000000 with Yami and Hotaru
The two were sitting on a bench as Hotaru watched the rain fall. Yami was flinching under her silence, but he was going to get it right this time. He was going to say everything right and maybe, just maybe she would smile for him one more time. That’s all he wants and he knows that its a lot, but he was going to try no matter what happened. He just had to get these things off his chest and he was going to get it right.
“Hotaru, I don’t get why you’re angry with me. I know I messed up when Raphael tricked me into using the card. I know I pushed you far away from me when you needed me. I know all that, but I saved you and I got you back. I’m back to my normal self, but it’s like your under the card’s influence,” no one would dare say the name of that card because it brought up too many bad memories and unwanted hatred. Yami wouldn’t say it for those reasons, but he wanted her to get past the terrible mistake he made and move on and have a future.
A future with a baby and a wedding. Strange is what would describe their lives, but they too wanted a normal life. They wanted to grow up and fall in love (which they did). They wanted to have friends that would love them for them (which they had). They dreams of having weddings and having children (though they didn’t have it at the moment). Strange as it may seem, the abnormal teenagers wanted a life too.
Hotaru got up and walked over to the fountain that was over with black tile which gave the water an ink black look. Yami walked over to her as she picked at some rose petals and threw them into the water. She then looked back at him as he looked back at her. She then took off the locket and dropped it into the water, he glanced at her, feeling hurt by her action.
“Try to get the locket out of the water,” she instructed as he dipped his hand into the water. He would sometimes mistake the locket for one of the petals that Hotaru had dropped in and the fact that the water almost looked black made it all the more difficult. A few minute later he found it. He then pulled it out and softly used his shirt to dry it off. He then gave it back to her as she let her ivory fingers clench to it.
“What was the point of that?” he was curious of her intentions at the moment.
“Would it have been easier to find the locket if the water was clear and had no petals in it?” He nodded. “But it made it harder to find it because you mistook a petal for my locket, correct?” he nodded. “That’s how you are right now Yami. I keep mistaking your heart for something else. Your soul is so dark and there’s so many questions that I mistake them for your heart. I want you, not pieces, but it’s harder now because your soul is dark. I keep…trying, but I…”
She was crying. Yami couldn’t believe it. She was actually crying for all that had happened and she was finally telling what she really felt. She was crying and Yami just held her close. He held her for the first time for what seemed like years and it felt really nice. She was clinging to him and it felt better then nice.
“I can’t do it anymore! It’s like you’re never there! I just…I want Yami, not this person who keeps believing crap that Raphael fed him about being an evil pharaoh! I want the Yami who won the battle city tournament! I want my boyfriend!” Hotaru was now hitting his chest lightly in anger. Yami looked down at her as she looked up at him, tears gliding down her face.
“Why did you save me then?” Yami asked as he lightly put her hair behind her ears. She looked up at him, angrily as if he should know the answer himself. He didn’t know what to do.
“You Baka! That’s what your suppose to do when you love someone! You protect them!” she pushed him away and ran to a different part of the garden.
0000 back with Bakura
“If you kill that little princess demon, Kurai,” Rosiel said comfortably as Bakura raised an eye brow. He thought over carefully every detail that he just said and thought about it, but then the image of her sleeping in his bed entered his mind. Then her blue eyes that were drenched in sadness.
Bakura smirked. Yup, he couldn’t believe it himself, but he had taken a liking to the girl, “No, you freak.” Rosiel then snapped and Bakura could sense this so he sent them into the shadow realm, not wanting to destroy his apartment that he had to pay more then it was worth.
“You fool!” Bakura dodged him as he tried to kick him, he then stabbed his dagger into his chest, but then he laughed insanely as he realized that he couldn’t get hurt or in a serious danger because of this attack.
Bakura’s mud brown eyes widen in horror as the insane angel laughed. He quickly pushed him back and forced him to fall on his back. Rosiel then tore his flesh on his back until he was bleeding a good amount. Bakura had his eyes shut in the almost unbearable pain.
“Bakura! Bakura, where are you?” Bakura then opened his eyes as he begged mentally that Rosiel didn’t here the demon girl’s voice. To his surprise Rosiel let the shadows disappear and he flew away.
“Bakura! What happened!” Kurai yelled as she gently touched his back that was nearly bone and broken flesh that was dripping with blood. Bakura flinched when she touched it, but felt relived that Rosiel didn’t go after her.
What was he thinking about? He didn’t give a damn about that girl and he never would. She was just a annoyance from another dimension, but right now it was all that he got and he wasn’t going to waste it. He let her press a towel to his back as he shut his eyes again.
His back felt like it was on fire and he almost felt something itchy was going on it. Like something was sprouting from his back and after hearing a gasp from the brown skinned girl he knew it was trouble. Damn, please let him be some what of a normal teenager.
“B-Bakura, your Alexiel’s son!” Kurai yelled as two beautiful white wings grew from Bakura’s back as he groaned in pain, a terrible hot pain. He bit his lips until it started to bleed as Kurai tried to calm him down by stroking his hair which actually kind of worked, but it wasn’t near enough.
“Damn it! I don’t care just stop the pain!” he screeched as the wings unfolded themselves and tried to dry off as she tried to calm him down. She could actually hear him whimpering a bit, but she wasn’t sure.
Bakura was not only the king of thieves, thief of the millennium ring, but now he was now the son of Alexiel.
0000 back with Hotaru and Yami
He followed her as she tried to hide herself in the garden, but he knew all her favorite hiding spots so he found her in a matter of minutes. He saw her by a different fountain as she curled herself into a small ball.
It now all made sense to him now. She was just trying to save him while he kept pushing her away. That’s why she was so angry at him because he was the one that was making things so god damn hard on her.
“Hotaru, I love you,” she turned to him as he smiled softly. She gently smiled at him which nearly caused him a heart attack.
“You are such a baka sometimes,” she whispered as she buried her face in her knees as he smiled at her.
“I know, but can I try to be your boyfriend again?” he asked her as she looked up at him. She slowly nodded at him as he held out his hand to her. She got up, but let go of his hand, but it didn’t bother him.
Not too far away was Noise, who was hiding behind a tree. She smiled to herself as she took note of how Hotaru’s whole personality seemed to change. She then noticed a strange light in the sky, it was wasn’t the sun…more like a…star.
She smiled at him. She smiled to him and that’s all that matter. This time he would make sure that her smile wound never fade again…
“Yami! Move!” Hotaru suddenly pushed him out the way of a light that was about to hit him. He landed in the rose bushes as he saw the horror before his own eyes. Her chest was split open like an orange and her blood splattered everywhere.
“Hotaru! HOTARU!” he caught her limp body.
The world will end.
When a blood tear is shed from his beloved.
The world will fall into the shadows.
The world shall end…

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