❯ Foolish Little Animorph – Felling Marco ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer for entire story: The animorphs (and their books), Yeerks, Andalites and any other related characters, races and technology do not belong to me, but to K.A. Applegate (who I owe a lot of appologies to for butchering her books as I do…). I do, however, own Kara Mcgary, as well as this plot. If, by any chance, you want to use them, ask first—more than likely you’ll receive.
I was reading the Animorph books and this thought came to me after I read one of Marco’s books where he said his mom was Visser One. There’ll probably be another one in this series, maybe three. But I guess I just felt like writing this down; The idea has been in my head forever and I was about sick of not writing it down. Heh. So here we go.
Felling Marco
My host loved sci-fi books. She called them “Science fiction.” To keep up her image, I read them too. I hated them. Nothing but aliens and spaceships, space flight and fighting. The way the aliens were depicted was ludicrous; The spaceships they used would never have a hope of surviving in normal space, let alone Z-space. But I trudged through them one by one, snarling and pointing out the flaws. My host loved the books, though, and she always ignored my rantings.
And one day, I located a new series. Now that I look back, I guess I have to give my host a grudging thank-you. After all, she was the one interested in sci-fi, and it was her interest that helped me find the series.
It was called `Animorphs.’ At first, I didn’t look forward to reading it at all. But as we got farther into it, it caught my attention. Five kids. They were walking through an abandoned construction site. At first, I didn’t care. But after a while, I stopped to stare at the page. They met…An Andalite. The description in the book was exactly that of Prince Elfangor. Exactly, down to the last detail. As I read further, I found Yeerks. The description of us was accurate, as well. What was this, some kind of attempt to make our invasion public? It didn’t make sense! The Hork-Bajir, the Taxxons! Heck, even the morphing process. Everything was exactly the way it was in real life! Everything.
From then on, I read Animorphs. Every book, as fast as I could. I learned all the Animorphs’ first names. Learned the reasons behind a lot of the attacks the Andalite bandits had made. Most importantly, I learned that the Andalites were actually human kids “with a death wish.”
And then a vital piece of information was turned up in one of the books. Before that, I’d known only first names. But I started to read one of the books narrated by the human named Marco. And there the information was hidden. His mother had gone missing when he was little; She’d drowned in a boating accident. Nothing special, until I learned what had really happened to her. As I learned, I began to laugh—both inside my host’s head and outwardly. I had them now, had all of them! From Marco, we’d move to his friend Jake; From Jake to Cassie; From Cassie to Rachel, from Rachel, we’d find Tobias, and from them we’d find Aximili. Inside my head, my host screamed, angry, afraid, distressed. Her only faint hope of freedom had just flown out the window.
I grinned maniacally as I dropped the book, not bothering to mark my page in my excitement. I raced to the phone and picked it up, dialing a number. Pick up, I thought. Pick up!
A voice on the other end said, “hello?”
“This is Kara Mcgarry, ” I said hurriedly. No need to give the man my true Yeerk name; It didn’t matter. He knew who I was. “Listen. I need you to put a request through to Visser One for me.”
“Visser One? Why?”
“Tell her that I desire to speak with her,” I said. “I’ve found the Andalite bandits, and I know exactly who they are. Speak to Visser One for me. Now.”