Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction ❯ First day ( Chapter 3 )

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« So that was Umehito Nekozawa? » Tsukiyo asked pushing her glasses up her nose. « Hai, he tends to pop out of nowhere every now and again. » Haruhi whispered then shut her mouth when the teacher looked back. « He has beautiful eyes….. »Tsukiyo whispered to herself. « He does, he also has beautiful blond hair. » Haruhi said.
Hikaru narrowed his eyes. He liked Haruhi and yet she was talking about Nekozawa. He started to draw out a plan to get back at Nekozawa.Tsukiyo started to listen to her Ipod while Haruhi took notes. Tsukiyo started to sketch a picture of her, Nashano, Haruhi, and Yasie. Haruhi was an angel with small wings, and a halo, she was in a white knee length dress it had a small straps and she had on white ankle boots and golden eyes. Nashano was a devil and he was shirtless with leather pants he had a devil tail and devil horns and black boots and blood red eyes. Tsukiyo was a siren, she was in a white robe with light blue feathers on the neck, wrist, and the bottom, and knee lengeth white boots, and she also had dark sapphire blue. (Same outfit the siren has from Martin Mystery ep9 Shriek from Beyond) And Yasie was a vampire, he had on an old style outfit, it was a pair of black slacks and a black dress shirt and dress shoes, he had a black cape that was red on the inside and some blood splattered on his face and blackmixed with blood red eyes. »Wow thats awesome. » Hikaru whispered when he saw the drawing. Tsukiyo nodded compleasly ignoring him. Haruhi smiled when she saw the picture, thoes were the costumes that Tsukiyo made for them. « Okay everyone since next week is halloween you get the week off from class to do something. » The class rep said. « Kurayami-san! » He yelled when he saw Tsukiyo ignoring him. He walked over to her desk and grabbed her sketch book. Tsukiyo calmly got up then picked the class rep up by his shirt. « Hand it over. » She said her voice was so cold and dangerous that every one felt the room drop a few degrees and they moved away from them. « G-gomen!! » He yelled handing her the book. Tsukiyo dropped him letting him fall to the ground.The bell for lunch rang and Tsukiyo pulled out her bento when she sat down. Nashano and Yasie put chairs on eather side of her desk whild Haruhi turned her chair around. Tsukiyo made herself a small thermus of ramen and she had onigiri, coconut shrimp, orange chicken, and tempura. Nashano had a small thermus of yakisoba and onigiri, shrimp sushi, fried wontons, and yakitori. Yasie had Udon, onigiri, coconut shrimp, tempura, and yakitori. Haruhi had Miso soup, onigiri, shrimp sushi, orange chicken, and yaktori. »So Koshiro why did you get so mad when the rep took your drawing. » Nashano asked after taking a bite of yakitori. « Cause, it was our costumes I’m finishing up. » Tsukiyo said. « What are we? » Yasie asked taking a bite of his onigiri. « Haruhi is and angel, you are a vampire, Nashano is a devil, and im a siren. » Tsukiyo said before starting on her ramen. « Aw, why is Nashano the devil? » Yasie wined when he saw the picture. Tsukiyo grabbed her smaller sketch pad and showed him the other vampire costume option. It was a pair of black skinny jeans and an open blood splattered white shirt, blood was covering his face and chest. « I like this one better. » Yasie said looking at the outfit. »Haruhi!!!! » Tamaki yelled glomping Haruhi making Tsukiyo and Haruhi’s food fall onto Tsukiyo’s lap while Nashano and Yasie’s food fell into their laps. « …. » The 3 food covered teens glared at the blond french man. « Nashano. Yasie. » Tsukiyo said. « Koshiro. » They said looking at her. « YOU!!!! » They all yelled at Tamaki. « Go! Away!!! » The guys yelled when Tsukiyo punched him and he knocked into a vase on the teachers desk. Nashano, Yasie, and Haruhi restrained Tsukiyo. »Suoh-san? » Nekozawa asked entering the room. « Kurayami-san are you alright? » He asked noticing she was red with anger. « Nashano! Yasie! Haruhi! Let me go!! I’m gonna kick that guys ass!! » Tsukiyo yelled struggling against the 3. « You blond idiot it took me hours to make thoes lunches and look! Now they are all over our clothes! » She yelled. Kyouya checked Tamaki for enjuries while the rest of the group watched Tsukiyo try to kill their beloved king. »Koshiro-san stop. » Nekozawa said putting his cloke over Tsukiyo. Tsukiyo stopped right away. « N-Nekozawa-sempai? » She questioned looking at him. « Take it. » He said with his blond hair falling into his crystal blue eyes. Nekozawa handed Tamaki a file then left. Tsukiyo looked at the cloke with a shocked expression then she blushed lightly. « Ano…Gomennasai, I’ll be back later. » Tsukiyo said running down the hall. She ran to her motorcycle and opened the side pack pulling out a pair of black low-rise jeans and a white T-shirt with a sliverly gray cresent moon and a black diamond shaped star. She grabbed some extra clothes for Nashano and Yasie.Two light bulbs went off. Hikaru and Kaoru notice when Koshiro’s ramen broth splashed on his shirt it tightened showing the slight bump of her breasts. (When I’m talking about the Hosts I’ll say Tsukiyo is Koshiro) »Did you- » « Yes. » « It seems that Haruhi hasn’t told us something. » The twins said to eachother. « Hunny and Mori looked over at the twins to see them smirking. « Takashi what do you think they’re planing? » Hunny asked after he checked up on Tamaki. « Ah.. » Was all Mori said.Koshiro walked back into the room with her clean clothes and cloke on. « Here. » He said tossing the extra clothes to his friends. « Kurayami you now owe us 45,000,000¥ from punching Tamaki and making him knock over a vase on the desk. » Kyouya said. Koshiro glared at Tamaki. « Since you don’t have money you are going to pay the debt off by working for is like Haruhi. » Kyouya continued. « We’ll help work the debt off since we do everything together. » Nashano said while Yasie nodded.Nashano wrapped his arms around Koshiro’s waist while Yasie had his arm slung around his sholders. Haruhi staried at them. ‘They pulled a Hitachiin twins act.’ She thought speachless.« As are we. » Kaoru and Hikaru said doing the same to Haruhi. Nashano and Yasie smirked at the Hitachiins. « Well maby- » « We can share- » « Them both. » Nashano said smirking. « We like- » « The way- » « You think. » Hikaru and Kaoru said smirking back. »Just great… » Koshiro said. « I know. » Haruhi agreed sighing. The two « toys » had a feeling they were going to hate that four.Koshiro unconcsly clutched the cloke tighter when the twins gave him a devious smirk. It was as if he was thinking that Nekozawa would save him from the devils. He sighed, the only person who protected her was Koshiro; the real Koshiro. Sure Koshii did too but, when they were younger Koshii and some other neighborhood kids made fun of her, Koshiro had helped her make friends and soon she had met Haruhi, Nashano, and Yasie. So she always believed she had no need for anyone else except the 5 she had just mensioned. »-yami-san. Kurayami-san! » Tamaki yelled. Koshiro’s sharp glare snapped to Tamaki. He was still angry at Tamaki for knocking food on them. « Haruhi I’m going to ditch next hour, so I’ll see you later. » Koshiro said grabbing his bag. »He’s heading to ‘Shi Gardens’ isn’t he? » Haruhi asked looking towards the two men across from her, Hikaru, and Kaoru. « Most likely. I still can’t believe its been 3 years already. » Yasie said. « Yea. It feels like it happened yesterday. » Nashano said his eyes darkning slightly. »What happened? » Hunny asked, his innocent gold eyes looking at the 3. « Koshiro, had lost most of his family at a young age but, 3 years ago we were spending the night at Koshiro’s house and while we were asleep hi-his- » Haruhi choked on a sob. « Go take Haruhi to the bathroom Nashano, I’ll finish explaining. » Yasie said. Nashano led Haruhi to the bathroom in the nurse’s office. »Koshiro’s brothers were murdered while we slept. They made him go to sleep and we all awoke to hear them yelling and then gun shots rang through the house and we all ran downstairs. Koshii one of his brothers was dead on the floor, and Kuroi (Koshiro’s nickname) was saying to him that he was sorry. Kuroi died infront of Koshiro, that was the day the the real Koshiro was lost to us, he didn’t speak for a year. » Yasie explained.Haruhi ran away from Nashano and ran towards the exit going to ‘Shi Gardens’. ‘She’s always alone, not today not this day.’ She thought running toward her location. She saw Tsukiyo and caught up to her. « Tsu…ki..yo….matta…. » Haruhi panted. Tsukiyo waited for Haruhi to catch her breath. « Why did you follow me Haruhi. » Tsukiyo whispered. Haruhi hugged Tsukiyo. « Your not going to go through this alone not if I have anything to say about it. » Haruhi whispered. « Well lets get going then. » Tsukiyo said grabbing Haruhi’s hand walking toward the gardens. « Haruhi went after Koshiro, Yasie. » Nashano said walking into the room. « Why don’t we go as well? » Yasie asked grabbing his bag. « Hai. » Nashano said brabbing his bag heading out the door. « Hey! » Tamaki yelled. « Hm? » Yasie asked turning around. « Sie-kun may we come with? » Hunny asked. Nashano sighed and kept walking, he wanted to check on Haruhi and Tsukiyo. Yasie watched him walk away. ‘Nashano, your such a fool you love her yet you won’t tell her.’ Yasie thought. « Hai, but we are walking. » Yasie explained walking out the door with the group of men following.Tsukiyo and Haruhi stopped at their house to change. Tsukiyo put on a dress she got from Koshii and Koshiro. It was a black knee length dress with a blood red and sliver dragon wrapped around it. Haruhi also put on a dress she got from them. It was emerald green knee length dress with golden flames on the bottom.Tsukiyo and Haurhi entered the small gate inside the gardens. The gates had the kanji for ‘Kurayami Graves’ it was a seprent part of the gardens for Tsukiyo’s family. Only two people made it into this grave site that wasn’t a Kurayami and it was her father’s ex fiance Nozomi Herutsu, she was practally Tsukiyo’s mother in everything but blood. And Kotoko Fujioka, she was her father’s bestfriend growing up. »Konnichiwa Otou-san, Nozomi-kaa-san, Koshiro-onii-san, Koshii-onii-san, Maiu-onee-chan, Kotoko-oba-san. » Tsukiyo greeted the graves. « Konnichiwa Okaa-san. » Haruhi greeted. They both places flowers on the graves. « Y-your a girl! » a voice yelled. « What the hell are you doing here? » Tsukiyo demanded. « Yasie brought them. » Nashano said glaring at Tamaki. « Yasie your dead. » Haruhi and Tsukiyo said in a monotone. »I do not want him in here. I will not have a fool like him near my family. » Tsukiyo growled. « Your family? » Kyouya asked looking at the graves. « Yes if you didn’t notice it said Kurayami Graves out on the gate. » Haruhi growled. « Then why is your mother buried here? » Kyouya asked. « She was practally my aunt, so shut your mouth. » Tsukiyo said.All of the host’s eyes except Kyouya widened looking at Tsukiyo. She bowed towards the graves then walked out of the area. « Yasie you know how she only wants certin people here. » Haruhi said. « Tsukiyo needs to get over it. » Yasie said. « Tsukiyo? » Kaoru asked. « Hai, her name is Tsukiyo. » Nashano said. Tamaki looked toward the way Tsukiyo walked. He went after her to aplogize. »That baka…. YASIE YOU BAKA!!!!! » she yelled. « Tsukiyo-san? » Tamaki asked slightly scared. « What? » she asked looking towards the french man. « I’m sorry about what happened at lunch and I’m sorry we came here without your permission. » Tamaki said serously. « It’s alright but you really picked a bad day to piss me off. » She sat down at the base of a sakura tree. « 3 years ago today my brothers were killed, and a week from now will be 12 years that my family was killed. » She whispered looking at the falling petals. »Do you have any other family? » Tamaki asked sitting next to the young girl. « Haruhi, Nashano, and Yasie. Thats it, te only people in the world who mean something to me. » She said looking at Tamaki. « It seems Haruhi changes everyone’s life in some way. » Tamaki said smiling. « Yes it seems so. » Tsukiyo said softly. »You remind me of my older brother Koshii. A fool but when needed a strong man. » Tsukiyo said. « Thats why I act the way I do, you remind me so much of him it hurts. » Tsukiyo explained. Tamaki stood up. « From now on you are my imouto!!! » Tamaki exclamed. « Umm onii-san? » Tsukiyo asked. « Hai! Imouto-chan? » Tamaki asked with sparkly eyes. « …..Your stepping on my dress…. » She said looking at the bottom of her dress. « Gomen imouto-chan, I’ll hire someone to fix- » Tamaki was cut off. « Iie, I’ll fix it…it’s a hobby of mine. » Tsukiyo said. « Kawaii!!!!!! » Tamaki exclamed hugging Tsukiyo. « Damn it! Someone Help!!! » Tsukiyo screamed trying to get out of Tamaki’s death grip. »Hey Tamaki wanna see some baby pictures of Haruhi and Tsukiyo? » Nashano asked with a smirk. Tamaki released Tsukiyo and went to look at the pictures. The two girls groaned when Mori, Hunny, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyouya joined Tamaki.——————————————–
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