Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Finally the True End of the Negaverse is at Hand ( Chapter 16 )

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Tapion flew up over the oncoming orb of darkness that was flying at him, as he shot his own ki blast. Nega charged at him as Ami attempted to freeze him solid. Dende turned back to the large hourglass sitting on the table, the last grain fell from the top. Dende brought up his hands summoning a portal across the galaxy.

Gohan stepped through the portal and dropped his bags as he spotted Tapion and Ami battling a bald blue man covered in specs of light, Videl stepped out beside him. They both turned to Dende and then back to the battle. “Where is everyone else?” Videl asked.
“They’re gone?” Gohan stated confused as he couldn’t sense them.
“They’re dead,” Dende said solemnly, “he killed them.”
Gohan turned back to the creature and then stepped in front of Dende, “Get out of here, off the planet now. If anything happened to you we wouldn’t be able to bring anyone back.” He turned to the still Namek “NOW!” Dende followed his orders and created a portal and vanished. Gohan charged into battle followed by his wife. Nega turned to see Gohan’s knee ram into his face, followed by a barrage of hits from Videl.
Nega flipped backwards and landed facing the small group off four, “So you finally show your face Gohan.”
“You know me?” Gohan asked extremely confused.
“Ya, he’s the Negaverse incarnate,” Ami stated causing the villain to smile with evil pride.
“Well I destroyed you once and I can do it again,” Gohan charged at the villain, Nega back handed him sending him flying.
“I think it would be best if I got rid of you three first,” Nega said as he charged at Ami grabbing her head and ripping it off. “This time stay dead,” Nega said as dropped her severed head; it tumbled to the ground and began converting to blue mist. Nega failed to notice this as he turned to Tapion.
Tapion brought up his sword as Nega darted towards him, a deep purple comet crashed into Nega sending him sliding. Nega turned his head to see Videl standing where he was, a deep purple aura burning around her as black lightning danced, “Bring it.”
Nega smirked as he starred at the young woman, “you’ve changed since I last saw you, but honestly girl do you think you stand a chance?” Videl nodded as she darted of towards the demon.

Gohan was spinning through the air when he caught himself, he looked back at the Lookout and could feel Videl powering up. He rocketed back towards the fighting area as he could feel her in distress. He landed on the edge and saw Nega holding Videl by the face, Gohan charged but was not quick enough to save Videl from having her head squished. “VIDEL!” Gohan screamed as he grabbed Nega by the arm flipping him into the ground and around again, slamming him through the Lookout platform. Gohan dashed down the hole and began to release a storm of blue ki bolts. Nega began to flail as the bolts began colliding with his body. Gohan dashed in right after his last bolt and punched Nega in the face sending him flying; he reappeared behind Nega’s flying body and kicked him up into the sky. Again he reappeared this time above the demon as he flew ever higher, Gohan dropped a powerful punch on to the villain sending him spiralling into the Lookout. Tapion jumped back as Nega came crashing down beside him. Gohan landed in front of the rut created by Nega’s falling body, Nega stood up and smirked as he wiped the blood from his mouth. Gohan darted at him and Nega caught his oncoming punch.
“You did good boy,” Nega said as he caught Gohan’s next strike, a powerful right kick, “but let me show you a true fighter.” Nega grabbed Gohan’s leg and threw him up into the air; he kicked Gohan in the gut and chased after him. Gohan recovered and blocked Nega’s kick with his forearm, sending Nega flying back by releasing an explosive barrier of energy around his body. Gohan sped after the demon charging his aura as he flew, by the time Gohan reached Nega his aura was burning a blinding white as blue lightning danced around him. Nega looked forward and smiled as Gohan approached.
Gohan’s aura began to condense around his right fist, as he screamed “Mystic Dragon Fist!” Gohan punched Nega in his raised forearms as the energy took the form of a dragon’s head. Nega was sent flying as the white energy dragon chased after him, the dragon caught up and began wrapping around Nega as Gohan mentally commanded it. Nega was suspended in the air as the dragon tightened its hold around the enemy, shocking and burning him as it constricted. Gohan brought his raised forearms to his sides causing the energy dragon to explode in a blinding white light. Nega stood their twitching as his body was heavily damaged; his left arm was gone as black blood dripped out of it. “Well your doing better than your friend, that attack killed him,” Gohan said in a cocky tone as he looked on at Nega’s twitching form.
“You brat,” Nega coughed, “I’LL KILL YOU!” Nega charged at him as he had healed his wounds but not regenerated his arm.
Gohan grabbed Nega’s fist with one hand and squeezed his left stump with the other, “Can’t heal this?” Gohan smirked.
“It will return after I draw out the pain I need from your dyeing body!” Nega yelled as he head butted Gohan. Gohan flipped upright as he spit the blood out of his mouth, he moved his head to the right then left, blocking Nega’s two kicks.
Gohan punched Nega in the face sending him flying, “too bad you don’t heal from your own pain, right?” Gohan said as he twisted driving his right foot into the side of Nega’s face.
“You little BITCH!” Nega screamed as he charged at Gohan who easily blocked the oncoming assault, Gohan brought down his elbow sending Nega crashing back down into the Lookout. Gohan landed in front of the demon and looked at him raising his hands and beckoning the demon to attack him with his two fingers. Nega stood up and raised his right hand charging a black ki orb.
Gohan raised his right hand as blue energy began to pulse in his palm, “Ready?” Nega screamed as he released his orb, Gohan was about to release his to, when Nega’s darted to the left. Gohan turned his head and saw the orb flying at Tapion. Gohan released his orb at Nega and darted in front trying to get in front of the dark orb, it connected Tapion was sent flying as he slowly died, Gohan held his friend as he drew his last breath.
Gohan turned and darted past Tapion as he smiled; Nega floated back off the edge of the Lookout and was crashed into by Gohan. The two of them spiralled in the air as they were sent crashing into the earth. They both stood up as Nega began charging a massive black blast with both his arms, as the death of Tapion regenerated him. Gohan brought his arms to his side, “Kameha,” blue energy focused into his cupped hands at his side. Black energy poured into Nega’s outstretched hands. “MEHA!” Gohan screamed pushing his arms forward releasing the extremely powerful Kamehameha wave. Nega released his dark orb the two blast collided, an energy dome appeared as they clashed Gohan began pushing with all his might. Nega forced what he had left in energy into his blast. At first there was a stalemate, slowly both fighters began to wear out. Nega pushed hoping for galactic destruction, Gohan brought his arms to the side thinking of all the people he lost, Videl appeared in his mind, ‘she was so beautiful on our wedding day,’ he thought to himself. “Videl!” Gohan screamed as he pushed his arms forward, a massive ripple pushed forward into the dome. Gohan began walking forward holding out his right arm, another ripple was sent out as Gohan slowly steeped forward, then another, and the explosive core of the dome began to approach Nega. Nega’s face began to show his fear as Gohan continued to slowly approach. Gohan pushed forward with a massive amount of power, the core of the dome crashed into Nega as his body began to break apart and disintegrate. “Goodbye,” Gohan said as he pushed another wave of energy into the villain finally killing him.

“YA!” Goku screamed, on the planet of supreme Kai. “That’s my boy!” Goku grabbed Serenity shaking her with excitement.
Vegetta gave a small laugh and smirk, ‘even I am proud of Kakarot’s brat.’
“Really?” Old Kai smiled mischievously at the Saiyan he had heard the thoughts of.
“Stay out of my HEAD!” Vegetta yelled his face red.

Gohan leant over and began to pant as a familiar voice began to talk in his head, “Is it over?”

“I can only feel your energy presence Gohan,” Dende asked standing on a cliff, overlooking a red sea on a distant planet.

“Yes, he’s gone,” Gohan said as he stood up looking out, “get back her fast so you can help me gather the Dragon Balls.” Gohan was about to fly off to Capsule Corp, to get a Dragon Radar, when blue mist began to solidify in front of him. Gohan braced himself for battle as the blue mist began to clump together.
“Relax, Gohan,” Ami began to appear from the mist, “it’s only me.”
“Since when can you do that?” Gohan asked breaking his stance and scratching his head smiling.
“Since she became my assistant,” Dende said as he appeared behind him. “Now quick lets go get the Dragon Balls.” The three darted of towards West City and Capsule Corp.

“Bulma we need the Dragon Radars,” Gohan said as he busted into her house.
“WHAT HAPPENED!?” Bulma asked in a panic as she was able to see the explosions from her window, “WHERE ARE MY BABIES!?” she began to shake Gohan ferociously.
“Dead,” Ami stated from behind her. “That’s why we need the Dragon Radars so we can find the Dragon Balls and bring them back.”
“But it won’t work, my babies have already been brought back by them once, and we’ve used the dragon within 365 days” Bulma began to cry.
Dende placed his hand on her shoulder, “No Bulma, just as the Namekian Dragon was modified to bring back multiple people, our dragon’s limitation of only being able to revive a person once was removed, and also we are able to summon Shenron once every six months if he has not been used in over two years.”
“Oh thank you, thank you,” Bulma said hugging and kissing the green man.
“Please just give us the radars,” Dende said pulling himself out of Bulma’s grip. Bulma lead the group to the radars and handed them out, she to grabbed one and took off after the fifth one in her helicopter. The other three took off into the sky after the remaining six.

Soon they regrouped atop the lookout as Dende began to summon the dragon. The sky began to darken as Shenron appeared before them, “You may ask three wishes, what is your first?”
“Oh mighty Dragon we wish that you revive all of the good people that have died today,” Gohan said staring up at the magical dragon
Shenron’s eyes began to glow a dark red color, they returned to their standard glow as he looked down on the group, “Your wish is granted. What is your second wish?”
Gohan looked around waiting for his friends to return, Videl and Tapion appeared. Gohan darted over to his love as they embraced each other. “Our second wish is that you revive all of the people the Spectran invasion killed,” Dende said as Gohan was occupied.
Shenron turned his gaze from Gohan to the Guardian of Earth, “Your wish is granted. What is your third and final wish?”
Serena landed on the Lookout followed shortly by everyone else, Goten jumped onto Gohan and Videl as they kissed, “Goten!” Gohan shouted bringing his little brother into a hug.
“Gohan!” Goten yelled hugging his brother back, then turning to Videl as she hugged them both, “Videl!”
“What is your final wish?” Shenron asked growing impatient.
“We wish for you to,” Gohan began but was cut off by Videl.
“Gohan,” Videl looked sincerely in his eyes, “I want to bring back Dabura.”
“What?” Gohan said stumbling backwards.
“I know he was evil before he died, but he changed,” Videl said grabbing Gohan’s arm. “Without him I wouldn’t be at this power level, I would have died on Spectra.”
“You’re right,” Gohan stated as he turned back to the dragon floating in the sky. “For our final wish we want you to resurrect the Demon King Dabura.”
“Your wish is granted,” Shenron said as he turned to light, the light shot off into seven different directions.
Gohan and Videl looked to their lefts waiting for Dabura’s energy signature, “there it is,” Gohan said as both he and Videl took off. Soon the group followed them.

“Videl,” Dabura screamed as they met in the air, “Oh how I’ve missed you.”
“Dabura thank you,” Videl said hugging the massive demon.
“Gohan,” Dabura said in a lower tone turning his head to Gohan, “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.” Gohan got into a fighting pose as Dabura lunged at him, to Gohan’s surprise he was embraced in a hug from the great Demon King. “I want to apologize for our last meeting, oh I so hope we can become friends,” Dabura said cheerfully.
Soon Serena and the gang all gathered around them, “Who’s that?” Rei asked in shock.
“That would be the Demon King Dabura,” Ami stated.
“Well I’m beat,” Trunks said yawning, “I’m a head home.” Trunks kissed Rei goodnight and grabbed his younger self. “How about tomorrow we all meet up at my place for a celebration. Soon the group all returned to their respective places of living and took a long deserved rest, of course both Gohan and Serena stopped by the all you can eat buffet first.

The next evening all of the world’s saviors were at Capsule Corp enjoying yet another famous party hosted by the one and only Bulma Briefs. “Dende,” the young green man turned to see the blue skinned sailor scout standing in front of him.
“Yes Ami?” Dende asked as the girl never finished her thought. Instead of answering him with words she simply kissed him, waiting since they first met for this single moment, the small crowd around them began to cheer.
Mina turned to Lita and Videl, “It’s about time,” the three girls began to chuckle.
Sailor Pluto was standing beside Yamcha who was attempting to flirt with her, “So have you ever seen the inside of a Quicksilver XZ?”
“No,” Trista replied confused by the question.
“Do you want to?”
“Why would I need a car, I am the Guardian of Space and Time, and I can fly,” she walked away from the strange human, as Amara, Michelle, and Oolong began to burst into laughter.
“So Tapion when do you plan on returning to Konats?” Gohan asked.
“Well,” Tapion started, “This is the second time I’ve been to earth this week, and I have to say this was far more exciting than your wedding.” Gohan began to laugh rubbing the back of his head, “So I was thinking about staying,”
“Oh, you can stay here,” Bulma offered up a room at her large house.
“Can he mom that would be awesome,” Kid Trunks said extremely excited, he remembered when Tapion first showed up. He was Trunks’ first big brother but he left after Gohan destroyed Hirudegarn, sure he would visit but it wasn’t the same. “Tapion you can stay in my room with me if you want?”
“I think he might want a room of his own

Trunks,” Bulma said laughing as Kid Trunks jumped up and down holding onto the aliens arm.
“So you’re a temple priestess too?” Rei asked Kagome.
“Yes, I’ve been one for as long as I can remember,” Kagome stated, “Then I was pulled down my well into the Negaverse, and haven’t looked back since.” Kagome was staring off at Inyuyasha who was taking to Mirai Trunks, and Tien.
“So what’s next for all of us?” 17 asked Uub, Serena and Darien.
“I guess we continue doing what we do?” Uub replied.
“And what’s that?” The android asked, even though he was pretty sure he knew the answer.
“Keep saving the word,” Uub stated taking a heroic stance, followed by Serena as the other two laughed at them.

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