Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Face to face ( Chapter 2 )

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?LoveLESS.? -chapter 2 – Face to Face
It wasn’t a rough landing, or a rough entry really. LoveLESS had been gingerly set on her feet, it was her own fault her knees collapsed in on themselves and she was now sitting on her folded up legs. She slid off her visor and rubbed her eyes with the palms her hands, half from the blinding white she found herself in, half from apprehension. Her heart pounded in her chest and she wanted to give herself some semblance of composure. Taking in and releasing a slow breath LoveLESS lowered her palms and looked up to see Neo.
Before her, at a respectable distance, stood a very tall humanoid digimon. Gangly, that’s the first word that came to LoveLESS’s mind. He had long thin legs and too long thing arms that nearly touched the floor. Belt buckle banded boots wrapped around his calves and were caped in metal and tipped with two long pointy spikes on each foot. A gold ornate plate covered each of his knees and a second set of belts wrapped around his upper thighs. His pants were black but he wore no shirt over his pale white – almost gray skin. Starting from just above is left hip and cascading upward to his left shoulder were red sphere embedded half way into is skin so they bulged outward. Brown leather straps wrapped half way up his forearms ending in golden tipped claws. On each forearm three red spikes on the upper half above the wrappings. Over his left shoulder was a small black shoulder guard and around his neck a black fitted wrap. Arching over his shoulders on both side were thin folded crimson wings whose size she could not guess. Thick, messy white hair traveled past his shoulders. Covering the entirety of his face was a golden mask with large golden horns extending from the side. Three pairs of dark red eyes looked over her from beneath the mask evaluating her as she did him.“Frightened?” His voice was somehow only slightly muffled from behind the mask. It was a quiet voice that did not seem to fit its owner.“Of you?” He nodded. As nonchalant as she could despite her still pounding heartbeat, Loveless asked “Should I be?”The digimon cocked his head to the side, and peered at her. She lifted up her chin and stared back. She was not going to back down. If he wanted her dead he could have reached through her screen at any time and done so. Before he could respond LoveLESS added boldly, “Despite the fact that I have found myself to be your kidnap victim and am in unfamiliar surroundings, I am not afraid of you.” Maybe to test her he took several steps toward her. She remained firm. “I have never met a digimon this close, much less talked with one. Does your kind often run around topless?”He stopped again and peer at her from the side. A low chuckle came from beneath the mask. “Cheeky, and no. I just had the fortune of being coded without one and as you can see-” he waved his long arm around in a wide sweep of the stark white surroundings, “- I cannot go retrieve one even if I so desired to wear one.”The hacker too looked around the empty space. As her heartbeat began to clam she felt a twing of something – pity? “Is Neo you name then?”“My name is NeoDevimon. If I had friend or acquaintances I would tell them I prefer to be called Neo.”LoveLESS crossed her arms across her chest and regarded him, her visor still clutched in her right hand. “Why the 2930? Is that some repeating line in your coding?”Another low chuckle. “29 minutes and 30 seconds. That’s how long it took me to trail you down once I decided I wanted to speak to you. Now that I know your ways it takes me less than a minute. But then again you knew that and didn’t alter anything.” His six eyes looked down at the small human from where he stood above her.It was true, how impressed she had been that he had tracked her, and the ensuing exchange had convinced her not to alter anything that would hinder him tracking her again quickly if need be. “Yes, but also the faster you got to me the faster I could then attempt to get to you,” She replied.“A risky game you’ve played with me.”A thought struck LoveLESS. “Risky for me or you? If I had gotten back to you could I have accidentally killed you?” she questioned.
NeoDevimon looked away from her. He had actually never considered that it was that he had left himself so wide open to attack from the hacker. “Harm me maybe, kill me. . . “He paused then turned to face her again, “No. Digimon do not experience death like you creatures in the real world do. Our lives are an endless cycle of rebooting.” As they continued to talk the nervousness Neo had first felt when she entered his space was dissipating. It seemed her curiosity trumped her discretion.“Even if it was risky I had to do it. I need your help.”
The hacker furrowed her brows. “Oh so this is a business thing.” The digimon’s head cocked to the side again, was she angry? She had since come to stand on her feet, hands perched on her hips. Her bare feet were planted in a wide defensive stance and she wore an earthy brown linen dress that flitted down to her knees. A sweet heart neck line and short capped sleeves finished off her look. Thick curly locks cascaded half way down her back and over her right shoulder. The top of her head could only have been as high half his chest. For such a tiny thing to have reaped so much mayhem . . .“At first, yes I intended this to be all business but in our subsequent interactions I must admit you pull at my curiosity.” LoveLESS brows unwrinkled. “Your skill with coding is amazing and to do so with no assistance from my kind. . . I have been in this place for many years and I have never come across another hacker like you.” The ego boost cooled any anger the diminutive hacker felt. He continued, “I can hack you and others but I cannot hack through my prison. That’s why I need you. I know you can free me and that you can do it in a way that my watchers aren’t alerted.”“Your watchers?” A thought occurred to LoveLESS, “You’re not some kind of digimon serial murder locked in solitary confinement are you?” The suggestion caused him another chuckle and he shook his head. “Then why the walls? You realize if you want me to help you you’re going to have to be honest with me.”“I will be . . . as honest with you as I can. I am not a criminal, or a murderer. I have done no crime other than simply existing. Unlike other digimon who are created in the digital world through the ebb and flow of the data stream, I was created here by artificial human means.”“You were manufactured by a human?”“In a way yes, I think the term customized would be more appropriate. My data wasn’t developed from nothing. I assume by the name given to me my base code lies with a Devimon.” Nervousness crept through him again and he ran a clawed hand through his hair. Never had he admitted so much of himself to another creature human or otherwise. “Why I was created and by whom I do not know. Only that for whatever reason they must have thought me. . .” He considered carefully his word choice and looked away, “inappropriate to live among my own kind.”The feeling of pity LoveLESS felt began to grow the more she talked with him. Unwanted, imprisoned, and all alone with no reason as to why. Maybe he did know why and if he was withholding the information she could hardly blame him. She wondered if he’d ever told his story, abridged as it was, to anyone before. Despite the lingering questions she felt she could trust him. She was far too curious about him to deny him any help. “Okay.”
Neo looked up at her and found her honey colored eyes fixed on him. “You’ll help me?” He breathed out the words. A smile curved at the corners at her mouth and she nodded. feeling of exaltation began to rise within in him but he forced it down. Having her help and finally having his freedom were two separate things. Neo would not allow himself to get his hope and expectations up yet. Her smile faded as a realization came to her.
“I need my tablet. It has all my programs on it. Without it can’t hack my way through a gmail account.”
Neo reached his hand out and grasp at the thin air. A thin standard paper sized glassy tablet appeared in his hand and he walked toward LoveLESS. “I took the liberty of installing copies of all your programs on to this. It’ll run faster than your human made device and it’s stronger as well.” He held out his clawed hand to her.LoveLESS closed the remaining distance and took the gently clasped computer from him. It was feather light in her hands. The touch screen was glassy and responded instantly to her touch. Her smile grew. Curious, she flipped it over. The back side was all a solid color, a beautiful turquoise color. “Why blue?”“It’s the color I imagine the sky looks like. You don’t like it?”‘What he imagines the sky to look like…? He’s never seen it…’ Sadness grew up from within her again. “It’s beautiful, turquoise is my favorite color. Thank you.” She tucked the device in the crock of her arm and slide on her visor. “When did you have time to steal myprograms, how did you do it, and how did I not know?”“If I told you that I’d have to give up all my secrets to you.”“And if you told me I would never get to muddle through it myself right?” she responded as she settled cross legged on the floor, the tablet perched on her knees.
“I wouldn’t want to deprive you your curiosity,” Neo said as he circled around in front of her, sitting as well his excitement at possible freedom rising again.Coding filled her vision and she slid her fingers along the screen taking it all in. “Any pointers?”“I cannot even access the coding. And even if I could and had something to tell you, you really wouldn’t want to know would you?”“No, takes away some of the fun. . .” the hacker admitted. “They’ve hidden it. Unless someone was looking they would never find this place, but . . .This coding is so simple. I guess that whoever put you here thought no one would bother with it.” Code continued to scroll past her vision. “Okay, I’m in. Since we’re in between both places right now, what happens when I delete the cell’s wall coding?”
Neo shrugged. “I’m not really sure I-” his response was cut off as the walls, ceiling, and floor began to pixilated and dissolve revealing a criss-crossing flow of data.LoveLESS quickly got to her feet clutching the tablet to her chest. “Oh, I didn’t mean to do that, this code is very fragile . . . I can’t stop it,” she said as she backed away from a widening hole in the floor. Thump! She had backed right up into Neo. She looked up at himas a long arm snaked around her waist and held her to him.“Hold on to me,” he advised as he peered down at her. “We are going to fall and I’m not sure where we’ll land.” Just as LoveLESS wrapped an arm around the one encompassing her she felt her feet dangle and once again the sensation of moving fast, falling but staying still aseverything rushed by filled her senses.

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