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Hiya!! I’m back!!
Oh, also, Cuddy isn’t going to be a likeable character in this fic… I’m not saying I hate her or something because I don’t, but for this to work she needs to be Kagome’s enemy of sorts… you’ll see why later. It’s something I think she would do but not really… if that makes sense lol.
Well, onto the story. Read, Review, and Enjoy!!
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Disclaimer- I do not, and never ever will, own Inuyasha or House M D. even though I wish every waking day I did.
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Attention: I’m an avid fan of House, but I so do not know any freakin’ medical name to any disease on that show, so be easy on me when it comes to this. I’m not an expert on med school either so go easy on me and go with the flow. Please and thank you!! 🙂
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–That Disease Called Love—
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Last time-
His voice flooded with his shock and his eyes were as wide as dinner plates as he breathed out the person’s name and said person on topic grinned hugely and greeted him.
“Hi there House…” a feminine voice said softly, emotion filling her tone.
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–Explanations of the Sorts–
This time-
Kagome’s grin turned sheepish as she nodded slowly.
Stepping out of the elevator, she walked up to his side and he turned to face her as the elevators closed.
And now here comes the fun… “Yep… soo uhh… how’ve you been the past couple of years?” she fidgeted a bit, extremely nervous, but trying with all her self control not to show it so it wasn’t obvious.
It wasn’t so much as a couple of years but more like five… give or take a couple of months. She sweatdropped and braced herself for what came next.
She wasn’t disappointed.
A scowl broke out on House’s face and his eye twitched, “A couple of years, huh? That’s funny, I would have thought it a little longer than that, but I guess I miscounted…” he retorted sarcastically, blue eyes glinting sharply.
The nurses in the entrance stopped in their tracks, overhearing him. One nurse in particular, one who’s been working at the hospital for some time, gasped slightly in shocked as she recognized the other woman… `I haven’t seen that doctor since… since past fiveyears ago…!’
Kagome offered a small, nervous chuckle, scratching the back of her head sheepishly as she searched for an answer. She bit her lip. `Crap…’ she thought “Heh yea… maybe…” she mumbled weakly, her eyes shifting on anything other than the man in front of her, staring down at her oh so intensely. She tried grinning disarmingly.
House ignored the grin and his eyes narrowed. “What happened to you? You just disappeared without any warning… no call, no note, nothing! What the hell?!” he snapped.
Kagome’s grin quickly faded into a small frown. “It was nothing you needed to worry about, my personal business, ne?”
House took a step forward, closer to Kagome and more intimidating. “So?! You could have at least mentioned you were leaving.” He was frustrated, and insanely curious… he really wanted to know what happened to make her leave in a snap.
He missed her, and it actually hurt to find out she disappeared without saying anything to him. And now… he wasn’t gonna let this go until her got the explanation he wanted.
Kagome steered solemn eyes to House, her lips twisted into a sad frown. “I didn’t mean to go like that…” she explained softly, a bitter underling tone that surprised House to hear in her voice; she was always such a caring woman who couldn’t hurt anyone. “Something unexpected came up and I needed to… I had to go.” Her eyes dropped to the ground, “…there was no other choice…”
House pinned a hard stare at her anyways. “There’s always a choice Kagome,” he relayed harshly.
Kagome’s head shot up and her sapphire orbs turned guarded as she took a step forward, nose to nose… eh nose to chest to be exact. “Not for me there wasn’t…” she spoke softly, her voice was mysterious. She stared at House as he stared back, confused but thoughtful, before she shook her head and sighed lightly.
Stepping closer to the older male, she snaked her arms around his torso and hugged him snugly.
House went rigid at the contact and multiple gasps slipped out from the nurses… the sound of clipboards hitting the ground echoed into the suddenly quiet room.
House glared at them heatedly, silently commanding them to mind their own business, until Kagome’s voice stopped him.
“I missed you Greg… I really did…” she mumbled lightly but loud enough for him to hear, and she laid her head against his chest.
House relaxed then, his anger melted. He missed this… the comforting feel of her body melded against his. “Same here, Kags…” he mumbled quietly, and he wrapped his arms around her to return the gesture, squeezing gently.
Kagome smiled softly against his chest.
They stayed like that, living in the moment and ignoring the incredulous, stupefied looks, the sudden ding of the elevator beside them, and the `wooshing’ sound of said elevator’s door sliding open.
What they couldn’t ignore were the three wild gasps that came from inside the elevator, two male and one female, or the tiny blurting of one of their names. “House?!”
House and Kagome snapped their gazes to the elevator and their eyes widened considerably, but they didn’t pull apart.
As elevator was about to close the three quickly stumbled out of the elevator before they continued to gape in shock at the two.
Annoyed with their antics, House glared at them, ice blue eyes flashing with fire. “Stop looking like idiots. You act like I’ve never held a woman before.”
They snapped out of their stupor, and Foreman, quick to retaliate, cocked an eyebrow at him. “It’s not that I’m surprised about… it’s just, the fact she’s not a hooker shocks me.”
Kagome’s jaw dropped and she reeled back to stare at House in repulsed, shocked horror. “Excuse me?!”
House rolled his eyes, playing off as calm. “He’s just kidding.”
Foreman shook his head, amused. “No, actually I’m not.”
Chase chuckled. Ah, how he enjoyed watching these two…
House narrowed his eyes at the blond, a scowl on his lips. “And what are you laughing at Aussie?”
Chase’s laughter died quickly soon after.
Kagome let out an indigent sound and slapped him against the arm none too lightly. “House!” she reprimanded him, and she pulled away from him to face the three in front of her fully, grinning at the shocked looks.
They never seen anyone act like that to House… so close… hell she was even hugging him and he was actually hugging back!”
“I’m Kagome Higurashi,” she held out a hand. “Nice to meet you three, you guys are…?” she trailed off suggestively.
House answered from behind her. “My team.”
Kagome snorted suddenly in disbelief, and she looked over her shoulder at him, her hand dropping slightly. “You have a team?” she asked sarcastically, thinking he was kidding.
House’s eye ticked and he glared at her. “Yes, I do.”
Her eyebrows shot up and she shook her head in amazement. “Wow, it really has been five years…” she muttered in awe.
House glared harder.
Cameron giggled slightly, knocking them out of their little side conversation.
Kagome blinked, and started in realization. “Right… So you three are House’s team…” she snickered. “…well I’ve seen stranger things I guess…” she held up her hand to them again. “So back to what I was saying, you guys are…?”
Foreman stepped forward and shook the petite woman’s hand firmly, smirking. “I’m Foreman, nice to meet you Ms. Higurashi.”
Kagome grinned at him and nodded, and she turned to the blond. “And you are?” She smiled jokingly. “I’m pretty sure your name isn’t `Aussie’…” She laughed softly.
Chase nodded, chuckling nervously and shook her hand as well… “Yea, my name is Chase…” Kagome mouth quirked as she heard his accent; that was why he had the little nickname… “Its good meeting you ma’m.”
Kagome smiled at him and turned to the last one who had yet to be introduced.
Kagome smiled softly at the younger girl. “And you?”
Cameron smiled back and shook her hand as well. “It’s Cameron, Ms. Higurashi.”
Kagome nodded and backed away to House’s side, and looked up to him. “They seem like a nice group…” she complimented.
House faked a displeased sigh. “Wait until you get to know them, they get on your nerves…”
Kagome’s mouth twitched up, and his team rolled their eyes… they were used to it.
Cameron’s voice made itself known. “Excuse me, are you a doctor?” she asked curiously. They all turned to look at her, the stares made her apprehensive, but she continued. “I mean, you seem to know Dr. House very well…” though her question seemed innocent she had an ulterior motive…
It was an obvious fact the she held a small crush for House, maybe more, and she wanted to know where this woman stood in House’s life. So was she a friend? Or a colleague? Her eyes narrowed suddenly. Or both?
Kagome answered, unknowing of the other woman’s thoughts. “Actually, yes I am.”
One check for colleague.
Foreman furrowed his eyebrows, and he looked her over. Jeans and a fitted t-shirt didn’t seem like the appropriate wear for a doctor.
Then again, what House was wearing wasn’t quite the proper etiquette either…
Seeing his stare Kagome grinned. “I’m not on call right now though.”
Foreman blinked and nodded, understanding.
“Where do you work?” Chase was the one who asked for the question they all knew was going to come next.
Kagome’s grinned turned to a smirk, and Cameron suddenly knew the dreaded answer.
“Why do you think I’m here?” she replied sweetly.
House’s eyes widened, but instead of voicing out his pleased thoughts, he whined mockingly instead. “Awhh I thought it was to visit me…”
Kagome chuckled, and patted his shoulder with mock sympathy. “Well, that was part of the reason too…” there was a hint of truth hidden in the teasing remark.
The three watched the playful banter with interest… just who was this woman?
House’s next question surprised them. “So Cuddy is giving your old job back?”
Kagome’s bright eyes dimmed slightly, before they went back to their luminosity. House noted the curious reaction for later discussion. “Well, I was on my way to see about just that.” Her eyes narrowed playfully. “Then I had the cursed luck to run into you.”
House pouted and feigned hurt. “That was mean Kags.”
Kagome hid a smirk. “Suck it up, you’re a big man and a doctor to boot… you can handle the pain.”
His team faintly wondered if she knew about his little pain pill addiction.
Never mind, by the glare he sent them, she must have no idea…
Foreman asked her another question. “What do you practice?” he was curious.
Kagome eyes lit up at the question. “Pediatric Diagnostics… I actually used to work under House, it was how we met. Then I got my own department and we only worked together some of the time. Children’s cases usually ran past me, before they were shared with House when required.”
Kagome held up her wrist suddenly and looked at the time. She made a sound of annoyance. “Well, I need to get going and meet up with Cuddy; I’m running a little late.”
House just rolled his eyes. “Mommy can wait, we still need to talk.” Seriousness was in his voice.
Placing her hands on her hips, Kagome stared up at him with an eyebrow raised. “Really? Well unlike you, House, I don’t have a steady job… Cuddy would never think about letting you go…” Her eyes turned sharp. “Me on the other hand…? Well I don’t have a job and Cuddy could just as easily refuse to rehire me.” She explained simply.
House scoffed. “I doubt it, you were the best pediatrician in this whole joint, and I don’t doubt you still are, she wouldn’t risk something like that.”
Kagome just shrugged. “You never know.” She replied mysteriously and started to walk away from the four. “Well it was nice meeting you guys… don’t let House bully you!” She snickered at House’s glare.
“I’m not done with you yet Higurashi!” he whined out mockingly, smirking.
Kagome snorted as she continued her departure. “Course not… I wasn’t expecting anything otherwise!” she called back out without turning around.
Once she was gone, the smirk disappeared from his face and his eyes narrowed. “Do you need something, or are you just here to observe my boyish charm?” he remarked sarcastically.
Cameron’s face heated up and she looked away, but Chase snorted at both House and Cameron.
Foreman rolled her eyes and he shoved the chart he was holding into House’s chest. “It’s our patient… we found out what was wrong with him, the test proved positive to our findings.”
House tossed his cane to Chase to hold while he flipped through the chart; he caught it with an irritated look.
House scoffed. “An infection?” He cocked his eyebrow at Foreman.
He just shook his head in response. “Read on…” he retorted dryly.
House blinked but shrugged and did so. Scanning the rest of the chart, he snorted in amusement. “Looks like the jewels aren’t so flawless anymore…” He smirked. “So who did the fondling to find out?”
They sent him disgusted looks and he chuckled before flipping back the papers on the chart and tossing it back to Foreman who caught it with ease.
He limped back to the elevator, snatching his cane back on the way, and pushed the button again. “Good job… you three deserve a doggie treat…” He smirked again and limped into the elevator as soon as they opened.
Just before the doors closed, he looked at them. “Whatever you want, just put it on Cuddy’s tab…” And the doors closed, cutting him from the three’s views.
The last things they heard were his snickers.
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Words- 2,162
Phew, another chapter down, so many more to go lol. How was it?! Good?! I kinda made Cameron and especially House OOC. Sorry `bout that, I just want him to act differently with Kagome and then once she’s out of sight and hearing distance he reverts to his usual self. I like to think of it as he just can’t help but act like that cause he has feelings for her.
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