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Chapter 11: Everything is flying!
The group opened the next door, and as they walked in, the room was filled with trees and nature, birds flying around the room carefree, or so it’d seem.
“This is Jewel’s room.” Hitomi said. “Last time I checked, he uses Winged Beast monsters.”
“So, the flyer wants to fight the grounded.” Sonic smiled. “This’ll be awesome.”
Zewl looked around the room « Well, I prefer the decor in here to that Max characters… »
« It’s creepy… » said Kiros as he avoided birds diving towards him.
« Welcome to my world, ladies and gentleman. » Said a voice from a wooden bench at the end of the room, there was a peach bat, with blonde long hair and black wings, dressed in the Shadow’s attire. « How do you like my pad? »
« IT SUCKS!! » Yelled Kiros as he was nearly bombed by a diving pidgeon.
« Meh, less talk more duel. » Sonic said, walking over, shuffling his deck and slotting it. The bat stood up and walked over, the birds scattering and forming a circle around them in the trees.
« As you wish, this won’t be difficult. » The bat shuffled and slotted. « Like said, my name is Jewel, and you’re doomed, my friend. »
« Let’s get one thing streight, we’re not friends. » Sonic replied.
The two drew 5 cards, then Jewel took a 6th.
« I’ll begin, first i will activate Rising Air Current. This field spell increases wind type monsters attacks by 500 in exchange for 400 defence. » He explained, as room became breezy. Zewl and Shadow managed to keep thier footing while the others were swept around by the strong winds.
« Not a bad first opening move, as long as he remains on the attack. But I wonder how long it will be before Sonic will have him on the defensive…. » Zewl pondered.
« I’ll now discard Destruction Cyclone from my hand to activate this monsters effect and special summon it, say hello to The Tricky. (2000/1200 (Field bonus. 2500/800) « Now I’ll activate my Premature Burial and pay 800 life points to bring back my Destruction Cyclone. <7200> (2000/1500 (FB 2500/1100) « I’m sure he’ll take a while, old man. » Jewel replied, almost for Sonic. « Anyway, now i’ll summon Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds, and with this on the field, you monsters who are not wind cannot be special summoned. » Jewel finished as the statue appeared. (1000/1000 (FB 1500/600) « That’s all for now. »
« This guys pretty good…. » whispered Kiros.
« Sonic’ll take him out!! » cheered Marine.
« Of course he will….. » said Tails absent-mindedly
Sonic drew his card. « Okay, I’ll start off with Card Destruction. We each discard out hands and draw what we tossed. » He explained as he discarded his hand and drew 5 cards, Jewel drew 1. « I’ll set 2 face downs and one monsters face down. And that’s my turn. » Sonic said, smilling.
Jewel drew. « Well then, i’ll switch my Barrier Statue to defend and attack your face down with Cyclone. » The Cyclone blasted the face down card and destroyed it. Sonic lifted his head as a green aura covered him. <9000>
« Thanks, you destroyed my Nimble Momonga, this allows me to summon 2 more in face down defence from my deck, but since i only have one, that’s all i’ll put down. Also, my life points increase by 1000. » Sonic explained as he set his nimble momonga.
« Merely a nuicense. » Jewel stated. « I’ll attack that nimble with The Tricky. » Jewel said. Sonic was covered with the aura again. <10000>
« Sure, help me out, i don’t mind. » Sonic said.
« Now, i’ll summon Familiar-Possessed – Wynn. (1850/1500) » Jewel said, as his girl appeared.
« Now for my trap. » Sonic smiled.
« Trap? »
« Torrential Tribute, all monsters go bye-bye. » Sonic said. « And you got rid of mine. Sorry, you’re out of luck. » Sonic said, as the field was cleared of monsters.
« Meh, I’ll end with a facedown. » Jewel said.
Sonic Drew. « Well, i’ll summon The Earth – Hex-Sealed Fusion. (1000/1600) and attack you directly. » The Earth then span around increadibly fast and shot toward Jewel, knocking him in the jaw and over. <6200>
« That’s all, you’re up. » Sonic finished. Everyone cheered for Sonic, except Tails and Shadow, who really didn’t seem all that bothered.
Jewel drew. « Dumb luck. » He said. « I summon my second Familiar-Possessed – Wynn. (1850/1500) and i’ll equip her with my face down Phalanx Pike. (2750 – field Bonus 3250) « Now, attack the Hex. » With her new pike, Wynn charged in and struck the rock dead. Sonic covered his eyes from the debris. <7750>
« Not bad. » He said.
« I’ll end here. » Jewel said
Sonic drew. « I’ll use Mystical Space Typhoon on the pike. » (2350 ATK) « and set one monster and end my turn.”
« It makes no difference what you do. » Jewel uttered. He then drew. « One card face down and attack. » Wynn charged in and attacked, destroying another Earth. « And end. »
« Come on Sonic!! » yelled Kiros.
« Remember what I told you when we duelled… » said Zewl sagely
Sonic drew. « I’ll set this monster and pass on. » He said.
Jewel yawned. « I’m really bored now. » He said then drew. « I’ll set this card and attack once more. » he said. Wynn ran in and destroyed the monster.
« You destroyed Giant Rat, now I can special summon an earth monster from my deck with 1500 attack or less. And I’ll bring out the start of your defeat! » Sonic threatened.
« You reckon he can seriously pull it off? » Charmy asked Zewl quietly.
« Of course he can. As long as he keeps believing in himself…. » the mole replied
« I hope you’re ready for this! I choose…Rescue Cat! » The tiny helmet wearing kittne appeared.
« Meow! » It meowed cutely. (300/100)
Everyone fell over, except Sonic.
« That’s the beginning of the end for his enemy? That stupid cat?! » Shadow barked angrily.
« Well, fine, if that’s all you got, make your move. » Jewel said.
« I will, first, i use Rescue Cat’s special ability. I can send it to the graveyard in order to special summon 2 level 3 or lower monsters from my deck, but, they get destroyed at my end phase. » Sonic said, having drawn his card. « So i’ll bring out 2 of my Des Koala’s in defence position. Then, I’ll tribute them to bring out… A special card a good friend gave me. Rise my Behemoth the King of All Animals! » Sonic cried as his monster appeared in place of his monsters. (2700/1500) « Now, i’ll attack with him! » Sonic said.
« Not so fast! Mirror force! » Jewel countered.
« I trigger my own trap, just before yours takes effect, it’s called Beast Soul Swap. I choose a monster i have face up, return it to my hand, then i can special summon him back in defence mode, so your Mirror Force doesn’t work on him! » Sonic said, as his monster vanished, then appeared in defence.
« Nicely played!! » cheered Vector, with Espio and Charmy clapping behind him.
« Whatever. » Jewel spat.
« I end my turn. » Sonic said.
Jewel drew. « I attack your pathetic creature. » Sonics’ monster was then vanquished. Sonic simply shrugged. « And end. »
Sonic drew. « Now, here’s where the fun begins and the duel begins to come to an end. » Sonic said. « I activate…Monster Reborn! »
« So you’ll bring back that oversized pet, big deal. » Jewel shrugged.
« Actually, I’ve no intention of bringing back my Behemoth. » Sonic replied.
« I want to look in your graveyard, pal! » Sonic put on a sly grin. Jewel then looked like he’d seen a ghost.
« Oh go on Sonic!!! » Kiros yelled. Zewl was smiling, and Espio and the other 2 just stood there dumbstruck. They didn’t have a clue.
Jewel walked over, taking his graveyard and giving it to Sonic. Sonic flicked through the cards and smiled widely.
« Well, well, well, my Card Destruction did a number on you, huh? You were planning on bringing this out early, but i stopped that, think I’ll have it. » Sonic smirked, giving him his grave back. « And with that…I summon Ancient God Bird Simorgh!!!!! » With that, the room began to shake… Then in a radiant light, the largest Winged Beast ever appeared on Sonic’s field. (2900/2000) (Field bonus 3400 ATK)
« Whoa…… » echoed the gang as they stared up at the monster.
« Now, it’s time Wynn said here goodbyes! Simorgh! Fire! » Sonic ordered. Simorgh fired a radiant beam from its beak, taking Wynn out of the game. Jewel was knocked away. <4950>
Jewel drew. « One card down and I’ll end. » Jewel said. ‘Curse you…’
Sonic drew his card. « Attack the face down! » Simorgh destroyed the set monster.
« My Flying Kamakiri #1 allows me to special summon another wind monster from my deck when destroy, so I’ll bring another Flying Kamakiri #1. » (1400 (FE 1900)/ 900 (FE 500)
« Then I’ll end. » Sonic said.
Jewel drew. « I’ll set a monster, then switch my Kamakiri to defence and end my turn. »
Sonic drew. « I’ll set a card and attack Kamakiri. » And so the second bug was splattered.
« I’ll repeat his special ability and special summon Chain Thrasher (1000/600 (FE 1500/200) »
« I end. »
« This could go on for a while…. » sighed Tails.
Jewel Drew. « I’ll tribute both of my monsters to summon Simorgh, Bird of Divinity! (2700/1000) » Jewel said, as his monster began to appear.
« Nah, i’ll activate my trap. Solemn Judgment. All i do is give up half my life and your summon is negated. <3875> » And Simorgh fell again.
« For heaven’s sakes…I’ll use Swords of Revealing Light. » The swords struck Sonic’s field.
Kiros sweat dropped. « Sonic, do I got time to go get some food? I’m starving here!! » he complained.
Sonic Drew. « Now i’ll use Premature Burial and bring back my old friend. Behemoth the King of All Animals. <3075> (2700/1500). And Summon Des Kangeroo. (1500/1700) and end my turn. » Sonic said, ignoring Kiros. <SoRL = 1>
Jewel drew. « Pass. »
Sonic drew. « I’ll summon another Des Kangeroo. (1500/1700) and end. » <SoRL = 2>
Jewel Drew. « I’ll summon Whirlwind Prodigy (1500/1600) and use Dust Tornado on your Premature burial. » And Behemoth left again. « Now i’ll use Lucky Iron Axe and give it to my Whirlwind. (2000 ATK 2500 field bonus) Now attack Des Kangaroo! » The Prodigy flew over and smacked Des Kangaroo with the axe. Sonic covered his eyes from the effects. <2075>
« Not bad. »
« Now I end. » Jewel said.
Sonic drew. « I’ll place my Des in defence and end my turn. » The swords then shattered.
Jewel drew. « Attack Des Kangaroo! » And Des was destroyed. « End. »
Sonic Drew. « Time to take it up a notch. I summon Berserk Gorrilla. (2000/1500) And attack that prodigy with God Bird Simorgh! » In a blinding light, the Whirlwind Prodigy was destroyed. Jewel was pushed back a bit. <4050> « Follow up, Berserk… » Berserk Gorrilla charged in and punched Jewel away. The birds all scattered around. <2050> « And end. »
« It’s over now flyboy!! » taunted Kiros.
« Yer wings are gonna be clipped! » added Marine.
Jewel drew, sighed and passed on. « You win, Hedgehog. » He said coldly. And sonic smiled, drew and issued an attack. « Fire Ancient God Bird Simorgh! » With one final flash of light which blinded the room, the duel was over and the room was reduced like the first, like it had been abandoned for years, a coin in the middle of the room. <0>
« Phew, that was a close one. » Sonic said.
« These guys aren’t really putting up much of a fight, are they? » asked Zewl as he patted Sonic on the back in congratulations.
Hiei appeared, just like before, walked and picked up the coin. « Hm…Unexpected. » He said, more to himself than the others « I’ll congratulate you, no one’s ever made it this far before. » He added, now to the group. « So, which one of you fights next? » He asked.
« Which one of your flunkies is it? » asked Kiros defiantly.
« Ask your expert, she should know. » Hiei said, looking toward Hitomi. All eyes turned on Hitomi.
« Lemmie see, think It’s Hilde, ‘the Dragon Master.’ She’s pretty crap though. » Hitomi said, before everyone sucked her oxygen space dry.
« Well, guess it’s about time I proved you wrong about me being a coward then. » Shadow said, narrowing his brow. Hiei vanished. “I’ll show you how duels are meant to be played.”
Sonic walked over to the spirits and looked at them.
“I want to save them all, but I know who’s going to be going now. Amy.” Sonic said, pointing to Amy’s spirit, which then fell into a basement hole area, which vanished, the other spirits vanished also. Tails barged past Sonic and up the stairs, alone. Everyone quickly chased after her, but when arriving at the open door, she was gone completely.
“Where’d she go?!” Shadow asked, seemingly concerned as he looked around, everyone else saw this place seemed to hang on two mountains with a solid wooden bridge in between.
“You think she fell over the side?!” Kiros asked.
“I don’t think so.” Sonic replied.
“She fell into our trap.” Said a voice across the bridge. Shadow ran toward her and stopped on the bridge.
“You better give her back if you know what’s good for you!” He barked.
“I don’t think so.” Hilde replied.
“Damn bitch! A duel then!” Shadow activated his disk, as did the Hyena.
They Drew 5 cards, Shadow hastily taking a 6th.
“I’ll make this quick and painful.” He snapped. “First things first, I summon Red Eyes Black Chick to the field and use his ability to summon my Red Eyes Black Dragon!” Shadow said, a little too fast. But his Dragon appeared. (2400/2000) “Now I’ll activate Inferno Fire Blast. Think of this as a first turn attack!” With that, Red Eyes blasted Hilde. <5600>
“Damn you!” She cursed.
“I’ll set two cards and end my turn.” Shadow said.
“Woah…” Kiros said. “He’s not actually that bad.”
“Indeed.” Said Zewl.
“He’s been in a slump, he’s actually one of our best.” Sonic told them.
Hilde Drew her card.
“One monster and 2 face downs and I’m done.” She said.
“How pathetic.” Shadow said, drawing his card. “I tribute my Black Dragon for Prime Material Dragon. (2400/2000) And attack your face down!” Hilde lost her dragon dwelling in the cave. “And end my turn.”
Hilde Drew.
“Pass.” She said.
“You’re truly pathetic.” Shadow snapped. “Attack her directly!” With that, Hilde was knocked across the Bridge. <3200> “That’s all.”
“Shadow’s scary.” Charmy said.
“He’s getting the job done, though.” Vector replied.
Hilde drew her card. “I activate Revoke Fusion. This let’s me discard Polymerization from my hand and Meteor Black Dragon from my Fusion Deck to special summon Red Eyes Black Dragon!” (2400/2000) “Now I use Monster Reborn to special summon the discarded Meteor Black Dragon. (3500/2000).”
“I don’t think so, I use Torrential Tribute. Sorry, no monster for you!” Shadow barked.
“Damn it!” Hilde cursed as all monsters were sent to the graveyard. “I’ll end.”
“Good.” Shadow said, drawing his card. “This is good bye.” He said. “First, I activate a real fusion card. Polymerization. And I’ll fuse my Red Eyes Black Dragon and King of the Swamp from my hand to bring out my greatest monster! Come forth! Black Skull Dragon!” Shadow roared as his monster rose from the darkness. “Now, attack her and end this pathetic duel.”
Black Skull Dragon rushed in and picked Hilde up, and began to crush her body, after several bones popping and Hilde screaming in pain, Black Skull dropped her and she hit the floor hard. <0>
“You…bastard…” She uttered. A coin fell from the sky and hit her in the forehead, after that, it forcefully sucked her body into it and then hit the bridge with a thud. Shadow turned off his duel disk and relaxed.
Hiei appeared on the bridge.
“Finally, Shadow did something right.” He said.
“Shut up you fool.” Shadow barked. Hiei picked up the coin.
“About your fox friend, she ran on ahead, she’s probably duelling by now, you might want to hurry, she won’t last long alone. Also, I know I promised you some action, but I figure you’re having so much fun, why should I spoil that by crushing you here, keep winning, we’ll fight eventually.” Hiei then vanished again.
“I don’t know if he really believes he can beat us, or if he’s really just a coward.” Zewl asked.
“Oh, he is strong, he’s no coward.” Shadow said.
“Yeah, you’d be wise not to call him a coward.” Hitomi added. “Let’s go though, Tails could be in danger. The group nodded and ran across the bridge into the other cave.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Kyma waited till he believed it was clear, he began to walk toward the stairs when he heard a voice.
“Stalking your friends is a bit low, isn’t it?” Kyma turned around to see a grey fox and the young girl in the oversized White Robe and hood.
“You are…?” Kyma asked.
“Just someone who’s come to visit an old friend. Mind if we play a game?” The grey fox asked.
“What sort of game?” Kyma asked.
“A duel, of course.” The fox replied. “But, with a bet.” Kyma turned to face him completely. “Interested I see. Well then, if you happen to win, you may continue to stalk your friends and we won’t bother you again. However, if you lose then you must serve under me.”
“There’s no way I’d agree to such ridiculous stakes.” Kyma said, turning to walk off.
“Alright then, If you win, I’ll give you this.” The fox lifted up a card to show him. He looked and smiled.
“Not a bad card. You’re on.” Kyma said, as he activated a duel disk, shuffled and slotted his deck.
“Let’s play, my little pet.” With that the small girl walked over, chains rattling as she moved and she revealed a rainbow and silver duel disk, covered in crystals of all sorts of colours.
“Let’s duel.” She said. Kyma laughed.
“This will be easy.” He said. The girl shuffled and set the deck, drawing 6 cards. Kyma drew 5.
“I’ll play 2 cards and Crystal Tree. Then end my turn.” She said. As a tree appeared next to her.
Kyma drew. “This will be very easy.” He said. “I summon Marauding Captain (1200/1400) and use his ability to bring out my Amazoness Paladin. (1700/300) And her ability gives her 100 attack for every monster on the field with Amazoness in its name. (1800 ATK) Now I activate The A. Forces and set one card. The A. Forces increases all warrior type monsters on my field by 200 for every warrior or spell caster I have on the field. So far, 2 warriors, 400 points.” (Captain: 1600. Paladin: 2200) “Now, I attack you with my Captain!” The Captain charged in and swiped at the girl, knocking her down. <6400> She stood back up without so much as a sound. “Now, my Paladin!” The Paladin charged also.
“Activate Magic Cylinder.” The girl said as the Paladin was sucked into a tube and fell out of another that appeared above Kyma and on top of him. <5800>
“Meh, I end.”
The girl drew.
“I summon Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth.” The Great Mammoth appeared and with a deep accent spoke out.
“I’m going to smaaash you little maannn!” He said. ((A/N’s: Sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger))
“Now, attack the Captain.” The girl ordered.
“With pleasure!” And Amber charged in and rammed the Captain, taking him out. Kyma blocked his face. <5700>
“Sloppy mistake.” He said. (Paladin: 2000 ATK)
“I’ll end my turn.” The girl said.
Kyma drew. “Watch this! I summon a 2nd Marauding Captain. (1200/1400) (Paladin: 2200. Captain: 1600) “and attack your elephant with Paladin.” The Paladin charged in and attacked the mammoth, taking it out, but leaving an Amber Crystal on the field. The girl blocked herself with both arms. <5900>
“I trigger my trap, Crystal Pair. When a Crystal Beast monster is destroyed by battle and sent to my spell and trap zone, I can place another Crystal beast in my spell and trap zone. So I’ll put my Ruby Carbuncle in.” And as the trap triggered, a Ruby appeared also. Kyma ignored the crystals and continued. Two crystals appeared on the tree as well.
“Now I attack with Marauding Captain!” With that, the girl took another attack. <4300> “and I’ll end my turn.”
The girl drew.
“This is where it gets fun.” She said. “First I’ll use my Crystal Tree’s special effect, I discard it to the graveyard and for each Crystal Token on it, I can place a crystal beast monster in my spell and trap zone. So I’ll place my Topaz Tiger and my Emerald Tortoise.” An Emerald and Topaz appeared on the field. “Now I summon Dweller in the Depths.” A dragon appeared and curled around the girl, growlling nastily toward Kyma. (1500/700)
“That’s no match for me.” Kyma said.
“Not on its own, no, but this card gains 300 attack for each continuous spell on my side of the field and since my crystal beasts count as continuous spells, that means I get 4 times 300, that’s 1200 points. So my monster has 2700 attack points.” The girl said. “and now I’ll take out the Captain.” The dragon burst forward and took the captain in it’s mouth and proceeded to swallow him whole. The captain kicked and screamed to no avail and the Paladin looked at it worriedly. Kyma wasn’t so happy himself. <4700> (Paladin: 2000)
“I end my turn.” The girl said.
Kyma drew.
“I switch my Paladin to defence and end my turn.” He said.
The girl drew. “I activate Crystal Beacon. This allows me to summon a Crystal Beast to the field from my deck, if I have 2 or more in my spell and trap zone. So come on out my Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat.” The girl said, summoning her monster.
“It’s about time I got another meal.” The cat said, appearing on the field. (1200/600)
“Don’t worry, you can sink your teeth into him soon enough, however, enjoy the Paladin first.” The girl said. The cat looked at her awkwardly. `He must be brainwashing her again…’ She thought, but obeyed orders and pounced on the defence Paladin, destroying her.
“Now my Dragon, attack.” The girl ordered. The dragon had no qualms about striking Kyma down. <2000> “and I end my turn.”
Kyma stood and drew.
“One monster face down and I’ll end.” He said. `I’m safe for one more turn at least, that cat’s not strong enough for my defence, and the dragon won’t strike, I might lose life but I am still in the game.’ Kyma though.
“Shame…” The girl replied, drawing her card. “I use Crystal Release and equip it to my Cat. She now gains 800 attack points.” The girl said. (Amethyst: 2000)
`Shit…’ Kyma cursed mentally.
“Now, she’ll attack your face down.” The Cat charged in and began having a cat fight with Amazoness Tiger, but wins the fight as Tiger is destroyed. “Now it’s over. Dweller in the Depths, attack!” And with that last strike of the Dragon, Kyma was done. <0>
“Damn it!” He cursed.
“Looks like you work for me now.” The fox laughed. “Welcome on board, your first job is to carry any deadweight we pick up.” The fox walked on up the stairs, the girl seemed to look around confused, almost like she didn’t know what happened or where she was, but in the end, she just followed the Fox.
`How embarrassing, losing to a mindless kid…again…’ Kyma mentally cursed, he stood up and followed the two.
The Gladiator Fights Thunder again!
Some fates are unavoidable.