❯ Ethanyos Chronicles – The Forsaken Path ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


From the moment of birth, he seemed to be different from the other children. He
could run in at least two weeks of age, and he memorized nearly everything he read.
His mother and father luckily had money to send him to the private schools with
royalty. Still, it seemed as though the school was at a stand still, and he easily aced
even the most difficult of subjects at such a young age. At the rate he was moving,
there would be no more to learn. So, something had to be done to keep him from
coming to waste.

To help him reach the height of his abilities, at the age of 12, he ran away to
learn everything he could from all over the world. His mother shortly after died of a
plague that suddenly had come over the land. Even through this hardship,
Ethanyos traveled everywhere from the oriental east to the modernized west and
from the hostile tribes of the south to the bitter cold confederation to the north
learning all he could. He experienced archery, alchemy, physics, and even
mathematics. along his journey’s path, he grew into the most awesome person to
have ever traveled the planet.

Ethanyos learned of the best of mankind. But his thirst for knowledge led him
to human nature. People were extremely cruel, and he set out to be less like the evil
mortal race around him. As he continued on his path, he became like a best friend to
death. He learned of the struggles between good and evil. A struggle that he would
come to face himself.

Chapter I

Outside the castle gates of Amonte, the new moon yields darkness leaving the
archers blind to any onslaughts against them. On his list of targets, this is his first to
hit for his ….work. Suddenly, an archer just above the gates vanishes in mid-pace.
Then, two more archers just around his post fall as well. A panic begins and all posts
break line to this area. To help light the area, more torches are brought, but the
archers are two late. Without realizing it , they had sealed their own fates as well.


With a single flick of his saber, the dozen archers fall their heads separate of
their bodies. With his speed, no man could have caught the entire event. Already
moving through the courtyard, Ethanyos jumped at least 90 feet in the air onto the
first tier of the castle. His eyes clouded over as he scanned for any signs of life. Again,
his eyes shimmered only now in a burst of golden light. As at everything else done, he
quickly descending into the robust living quarters. His prey had been found and was
about to reach his final destination.

The young man rose suddenly, knowing who was in his room. He shook in his
deep royal blue robes giving away his fear. The young man spoke hesitantly, « S…so
were you sent to-. » But the young man already began to feel the force coming from
Ethanyos. Standing aggressively with his arms upraised, Ethanyos drew out a
small portion of his true power, the room vibrating with its greatness. Already
feeling the contractions from within, this prince suddenly rose above the ground.
Now, the young prince screamed as he watched his body being liquefied. His head was
to be brought back to his employers in a leather pouch designed to not lose a single drop
of blood.

As soon as the head was collected and the body dusted, Ethanyos vanished to
the shadows from whence he came. The employers waiting miles away were not
expecting him until the next two days. Ethanyos ,however, had much different
plans for the kings. Their castles were built overlooking a sheer drop to a rocky beach.
A breeze wafted through Ethanyos’s blonde hair and the great moon shone bright
down upon the balcony where the employer stood. He seemed almost aware of
Ethanyos staring at him from above ,and this was Ethanyos’s way. For if they had
no warning, they would not know ahead of time to run. Certainly that would not
be any fun now would it.

Ethanyos looks up at the moon hold his family pendant. With it, his father
said he would always be with him, and that thought has sustained what little left
he has from his ancient past. Hover above the great king, Ethanyos slowly descends
to eye level with him. King Loess inquires surprised, « Do you have the head for me
already? » Ethanyos replies with a wry smile, « Yes, however…. » « However what? »
the King Loess asks impatiently. « Well, you won’t ever live to get it, » Ethanyos
raises his hand slightly causing it to glow icy blue. The King Loess freezes instantly
and shatters into a million pieces. Then, Ethanyos cynically says, « Well, I guess he
did get it after all. » In a sudden blink, Ethanyos leaves and returns to his routine
storage cavern. For he had collected quite a number of heads hadn’t he. Whether
they be a previous employer or a stray royal. All of which deserved their surely
horrible demise.

The cavern that held these decapitated heads whispered the cold gently
through the almost oddly perfect, or is that perfectly odd, passageways. This place
was morbid and reeked of the great terrors Ethanyos had inflicted upon his victims.
No living man had ever entered ,besides Ethanyos, and the open space would only
serve to drive them to the ever widening casm of insanity. Ethanyos had created his
own hell on Earth in succeeding to give the Earth more a taste of heaven. The
heaven that these evil, deprived humans had destroyed with their cruelty, could
possibly be saved only by those superior to them, and who better than the great
Ethanyos to accomplish this meager feat.