Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ EPISODE 32: THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Omicron descended upon the beach, his intentions utterly routed. He had only managed to restore a miniscule fraction of the Earth with his powers. Moreover, though, realization arrived that the quantities of energy required to achieve his goal fell somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty fold those available. Looking up, he noted Omega stalking irritably towards him. It was rather surprising that the words were not accusatory, “It was a worthwhile attempt, I suppose.”
“Yeah, I know. But with this exhausted, what can we do that doesn’t involve pushing Adam and Eve together?” The quality of the reply was exhaustion mixed in with mild bitterness; not that this was all irregular in light of the current state of affairs.
“Heh, you two still don’t get it, do you?” Were it possible for a voice to be shown expression, this unforseen intrusion into the conversation would have been a confidant (even cocky) smirk.
In any case, it startled the two visible participants, and they swiftly began to scan the surroundings. After a few moments, memory pierced the haze of annoyance over the face of Omega, and his scowl lightened a bit, “It seems you still retain your skills, Delta. Why don’t you reveal yourself and talk to us face-to-face?”
Almost before the question was fully imparted, the response came in the form of a violet…ripple might be the best word. It was a ripple in the surface of reality. Without dallying, the small hole turned into a truly radiant subspace tear, and a humanoid form stepped out of it. As the rip mended itself, the afterglow faded to reveal another Nightfire, his skin glowing green (seemingly a characteristic trait). He wore a black fedora, polarized sunglasses, a white dress shirt and tie, a black trench coat, black pants and red Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
This new Nightfire turned towards the brothers, a nonchalant voice with something resembling a New Jersey accent being invoked for his reply, “Most certainly. You know; you could really do with taking Psychology 101. You have to realize that they’re not animals. Whether you want to admit it or not, they’re as sentient as we are. Their emotions cannot be trifled with or simply overrun just because it would be convenient for us. They strongly value their independence and freedom of choice.”
“I see three centuries among the Lilim has helped you understand them better than the both of us,” came a rather sarcastic reply from Omega, his scowl returning with interest at this lecture, only to be blunted by a nod from the intended target. With a slight growl in the tone, he nonetheless continued, despite the loss of his barb, “In any case, this is irrelevant; their continued survival as a species takes precedence over your ideals, Delta.”
“And that’s working wonderfully so far, isn’t it?” It had to be said, certainly. But that didn’t prevent further anger from massing upon itself with Omega, even as the one identified as Delta, “It might not matter, though. I have an idea that doesn’t require virtual rape or copious and unreasonable amounts of energy. Would you mind listening before you explode?”
“Very well, then. Let us hear your idea before your impudence is any further expanded.” The cool tone likely indicated more anger than the most heated could convey, and it also seemed to be having the effect of making the implication that said impudence would not be pleasant…
“Before Third Impact occurred, those that migrated to Earth in the 1890s and I locked ourselves into my subspace domain. They’re still there. We can restore the world to a pre-Third Impact State and let the world’s ecosystem restore itself within a decade. Then, we’ll affect changes in the Sea of LCL that would allow humanity to return to full strength, or at least the way it was five years ago…”
That is your proposal?” The cold fury had drained, and now only weariness in it; this whole business was growing far too tedious. Why couldn’t the Lilim, or humans, whatever, act like a proper lesser race?
“What? It’s effective, and we can make it look like Shinji caused it. You know, with his moment of insight in the midst of Instrumentality. The only three to come out of the Sea of LCL are those kids, and Shinji was given the decision to accept or reject Instrumentality.”
Omega began to ponder this plan proposed by his (seemingly former) apprentice. After several minutes of pacing in the sand, he wasn’t entirely pleased, but he really didn’t expect anything better, and he couldn’t say with any certainty that it wasn’t the best. Upon its completion, it would indeed appear that young Ikari, in a rare moment of clarity, restored the world to a pre-Third Impact State. And the power of Delta’s followers would ensure its success.
With a resigned sigh, he stalked back to the other two, then slowly allowed himself a nod. Immediately after, Delta’s hands began to glow with brilliant violet energy. Once it had been focused for several moments, he clapped his hands together, the loosed energy opening another subspace tear into the domain. At this, a large group of individuals clad in clothing from various historical eras emerged. They all wore ethereal auras in a variety of colors around them, but some actually revealed faces. Those that did were unmistakably female in gender. All each wore a pendant around his (or her) neck. Said accessory bore the Greek letter Delta, indicating their allegiance, in the unlikely case that such might come into doubt.
“Kay, listen up. It’s time to fix things around here. I don’t have to stress the importance, so don’t screw it up, got it? And you’ll be working with Omega and Omicron on this assignment; I’ll be undertaking a special job that I can’t really tell you about. Now, get to work,” Delta announced as he approached Shinji’s unconscious body.
As the latter moved his hands to young Ikari’s temples, Omega thought it prudent to make a note, “Just be careful, Delta. Ikari is very fragile.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be more careful than you were. I happen to know what I’m doing.” With that said and a bit of reproach permeating it, Delta’s body began to glow brighter and brighter, until his physical form ceased to be visible and he entered the mind of Shinji Ikari, just as Omega had. Unlike his former instructor and friend, however, the younger entity seemed to indeed know what he was doing…