Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Epilogue – Flight ( Chapter 14 )

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The Lost Hatchling, a Rurouni Kenshin fanfic by Raberba girl
Epilogue – Flight

Sometime later, Kenji came bursting into his parents’ house and up the stairs, yelling.

Kenshin and Kaoru had been working on the baby’s room again, re-doing the worn walls with a fresh, brighter design.  At the sound of their son’s cries, they dropped everything and spun to face the doorway, then relaxed when they found that Kenji’s face was alight not with fear, but with delight.

« Mom! » Kenji screeched, pouncing at her and scooping her up in his arms so that he could spin her around, laughing wildly.  « Mom, Mom, Mom, wonderful news, best news in the world! »

« Kenji! » Kenshin exclaimed, alarmed, « Put your mother down, she’s in no condition to roughhouse with. »

« Oh, cut it out, » Kaoru told him, even as Kenji spun to a halt and set her back on her feet, as gently as if she was made of glass.  « It’s not like I’m going to break, I’m not even showing. »

« Yeah, you are, » Kenji lied teasingly, poking at her stomach.  « Mommy’s getting fat. »

Kaoru swatted at him good-naturedly, and he laughed as he ducked away.  « What’s this oh-so-important news you came screaming in here about? » she reminded him affectionately.

His face lit up again.  « Oh!  Right!  Mom, Dad, I told her!  About the dragons and even the hitokiri stuff, everything! »

They stared at him.  « And, » Kenshin finally said, « I assume she took the news well? »

« She doesn’t hate me, » Kenji said rapturously.  « She still loves me.  She still wants to be with me.  Zel is the most awesome woman in the world! »  He paused and grinned, swooping forward to kiss his mother’s cheek.  « Well, next to you and Megumi, of course. »

« Kenji, » Kaoru said, tears of happiness glimmering in her eyes, « that is so wonderful. »

« That you’re the best woman in the world? » Kenshin murmured in her ear, slipping his arms around her so that his hands rested over her belly and the new life that was growing there.

« Well, that too, » Kaoru sniffed playfully.  The smiles kept bursting through on all three of them, as they stared at each other and thought of Kenji’s future.  « But Kenji, you can’t believe how happy we are.  When are you bringing her to meet us? »

« Huh?  Meet Zel? » Kenji said in puzzlement, since his parents and his girlfriend – fiancée, now – were already well acquainted.

« She means, » Kenshin explained, with a slightly mischievous smile, « when are you going to bring her to meet the real Himuras?  Not the nice, normal family she thinks we’ve been all this time. »

Kenji’s grin widened so that it looked like it was going to split his face.  « As soon as she’ll let me.  Tonight?  Is tonight too soon? »

« Anything for you, sweetheart, » Kaoru told him, kissing his cheek.  He threw his arms around her one last time and kissed her back, and punched his father affectionately in the shoulder.  Then, laughing, unable to contain all the wonderful emotions coursing through him, he spun away and ran to launch himself joyfully out the window.


Author’s Notes:  Again, this epilogue takes place looooong after the rest of the story.  And I doubt this new kiddo was planned, but K&K are happy about him all the same.

I have a long prequel and two short sequels planned, though of course it might be a very long time before I have anything besides the omake ready to post.  The final installment is a Busô Renkin crossover, so it’ll have to be posted separately, but I’ll be able to add the others onto this fic as new « chapters. »

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