Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ Enter Gideon Knight! ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2 – Enter Gideon Knight

Crowler seemed to take some interest in the papers on his desk as a tall woman poked her head into the room.
« Hello there! Are you all ready to go? » she said politely.
“Yes she is, » Crowler said cheerfully, though from his look it was as though he couldn’t WAIT for her to get the heck out of his office.
Kaede twitched. « Uh…yeah, sure. »
« Now, please follow Professor Midori to get your uniform. There’s a Duel taking place in the Obelisk arena soon and I don’t want to be late.”
Kaede nodded to him and followed the other woman out the door.
« Geez, » she thought to herself, « I guess they weren’t kidding! Everything’s about dueling in this place! »
« I’m Kaede! By the way, you’re really pretty! » Kaede said with a smile as she followed the woman down the long hallway.
« That’s it…suck up…make her like you…the gods know that you need this… »
The woman blushed. Success!
“Please, call me Lina. »
« OK! » (Victory pose)
« You must be nervous, coming to a new school and all, especially in the middle of first semester, »
« You have no idea, ma’am, » Kaede answered, feigning innocence.
« Well, I’m a little new to the school, too, but I’m the head teacher of the Slifer Red girl’s dorm. I’m terribly sorry that you came at such an inconvenient time, dear, but most of the girls put into Slifer have already tested up to Obelisk Blue or Ra Yellow by now. »
« WHAT?! What do you mean tested up? »
« They’ve taken a specific exam that allows them to move up to a different dorm. It’s sort of like a skills test. »
« Oh. »
« Yes. Didn’t Dr. Crowler inform you of the different ranks? » Lina asked. Kaede shook her head.
« Oh. Well then, I guess he wanted me tell you. There are three ranks here: Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue. You’re in Slifer Red, where most of our beginners are usually placed. They have hidden talent, but still have a long way to go. Then there’s the Ra Yellows. They’re the extremely talented first years or the intermediate ranking upperclassmen. Then, of course, there are the enfamed Obelisk Blue students. They’re the most respected and talented duelists at the academy. »
« Oh, » Kaede’s shoulders dropped slightly. « So…I guess since I wasn’t at the opening tests, I’m automatically in Slifer, huh? »
Lina looked apologetic. « Yes, I’m sorry. Since we don’t know of your ability first-hand, that’s the way it works. »
« Ah. »
« No worries, I’ll be here as long as you’re in the Red dorm so you won’t be lonely! Although, no one ever seems to want to stay in Slifer Red very long and everyone seem very anxious to leave… »
« Uh, pardon my asking but…what do you mean no one wants to stay very long? »
« Uhm, well, I’m afraid that the Slifer accommodations are not as great as you would think. But, believe me when I say this, the boys’ rooms are much worse. You’ll most likely want to test up soon though, dear. If you have any trouble just come see me, alright? »
« O-Okay… »
(Ten minutes later)
« Ugh…whoever picked out this uniform needs to seriously commit suicide, » Kaede scowled, looking down at her new outfit. It was terrible. It was just terrifying. How was she supposed to look like her gorgeous self in THIS MONSTROSITY?
It was a black tank top that was skin tight and showed off her midriff, a short tight red skirt, and short red boots with white stripes at the rim. It came with a red blazer as well but…let’s just say that it did nothing to help hide the uniform.
But right now, that was the very least of her problems. She had already pissed off Helga (bad move) and he had shoved her out of his office because of his bruised ego. Then that other lady, Professor Midori, didn’t even tell her how to get to her dorm so she had been wandering around the hallways aimlessly for the past hour.
She supposed the reason that she hadn’t seen any of the other students was because classes were in session. Those dipshits. She was going to KILL Helga…him and his nasty-ass lipstick. Her inner musings were broken, however, by a loud shout.
« Hey! Move it! »
She whirled around just in time to see a tall, white-haired boy in a blue trench coat…
…and he crashed into her.
He went sprawling to the ground, face-first. A duel disk sailed through the air. Cards scattered in every direction.
« Look out! » she tried to yell but was too late.
« Shit, » he lifted up his face up off the asphalt, and rubbed his jaw. He looked around dizzily before making eye contact.
« Watch where you’re going next time, you Slifer scum! » he snapped, quickly pulled himself to his feet. He reached over and grasped his duel disk before breaking off into a run, leaving her dumbfounded. But not for long.
Kaede glared. « HEY OBELISK DIRTBAG! » she hollered after him, shaking a fist. « YOU RAN INTO ME! »
« Shi, shit shit…I’m late! Ugh, Crowler is gonna skin me alive! » the boy that ran into our protagonist threw a set of doors open.
The teen’s name was Knight. Gideon Knight. He was seventeen, never been kissed, and all he had ever wanted in his life was some isolation.
But, unfortunately, he was getting glomped and bum-tackled left and right by the three horrible FANGIRLS that he’d somehow picked up at the Duel Prep School he’d attended in New York.
And then they followed him here. Yes, Amber, Chelsea, and Lindsey.
Twitch. Twitch.
« Gideon! » someone shouted, causing him to go skidding to a stop, heart freezing in his chest. The FANGIRLS! He quickly dropped into a fighting stance. Like HELL if they were getting his pants again…
A young Obelisk boy walked up to him quickly, breaking him out of his stupor.
« Uh…Gideon, dude, after your duel…Zane Truesdale wants you over at the Lighthouse. He said he wanted to talk to you about something, » he said.
Gideon took a deep breath. « Oh. OK. » The boy walked away, looking back at Gideon as though he were insane.
« Note to self, next time don’t scare the first years… » Gideon mumbled to himself as he walked into the Obelisk Blue dueling arena like he was walking to the gallows. Yes, unfortunately for poor, poor Gideon, he had been chosen to duel a select Obelisk first year since someone else had been chosen the last time.
It was part of the Obelisk ‘It’s almost time for the first semester midterms-YAY!’ celebration.
Who the #%&* came up with this curriculum?
The crowd was already in the middle of cheering when he walked onto the stage.
« GIDEON IS HERE! HE SHOWED UP! » an Obelisk girl screamed. Oh no. They were HERE. Oh, the pain.
A few others cheered as well. He could actually hear his two best friends, Chris and Ashton, over the noise of the crowd, which was a rather impressive feat.
« And now for the duel you’ve all been waiting for! » the announcer, well, announced.
« Chazz Princeton vs. Gideon Knight! »
Gideon sighed inwardly as one of the girls screamed: « GIDEON IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND! »
« Leave him alone! » Chris screamed at them, flipping his long ponytail behind his head. Ashton sprayed them with the bottled water he had bought earlier but that proved futile since they didn’t melt. « Can’t you see he’s trying to DUEL here? »
« …I can’t believe I left my room for this. »
« And here I was, beginning to think you weren’t gonna make it! » The other Obelisk was a first year emo by the name of Chazz Princeton. He was standing dramatically, looking completely pumped up for the match. « Ready to lose to my awesomeness? »
« …I suppose. »
« DUEL! »
“Whatever, » the sleep-deprived elder grumbled as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his cards. Sleepily, he fumbled around for awhile before discovering something horrifying.
They…weren’t there.
“Damn it! I must have dropped them when I ran into that Slifer…my life sucks.”
“What’s the holdup?!” Chazz yelled impatiently.
“Uh…nothing. Nothing at all. I just, uh, decided to use my Deck of Knowledge instead, » Gideon lied, reaching for the spare deck of cards that he usually kept in the pocket of his coat in case of emergencies like this one. Yes, Gideon had two decks of cards.
And why was that? Because Gideon WANTED to be a CARD DESIGNER! Just like his big-sis!
And not just ANY card designer! He wanted to be the most AMAZING card designer in all of the world! And he would get lots of praise and yummy candy from all the kiddies that would want his incredible, amazing designs. Oh yes. He could taste it now.
Chazz looked sulky. « Fine. »
“I’ll go first, Chazzy, » Gideon stated, yawning.
“Don’t call me that!” Chazz screamed.
“Of course, darling, » the older teen drew his card. “I discard one card and play the spell card Cost Down and summon Chaos Command Magician(ATK/2400 DEF/1900). »
Chazz rolled his eyes. “Oooh, I’m shaking, » he cried.
“Yeah…you do that. I put one card face down and that’s it for me.”
“You got that right, loser. I’m going squash you like the pathetic bug you are, » Chazz laughed like some kind of retarded moron. Above him in the bleachers, a few of his first-year friends all screamed hysterically.
A pretty girl with blonde hair and grey eyes turned to the person sitting next to her. « Poor Chazz. He isn’t gonna know what hit him, huh? »
The pale boy who was sitting next to her snorted, crossing his arms.
« Hm. This was over before it even started. You’re going down! »
“Anyone tell you that you talk too much?” Gideon questioned, yawning again.
“SHUT UP! I play Abaki(ATK/1700 DEF/1100) in attack mode!”
“Ooooh, I’m shaking, » Gideon teased, repeating what Chazz said with a smile. Bad move. The three insane fangirls screamed like crazy. Chelsea actually flashed him, making him go temporarily blind. « Omigod! He’s SOOOOO cute when he smiles! » she shrieked.
Fighting the urge to flick her off, Gideon rubbed his temples and turned back to Chazz, who was STILL talking.
Geez, did this kid not have to breathe or something?
“You will be after I play the Field Spell, Molten Destruction. It gives all fire attribute monsters 500 extra ATK point, raising its ATK to 2200.”
Gideon sighed. “It’s still too weak.”
“No, you think? Now I play Tribute Doll and tribute Adaki to summon Flame Ogre(ATK/2400 DEF/1700) in attack mode! And thanks to my field spell, its attack is now up to 2900. Luckily for you, it can’t attack because of Tribute Doll’s effect, but in my next turn, it’s all over, so make your move, loser.” Chazz looked proud of himself. Even Crowler looked pleased.
Gideon only shook his head in disappointment. “There won’t be a next time for you, Chazz. You left your monster unprotected.”
The ebony-haired boy gazed at him with narrowed eyes.
“You’re bluffing. There isn’t a monster in your deck that can beat mine.”
Gideon gave Chazz the darkest look that he could.
« Yeah Gideon! » Ashton commented, munching on some potato chips that he had smuggled in. « Too bad that he can’t pass a test to save his sorry hide, » he mumbled to Chris, who looked depressed.
« He’s gonna ask me to quiz him tonight. It’ll take ALL NIGHT, too! He never pays attention! I just KNOW it, » the glasses-wearing boy mentally wailed.
“Get ready to lose then. I’ll play Pot of Greed…and activate my face down card, Magical Dimension. By Tributing my Chaos Command Magician, I can summon my Dark Magician Girl(ATK/2000 DEF/1700).”
« No way! I thought that only the King of Games possessed that card! » someone shouted from the crowd.
Gideon grinned. Ah yes, just one of the perks of having a big-sis that worked for the creator of this stupid game.
Chazz put his hands on his hips and stuck his chin up in the air like he had some sort of authority to do that or something.
Gideon briefly wondered if Chazz thought it made him look cool. He just looked retarded.
“Well, your nuts if you think she can take down my Flame Ogre. She has even less attack points than your first monster! »
“Did you forget, silly boy? Now, I’ll activate Magical Dimension’s second effect, to destroy your Flame Ogre.”
“No! » the boy shrieked as his monster disappeared in a puff of smoke. « That spell card! My life points are wide open!”
« GIDEON! I LOVE YOU! » screamed Lindsey as she was squished under Amber who hollering the exact same thing.
Gideon twitched in annoyance. Duels…just weren’t the same anymore.
« SHUT UP! » both Chris and Ashton screamed.
« Man, I feel bad for that poor guy, » a random Obelisk told his friend, who nodded.
“But, I’m not done, yet! Now I play Sage’s Stone to summon Dark Magician(ATK/2500 DEF/2100) in attack mode.”
“No! I can’t lose to you!” Chazz screamed. « You’re not even the best duelist here! »
« SHUT UP, LOSER! » both the fangirls and Ashton hollered.
Gideon smirked. « Well, sucks for me. Now my Dark Magicians! Attack Chazz’s life points directly!”
The crowd erupted into cheers as Chazz Princeton fell onto his knees.
The pretty blonde girl gaped down at the arena in total awe. Next to her, her companion’s eyes seemed to glow excitedly.
« Only two turns…that’s one less then last time…he’s improving… » Zane murmured, standing up.
« Zane… » a girl asked, glancing over at him. « Where are you going? »
« Out, Alexis. Don’t wait up. »
« All right, Zane, I’m here. What do you want? »
The blunette turned at the sound of Gideon’s voice, from where he had been staring wistfully out at the ocean. It had always been a tradition for him to come think at the lighthouse…he dose that a lot.
« Good duel today, » he said absentmindedly. « You wiped the floor with Chazz. »
Gideon ran a hand through his hair. « Eh…I suppose so. »
« You suppose so? »
« He’s a first year, Zane. It wasn’t too difficult. »
« No. I guess it wasn’t, was it? » Zane chuckled a little.
« So…what’s up?” Gideon asked as he stared off with him over the sparkling water. « I mean, c’mon. The best duelist at the school asking to see me? You need me to lend you a kidney or something? »
Zane chuckled slightly. « Do you know why I come out here, Knight? »
Gideon looked puzzled. « No… »
Zane sighed. « I come out here to be alone, Knight. Distant. Separated. Don’t become like me. It’s not worth it. »
Gideon quirked an eyebrow. « What are you talking about…? »
« I think you know. »
« No, I don’t know, » Gideon stared at him evenly. « Elaborate for me. »
Zane narrowed his dark eyes. « That’s not cute. »
« What’s not cute? »
Zane slammed his fist into the side of the lighthouse. « Stop being so damned isolated. »
Gideon blinked. « Isolated? I’m not isolated. »
« Yeah, you are. You call having TWO people in the whole entire school to talk to un-isolating? »
Gideon blinked again. « Uh, yeah, I do. They’re my friends. »
« Look, I’m leaving this year, and you’re going to be the only second-year student that doesn’t stink now that Atticus has vanished into thin air. And no one wants a top-student that doesn’t socialize, » Zane said.
Gideon snorted. « You think that I’ll be the top student? What are you on? »
« I never said that you would. You just have…potential. »
« Potential, huh? Well, what about that Jaden Yuki kid? He’s pretty good, too. »
« … »
Gideon’s eyes narrowed slightly. « And by the way, Chris doesn’t stink. And neither does Ashton. »
Zane looked away. « You’re thirsty for victory, Knight. Like me. I can see it in your eyes. »
« Whatever, Zane. You’re so weird. » Gideon stayed there a little while longer admiring the water before hesitantly pulling away to head back to the dorm. Zane didn’t do anything else. He just turned his gaze back out to the water, watching the gentle waves lap across the beach. Suddenly Gideon halted, and looked back as Zane spoke.
“You shouldn’t think too hard on this. »
« And why not? » he asked softly. Zane locked his eyes with Gideon’s for the first time.
« Because no matter how hard you try to deny it, Knight, you and I are more alike then you realize. »
When Gideon got back to his room, he was surprised to see a large manila envelope hanging from the doorway.
He yanked it down, still a little pissed off from the talk he had with Zane.
« Stupid ass…we’re nothing alike. »
Bad move. It ripped, and all of the cards he had dropped earlier that day tumbled out and all over the place.
« My…cards? »
There was a piece of paper in the envelope as well.
Hey scumbag!!!! First things first, YOU ran into ME, not the other way around, got it? But you looked like you had somewhere important to be, so I guess I can forgive you just this once. BUT THAT’S IT…YOU DO IT AGAIN AND I’M KICKING YOUR ASS! Here are your cards. By the way, they suck.
Love Kaede
His eyes widened at the realization.
« %$#&ing Slifer… »
Enter the Mary-Sue!
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