❯ Employee of the Month – Professional Snowboarder ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Butler, I think I’m going to try one of the bigger slopes.” He cast his eyes around, searching for the perfect hill. “That one over there should do nicely, that one with the huge ski lift.” With these words, Artemis pointed to the left of the bunny slope he was currently on, a rather dauntingly large hill with a green ski lift.
“Are you sure? That slope has many turns and the lift is rather dangerous. You’re not exactly the most… coordinated person in the world.” Butler glanced over at Artemis, who was carefully making his way over to the lift.
“I’ll be fine.” Artemis called back. “If I want to achieve my dream of being a professional snowboarder I must master the ski lift at some point. Why can’t I do it now?”
“Well, if you want to…” Butler was still uneasy. “But I’ll have to go with you.”
The line for the ski lift was short so it was their turn in no time. Artemis got ready. He put his back to the bench and waited for it to come to him. When he felt the bench underneath him he sat and leaned forward instead of back
Oh, drat it. He had leaned forward a little too far. Artemis fell forward off the lift, and landed facedown into the hard packed snow.
Butler hurriedly jumped off the ski lift and rushed over to Artemis, trying to determine if his young charge was still living. After all, he fell from a few feet up, and Artemis was not the hardiest person in the world…
As he came closer, Artemis, still facedown in the snow, said. “Butler?”
“I quit.”
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