❯ Employee of the Month – Hula Dancer ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Okay, gang! Let’s go, left, right, left, right, twist – shake your booty, Artemis!” Again, the famed boy wonder was out of tune. The girls to his left and right – who happened to have a perfect sense of rhythm – glared at him. After all, this was the fifth time in the last hour that they had to stop so he could catch up. The director mopped his forehead with a handkerchief, “Lola, would you please show him how?” A Pacific Islander stepped out of the ranks of girls, and the music started. She twirled and spun, making the best use of her rather well endowed body. “Very good, Lola!” The girl blushed and bowed to the instructor, and stepped back into the ranks of girls.
“Now, again, ladies and gentleman.” Artemis joined the surrounding girls in twirling. Unfortunately, the grass skirt seemed to be very itchy. After all, it was made of a rather cheap plastic (like garbage bags), and kept getting in the way of everything. What was there to like?
Thinking this over, he accidentally trod upon his neighbor’s foot, throwing her off balance. Immediately, she collapsed over onto her neighbor, who, in turn, collapsed into her neighbor. As the girls were in very straight lines, this created a rather fascinating domino effect. At the end, Artemis was the only one left standing. The instructor himself had been bowled over by the toppling girls. Struggling to retrieve any shreds of dignity, he pointed at Artemis and bellowed, “Get out of my class, you clumsy imbecile!”
Artemis gaped at this unfairness, but the instructor was far from finished, “Go on, leave! Ruin my show, while you are at it!” Artemis twirled on his heel and left, skirt flowing around him and cackling manically. Furious, he stated, “You shall repent the day you denied the Great and Wonderful Artemis Fowl anything! Wait and see!”
No one, least of all Juliet and Holly, were surprised when the studio burned down a week later. They were even less surprised that the insurance companies seemed to have lost all files concerning the studio, and that all shows were canceled. And, of course, they were even less surprised that no one was ever questioned about the `accident.’
Author’s Notes
TEGC: I am back! Well, I was actually back with “Alcoholics Anonymous Worker,” but I neglected to write a note in that one. Anyhow, school is just killing me (even though its this close to Christmas), and I don’t have all that much free time.
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