❯ Employee of the Month – Actor ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“No, Artemis, you must smile, like so.” The director smiled menacingly, then sighed miserably and looked over at the young man he had playing the cold and dangerous vampire. True, it cut major costs on make-up; the young man seemed almost to be a vampire, but… He was difficult and stubborn beyond anything that he had ever seen. “Artemis, please, just one dangerous little smirk.” Artemis… well, shall we say that they grimace which appeared on his face looked somewhat like a smile. If you had -4.00 vision, had your glasses and contacts off, and was standing a fair distance away. Such as, oh, a mile or so? Maybe a bit less. But only a bit.
The director sighed again rather distinctly, “Okay, crew, let’s get going! Angelina, go stand over there. Remember, you have to jump, left hook, and then roll.” Artemis looked bored as he watched his stunt double get punched by Angelina Jolie. Hmmm… Perhaps I should just pay him to pretend to be me… Then I would have a legitimate excuse to get out of this sorry business. Why did I have to play Truth or Dare with Juliet, of all people? And of course I just had to choose dare!
The director looked over at Artemis to realize what he had just thought and decided to use it to his advantage. Walking over to the stunt double, who was recovering from the light punch to the stomach, he patted him encouragingly on the shoulder and said. “Good Job, Jon. I think that you just won yourself the role of Count Dracula!”
Angelina, the stunt double, and all the other actors sweat-dropped and gaped at the director, astounded that he would just kick Artemis off the team. Artemis merely shrugged. The director looked panicked, as if he had just noticed what he was doing. The stunt double’s mouth dropped open, and his left eye twitched slightly. And Artemis walked out on them all.
TheEvilestGirlChild: Just to prove that I do exist, I wrote this extremely short drabble. Didya like it? I’m sorry, but Tora has writer’s block, so I will be the only one posting for a bit.
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